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Janjaweed militia demanding US$1 million ransom for Zambian held hostage in Darfur

General News Janjaweed militia demanding US$1 million ransom for Zambian held hostage in Darfur

Foreign Affairs Minister, Harry Kalaba,
Foreign Affairs Minister, Harry Kalaba,

Government has confirmed the abduction of a Zambian citizen identified as Felix Ngoma working for the International Organisation for Migration by the Janjaweed rebel group in Sudanese Darfur region.

Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba however disclosed that a hostage management team has been set up to negotiate with the gunmen who are demanding a ransom of 1 million dollars.

He told a media briefing that government is constantly in contact with the IOM Office in Lusaka adding that Mr. Ngoma who was abducted on 6th July 2014 is kept well and his release is likely.

“Mr Ngoma is said to have been on his way from IOM offices to his residence located 5 KM from IOM offices when he was intercepted. The gunmen contacted IOM office to inform them that they had abducted Mr Ngoma and demanded a ransom to be paid.

The gunmen are demanding US$ 1 million before releasing Mr Ngoma,” Mr Kalaba said.

He added, “IOM has quietly been negotiating with the gunmen and have kept government and Mr Ngoma’s family well informed and have assured all concerned that the organisation was doing everything possible to secure his release.”

Mr Kalaba revealed that the Zambian Government has authorized Ambassador Sinjela of Geneva to be liaison person for Zambia and information as of today is that Mr Ngoma is kept well and is in good health and that his release is imminent.

And Mr. Kalaba has implored Zambians working in trouble spots to exercise caution.

Meanwhile, Mr Kalaba revealed that Government has re-called a Zambian Diplomat implicated in a sexual assault case in the United Kingdom.

He said the Ministry took remedial measures and recalled the diplomat after receiving the report while the matter involving the person who was implicated in drunken driving is being dealt with.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) recently revealed a list of the most serious alleged offences in 2013, including representatives from Pakistan accused of rape and child abduction, and a Zambian diplomat implicated in a sexual assault case.

And Mr. Kalaba also revealed that Zambian High Commissioner to Nigeria Seleman Banda has been recalled as a result of certain things that were happening that were not in tandem with diplomatic etiquette.


  1. Elo Lwanya!

    Personally, I see a conspiracy theory. Someone in the Zambian govt is in cohorts with Janjaweed and wants a piece of the $1m.

    • Nubian Princess, I wish he was your father. It’s criminal to start taking issues this serious in the name of jokes.

    • People have got brain in reverse Nubian how can you make such a link? My friend was abducted there for 2 days with an AK 47 pointed to his head was no childs play Keep politics out of this

  2. Useless PF domestic minister. Why go about disclosing the amounts being negotiated? You risk the fee being hiked…

  3. Lifting up Mr Felix Ngoma and his family in prayers and declaring Psalm 91 and the blood of Jesus over him and his family. After the rescue, Zambians should avoid working in war torn countries to avoid similar issues. UN and International Organizations should train the educated locals to take care of all Development work in their countries. Can the Muslims living in Zambia stand up and help with the rescue effort since they claim that their religion is peaceful and loving. Keeping quiet will not help.

    • must you always pray about everything sure mwe bantu imwe, to make matters worse to a Lord who is foreign to your own people? Pray to the gods chief monze prayed to for rains. that god loves zambians, that god can hear our prayers!!! Our brother in sudan, we ask our ancestors intervention in this matter.

    • The bible is clear “You shall have no other gods before[a] me.4 “You shall not make for yourself an image in the form of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters below. 5 You shall not bow down to them or worship them; for I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, punishing the children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation of those who hate me, 6 but showing love to a thousand generations of those who love me and keep my commandments. Exodus 20:3-6

  4. Let’s send this money ASAP. Our citizen, Mr Ngoma, needs his freedom and life and this will be a better way to spend our tax money unlike taking care of just one greedy, lazy family.

  5. The funny thing is that we Zambians are very docile ! We are busy welcoming these Sudanese / Somalians and smiling at them whilst they kidnap our very own. Some revenge here would do so that the Barack 0…Barack O….whatever learn to behave themselves

  6. If the pf can take sata’s drunken son and his girl friend to south Africa for treatment then they can also afford to pay for our brother Felix who is a hard working responsible family man.

  7. Lets see how they government will handle this case now. they told us its was for the people and now the people need them.

  8. Thought PF party had good relation with Sudanese Islamist government as depicted by Winter Kabimba. Beware of carrot dandling Islamist relationships, remember UK 7/7 terror attacks? and current Birmingham schools being Islamisation. UK is paying with liberalism on Islam (Ichikupempula echikulya). Let our national come back still a christian and not Poko Faram (PF) cadre to come and create terror on our soil.

  9. Nostradamus, it shows how backwards you are despite knowing that it was UPND Mp Jackie Mwimbu who was asking about Mr Ngoma when he raised point of order. Kalaba informed the house. if Kalaba had refused to answer, the UPND cadres will be PF is not giving us information. Any negotiation with terrorist is done in secrecy. Last night I said the same. Sudan can be used as middle man. Secondly Janjaweed may demand money both from Zambia or the organisation mr Ngoma was working for. This has come out. Zambians too noise with no shred of brains to analyse this sad development without showing high emotions that do not help. If the Zambian govt knows where mr Ngoma is kept the would know how rescue him but taking such a dangerous move will put Mr Ngoma in great danger. Negotiation is safer.

    • Dear Zambians,

      We should know that ransom is never paid despite the demands. If one pays, then you open the flood gates where each and everyone of us will be at risk of kidnapping. This is not the first time that thugs in Darfur kidnapped humanitarian workers. If not mistaken this could be the twentieth incident or more for the pat 3 years. There are protocols to follow when dealing with hostage situation, so let’s not trivialize issues.

  10. Very useless, Do they think we are bank of Baroda ? Can they afford to give us the amount they are demanding? Ba makaka. That is why they will remain suffering thieves , is it not enough that the had sold and raped our women during the infamous slave trade. Let them go to Gaza if they are bored with their lives and have nothing to do.

  11. Praise God, information filtering through is that he has been released and should be heading home after a series of medical tests to ascertain his health status, mentally and medically. To you my brother Felix, down on yor knees and start praising and worshipping you God, the God of Abraham.

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