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Post Newspaper accused of fabricating Rupiah Banda retirement story


Zambian Fourth president Rupiah Banda
Zambian Fourth president Rupiah Banda

Former President Rupiah Banda’s Deputy Administrative Assistant Kennedy Limwanya has accused the Post Newspaper of fabricating a story in which they quoted the former president saying that his retirement from Poltics was final.

In a statement released to the media, Kennedy Limwanya said that said what The Post Newspaper quoted verbatim was not President Banda’s own words and neither was it a response given in form of a press statement as portrayed by the newspaper. He describe it fabrication at its worst!

Yesterday the Post Newspaper the except below:

Banda said it was final that he had retired from active politics.

“Since my retiring from active politics in 2012, I have never issued any statement to the contrary. So it’s very unfair for anybody to insinuate that I want to come back into politics,” Banda said through his deputy administrative assistant Kennedy Limwanya in an interview yesterday.

Banda said no one should get him into active politics because he made it categorical in 2012 that he had retired.

“No one should draw me into politics because I have retired. Let people leave me alone to enjoy my retirement,” said Banda.

“People should be fair enough to understand that I retired from active politics.”

Banda refused to dwell on the issue of his return to politics, stressing that it had no credence.

Below is the reponse to the Post Newspaper Story in full


Press Release

Response to The Post story “My retirement final- Rupiah”

LUSAKA, 8th August, 2014— I wish to express my utmost indignation at the manner in which The Post newspaper wrote and published the story under the above headline on Thursday, 7th August, 2014.

For the record, on Tuesday, 5th August, 2014, I was called by Mr Abel Mboozi, a reporter from The Post who wanted a comment from me regarding statements in their paper to the effect that former Zambian President, His Excellency Mr Rupiah Bwezani Banda, was being urged to consider a political comeback.

My response to Mr Mboozi was that I hoped he was not just trying to tie me to a malicious story that the paper may already have written.

After assuring that there was no such story, I proceeded to tell Mr Mboozi that since his retirement from active politics in 2012, President Banda had never made any statement to the contrary.

It would, therefore, be unfair to link the former President to comments being made by other people when he had never said anything regarding the same.
That was where we ended.

I was, therefore, shocked to see the manner in which this story was published in The Post on 7th August, 2014, creating an impression that President Banda had uttered words which he had not.

The impression created from the way the headline was written was that the former President had uttered the words attributed to him and that he had given me the permission to call the newspaper and issue the statement.

More shockingly, President Banda was even quoted verbatim, using words which I never even used when responding to Mr Mboozi.

When the story came out, I called Mr Mboozi to complain, and he offered his apologies for the part that may have offended me.

I wish to add that it is most unfair that some people are being used to attack the former president on an issue that he has remained non-committal since 2012.

It further disheartens me that I can be used as a pawn to add credence to malicious stories that only serve to injure the person of President Banda.

It is public knowledge that there have been overwhelming calls from across the length and breadth of Zambia, for the former president to come back from retirement.

The calls for his comeback have not come from him but the Zambian people who also are within their rights to exercise their democratic right of expression.

Despite that, President Banda has not responded to any such calls.

I, therefore, wish to reiterate that what The Post quoted verbatim was not President Banda’s own words and neither was my response given in form of a press statement as portrayed by the newspaper.
It was a fabrication at its worst!

I am sure the Zambian public is beginning to wonder whether the trap that the newspaper had attempted to set for me has not been set for many other Zambians who The Post has been using in its campaign to cast aspersions on President Banda.

Truthfulness, and not malice, should be the hallmark of our journalism if our country is to make any meaningful progress.
Issued by:
Kennedy Limwanya


    • In other words he would like to say he is has not retired from politics?

      The man is old, and I don’t think he has a chance now that MR sata will go for re elections in 2016

      Mr Banda all you should have done is request/demand the Post to issue an apology!

      This comes out as though you did actually say what was reported and you somewhat regrets

      I know you are more popular alone than the UPND let alone as a party but Politics has changed, the landscape is completely different and we are happy for the PF to be leading us and are happy the way we are

      By the way, unlike Mr Sata whose family have acted exemplary, one wonders where your sons are an how if at all they have cleared heir names

      I speak on behalf of lots of people here


    • The Post is at it again. Obviously trying to create an “attacking angle” (possibly of being greedy and shameless and even lying that “He would never return to plitics”) should RB choose to exercise his demogratic right to stand for the Presidency.
      The Post was relentless in attacking RB with false and fabricated stories during his presidency and even after his presidency. However, none of those big headlines of corruption and theft have materialised into anything to go by in maintaining that RB was corrupt. They fed us with lies and we believed them. Not again…and any “sensible” Zambian should know by now who is of sound integrity between RB and the Post.

    • @1.2 Mushota – Your Michael Sata is older than Banda yet you defend him so much. Are you also suffering from dementia?

  1. Honestly who wants CORRUPT and uncreative RB ? We kno tht Mr Sata can do BETTER thn ths but ONLY OLD AGE IS WHT HAS KILLED HIM. He is not the Sata we knew. To hell with RB.


    • @Anderson
      You are obviously one of those who are gullible and hence a good member of the Post Newspaper audience. You have been fed lies and despite the obvious failure by the post to advance any tangible evidence of RB’s corruption, you continue to stand by the malicious headlines the Post fed the nation. Wake up from slumber and see “The Post” for what it is…An enemy of Zambia’s real development.

  2. When dealing with The Past Paper, telling them no comment is a just response otherwise they will be giving you a difficult task. It has been said you can’t change the Past

  3. This newspaper has out lived its usefulness and as a vuvuzela of Sata PF, its days are numbered. Its legacy will be remembered for ushering in Sata PF in government and exiting public life together in MY next government, mark my words.

  4. Whatever ! It still doesn’t change the fact that Shi Mpundu must remain retired.Time he took that grandpa`s rocking chair and get entertained by his small grandchildren, oh i forgot that he has small children of his own.By his small kids.We will respect him in that way.So as far as we are concerned he has retired.

    • By the way,somebody else is definitely to old and sick to play with his teenager son, never mind to do 8 hours shift!!!

    • @Sauliso
      Your sarcasm reeks and yet you claim not to stoop low. You are the chap that insult people and show no respect. When you are cornered you say “let’s debate” when one challenges you to a debate your you make childish comments way below academia and resort to your “kikiki” nonsense. I can’t debate with you. You are simply a PF cadre who comments on topics you hardly understand. You are the one who wants to have it all. What creature are you? I for one have no respect for you. I worry for your lab work. Your findings must be held with a pinch of salt. Grow up

    • @Saulosi and Nubian Princess
      Nubian Princess is the reason I have not joined Zambians in Dallas Texas. Gossip and lies. This woman spreads lies. She lies about her fellow Zambians. Those who find themselves working in low cost jobs or having financial problems are her bait. Surely as much as I want to show my patriotism how can I mingle with people like her who spread lies up to back home? I want to appeal to the leader of the organization to look out for such people or else the organization is going nowhere. It will be the usual drink and be foolish. Nubian Princess has problems of her own and yet no one talks about them. My appeal is to all the Zambian groups in the USA.

    • @ Sick Saulosi

      Trust me you will never see me respond to your replies again. I think your motivation is beyond political differences and opinions.It has become personal. It is a waste of time trying to reason with you. It won`t even help either of us.What will help us are what we do with our personal lives.These are just politics my child, don`t let them overwork you. HH that is making you to insult people you don`t know won`t even be there for you once you find your self in that tight corner.Getting personal and emotional over politics is the worst you can do son,the same people making you insult dine together behind the closed doors. Remember that what ever comes out of your mouth determines the quality of your mind. Take a chill pill.Have a good weekend son !

    • @Sick Saulosi
      I might say things about politicians because they are public figures, but the last things i can do is get personal with people with other political views because we can`t see eye to eye on issues.You have to learn that side of politics son. I believe you will mature with time.I remember myself in your shoes about 10 years ago, but time has made me know better. I know you are a good boy son,you just need time to mature.Take care.

    • Somebody spends more time responding to Saulosi than he ever contributes to discussions.Talk of dull people who can’t articulate issues who instead are experts at insults.Jealousy and envy are dangerous things.

    • Wise people respond to politicians and other issues under discussion on the blog, while dull people attack people who are good at articulating issues under discussion because they themselves can’t come up with a plausible argument.

    • @ Wonders and Maria,
      You could be the same person all I know–Nubian Princess. I have read Sauliso’s comments, if you call that “good at articulating issues” it is clearly shows your level of education. Take time to go through his comments and see how many people he has attacked and how much reasonable comment he has made. Yesterday I tried to engage him in a reasonable debate, he fled. Come on now, let’s use this forum for meaningful and educative discussions and not the gossip and slander that you engage in.

    • @Saulosi
      You eat your own words: “I might say things about politicians because they are public figures, but the last things i can do is get personal with people with other political views because we can`t see eye to eye on issues.” You forget the number of times you have been personal. Of course I will not debate you–it is a waste of time, but I will continue to comment on your hypocrisy–and your block-headedness. Don’t call me son, young man.

  5. FRED MEMBE nifwiti why does he hate the old man like that? GOD will punish him, MEMBE and his POST campaighned for SATA just TO remove MMD out of hatrage and SATA now has failed to lead the country MEMBE cant ven apologise to the people of zambia for misleading them to vote for this failure of the President now he has again started attacking the old man RB who is capable of bouncing back, people should be fair RB derseves a another chance bcoz he did not finish his two terms as per constitution, RB is still very strong and he can finish five year term without any problem and he is the only man who can unite this country now not HH or NEVERS these two young men are too power hungry. HH is JUST too tribal while NEVERS MUMBA is just a failure who can not win an election.

    • Relax iwe, Ba Sata has NOT failed. Its just his health failing him. Even then , in only 2yrs of office you have all seen the levels of activities he has started up. As for RB, ask Dora how they used to enjoy entering hotel rooms etc. If he tried a comeback he will fail lamentably maybe with a vote from you alone. Its doubtiful if he can even vote for himself.

  6. Musiyeni Lupia Banda apumule mwa mtendere, Osamalemba nkhani za Micheal Sata bwanji? Bwana Lupia Banda bwerani kuno ku Mudzi tidzavine Gule wamkulu, Takusowani kwambiri kuno ku Mudzi. Osamadandaula ndi anthu osowa zolemba ngati ameneyo.

  7. IWE MUSHOTA AND SAULOSI please just chew PF money instead of misleading people, WHAT has SATA initiated since he came in? This man has done nothing all developmental projects he is doing were left by RB at very advanced stages, infact some of them SATA has failed to finish them bcoz SATA does not understand anything. RB worked hard to continue from where LEVY left. All the RURAL ELECTRIFICATION projects where left and commissioned by RB all the schools being built now where left by RB even the TAXIS Loans for Youths Miles Sampa has started in Matero was proposed by RB, even those buses from China SATA gave as loans to the bus drivers where bought by RB only that they came after elections, even 8,000 link zambia roads where initiated by RB so which projects SATA has initiated?

  8. Mushota@11…..Please read the story again. It is not RB who is saying anything. The conversation was between Kennedy and Mboozi.

  9. Chimbwis not plan. How we can all we intelligent beings let these old frail men be running the lives of all of us in this century for the life of me we will never know. Is Mmembe the sole beneficially of all this? Can we not see the wrongs and tops-turvys? Are we just dumbos satisfied with whatever crums we get? Or are we just incapables satisfied just staying at home or are we brainwashed to believe that way. I don’t wish them dead but we could do with them passing on. Mmembe is now gone underground to plot because his SATA project has hit into a rock. For Crist Sake these are just as human as us WE NEED A REVOLUTIONARY OR A MESSIOR.

  10. Those who have been scheming and are still scheming have no peace in their lives and they will continue not to have peace at all. There are many living examples today. What Mumembe and others should know is that time will sooner than later catch up with them. They may have the “Money”, state machinery at their disposal but their end will surely come and very soon.

    • the only solution to mmembe is to shut your mouth whenever they demand interviews simply say no comment full stop,
      membe is an ***** with his reporters, why does he not pay 14billion they obtained from dbz in a crooked way,

      leave sata and rupia banda out of this debate, it is un fair to attack these old people.

      the culprit here is fred memmbe and his thieving collegues.

      people like saulosi mushota are stupid political sycomphants, who believe that as pf cadres is to comment on anything without using humane senses

  11. If the President of all Zambians wants to come back, he is most welcome. I can repeat my vote for him!

  12. those caling for RBs come back they mus be out of their sense,pliz can u spare our belove ZAMBIA from another disaster.were u born yestaday for u to forget how corupt our system i Zambia became? i mean this was the Governmen which upon realizing how many crimes they comited they went ahead and amended the laws to protect them after living office such as the ACC act on ABUSE OF AUTHORITY OF OFFICE.were u born yestaday to forget how RB used to travel like a tourist using taxpayers money and how his minister buried money underground? i think u must be those who survived on those crimes and now things av come sour bcoz u av lost conection to powers that may be and u av resorted to be criying like babies.

  13. Membe is just scared of RB. If Zambia had a Presidential bye-election, I would encourage RB to stand so that Membe can pee in his pants.

  14. There is absolutely nothing wrong in any Zambian calling for RB’s comeback. Equally, there is absolutely nothing wrong in RB deciding to come back. If anyone thinks RB is a spent force or not a force in politics, well and good. Let him be walloped at the polls. But in the year 2014 (as opposed to the year 1956), it is unimaginable that civilized and educated Zambians should deny fellow Zambians their God given right to exercise their rights. If you don’t like RB, we respect your opinion and please Mr. M’membe and your like minded bloggers, respect our opinion too. After all, we are in a democracy. Is this too difficult for you to understand? Should you be thinking for us?

  15. I am totally baffled by the attacks on the Post and by extension President Sata for this story. I fail to see the difference in what is quoted above as having appeared in the Post versus what Mr. Limwanya states he said. Someone please break it down for me.

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