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MMD on the Copperbelt accuse UPND of bribing its members

Headlines MMD on the Copperbelt accuse UPND of bribing its members

FILE: MMD cadres during the Press conference held at party president Dr.Nevers Mumba's residence
FILE: MMD cadres during the Press conference held at party president Dr.Nevers Mumba’s residence

The MMD on the Copperbelt has charged that the UPND has become a corrupt party that wants to destroy the image of the former ruling party.

And the MMD copperbelt province spokesperson Peter Phiri says the party supports calls by MMD Die Hard coordinator Bowman Lusambo for UPND to stop bribing its members.

Mr Phiri says it is unfortunate that UPND is more concerned with bribing its members.

“To the UPND, as a Province we are on top on things. The only thing that we find shocking and unfortunate is the reaction by the UPND’s Copperbelt out going chairman Elisha Matambo to Lusambo’s statement. How can he say that MMD is dead when we have only been in the opposition for three years?” Mr Phiri asked.

“And for them it has been almost twenty years. Why have they not died?” Mr Phiri asked.

“The UPND should be the last party to wish the MMD bad. You see, the MMD has come a long way and now it has a tested leadership.”

He added; “The leadership of Dr Mumba is unique. Look at how he has managed to organise the party. Remember, it is difficulty for a party that was once in government to be this strong like the MMD.”

Mr Phiri also said the MMD on the Copperbelt will not take any attacks from the UPND.

” Let me remind Mr Matambo that the MMD is a bigger party than the UPND can think. It is not our policy and that of Dr Mumba to attack our fellow opposition but if they continue, we have no option but to protect our party,” Mr Phiri stated.


  1. Dr Mumba and HH need to sit down together and address the grievances that their parties have diplomatically. Zambia needs a strong MMD and a strong UPND.

    • no need of president HH president HH meeting spineless politicians like nevers.never
      there is no material in mmd who can fit in upnd after all.

    • Both of them need to prove their problem and conflict resolution skills by snitting down together.We do not want bickering at the expense of development. Zambia needs a strong MMD and a strong UPND who are issue based

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  3. Image of the former ruling party was destroyed by its last Government headed by RB, Musokotwane, Silya (just to name few) whose excesses and corrupt practices forced electorate to look for change.

    • Musokotwane best Finance Minister. Corruption free and respected by the financial and development institutions around the world. Repeating lies about corruption won’t change a thing. Even RB and Dora have not been convicted of any corruption.

    • @ Zedian

      When you buy next Pepsi, remember who and how has “donated” almost 3 million USD in cash of tax-payer money to “investor” to help with “cash-flow” problem?

      As to the convictions, how can you expect current administration to prosecute yesterdays criminals when is unveiling or unable to let their Great Leader explain levels of his “allergy to corruption”.

    • @ Zedian

      I almost forgot, at the time (2009), one of the shareholders of the “investor” was reporting annual turnover in excess of 68 BILLION USD (that is more than double of Zambia GDP in the same year) and other majority shareholder was registered as “foreign” (tax exempted)company chairman was reportedly worth 1.5 BILLION USD if we are going to believe Forbes magazine.
      So much for Musokotwane and RB!!!

  4. Tell MMD members to stop receiving bribes…. The bribes are not forced down their throats…MMD are just corrupt individuals.

    • So if they are corrupt, why are you so eager to get them; Nalumango, Dr Banda, William Banda, Max Meals etc??

    • @ bauze…. am I missing something? I’m not trying to get Nalubambe, Dr. Banda and whoever you mention. Am a blogger…Just commenting. It’s a neutral comment….Why do you think I support a particular party. Learn to read comments in light of the article and not draw conclusions.

  5. UPND has difficulty in accepting that MMD is the main opposition party in the country with significant support in 4 provinces ( central, eastern, western & north western ) and has about 38 % overall popularity while UPND only has 1 stronghold ( southern province ) from where they enjoy massive support Of 71 % but they only have 18 % national support. UPND has always claimed that the political landscape had changed in their favour since 2006 when HH. took over the leadership of the party but the fact is their popularity has dropped from 25 % to 19 % and recently to
    18 %.UPND has failed to appreciate that it was very easy for PF to win the 2011 election because the party had 4 strong holds(lusaka, copperbelt, northern&luapula ). UPND can not win in 2016.

    • Are you sure? I doubt if the MMD will win more than 15 parliamentary seats in 2016. There is no meaningful indication that the MMD is re-gaining popularity. Since 2011, MMD keep losing parliamentary seats to either PF or the UPND.

    • MMD as a ruling party had it’s stronghold in Eastern, C/B rural, central, North western and western provinces due to the presence of Levy and RB at the helm of the party. The current MMD leadership doesn’t have that advantage and the former stronghold is slowly but surely drifting towards UPND. This explains why MMD is in panic mode, the party is slowly dying and it will take a miracle to resurrect the former ruling party.

  6. ba MMD concentrate on your members, tell them not to receive the bribes and not to cross over to UPND. this song will get you no where. if they are being bribed to join UPND and they agree it means they no longer want to be with MMD. or better still, you also bribe UPND members into MMD so that you grow your party. those are cries of a baby

  7. UPND has a better chance of scooping 2016 than MMD. Voting MMD in power again is unthinkable, it’s like a dog returning to eat it’s own vomit. Might as well bring back UNIP. MMD and UNIP belong to history’s scrap heap. They are no longer a factor to worry about. Of course they are free to dream and imagine themselves in power again. So UPND here is your chance to prove your mettle, PF is hated and on the brink of collapse, therefore a straight path that leads directly to state house has been nicely carved out for you.

  8. madness in mmd has reached it’s boiling point and they should enjoy thing.mompalas.mmd is nt big than upnd,but if u had said that it has more mps than upnd it woud hve sounded as for now it has no energy.which part is corupt btwin mmd and upnd?which party has more seats nulified for coruption?is not Mwanya Mulamana doo mmd.us a upnd member i want make it clear that upnd has no time wast on Lusambo,N.mumba and phiri.vote for HH and upnd.am more than red for those who attack my president HH and any in upnd.try me.viva HH.mmd is rotten and dead.watch the incoming president of the repulic of Zambia at 19:30hrs at Muvi tv don’t mis.thanx.

    • UPND has reached a point where it does not attract meaningful new members outside their traditional stronghold(southern province).This is a party which has been bragging that the political landscape has changed in their favour but instead their popularity has declined from 25% to 19% and more recently to 18%.The major reason UPND will not make it in 2016 and beyond is that it lacks inclusiveness. This is a party
      that believes in tribalism and has mistakenly again concluded that MMD will not perform well in Central & Eastern provinces of Zambia because it only performed well due to Late Patrick Mwanawasa and RB factors. This is what tribalism can do especially if it is deep rooted like is the case with UPND.

  9. PF = one term party in power
    UPND = one province party
    NAREP = one MP party (if ever/whenever they are lucky)
    HP = one man party
    FDD = one woman party!
    MMD = one term party in opposition (back to power)

    • @Bauze-This is true and very intresting.The problem with UPND,is like they are bewitched.their behaviour is very strange.I don’t know what type of spicies they are.2016 is coming,and this debate will end-there’ll be gnashing of teeth in the United Party For National Disasters and Disputes(UPNDD).

  10. MMD like PF has also contracted diarrhoea over UPND’s impact on the ground. Let them merge as they stand for one and the same vision of dictatorship. No wonder MMD couldn’t even give us a people driven constitution for 20 years. PF is actually just a disciple of MMD.

    • UPND has no impact on the ground and the only impact it has is on the tribe. This explains why UPND has only 1 stronghold (southern province) with 71% popularity but very little impact even in cosmopolitan provinces such as central province with only 20% support, Lusaka province 11%,copperbelt province 3%,eastern province 3%,western province 28%,northwestern province 35%.
      UPND will not win in 2016 and beyond because even their political analysis is tribally inclined as can be deduced from their reasoning that since Nevers Mumba does not hail from Eastern and Central Provinces MMD will not do well in these regions.

  11. HH said anyone who votes for MMD is mad. What kind of a leader would he be if, God forbid, he was allowed near State House? Thankfully MMD troubles are over and MMD is running and catching up. Nevers has never been heard insulting UPND or even HH.

    HH never……..UPND never…….

  12. UPND is so tribally entrenched that they fail to analyse the political situation from a bigger picture. Their fortunes have dwindled since 2006 when HH took over leadership from 25% to 19% and recently to 18%. Before 2011 elections UPND used to brag that the political landscape had changed in their favour to the extent that they were more popular in Lusaka & Central provinces than PF only to record 20% in central province behind PF which got 28% and a paltry 11% in Lusaka. Out of shame for having miscalculated the political landscape HH now wants a repetition of the political revolution that took place in 1991 but he forgets that as things stand right now that revolution can only happen in southern province.

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