Choma Trades female, male students housed in same hostels


FEMALE and male students at Choma Trades Training Institute have been sleeping in the same block of flats owing to inadequate boarding infrastructure for female students.

The institution, which was built in the 1970s, was initially meant for male students only.

It has emerged that female students at the institute occupy the ground floor of one of the hostels while their male counterparts sleep on the upper floor, a situation the students describe as “not conducive”.

This came to light during the institute’s 5th graduation ceremony in Choma on Friday.

In a vote of thanks, James Mukuka, a graduating student, said there is a dire need to build more hostels to cater for female students who were recently introduced to the institution.

“There is need for Government to help build hostels for the females. Currently, we are sharing a block of flats, and females sleep on the ground floor while the males sleep on the first floor.

“This situation is not conducive, our parents always express concern when they come to visit us,” Mr Mukuka, who graduated with an automotive craft certificate, said at the event graced by Deputy Minister of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education David Mabumba.

Mr Mukuka said the institute has enough land for construction of more student hostels.

He also appealed to Government and other stakeholders to help restock the school library and workshops, which are in need of modern machinery.

“It’s been a challenge for us students to do our practicals because the equipment in our workshop is old, most of it was bought in the 70s.We also need modern books in our library,” he said.

Mr Mukuka said students will only excel if the learning environment is conducive.

He, however, thanked Government for providing bursaries for students.

Earlier, Principal Tom Kampamba said management has in the last five years been requesting the Ministry of Education to construct hostels for female students.


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    I don’t see the problem here. This is the natural order. As the article states, the men are “on top”

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      I dont see any problem with sharing a hostel! i have been studying in Russia for morethat 7 yeaers i we live in the same hostels and share ths same floor with girls! Nevertheless we have different bathrooms and toilet but the same kitchen! Some some of theses complaints are a share wast of time!

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      Goodness Zambians, that’s normal Overseas and Universities abroad, students should have their person control and know what they want for their future. These are separate floors not even same apartments. You have situations where students share same apartments and no such nonsense would happen in other parts of the world. Think outside the box than sex all the time.

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    That is also the case at unza ridgeway campus. As more hostels will be built, the females will be put in their own hostels in the future.

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    I personally don’t see any problem for them sharing the hostels except the bathrooms and toilets.They are adults and boarding school kids.If they decide to engage in promiscuous events ,it’s up to them.

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    The situation is not abnormal. Some universities abroad do have hostels where a male student may be a neighbour to a female student without any hassle at all. It just requires self discipline!

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    I see no problem with this at all. in fact it will force those that are unruly to behave and be smart hygienically. too much thinking of sex all the time

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    What’s wrong with that? At least they can be guaranteed that their future wives have some level of education. So you think by putting then in different block they won’t be up to no good? They are responsible adults so let them learn.

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    too dull of you Mukuka and your friends..why don’t you go the UNZA should ve rioted..

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    I dont find any problem with the sharing of hostels.A lot of colleges and universities share hostels.Ask those that went to National College now Mulungushi University, Block A was for ladies.Block C was for men and block B was shared.Down Ladies and upper floor men. Education was going on without any problem.Dont be cry babies.Just ask for more hostels so that u increase on enrolment not what you are talking bout my poor Zambians.

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    Nifinshi fishupilepo apa kanshi!Yo heads ‘re already corrupt busy making ifima sex tape.Just sleep do efyo wakonkela kusukulu swine iwe.ZICAS,Pa Hone,UNZA they jump wallfences or go kuchibansa to do ifyabupuba,so quit ukubosa @ consetrate on thy studies makepula iwe.

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    “It has emerged that female students at the institute occupy the ground floor of one of the hostels while their male counterparts sleep on the upper floor, a situation the students describe as “not conducive”.”

    What this student is saying is if a female lives close to him he has to have sex with her, whether she wants to or not. To avoid this situation females must have separate quarters miles away. If this isn’t lunatic thinking I don’t know what is. This is warped morality. Not every girl is yours for the taking even if you share the same flat.

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    Very poor school this must be. You are holding only your 5th graduation ceremony yet you were built in the 1970!!!???

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      There is nothing wrong with that,we used the same block,and same toilets in a college in Lusaka,with no problem whatsoever, all
      went on well.

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    As long as you have different toilets, bath rooms and sleeping rooms that’s not a problem. The problem is that we Africans we think too much about our bodies and not brains. Think through the brain not the body that’s a small problem. In most universities you share washing rooms, some times even bath and toilets.

    Don’t think about sex , think about learning you will achieve what you wet for

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    Comment:its a fault of administration thy dont thnk logicaly coz thriz no ways u transmogrify the college of single education to co-education witout thinkin of the catastrophic consequences tht may befell the sch…No proper infrustractures…wat a sch!!!

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