Government urged to extend maternity Leave


Some working mothers in Kalulushi have appealed to government to consider extending maternity leave for them because they are failing to work and breast feed at the same time.

Heath Nutritionist Sera Sinyangwe says according to a recent survey in the district it was revealed that most working mothers faced a number of challenges as working mothers.
Ms. Sinyangwe said most of the working mothers complained that they were often late as a result of breastfeeding.

And District Medical Officer Dr. Liwung Sichinga says heads of departments should consider creating conducive environment that allow breastfeeding at workplace.

“Let them discuss with their employers for the good health of their children, because we are encouraging exclusively breastfeeding,” said Dr. Liwung.


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    …If the company/institution can survive for over six months without you, then probably they don’t need you…..

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    Don’t think that adding on an extra month to maternity leave would be a bad idea. So instead of three (3) months the new mothers can be away for four (4) months.

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    women shud be apreciated for bringing leaders in de world.6months is nt a loss.government shud just make it compulsory becoz boses difrs.

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