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Stop playing with the minds of Zambians, Msoni advises First Lady

Headlines Stop playing with the minds of Zambians, Msoni advises First Lady

Opposition APC President Nason Msoni
Opposition APC President Nason Msoni

APC president Nason Msoni has advised first lady Christine Kaseba Sata to stop taking Zambians for fools and tell the nation the truth about the health of her husband or keep quiet.

Mr Msoni said Dr. Kaseba Sata should realize that the President is a servant of Zambians who are demanding that he avails himself to the public.

He said Dr. Kaseba should stop playing with the minds of Zambians because they deserve better than what she is subjecting the public to.

He noted that if the first lady continues issuing such statements, political stakeholders will make no distinction between her and the president and will unleash themselves on her.

“Dr. Kaseba should stop plainly playing with the minds of Zambians. We deserve better than this; what is she trying to subject us to? If she continues issuing such statements we shall not make distinction between herself and her husband, we shall unleash ourselves on her because government has collapsed due to the non performance of the government and the ultimate victims are the poor Zambians who are feeling the brunt of the non performance of government.

“These are not matters to play with and we take great exception to her statement and we advise the madam to stick to what she is competent in,” Mr. Msoni said.

He further advised Dr. Kaseba to maintain a low profile as the calls for the president to show himself to the public has got nothing to do with her.

“Spouses are better advised to maintain a low profile ultimately we know that she is a beneficially of whatever is happening in state house but this has nothing to do with her but her husband whom we want to account what he is doing.

Otherwise what good is he to anyone in this country if he is going to stay in state house and hibernate and we don’t know what he is doing?”

He added, “if she is going to listen,our advise is let her tell her husband to step down as our patience is wearing thin.”

Mr. Msoni was reacting to the a statement by the first lady who said her husband was fine and working at state house.


  1. This Msoni guy has no shame unlike what his name stands for. How i hate petty politicians like him. I can`t even remember last time he raised an intelligent issue. Come on while dwelling on gossip ? You can do better than this.

    • *This Msoni guy has no shame unlike what his name stands for. How i hate petty politicians like him. I can`t even remember last time he raised an intelligent issue. Come on, why dwelling on gossip ? You can do better than this.*

    • Let’s be having you! All you that do not depend on the droppings of table of the kings dinner speak up now! This rubbish drama has gone on far too long. Being led by a ghost is not you bargained for. This list of people committing treason is growing. Your numbers will be up soon – Zambians will squeal soon. Watch this space!

    • I wholeheartedly agree saluo. Musoni and HH are known to be friends in the same capacity and this might be mr Hakainde using musoni

      How does HH get away with this ?

      Disgusting could someone please pass a puke bucket ?


    • Msoni is a tool ! Why does he always talk about Sata’s health ? Time he tried to bring out other issues.Ka president kanjala.

    • One hit. There you are advocating violence before our eyes.
      You have nothing to offer and your pretence as a wise person is up in the smoke now like Wanzelu

      You are talking about people advocating treason, well look in the mirror and besides why are you scared to name and shame.
      This is foolhardy and unrepentant to come and speak in tongues.

      Make up your mind instead of taking both side.

      Stick and commit to what defines you as a man.
      Screw your pretence


    • The problem with PF cadres like Saulosi and his wife Mushota is that they engage their months(sorry meant fingers) before engaging their brains. Does Dr Kaseba realise that she is dealing with intelligent people and not just the PF educated illiterates?

    • Saulosi, do you ever realize that you have advanced so much in addicting yourself into senselessness? Check. We better pray for you lad/las.

    • @Saulosi, I already told Bamuka Yama Kaseba Sata, that its very disrespectful to go about telling you girls that her husband Sata is well and fit and performing his bedroom duties.
      Msoni is more than right, bedroom aside, Christine Kaseba has no balls to be commenting on government duties.
      Yes now will unleash ourselves on that promiscuous couple.

    • @Saulosi,
      Aren’t you the same chap who said Sata was cuddling with his wife on the Israeli beach while the poor man was in agony in ICU in an Israeli hospital and when you were challenged you were quick to say you were joking. Typical of you and Mushota to joke on serious issues and please be informed that no sane person takes the likes of you seriously.
      Msoni is right, no loving wife can comment publicly on her husband’s wife especially in this case which has confirmed Zambia to be a failed state, and you excitedly commented, ” this is my Christina”. What a load of rubbish!

    • You are the one who is petty, you fool. Absence of a President for two months is a serious issue. When are you Zambians ever going to be serious about issues that affect the nation? How on earth do you justify the entire President to hinernate for 60 days without any proper explanation?How do you justify the President never ever talking to the nation for over two years. When did the president ever tell you about the country’s policy direction and the National Development plan? Everything has been knee jerk reaction. Wake up you dick head, you need people like Msoni to speak on your behalf. The president must either come out or resign….better still die, because what he is doing is stealing. Being paid for doing fako!!

    • It is strange how things which are sensible and comments made in good faith are all misunderstood by those cadres of a known party. Could it be that sense does not just find space in their being or brains?

  2. Please leave Dr Kaseba our mother alone. She has said the Sata is fine, what more do you want hear. The problem with you is that you want to hear what is pleasing to hear: that Sata is sick. Besides our mother First Lady is sharp, intelligent, honest and she has a good sense of humor. I feel proud as a Zambian when she is abroad on various missions. You should, as Msoni, be able to differentiate who can lie and who can’t. By observing our mother, honestly I don’t think she can say the opposite.

    • The First Lady is sharp, intelligent honest and full of humor! my foot! let her speak the truth for us all to believe you mukwai.

    • @Makaka Styopedi

      I’m sure you would say the same about your other mother Regina Chiluba until you hear that the Finland Finanical Authority seized 28 million pounds she was trying to transfer from her London account to Finland.

    • @blackbird, who cares whether she is your mother or not. You are nonentity. You bloggers are responding to me are nonentities. Dr Kaseba is what I have described she is. You just envious of her. You will never be presidents or First Ladies in your lives. Bitter pill to swallow eeihhh? After 2016 it is PF again. You ant Sata wins on internet but on the actual field competition, you are terrible losers.

  3. “The truth that we hide is naked,but the lies that we flaunt are so well dressed up”

    That quote pretty much describes Sata’s family and the PF.

  4. Spot on Mr. Msoni….its a shame people can not see through this heartless selfish woman, a caring wife would think of the husband’s health first than his job.


    • We may sing and dance but the truth will set us free. Sata mocked his predecessors now let him take the heat. Mason I keep it up. Job we’ll done. You can Always win in the end.

  5. This Msoni guy is something of an enigma to me. Can somebody educate me about this guy- his background, education, work experience, etc.?

    • Why are you being lazy you mean to tell me you…you can not do simple basic research yourself? This is the selfsame reason journalism has gone to the dogs and universities are churning out substandard graduates.
      Wake up the internet is not merely for Facebook and LT!!

    • Iwe don’t misusue this name, it denotes “Cleverness!!” You just want to be spoon-fed?? Someone research for you?? You should adopt “Mwana chiwa!””

    • Mwana Chiwa twamulya wishi apela ichamutwe nakana ine nshillya ichamutwe! Kekekekeke! LOL! Maikalange, everytime I read your comments I reminiscent about my dear dad’s impeccable skills for telling Bemba forklore.
      Anyway, all this about HE MCS’s health is nothing but shadow boxing. Soom after recovering a little and putting on a bit of weight MCS will show up and cause a kerfuffle on Msoni and all thinking he is dead. He is surely unwell or he would have been everywhere calling anyone who upsets him including Msoni some nasty name like useless, mulichipumbu, tamwakwata amano, etc. Time will tell, in Bemba we say, “fili uko tuleya”.

  6. I have just read somewhere that first lady stopped Sata from boarding a plane to go to Mangango because he is not well. A day ago the same first lady was saying Sata is fit as a fiddle. Now do you understand, Saulosi and your girl friend where Msoni is coming from? If this is not playing with Zambians minds what is? PF have made Zambians like Msoni and HH look as if they have no heart because of hiding the presidents’s status. I dont think it is fair to blame HH and Msoni, most Zambians are sick to the stomach with this Sata issue. Some people will have to be held responsible for this fracas on the cobra. This presidency has been the worst in the history of Zambia. How will Kaseba leave with her herself for having been part of the clique that denied Zambians info on their leader?

  7. Iwe chi saulonyo lo! whatever u are called! Leave Msoni alone,he is entitled to express his political opinions in this country. Y do u want to play cheap politics by unleashing yo stupid anger on any one who wants to know the truth about the head of state! Zambia is a multi-party state

    • Why don’t you try arguing your case like a grown up? What ever comes out of your mouth determines the quality of your mind

  8. we are lead by a ghost president is already embalmed. Zambia is lead by junior boys who we did not vote to rule us as presidents. when they talk as if is alive do not be cheated is no more. they bring a modified picture and you start arguing about the picture the question who took that picture? if they can allow picture come on pubic why can people see themselves on tv rather than picture already taken.

  9. Mr Msoni you are hundred percent Wright , This country is being run by Kaseba > It has gone under pit cot . those supporting this Nonsense going on at House Banabamubuchende , even in our homes children always cry to see their parents . any way HH is coming fwebabemba tukachindame > ababisa bonaule chalo > Munonko ngafyala wilowa ,akakulengela ukwikuta .Naleka nine mwishikulu kwafwe imbwa , Ngakwaumfwika imisowa ninshi muntu a fwile . Babenye bashamfumu shalubemba tabakalale kamofye kanynta akengile kuchipango . Ba PF check your selves Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe said ifipuba ngafyafula Nabamano basanguka abatumpa

  10. Easterners, wake up. These congolese thieves accused ba RB a lot of things so that they could remove him. RB had mealie meal at K35 / 25kg now its over K70. RB had dollar around K4500, now the congolese sponsored tribesmate of theirs in Sata has killed the kwacha to K6 200 / dollar.

    They didnt vote for RB, these congolese and gave their now worst ZED president 98%. Lesson, never vote for a congolese again if we are to protect ZED from gross incompetence, failed leadership, looting, tribalism, corruption and insults.

    RB was and will remain two thousand times better than Sata.

  11. These PF ba kolwestans love playing with the minds of zambians and playing while zambia is on auto pilot mode.The truth will eventually come out to badly embarrass Dr Kaseba and the PF.

  12. The simple question that requires a simple answer is why is Sata hiding from the nation if he is as fit as a fiddle It is not rocket science.Why on earth does he need third parties to reassure people on his behalf when he can easily crawl from wherever he is playing his kindergarten game of hide and seek to answer people’s anxieties.They put him where he is today and he can not just ride roughshod over them with impunity.It is called transparency and accountability. Gallant Zambians like Msoni are absolutely right to continue calling him out. A fisa nji mambala?He does not own anyone in this country.

  13. This lady is playing with fire. Sata has a job to do and she is the main beneficiary; what with the huge funds this so called Minister of thieves allocated to her office! The lady is now a shareholder in Post Couriers.
    She can’t have it both ways; telling the nation lies and eating our money. This woman is supposed to be educated and should act like one who saw the inside of a classroom. Please don’t over stretch peoples patience and Msoni is speaking on behalf of all Zambians who love their country and not these Congolese!

  14. THIS Christine Kaseba, who does she is? Mama Betty Kaunda and mama Chikamoneka will be turning in their graves listening to such load of nonsense. This also now makes a experiment of trying out educated people to run Zambia very dangerous. WE SHOULD JUST DECLARE ZAMBIA A FAILED STATE ON SATA’S WATCH. This PF govt. has lost so much credibility.

  15. You can hide the sickness, but you cannot hide news of death. literal translation from the wise men of the East

  16. Bushe uyo wine president Sata uli fit alikwisa. Finshi mulefishila. What have you done to the youngman. Akale tamwalemulandilako iyo, aleitotobwela fyo mwine. Lelo amuti mulekeni ali fit. Ngali fit afwampuke ngo lukose tumumone. We will never bother you thereafter. Twafweni ko.

  17. Msoni???? Please, even your kids will be embarrassed to introduce to their friends that your are their dad. Why do you want to bring in the first lady in your cheap politics. You went to court and the courts told you that you are a joke. How can anyone take you seriously? You are throwing stones at an innocent person and if she takes you to court for defamation, you will be crying freedom of speach. Find something else to do, I dont see anyone who can vote for a dull person like you. So you also want to be president? My foot, God take away some of these fools.

  18. The country need some one with economic management to run its affairs prudently not Pf n SATA they hv totally failed. Corruption, nepotism, Tribalism n high cost of living n this is what sata hv brought in community

  19. Ba Msoni mulicikopo. I think you are a book worm who can not analyse outside the box. Dr Kaseba is a qualified medical doctor i wonder why you are doubting her statement. Bushe uli ndoshi mwa?

  20. Msoni stop solliciting attention from a First Lady. Your opinion is mean. The First Lady means well to encourage Zambians to remain calm and composed. The country’s economy and the democracy are working. That is a factual statement.

  21. Msoni don’t waste your energy advising Kaseba. Educated or not Hule ni hule baba. They are all driven by one thing, love for money. She is a doctor meaning she understands better how Sata’s job (presidency) is killing him but she doesn’t care. Her focus is on what she stands to benefit should the man die now.

  22. SAULOSI its you who is getting mad you cant see sense where there is sense because you HAVE eaten a lot from PF. Its a plain truth that KASEBA made her self look stupid AFTER she issued such a statement when everyone now knows SATA is sick that is why he can not appear in public. Msoni is right to say that. SAULOSI and your girl friend Mushota you should stop fooling people with your comments on this site because we all know even the small kids in compounds knows the status of your President

  23. The degree of tolerance Zambians have really amazes me. The political power distances is just too narrow. We need to begin to hold our leaders accountable. Who employees the president of a country? Its us the voters. When an employee can’t report for work who does he get permission from? The employer! Its about time we said enough to these monkey tricks and seriously demand for why he is not fully performing his duties. If he is sick off or on leave we need to be sure who is running the country and not these sporadic delegations. He must be in his office and available for all duties if he is working, if he can’t then let him take time out and allow someone else run the office. Ba Zed Wake up and demand for your rights, take to the streets if you have to. This nonsense has gone on too…

  24. all said and done, imagine HH or any other person ruling and not seen in public like this case and MCS is in the opposition. what would have been the reaction?

    Refer to 7 years during LPM rule.

  25. Regina Chiluba, Kaseba Sata.. Whats the difference ?

    They were/are all in it to loot as much as they could/can..

  26. Character is at issue. It is unbecoming for a first lady to lie. Or must we construe that she is a hooligan and a prostitute? This is getting to be very disgusting.

  27. Mushota plz stop using unpalatable terms like …’screw your pretence’ u a sexually abusive someone, tame yo monkey brain!

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