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Government seeks release of abducted Zambian

General News Government seeks release of abducted Zambian

-FOREIGN Affairs minister Harry Kalaba hands over a trophy to Brain Kalenga (r) of Solwezi municipal council for being the best marchers during this year's Labour Day celebrations in Solwezi on Thursday. Looking on is education deputy minister David Mabumba and provincial PF chairperson Fabian Chiposo (l)
FOREIGN Affairs minister Harry Kalaba

Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba says efforts are being made to secure the release of a Zambian humanitarian worker Felix Ngoma who was abducted in the volatile Sudanese region of Darfur by suspected Janjaweed militia.

Mr. Ngoma, who works for the International Organization for Migration (IOM), is said to have been held hostage for almost two weeks now.

Mr. Kalaba has told Parliament this afternoon that he was this morning briefed by the Zambian mission in Geneva on how much progress has been made to free Mr.Ngoma.

He says due to the sensitive nature of matter and to avoid endangering Mr. Ngoma’s life, his Ministry has been acting with a lot of restraint and working discreetly to secure his release.

The Foreign Affairs Minister was responding to a Point of Order raised by Monze UPND Member of Parliament Jack Mwiimbu who sought Deputy Speaker Mkhondo Lungu’s ruling on whether government was in order to remain silent over the kidnapping of the Zambian humanitarian worke


  1. Bring our brother home. We have highly trained diplomats; if that does not work our special forces can handle Janjaweed.

    • The Zambian Governtment is not doing anything to help Mr. Ngoma:

      1. The Government has no clue on how to proceed in such matters
      2. It is not the Government’s nature to be concerned about citizens, all they know is evacuating themselves to South Africa when they become ill with greed and gluttony!

  2. Why work discreetly, just press for the release of our brother. Zambian gvt always never cares about its people. I am sure nothing is being done to secure his release

  3. The three above contributors lacks the understanding of dealing with terrorist. Dealing with terrorist you deal in secrecy because any miss calculation you put the individual you want to rescue. The part is you may use the middle man to be a co between. The terrorist may demand money from the organisation Mr Ngoma works for or the Zambian govt. The may discuss this with Sudan as they govt the May have influence over these terrorist.
    Talking just because you have access to Internet is like behaving like a bush product. Zambians very good at talking but no clue to analyse the complicity of this kidnaping saga with murders who have no mercy on anyone. Our wish is for mr Ngoma to be released without any harm. I pray for his safe return and to unit with his beloved ones.

  4. I pray that Felix will be realised safely. He is a dedicated proffessional, who worked with me during the Mozambicans, Angolans and South African refugees. Let the government do everything possible to free him with the support of Sudanis govt.

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