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Social media can’t divide Zambia-Katema

General News Social media can’t divide Zambia-Katema

Information Minister Dr Joseph Katema with Dr Cristopher Kalila during a WHO workshop at Chaminuka Lodge.
Information Minister Dr Joseph Katema with Dr Cristopher Kalila

ZAMBIANS will not be hoodwinked by people who want to sow seeds of disunity and hate using social media, Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Joseph Katema has said.

Dr Katema said in an interview on Saturday that social media cannot divide Zambians.

Dr Katema, who is also Chief Government spokesperson, said Zambia has remained peaceful and united because of the values and culture that citizens adhere to.

“Zambians have got an identity and I do not think they can be hoodwinked by individuals or groups of individuals who want to sow a seed of disunity and hate using any form of information dissemination.

“The message is that I do not think technology and social media in particular can manage to disunite Zambians,” Dr Katema said

The minister said people may read about the rumours and gossip being peddled in some sections of the media but citizens disregard such messages the moment they depart from the core values of unity and peace.

“These people should not take Zambians for granted because Zambians will not depart from their culture. If someone is going to preach acrimony and disunity, they will be looked down upon,” Dr Katema said.


  1. What you have said is true, Social Media is uniting Zambians BUT it is you Politicians from the Northern Region who have sown disunity in Zambia by making one tribe more predominate than the others in all sectors.

    • That “locked up”…. it is such way of ending a response that annoys people. Why are the PF so annoyed of late?
      Socia media is not new, even under MMD we had it, but Mulongoti or Dora Siliya never been intimidating social media like under PF. Ba PF mwalitumpa fye baswaini.

    • @ Mufasa – if what you are saying is true about the people from Northern Zambia then it is the fault of people from the other regions who make up the majority. I may also like to correct you. We have had 5 presidents so far i.e. 1 from the Luapula,1 from Muchinga , 1 from Central/Copperbelt, 1 from Eastern and 1 from Malawi. So what domination are you talking about?

  2. Indeed it is the opposite that is happening. The PF government is the one that is sowing seeds of disunity while social media is uniting all Zambians by exposing the bad governance being perpetrated by the PF regime. What Katema is saying is wishful thinking. Zambians are united along social media because it is the only source of credible information while the PF regime wants to hide their corruption in the government by gagging the media. Katema must know that people know exactly what they want and therefore, know the value of information. Currently, we only get credible information on social media and those running these websites must be commended for a job well done. We shall continue reading and appreciating information on social media. The public news organisations are useless.

  3. It is PF that has disunited Zambia by promoting the interests and hegemony of the Bemba group over everybody else. Whoever questions this tribalism is targeted by these useless thieves. We are not hoodwinked.

    • There has never been a Bemba president you misguided twit. Kaunda, Mwanawasa, Rupiya are not Bemba. You also keep telling us that Sata is not Bemba but Bisa or even Mwachusa. Chiluba was Chishinga by tribe – you see how bitterness clouds your thinking?

    • @Mutale Chikwanda…..if you have the President, his uncle , Hon Chikwanda Finance Minister, his neice Minister of Traditional Affairs Nkandu Luo, his Aunt ,Acting Chief Justice Lombe Chibesakunda and his nephewdeputy Minister of Commerce Miles Sampa all related and coming from the same region then unless you are fool, you have to know something is very wrong. Do an audit of senior GRZ and diplomatic post and come back and tell us what you will find.

  4. My advise to you Mr Minister is that government should never respond or react to stories on social media by using traditional media. This only makes the situation worse since its not easy to know the writers. The writers may not even be Zambians. The government should use the social media or other means at their disposal to respond or to fight fire with fire.

  5. social media is not the one sowing dis unity but the PF Government through its tribal appointments and clear Nepotism being practiced in all Government departments and generally in markets and churches.The situation is worrying and has become so dis hearting to most Zambians.We no longer feel we apart off Zambia .We feellike we are foreignors in our own country. Qualification are no longer important but tribe.Ethics and Entergrity are a thing of the past.If you don’t speak Bemba forget of any job or promotion.This cancer my grow if left not checked.We need open debate about it.

  6. I completely agree with Katema, social media cannot divide Zambia; the politicians are doing a fantastic job of doing that on their own. Look who is talking!!! This has to rank right up there with the most ridiculous statements ever utter by a politician yet! First take the log out of your eye before you take the speck in mine, Katema you cretin.

  7. At long last they get it. Social media is not your enemy gov’t! Stop threatening people for voicing their concerns.

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