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FIFA okays Kalu graft probe? ACC expresses ignorance

Sports FIFA okays Kalu graft probe? ACC expresses ignorance

Danny Munyau of Zambia receives a goal keeper of the tournament from Kalusha Bwalya, President of FAZ during the Cosafa Cup Final Match mach between Zimbabwe and Zambia on the 20 July 2013 at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium, Zambia ©Muzi Ntombela/BackpagePix
FILE: Danny Munyau of Zambia receives a goal keeper of the tournament from Kalusha Bwalya, President of FAZ during the Cosafa Cup Final Match mach between Zimbabwe and Zambia on the 20 July 2013 at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium, Zambia
©Muzi Ntombela/BackpagePix

The Anti Corruption Commission has refuted media reports that FIFA communicated with its office with regards to their probe into allegations that Football Association of Zambia President Kalusha Bwalya received a bribe in Qatar’s 2022 FIFA World Cup bid.

ACC Spokesperson Timothy Moono said in an interview that the report which some media houses carried was a response to a press query The Post Newspapers sent to Fifa.

He however said that the ACC has commenced investigations into allegations that the FAZ president received a total sum of US$80 000 as solicitation for Qatar’s successful bid to host the 2022 World Cup.


  1. ACC shouldn’t make a farce on the Kalusha issue. It is an International case, therefore Interpol is more eligible to deal with it.

    And there is latest reports of cash to Sudan, ACC need get busy.

    • @Nostradamus
      mule tasha! ba wynter kabimba ku sudan did a good job,,,,,,, chief mpezeni said nothing and did nothing for his ngoni warrior!,,,,,felix ngoma

      so the only case for ba kabimba is that one,,,yes that pending on,,,,,,and please dont call interpol,,,, ba kabimba`s desire to president will just fly away

  2. Another Chumbu Musholowa II who is totally incorrigible! Day of reckoning is coming- even though at least he is already in quasi-asylum away from the jaws of ACC! After all he is a good friend of baby RB!

  3. Kalusha has made FAZ his source of livelihood. His contribution to FAZ is zero. So he will conspire with his corrupt colleagues at FIFA to block the investigation.

  4. Plenty football association presidents were named in that report and there are no investigations in any country. I repeat there are no investigations because there is no money missing any where. Vima politicians vikuba daily and this chi useless ACC is ndwi. Kalu, please remain focused, you know there is more time to waste in our country than any other place and they are busy wasting it as usual

    • Do we really need ACC?
      I think it is a waste of resources.
      It has actually become a tool of oppression for those in power.
      There is now more corruption because of ACC!

  5. Its just laughable that ACC is even taking this long to conclude as this is a clear case of blatant corruption where even the selfsame individual Kalu ignorantly admitted to obtaining a loan/grant without repayment terms deposited in his account. When does FIFA offer credit facilities to individuals?
    Zambian football will never ever advance with these self-serving officials as they are sucking the Association like Tsetse Flies dry.

    • Doesn’t make any difference as FIFA is contaminated with rotten individuals like Sepp Blatter & co……moreover an individual like Kalusha who is reskless with his personal finances shouldn’t anywhere near an association such as FAZ.

  6. (1)Yali ni nkongole,
    (2)Lulya twakwete ama problems ku FAZ

    (3)I decided to brief him that natukwatako ama problems because yalifula as we were fighting akamfulumfulu

    (4)The money was put to good use because that’s the time twalepishanya nabena Lupiya

  7. Nshifwaya uulanda pali Kalu…………..It will die jst like Sumataa and Kamanga issue, we dont call him great 4 nothing. long live Kalu

  8. Nostradumus, please get your facts right!

    Firstly you need to know that Anti-Corruption Act No. 3 of 2012 offers ACC autonomy in execution of its three-fold functions; namely Community Education, Corruption Prevention, and lastly, but not the least, Investigations & Prosecution. As such, ACC had and remains with ABSOLUTELY no legal obligation to consult, seek or even notify FIFA or indeed any other institution, entity or individual, whatsoever, before instituting investigations into Kalu’s case. Same applies to all other cases instituted.

    Secondly, Interpol has no legal mandate to conduct thorough criminal investigation for the purpose of possible prosecution of offenders. Just like is the case with OP and Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) currently housed at Bank of Zambia…

  9. FIFA and ACC are too corrupt themselves to investigate anything and come up with anything credible. Sepp Blatter has refused any investigation. And guess what he (Blatter) will not allow ACC to move a muscle on this one.

  10. “press query The Post Newspapers sent to Fifa”. Busy making press queries as though they are clean, we won’t forget about the over K14bn you owe DBZ.

  11. Surely this should not be an issue of debate. Kalu borrowed money in his allegedly individual capacity. The person that gave him the money allegedly in his individual capacity is connected with the Qatar FA. Qatar needs the vote to win the rights to host the world cup. Kalu is the Zambian FA President and sits on the CAF Committee. Qatar winning the right to host is allegedly tainted with corruption.

    Kalu’s loan needs to be investigated. It will do him and FAZ more damage if it is not investigated and the findings made public.

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