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Anti-Corruption Commission studying the misuse of funds at the Ministry of Local Government

General News Anti-Corruption Commission studying the misuse of funds at the Ministry of Local...

ACC spokesperson Timothy Moono
ACC spokesperson Timothy Moono

THE Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) is studying the alleged misuse of more than K3.3 million at the Ministry of Local Government and Housing for possible investigations.

ACC spokesperson Timothy Moono said it was after studying the matter that the next step would be followed saying if grounds for an investigation were found, the matter would be pursued further.

“We have to study the matter that is when the next step will be taken, that is all I can say for now. If grounds for an investigation are established then we will follow the matter further,” Mr Moono said.

Seven junior officials at the Ministry of Local Government and Housing have been suspended for allegedly diverting K3.3 million, part of which, K1.3 million was allocated to Rufunsa Constituency as Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

Meanwhile, the Non Governmental Organisation Coordinating Council (NGOCC) has urged Government to tighten loopholes in ministries with regard to financial management accountability.

NGOCC executive director, Engwase Mwale was concerned that corruption had continued to be uncovered in various sections of the ministries.

Ms Mwale said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday the country needed to rise up to the challenge in order for resources to be utilized in developing the country.

She said the continuous reports of misappropriation of funds in the public service was worrying adding that it needed to be addressed promptly.

She urged law enforcement agencies to move in and investigate the reports so that all the people involved in the scam were brought to book.

Ms Mwale urged the public service around the country to serve citizens as opposed to enriching themselves through selfish motives.

“There is need for each and every resource to be channeled to developmental programmes, it is disappointing for the public service to enrich themselves at the expense of Zambians,” she said.


  1. It is a fact that ACC along with DEC are two wings of govt comprised disproportionantly of my Lozi and Tonga bros and sisters, I think they should investigate themselves as well for nepotism. Besides the nepotism, please go ahead and investigate these corrupt officials, we want to see arrests of ministers and govt officials that are bringing the good works of this govt down.

  2. For as long as laws and prosecutions lag behind on this issue, abuses of public funds in Govt Ministries will persist. I am sure we all can count with our fingers how many people (if any at all) have actually seen the insides of the prison walls for stealing, misappropriating, or failure to account for public funds in Zambia. And therein lays the problem—without any incentives, positive or negative, not to steal public funds people will always behave badly—it is simply human nature!

    The people/institutions responsible for fighting WHITE COLLAR CRIMES should be seen to be doing something about it by sending people engaging in these crimes to prison with heavy sanctions imposed on them. That would be a powerful incentive for civil servants to steer clear of such vices.

  3. Extend the investigations to Zambia Public Procurement Authority (ZPPA) where management looted/paid itself K 178,000.00 in allowances without seeking Board approval. Theft of public funds is on the increase & state agencies – ACC, DEC, Auditor Generals Office including the police need to be on the look out.

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