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Zambia Sugar workers reject foreign Manager

Economy Zambia Sugar workers reject foreign Manager

File: Some Zambia sugar shareholders plucking sugar cane during the conducted tour of the Zambia sugar factory
File: Some Zambia sugar shareholders plucking sugar cane during the conducted tour of the Zambia sugar factory

Some employees at Zambia Sugar PLC in Mazabuka have warned that they will stage a peaceful demonstration should management go ahead with plans to employ a South African national as Factory Manager.

The employees who vowed to demonstrate against the move said Zambia is not short of qualified personnel to take up such a role.

ZANIS in Mazabuka reports that the workers are opposed to plans by the company management to employ a South African national as Factory Manager.

The employees who declined to be named for fear of victimization said they were aware of plans by Zambia Sugar which is a subsidiary of Illovo Sugar Limited of South Africa to replace suspended manager James Mukukwa with a South African national.

The employees revealed that the mood among employees is very low following information filtering through that management at Illovo limited in South Africa have recommended that they send someone to take over the duties of Factory Manager.

They wondered the motive behind employing a foreign national when the country has a lot of skilled and qualified human resource that can effectively oversee the operations of the factory.

“We thought the employment of a first Zambian Managing Director (Aubrey Chibumba) had marked the end of employing foreign nationals into key positions but plans to bring in someone from South Africa is quite disturbing,” lamented an employee.

The employees said there is need for government to quickly intervene and halt such plans if job opportunities are to be created among its citizens majority of whom they said have no decent jobs.

Recently, Management at Zambia Sugar suspended the Factory Manager James Mukukwa indefinitely in the ongoing exercise aimed at ridding the company of suspected corrupt employees.

Sources close to Mr Mukukwa revealed that he had decided to tender in his resignation following his suspension because management as neither charged him with any offence nor reported him to the police.
Four other dismissed employees are currently in court facing corruption charges.

Sources further revealed that both the Anti – Corruption and the forensic experts from Illovo in South Africa have separately intensified their investigations into some practices of corruption involving both senior and junior officials at Zambia Sugar PLC.

The investigations are mainly targeted at employees occupying influential positions in the Sugar company and are linked to fraudulent transactions where they allegedly force contractors to pay them kickbacks in order to be awarded contracts.


  1. Zambia Sugar Company is a foreign company which can employ anyone-f us Zambians want to employ fellow Zambians why can’t we encourage our poliyicans to open up such companies rather than donating spaciou instead of setting up good companies because all there want is to avoid paying tax.


    • @Peter, I agree with you in that alot of Zambian managers have a work culture problem. They have this complex whereby they fail to distinguish between their duty and a favour. However to bring in Boers or other whites doesn’t make things better because what will happen is this useless racist white will appoint a Zambian bootlicker to be the interface or the go between. It is very difficult to make appointments with white managers for your information, their secretaries are quick to defer you to the Zambian bootlicker assistant manager who will keep you moving in circles. What we need to do is change the attitude of work by most Zambians in positions of authority starting with government and council officials, they are the worst culprits and provide very poor service to the people.

  3. Sure ifisali fyesu and they want to bring a Boer to manage. Who sold ifsali kanshi ? I would shudder to think that HH was the valuer .

    • Robin if you ask me to give you a professional advice like what HH did he does not chose who buys your property. At the time MMD was busy selling these properties we had set up a management buy out unit and they insisted on us to pay cash and we could not raise the required amount. these south african companies where helped by their countries and banks and they have to pay back the loans etc. Who they employ ministry of labour should come up with policy to protect The Zambians but as things stand some will only lose jobs and start begging be careful bane we sold our country through the hour.

  4. What wrong with these people in the global economy many companies hire foriegn managers for the expertise from Google to Sony because these people are highly skilled and know how to get the job done. Also this chap could be coming for a short to medium term before handing over to a local

  5. Zambia sugar needs a manager or else something like selling will happen soon. ZS has a a good working culture for most employees, serve for management which has been a problem for a time. Illovo has that management role from the time Zambia sugar was sold SA then SA sold shares to royals and Illovo were mandated to manage the company using the same old system of boars of SA. Please, Nakambala has in operation for some time, maybe allow the guy and give him space to see what he will do, but at the same time be corporative towards his goes, running ZS is not a small matter really, and I believe most people working there they know that. Pls dont be prejudicial or judge someone even before u work with them. its up u all finally

  6. The only issue is just finding the solutions of the problem and not politicizing issues ,to me i don’t believe that no Zambians to cover whatsoever positions.Therefore NATIVE employees should be encouraged and these multinational companies to be told of the municipal laws

  7. Please, employe a South African manager, there is too much muchekelko, the ones who do not want a south African , they are the ones who are color uptrend, because, they won’t have it easy. It’s too much, in Zambia, people stealing from their employers, such as building materials, anything they can lay their hands on, it’s a stolen item. Shame even if it is poverty. We still need foreigners to manage us.

  8. The people who are going to demonstrate, are the corrupt ones. End this and bring a foreigner, the company will work well.

  9. Anti corruption must also investigate barlow world for corruption. Who owns Barloworld? The Illovo directors who milking ZS and externalising the profits. On top of that they paid hefty management fees.. Zambians we need to work up and sort out this rot.

  10. HE WAS EMPOWERING ZAMBIANS AND NOT TO BE CORRUPT, These whites are the most corrupt and with them is only single sourcing.

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