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President Michael Sata fires Wynter Kabimba

Headlines President Michael Sata fires Wynter Kabimba

President Michael Sata listens to Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba (left) at the launch of the African Peer Review Mechanism report at State House in Lusaka
FILE: President Michael Sata listens to Justice Minister Wynter Kabimba (left) at the launch of the African Peer Review Mechanism report at State House in Lusaka

President Michael Sata has with immediate revoked the appointment of Wynter Kabimba as Justice Minister and Patriotic Front Party Secretary General and replaced him with Defence Minister, Edgar Lungu.

Mr Lungu becomes the new party Secretary General and Minister of Justice in addition to his portfolio as Minister of Defence.
The Head of State has thanked Mr Kabimba for his services rendered to the Government.

This is according to a statement released to media today by President Sata’s Special Assistance for Press and Public relations George Chellah.

Below is the full statement

For Immediate Release


LUSAKA, Thursday, August 28, 2014 – His Excellency, Mr. Michael Chilufya Sata, President of the Republic of Zambia, has with immediate effect revoked the appointment of Hon. Wynter Kabimba as Minister of Justice and party Secretary General.

Hon. Edgar Lungu becomes the new party Secretary General and Minister of Justice, in addition to his portfolio as Minister of Defence.

The Head of State thanked Hon. Kabimba for the service rendered to the Government.

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  1. The campaign on Mr Kabimba is short of being disgraceful

    Look I will always support the President, but the campaign on trying
    to out Mr Kabimba has been orchestrated predominantly by the 2 men he entrusted with
    I am not going to mention names, after have been asked by LT not to.

    This temporal retrieval of his powers should be condemned.

    I think it is also disgraceful that we are washing dirty laundry in public.

    I am not a politician and don’t envy it, but I think this is a terrible move which might derail
    most of what this government’s projects have been implementing

    Like most of you who are upset about Wynter I feel for you,

    I hope this is reversed and hope it is just a huge huge mistake


    • HALLELUJA!!!!
      Didn’t I tell you yesterday, read my comment on Guy’s story.
      Thank you for Ba Sata to listen. Kabimba “bamuchena” injured!!
      Everybody should go out and PARTY!!

    • this is the best action micheal sata has taken since becoming president. he has removed the most hated politician in zambia. wynter Kabimba is nothing as we speak. he is just an ordinary .***** coming back from N western province were he went to insult the incoming president HH. VIVA Invisible President

    • @Mushota, you have a brain like that of an ostrich, very small! You have been discrediting HH everyday. Your cartel is now crumbling. I know you have every admiration and envy for HH, and it pains you that you have no way of befriending him, and in frustration you decide to attack him every day. Get a life you subhuman!

    • My dear Wynter,

      I have received news of your sacking with great shock. It is my hope and prayer that this development won`t depress you. Take this moment to carefully reflect on your life and your next course of action. I wish you the best in your next endeavour.

      Saulosi Bwembya

    • This is good news indeed and bravo to UPND and HH. Sata’s right handyman (Kabimba) is has finally been dismissed by his boss who has a memory of a goldfish. Viva, HH, and lets us buy many bags of popcorns and watch the sinking titanic self-destruct. Bye Wynter Kabimba and the enter PF hierarchy, and please, do enjoy your new political life in the dust bins.

    • Folks

      Wow!!!! I said it yesterday folks. Kabimba was replaceable. The political wheel has began to move now. The cartel are being purged one by one.

      Please HEMCS make sure you completely cleanse the PF of these thugs and begin to consult us widely on the way forward. All what some us want is a better, fair country where every one has a fair chance to excel in what ever they work hard for.

      Chikwanda strikes again auchiiiiiiiiiii ! Next Mutembo nchito, and ka Chella.

      Banya bazalipila 14 billion.

    • Correct me if am wrong, but isn’t the president supposed to hold a press briefing over the firing of such a high profile government employee rather than a shoddy three sentence communication. We as a Zambian people deserve to know why he was fired. Mr Sata, get your behind out of bed and address the nation! I don’t care for all the firings and reshuffles but I need for the president of the republic of Zambia to give me the news not get if from an incorrigible child in the name of George Chellah!

    • @mushota sorry you and the cartel have been shot with an airstrike, what’s your next move now that chosen one is politically dead? Eh Bo mushota?

    • This weekend nizamwelapo. This is best news to have ever come out of PF.

      Poor Kabimba, used and dumped . What a shame.

      Kuzinvela ba kabimba. Waona mange, who is living in f00ls’ paradise?

      In UPND you are not welcome. I will personally make it my business to make sure you don’t join our properly run party. We do not want confusion imported from PF by all means.

      Viva UPND and HH. UPND is shaking shock waves through the PF indirectly.

    • am happy that MUSHOTA has finally woken up and put on his right brain today. look at his comment, against pf. i can’t believe what am seeing . didn’t know that it would take Kabimab’s dismissal for him to bounce back

    • After throwing stones at ba uncle ba chikwanda, kabimba and his cartel have been shot with a political Airstrike from state house air base. And he has been pronounced as politically d.ea.d by GBM

    • Excellent move by his Excellency the president Mr Micheal Chilufya Sata. Now with Edgar Lungu, the new constitution is months, if not weeks, away!!!!

    • Asakomboke na draft Constitution uyo muntu. Asiye constitution uyo.

      Given Lubinda once said; “He who laughs last, laughs the loudest”. This is what he meant. Obvious ka pwauka, kamudala.

    • @Mushota

      The reason is simple, to make many Zambians happy ba Chikwanda inclusive.
      I hope you too, if you really support ba Sata.

    • The firing of Wynter, Mushota was no easy matter. Sata was pushed to the wall. It was either Wynter or the bembas were resigning to form another party. Sata chose to fire Wynter instead. Wynter should fight these vultures. No worries that he has been fired from PF. PF is now a bemba party that will not win any seats from now on. Sata can do the firing all he wants but if he does not show himself to the public that will be nothing. Will Chikwanda drag him to parliament on September 19th? So Wynter you have nothing to worry about. This party PF without you is nothing but a regional party just like UPND. Alas, MMD is another dead party with Nevers there. So this is not the end of the road for you Wynter. The harvest in Zambia is ready for the picking. Strategize!

    • What is there to celebrate! The TRAGEDY is how we/GRZ quickly wants to bend rules on VAT refunds to the extent that the whole F/minister is working overtime to refund VAT to tax evaders. KCM makes $500 billion per year & yet declares losses & Glencore tax evasion exposed by the EIB has gone quite. ABC did NOT find it FIT to write MCS about tax evasion. Instead these TAX EVASION issues ARE left to Action Aid’s Pamela Chisanga. Even electricity tariff hikes to mines are resisted (taken to High court) THIS TURNING OF THE OTHER CHEEK TO THE MINES IS TRAGIC. WAS ABC & GS PUT IN OFFICE TO REPRESENT MINES OR ZAMBIANS? ABC keeps his job for colluding with MINES & Kabimba gets fired for exposing him. Why cant ABC write to MCS to let ZRA to deduct VAT refunds from the tax evaded?…

    • 1. She is always first to comment.
      2. She alone has an Avata that is a real picture.
      3. LT has asked her not to mention names, even before she has posted her comment.

      She is on the editorial team of LT

    • Good riddance! Much as I dislike this little tin pot dictator, he was Sata’s royal fall guy. He was the one doing all the dirty work for the boss…without him Sata will be exposed for whom he is. I do not envy Mr Lungu’s position because he now has to carryout the chaotic orders from the boss(assuming he will limp on to 2016). I just hope Mr Lungu won’t end up following orders blindly and learn to say no when it matters.

    • Sata was given up to September 2014 to live. Hence forth, Sata and his family would congregate at Chikwanda’s residence for prayers for the old man. Chikwanda fired Wynter, not Sata, because Sata has no cognitive capacity to do so. He is heavily medicated on benzodiazepines (valium) and narcotic analgesics(morphine). Those in medicine know the effect of these medications on a human brain.
      This is not the time to celebrate Wynter’s sacking, it is time to demand who did this because Sata is incapacitated both physically and cognitively. A presidential by-election is looming. I am not speaking out of malice but from facts. The question is, who is next? After seeing those machetes in the posted video, it’s time to be very afraid people. Be very afraid!

    • The reshuffle is not over yet. iGBM is going back to defence. Thats the only ministry he wants. The soldiers want him back there. Mulenga Sata will be appointed MP very shortly to replace kabimba.

    • The ship is sinking! Just you know, Wynter has of today no income! He’s nothing, period! All position he held were by appointment. Being fired from cabinet is different from being fired as Secretary General of a party, positions which are totally unrelated. However, this decapitates him from government and from party functions. A caution to Zambians to read through the firing of a PF secretary general and Justice minister at the same time.., point being, the decision maker wherever he may be does not differentiate government and party. This action confirms that PF government thinks PF party are one at the same. The price you Zambians pay by voting a 19th century fossil living the 21st era. See the bigger picture, and do just celebrate the WK won’t scream at HH anymore! Who’s gonna…

    • This news item seems to have taken the whole nation by surprise. Its the most popular news item of the year if not since 2012 with over 201 comments in a few hours.

    • Mushota…they say he never won a case….he earns by delaying proceedings….as witnessed with the constitution….and they say he knows “people”. Well, we all know this now. A good place for the ACC ad all investigative agencies with any credibility to start. Either way PF haven’t done enough. Deluded little man. Deluded and puzzled Mushota. Shame….LOL.

    • This is big indeed.

      As at 19:30 hrs there were:

      – Over 13, 300 views and 209 comments on LT
      – Over 2, 170 comments on ZWD Facebook page

    • The other person to be sacked if he does not tame his tongue is Kambwili. From now on wards those who want stay in their ranks in PF should start singing praises for Mulenga Sata for everything is being prepared by ABC for him to take over.
      I know miles Sampa has appolgised to ABC, and being related to Sata he has been forgiven.
      The plan I have stumbled upon stipulates that Mulenga Sata will lead the PF, then a tonga chap like Simunza to be the vice with Lubinda. PF wants to copy the UPND leadership model to completely do away with the tribal tag. You will see more reshuffles in ministries and parastatals to redistrinute top post to all provinces as a ploy to hood wink the voters that PF is a party for all. I will not be surprised if VJ is behind all this PF party restructuring move.

    • Technically he can’t. Logically it’s *****ic. Ideally it shouldn’t and can’t happen. Honestly…if they change the clause in the constitution around parentage etc., the new constitution should be implemented and this ammendment made to it. Then instead of just a metophorical “handful” of us…..millions will be able to be a president of Zambia. In hindsight, a massive bonus. But Realistically…no not the son.

    • @wanzelu… and you forgot to mention that your uncle HH will never be President..ever, please add that into your prediction which even a grade 9 that follows politics can read…hopeless cretin

    • @2020vision

      There is a panic in PF due to HH and UPND ‘s growing influence across the country. For your info there is more to happen before 2016. If Sata was alive , he would have disbanded PF and defected to UPND, the most organised party in Zambia.

      All wrangles taking place in PF are a huge boost and blessing for HH and UPND.

      Its not UPND’s fault that PF is imploding, but PF minions themselves for lack of a coherent plan.Thats why HH called the CNPs.

      Who is living in a f00ls paradise now?

      Viva HH Viva UPND, the only Hope and help for Zambia.

    • Mushota The time has come for you boss to swallow a very beater oil . now I know that you are very dull . your support is based on the salary you collect from Kabimba. uku ekuba ngenda even if some body is died it will remain on the head buried together, this is real blind royalty . any way even the Devil has following ,like Mushota

    • HEMCS has done this to save PF from its continuous decline. Mr Kabimba is a poor strategist. Arrogance in a democracy is a serious defect. Mr Kabimba annoyed ordinary citizens over the constitution, annoyed Tongas over his demeaning language about humble HH, embarrassed govt over his behaviour at ACC, etc etc.

      Am surprised to read Mushota’s comment. I am surprised that Mushota, (whoever this individual is in real life) can have emotion and even a hint of differing with HEMCS. Who is this person? Still, Mushota sounds more human than two callous , cold, blood chilling criminals hiding under the pseudo names of Kudos and Gen. These two are a menace to Zambia’s peace and a threat on the life of one opposition political leader whom they could have for breakfast if God were to allow. God…

    • Summer you were warned that you do not belong, did you listen? No you did not listen. Welcome to the side of the not listened to now. What is your next move summer? Are you joining the forum championing the release of the constitution or your are now going to start talking ill of PF govt and how tribal it is. Sad for you and lesson to your remaining colleagues like Masebo. By the way you have no constituency to fall back on and you are not vote-able material.

    • like HIV, Wynter has been eating slowly the “immune system” of the party he belonged to and that of many peace loving Zambians, to the point that even when danger was looming he didn’t know just like the virus does not know when the body it eats up is graveyard bound. The trends the HIV virus take can be likened to kabimba, the virus does not know how much it destroys the human body just like Wynter didn’t how much pain he caused in the hearts of many Zambians until his dreadful day. There is no known cure for HIV, but cure has been found for Kabimba’s misdemeanors. Well done ba kateka abashimonwa.

    • This is best gift to Zambians for the 50th year of independence.
      No. 1 Story of the year. It will score 500 comments in 2 hrs
      No. 1 Best action Ba Sata has taken in his life time.
      No. 1 Why PF will win even 2nd term of rule
      No. 1 Why Ba Sata should address the nation, and rejuvenate Zambians
      No. 1 story why for first time I have to drink on a Thursday

      Kabimba….. “injured” down to his soul.

    • @Nostradamus

      Say that again my bro. Next is Ka Chella , Mmembe and Nchito to go. I wish these can also be got rid of as soon a possible.

      We advised Kabimba to take easy and see beyond his nose. He did not listen at all. Its just yesterday when I said Kabimba is easily replaceable because he is just an appointed MP.

      However I still doubt if its Sata who fired Kabimba. Its ABC holding the instrument of power.

      The cartel has been a terrible pain in the back side.

    • @Wanzelu, I feel you. But I have no crew about the ABC, I think you have extra data, but we don’t need the facts today.
      Where is NDOBO!!!!? Ndobo, comment first and drink later. Ba Sata didn’t get drunk first before plugging out the thorn of Kabimba.
      I still think I am dreaming. I am not going for work today….

    • @Nostradamus
      yaba!,,,,, just heard the news from afar,,, ala this JUBILEE celebration is great,… just this action restorted some faith mu li ba Sata,,,

      Nostradamus,, today is thursday!!! you have alot of tequila my bro,, mwati ,, we going to sleep today??

    • Can’t say more for now as I am still celebrating. All I can say is GOOD RIDDANCE. Next up President Sata is going to enact the new constitution. Believe me. This will happen.
      Naya nomba for now.

    • @Nostradamus
      boi,,,, i think kabimba must be put on watch by security guides,, the man is going to commit suicide,,,,,,,this must be a nightmare to him,,,, and going through the comments on LT now, i cant count 10 comments which are pro wynter,,

      charma is b!tch,,, kabimba denied his now biological father,,, claiming that ba sata knew him better than his own father, today his `higher father` president Sata has FIRED him

    • @Ndobo, man I have Teguza “Blue Agave” Tequilla, just got it on my way from work. I went to my immediate female supervisor and told her that ” may I please sexually harass you so you can fire me?”. She was so so frank by telling me:
      “What the hell is wrong with you Hon. Nostra.., you need a break, you didn’t even say Good-morning, go home !!. By-the-way, do you know that Monday is holiday too”?.
      I didn’t answer my friend Ndobo, I didn’t answer.
      Just for her to remind me of holiday on Monday, means Tuesday I can come to work. What a JUBILLE indeed!!
      We drink with new Minister without Portfolio, drunken Lungu. The minister of all ministries, and secretary of all secretaries!!

    • @Ndobo, @Nostradamus

      I am told Kabimba has rushed to see his witch doctor to begin intensifying star wars with Sata and the PF. Lol.

    • @Nostradamus
      cheers!! bottoms up!! to our mudala new minster without portfolio,,,,,, please keep those drinks flowing,,,

      Winter is GONE,,, summer is here to stay with ba Eddie

    • @Wanzelu
      wynter`s juju wont work,,he is injuried and cursed with bad lucky,,,,,, he needs to go back to his UPND father who he denied and apologise,,, lol

    • Hon. Lungu, remember the party members who received and supported you in Chawama, please. I am not a PF cadre and neither am I partisan. I am a vote swinger though, if you know what I mean. I can vote for any party that I fall in love with at any time. I do not take alcohol nor am I impoevrished. So buying me beer or giving me some Kwachas will not work. What will work is:
      1. Respect for Zambians irrespective of their party affiliation.
      2. Visiting your constituency and mingling with the people – watch Botswana TV and see how President Khama mixes with ba-tswana
      3. Process the new constitution
      4. Amend the Public Order Act
      5. Remove street vendors and find alternatives of conducting business
      6. Stop tribalism and tribal talk through an Act of parliament
      7. Apologise to the Tonga…

    • Yes long overdue. He should have been fired immediately after claiming that he illegally brought in Kenyans to vote in Zed’s 2011 election.

    • Its been a while since I saw a person so hated by everyone because of his pompous attitude am sure now his supply ARV’s will diminish and chi Sylvia will ditch him once more he will go to his failed law firm ACC will visit him on the oil deal and ZRA will tax him on his earnings it is rough out here you paper lawyer who has never won a case we will bury you soon.

  2. I remember the words of mike mulongoti when he and wynter both feathered on ZNBC Sunday interview where mike warned wynter to be careful. Sorry wynter but the B team must be laughing at my big very loud .

  3. Am not so sure .very questionable though… might be a trick but anyway we dont lke Wynter, Hes such a pain…

  4. Kabimba is stupid. He has always overated himself. Fighting everyone in PF and Opposition as if he was most loyal PF member. When all positions he had in PF was by appointment. I guess people like Lubinda and GBM have laughed loudest.

  5. Untouchable I thought! The cloud has fallen and the arrogant ones have been swallowed. Wait a minute. Kabimba might be announced as the new vice president. I hate PF to the core.

  6. This is a terrible move Mr. President. Hon. Kabimba is one of the progressives in PF and this firing has potential to confuse the electorate in September polls. Restore his positions immediately!

    • This may have been done to pave way for Mulenga Sata.

      If Mulenga Sata becomes presido, his father MCS is safe in retirement!

    • Ah here’s the cold, dark, damp corner where you’re hiding in shock. Quite a controversial little crew here. You three (kudu, shite and sour loss) must be the most naive, gullible, unimaginative morons but your sheer pomposity, delusion and twisted ways have proved you blind to self reflection or active thinking. Shame.

    • Terrible move by the sleeping cobra.Winter was the only one the opposition feared,u just opened a can of worms ba Sata. on this one i hate you.

    • @Robin

      Still deluded despite facing the painful truth. We in the opposition do not fear Kabimba , we despise him whole heartedly. He just too arrogant to to be electable.

      Kabimba is nothing in terms of political influence. Without rigging he can’t sway masses to elect him. He behaves like a skunk, despised by people where ever he goes.

      Who lives in f00ls paradise now?

    • Great, great news indeed! This calls for a weekend of celebration. Saulosi and Mushota are invited to Gaborone.

  7. No sane person can be upset about Mr. Kabimba being fired. If anything, IT IS LONG OVERDUE!!!!!!!

    It is him who is protecting the cartel from paying back the K14 Billionm, or is it K18 billion. It is him who has personally derailed the constitution making process, the opposition has been in trouble because of him.

    He mocked MMD last week that “MMD does not need a death certificate to know that its dead.” Who is laughing now Mr. Kabimba. MMD has outlived you. He who laughs last laughs the best it is said.

  8. @Twende, True dat all the way, tru dat.

    The arrogant man is gone…new constitution may have saved him.

    I’m surprised at how much the dude was hated.

  9. Of all the appointments revoked by president Sata so far, this is the best, Kabimba was just confusing the Government, he was a bad seed, its good for him to go. Viva bakateka.


  11. From Chikwanda’s recent outbursts it was clear that something big was coming.
    I feel Kabimba will not go away without a fight and we could be headed for difficult and challenging days.
    Kabimba’s biggest mistake was to think that he was indispensable.

  12. @Saulosi…. am back in the PF party, I think Ba Miyanda will understand, Zambia is my Heritage. I left PF so we can take out Kabimba from government. I don’t fight from within.
    Its time for Fr. Bwalya to reconsider his move, and get back to help Ba Sata. He is now grow-up, no longer a Chuumbu munshololwa.

  13. Good afternoon

    I don’t know how to interpret the current political scenario in Zambia. How do you dismiss a senior government and party official without giving any reasons?

    It’s as if a train has left the track of it’s original destination and is now moving in a different direction. In that case, every single station this train stops at will naturally be a wrong one.

    • @Nine Chale,
      You don’t understand how a senior official can be dismissed without giving reasons, fair enough but do you understand why a president can go into hiding for 2 without a word to the nation and it is strange that all this time your silence was deafening, why? We missed your words of ‘wisdom’.

  14. This is very good news! Party at my house this weekend.. Kabimba became very big headed. And i hope that ACC will quickly move in and investigate Kabimba on the oil deal.

  15. Mushota, the only people up set about this are: Sylvia Masebo ( as he wanted to take more billions from the coming by-elections), Chieftainess Nkomeshya, Violent DC Kampengele, Amos Malupenga and boss, Chieftainess Chiawa, etc.

    • I think this is just temporary and I hope he comes back, you don’t dismiss someone with so much political mileage in experience

      Like you I am upset about this


    • bo mushota muchwani? we are all happy and for once even wanzelu says ba sata is right.
      The PF was headed for a terrible end with kabwa mba around,His experience here and there but disipline,moving forward and goalgetting is key in any organisation and too many things were going to happen in PF if this action was not taken,you know what i am talking about,we all choose progress,some more exciting movements next week,put on your seat belts PF headed for transformation thanks to the UNDP….

    • God played a role in the firing of Kabimba, but has remained silent on the sickness of the President. Does that make sense to you?


  16. The cobra has directed its venom at Kabimba, elo lwanya nomba. It is really good riddance and way to go. A person must not grow wings too much at the expense of others. I never saw this coming and doubt if he too expected this at this stage. Viva Sata and congrats to Lungu, hope he has too reduced drinking booze!

    • kekekekek. kekekeke.

      You ve made my day.

      So even a Ward secretary is more senior than Kabimba in the PF hierarchy?

    • That’s the problem of appointed positions. If he was an elected official he would have been an MP and not like a cadre like those at kulima tower

  17. He thought this was gonna be the case but temubemba ! Mumbwe pakulila ninshi kuli eko ashintilishe amatako
    Munshebwa aile na mafi kubuko.”that’s what arrogance breeds
    Ubukulu bwa matako te bwingi bwa mafi” he got big headed azasila kuyipa

    • @Rosebank

      Kekekekekekekeke. Wandepaula nenseko iwe.
      “Mumbwe pakulila ninshi kuli eko ashintilishe amatako” Munshebwa aile na mafi kubuko” This is a good one.

  18. Kabimba is part of the Bantu Botatwe. However, in this case he does not have support from kuchihyalilo (motherland). And perhaps, this is the one decision that HE Sata has made which will resonate in both the South and North.

    We thus declare a truce to celebrate this wise decision. And it will be permanent if Membe and Nchito are made to pay the K14 billion and AB Chikwanda or Edgar Lungu are next on Presidency.

    Blood is thicker than water, so the South welcomes its hereto si.lly prodigal son, wynter.

  19. At last HE has made the best move. Anyone who does not respect the constitution will.go the same way. Zambia is for Jesus and he reigns supreme.
    Twalikwebele, nomba taumfwafye. The people you insulted like Girrillo, you need them now.

  20. It is legally not possible:
    The presido has not been seen in public for two months, so who fired Winter?. The announcement could have been a hoax, not so?. Until I see HE and hear him make the announcement, I will take this as bad joke.

  21. Justice has been served. Leadership is earned and not imposed. He who wants to impose himself upon the people will always be rejected. We hope this serves as a leason to many.
    This is exactly what happened with HH. He imposed himself on the UPND as president coz of blabla and in the process prominent people like Hon Sakwiba Sikota and Mr. Chisanga left him. What has happened in the process, he has been rejected so many times by the grassroots and the country as a whole. Reason being, he did not earn the leadership to that position.
    Michael Sata earned it in 10yrs and no one would deny that. it is not money or force that put Michael in power but his leadership qualities. He was able to start an organisation and grew it to the highest level. Well done Mr. President. It is time we restore…

    • iwe uli wabufi. HH did not impose himself on anyone he won a clear game at the convention. Everything has got its own tym and his time God knows.

  22. Finally the long awaited, Long overdue. The cadres can now rest! Go well Kabimba. ACC can now visit you. You thought you were untouchable. Within a Short Period of Time You Created So many Enemies. You are on Your Own! Now! That’s Life! Your reap what you sow. You are now feeling the pain that Given, GBM and Mangani Felt! Your Political Life is finished! Today Marks the End of Your Political Life. You laughed, Mocked, Insulted the People in the Opposition. Today You are without a Party, Without a Ministerial Position, Without a Constituency! You denied the Zambian a Constitution. Today you will know what it feels like to demand for a New Constitution.

  23. Politics are supposed to be mature especially for pipo that had been to school. what u Mr Kabimba started doing was shaming us. HH, I intend to agree with you regarding the intellect of wynter. Uzaenda kuti manjee!!! Lubinda see what has happened!!! Nothing is permanent. What he was doing to others has happened to him.

  24. Mamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamamama i saw it coming ine pantu cobra wandi sa jailika!Any Winter all the best mudala,i’ll miss filya ama opositions walebafumya fwaka!!You can now put your law trade to use,waunfwa teh?

  25. Firering of June Kamimbya is a game changer for the Post. Wait and and see how the post will now be hating PF!

  26. The next will be the law enforcement sent on Kabimba with all sorts of charges. I can only imagine what will happen to Nchito and Mmembe

  27. Kabimba became big headed and trod on so many toes? Sata has nothing to lose as he is a dying man anyway. It will be interesting to read the Post’s coverage tomorrow. Chikwanda warned you, ‘they will injure themselves’. Chichewa chimati ‘Mau a akulu akoma …. “ and the Bemba’s say ‘amukulu apusa a kabwe tapusa a kebo’.

  28. Lungu has always been a grass root person.
    Mr lungu sir you have become the most powerful man in zambia please keep cool

  29. Please Bashi Chilufya King Cobra,make a follow up on this one by firing Wynters accomplice in leaking a letter out of your presidential file.This accomplice is George Chellah.He betrayed your confidence and trust in him.Wean yourself from the Cartel by firing Chellah.

  30. Kabimba attacked every one he met in his way, and did not respect anyone. He would have asked veteran politicians and known that in politics you can be used as a bubble gum.

  31. Just another bruised man in a jacket in the street without a job. Oh how the mighty have fallen !!!

  32. Woow! Kabimba fired!
    In my opinion we have just handed over the next government to UPND and HH. This is a loss to PF. Nomba ninani who will take over from Ba Kateka who has a national profile? Those that are celebrating the firing of Kabimba should know that this is going to be a short-term celebration. In the entire PF it is only Kabimba who campaigned for PF and won a bye-election. All by-elections where the lead campaigner was somebody else have been lost.
    I’m very sure that those who have orchestrated the firing of Kabimba have done it in order to destroy the party so that nobody else, least of all Kabimba, benefits when Ba Kateka leaves. The end of PF. Just wait and see how the opposition are going to be energised by the departure of Kabimba! As PF tuli muchibe, sanafye.

    • UPND is not going anywhere. During the 2008 bye election when MMD was seemingly divided UPND’s support dropped from 25% to 19 %. This just proves that UPND is a regional party and 2016 will not be any different.

    • UPND should be sad with this happening bcoz the PF will now become stronger than ever. Lungu is a down to earth man and is loved by many. The party will be solid with less squabbles

    • the issue of who takes over is already sorted out my friend,good manners are cardinal to any organisations’ well being.Outdated convenants cant hold progress at rensom,we hav enough tools to deliver in fact deliver well without kabw amba.Good move ba PF. EVERY ONE SHOULD UNDERSTAND THEIR LIMITS.


    • Tell these chaps baba. There is no honour among theives!

      State secrets only known by yours truly will now start licking.

      Whatever the case good riddance.

  34. Kabimba was the only person whom the opposition feared in PF in terms of campaigning nationally. Now those who are left, awe tata yalabafye mutolilo nomba.

    • Not at all, we have people like Kambwili, Lubinda, Sampa, and GBM, etc. They will soon regroup and launch a very vicious campaign to win back the respect people had for PF

  35. @Mushota you’ve expressed for a lot of fair minded people.

    I am nonpartisan, being more interested in the welfare of Zambia and it’s people which ever party is in power. Kabimba, loathsome, as some found him, was hard working and fought his way to that position.

    I wish him well in his future efforts, and it is with deepest condolences. Hope he bounces back in his own party!

    • Mushota expressed for no one but cronnies. You are alike. Never thought about the people of Zambia. This was someone who once said why do we need id cards when you have a passport. How many Zbians actually have a passport. Clueless.

  36. God is wonderful, this is great news to all those who love Zambia as a country. This has been long-overdue. Wynter is a menace and a thorny in many people’s lives. The Man has been a “ballistic cartelian of all odds”. This is just the way it should be in real life. Let’s now see how he will pull through his Presidential ambitions. Thank you bwana President for this wise decision!!!


    • @manomambulo,,which ever it is it is a good move to the face of Zambians,at the moment thats what PF needs,some more next week.

  38. Bwana Kabimba the arrogant man just know that the mighty sun also sets.But your fate is worse-you’ve just been swallowed by a black hole in outer space and I’m toasting my champaign to that fact.

  39. Good riddance. I can’t remember a single intelligent remark coming out of Kabimba’s mouth. Hopefully the Judiciary can regain some credibility now.

    Sebastian Zulu was a good choice for Justice Minister. I hope Sata can swallow his pride and reappoint him. It doesn’t pay to surround yourself with “yes men”.

    • @JANES, by any measure, even the Tongas would have rejected Wynter. He is such a polarizing figure and has never brought stability to anything he has been involved in. This is an all round win for the country. Let us be objective.

    • @olimpia ext your comment is concise and very objective.we wish to see more of objective comments on this page.


    • It is just normal for anyone to support the person from the region, even in America it happens. Obama had more votes from his hometown. There is nothing tribal about Bembas supporting Mr Sata.

    • @sundeni your data is accurate on swift and some other info in your script,but the issue here is not tribalism its disiplinary, please desist from using tribal sentiment with out cause.when u hav no brains regardless of tribe its jst time will be exposed…

  41. Whether we give the country to HH or not is not an issue naimwe ba Mwembeshi. Uyu muntu atushupa atushupa muleumfwafye. The issue is an arrogant non performing forced-on-people fella is gone. He orchestrated attacks on the extremely intelligent-mega-performer Lubinda. For that I hate him and would rather have HH and clique than Kabimba. After all no one lives forever. Whoever comes into a position of influence and plays arrogancy is not fit to lead a Zambian people, fulu stopu.

    I can see from my window the youths he’s purported to be enjoying support from are celebrating. Awe a heavy load has been lifted off the Zambian people. Abash black mailers!!!

    • @ Titus

      Yaba, you may be right. Nachisakamanako panono. I will take your word for consolation mwe! Limbi nomba ifintu fyalamba ukuselako panono. I know he attacked a lot of people trying to eliminate everybody around him. Elyo Ba Kateka pakuti bafike apa ninshi he had had enough of him. But still it has shocked my system a little bit pantu kutali tufumine nankwe uyumuntu.

  42. Next should be monde in Itezhi Tezhi and Chingola DC Its a team including mwaliteta Good for nothing stifling party development and good agenda

    We have been watching and the advise given to the presido is correct and timely You cannot cheat people twice and blind fold them

    Join HH and see wether you can win your agendas

  43. Kabimba struck me as a weak person. During the tension created by GBM he came out and declared that PF had tribal cartels. He changed the tune shortly after being assured of his status in PF and government by President Sata. So, all in all, a fellow not to be trusted under all types of weather!

  44. Saulosi and Mushota baiche..give me some popcorns. I know a lot of people are excited about the firing of Kabimba but for those who knows him will tell you that he is arrogant and stubborn to the core and he will not go down fighting. Kabimba is not Given Lubinda and the real movie called “PF Battle” is just about to start. Too much dirty will be exposed with the help of a known media. Kabimba and the cartel knows too much and they will do everything possible to fight this exist. Having said that I will need to order more popcorns.

    • @kalanda celebration dont jst come its for a reason,ancient convenants cant continue sinking PF,if kabw amba leaks info its to the benefit of the nation,we are on standby for such nonsense,when he pushed intellegent Lubinda he thought it right he should do the same this time.Lets move on gentlemen …Pf now has scored and will score again next week,put on your seatbelts countrymen…

  45. Now that Winter is finished-
    Past Newspaper Friday:

    The firing of Winter should not surprise any one. As we have said before, Mikal means well for the country. Mikal has the right to hire and fire anyone…Winter will need to reflect on what has led to his firing….bla bla bla……In fact we have advised Winter before …….

  46. I think this is a historic moment for the PF. At least Sata for once has listened to advise. Could this be the meaning of Hon Chikwanda’s warning that people vying for the presidency prematurely will get injured in the process? Kabimba was very arrogant and pledged never to work under any other president other than Sata. Now it is the time for society to hold him accountable to his utterances. Lets wait and see as things begin to unfold. Arrogance doesn’t pay because God always protects his people no matter how powerful the oppressors may be. So watch out those of you who are fond of using your positions to belittle others.

  47. The joy of Winter`s firing is like that of winning the World cup.Let him rest for the happiness of many Zambians.Can he go to court for this firing???

  48. Two things: 1. Blood is thicker than water. Between Chikwanda (ABC) and Winter it was an easy choice who to go. 2. Who exactly made the decision? Who was Chikwanda with when he sort the President’s permission to declassify the tax instrument? We will continue to speculate.

  49. I suspect Winter is the one who leaked the VAT – Chikwanda confidential letter. He should be regreting his actions now. Its was about time the Man was sacked. Just think about the rumours of the cartel scheming to unsurp the presidency from MCS. The Man had become so arrogant and hated by a lot of people. She has also been shielding Mmembe and Nchito from paying back the DBZ loan. All you PF cardre in Government, be careful and think about tomorrow in all your actions. The Nation is bigger that PF or indeed any political party or person. Respect the people of Zambia and only do what you promised to do when you were campaigning.

  50. There is nothing worth applauding here, firing kabimba subtracts very little from the PF’s imbecilic mediocrity. They still have a tribal VP, drunk minister of justice, clueless finance minister, inferiority complexed foreign affairs minister, etc.

    • dudelove YOU actually personify “imbecilic mediocrity” I think that sounds even more seriously funny..

    • @velivier every trips starts with one step so acknowledge a good step unless you have other missions you will see beyond your nose.

    • @2020vision, my point is this, PF will still dillydally on the constitution. The entire cabinet are also lying to the nation about the presidents health. All that cant be the fault of Kabimba. This is a party which has spent half of their man hours on the campaign trail for bye-elections. Remember when the foreign affairs minister said that Zambia’s human rights record are impeccable and that was the reason the VP sat two tables away from Obama at the US-Africa summit. That my friend is imbecilic mediocrity.

  51. wow !!! good move cant wait to see how The Post newspapers will write the story mailo. Viva HH…. wataha wataha kiyoooooooooooooo !!!!

    • @Yes

      I think it will be a short story because Reporters will do it without appetite.May be it
      will be just plagiarism.

  52. Sata is a very tricky man and is a lucky man to have avoided the bite this long! A serious warning to other PF members. Sata firing Kabimba, his mouthpiece and henchman something is seriously wrong. Now Kabimba is a laughingstock!

  53. Ichikumpepula echikulya. Amapilikiti tayaya kutali. Its the lesson for all politicians. He was warned. Let him dine with his friends and form his party. Viva PF now and shame to post newspaper. Who shall they groom now. Power has always been short.

  54. This man made himself a board member of Zamtel when PF just took over power! He fired 37 people on recommendations from Martin Chishala who took advantage of CTO Sydney the PF cadre who was new in the system. Time for Martin will also surely come

  55. Kabimba was the embodiment of everything evil about PF but wait a minute ABC is not a saint also. Hope we are not jumping from the pan into the fire.

  56. The firing of Kabimba also provides a mischievous strategy for Sata to divert the people’s attention from himself for failure to engage with the nation during his hiding.
    No doubt now the people’s main talking point will be on Kabimba and soon Sata will suddenly appear to the public triumphantly.

    • Quite right, and the “Tidye nawo” ceremonial Veep has already told us that Sata will appear on 12 Sept, just two weeks away, to open parly

  57. Abena Charley Kays AKA King Cobra, temunobe! I ahve already said that this Wynter was a pain all around. Tribal tags aside, this man was not good for the country and we have dodged a serious bullet here, let’s be thankful. Now, we need to find a serious set of political leaders who will offer the country more than comedy.

  58. Be good to the people on you way up the ladder coz you’ll need them on your way down. This man was too arrgant and managed to stir anger and negative thoughts in many. What a fall, from such a top rank to a carder.

    Finally he will be refered to as a PF carder just like those bus condutcors at Lima tower. A ward councelor is highly ranked as compared to Wynter currently.

    God is a malyot.

  59. nerva ever trust a politian,nerva ever dedicate your soul to fellowman,for its not
    for a motal man to lead his fellowman.serve Jehovah GOD,HIS THE ONLY ONE

  60. I would want to see the reaction of Kabimba and the Post. Am sure we will here more on whether the President is fit enough to fire someone…. Politics have a way of taking a twist. I am very sure there will be some statement. Issues to do with ILUNDA CHALO INVESTMENTS Will also surface. Can’t wait to buy the post next few days. Also law enforcement agencies will now be on Kabimba. You don’t want to be him right now. Uluse

    • I can’t wait to hear more scurrilous yet unsubstantiated attacks and accusations from the unholy trinity of Luonde, Mambo and forget the other f.o.o.l.ish church impersonator. There ought to be a law to drag these so-called priests who seem to thrive on scandalizing others without any inkling of proof! I hope the investigative agencies can visit them and demand proof of their allegations.

  61. I am back in PF for life! And will fully participate in a victorious second term for the PF government. Sit up all of you umufyashi is now in the driving seat, mwalamwenako. That is the MCS I know, teach them a lesson. Ba suntwe, they wanted to kill him, bachepelwamo. Naka George Chella kene akakashi kabo zwaaaa!

  62. Such are the vagaries of life. Just yesterday, the SG was saying the President knows him better than his own father! How surely can you forsake your father for political expediency! However, I seriously smell a rat in the way this sacking has been handled. Mr Kabimba knows the state the President is in and he knows whether the President has the capacity to make such a decision. If the President is so unwell that he can not make such a decision, who has then fired Kabimba? If it is not the President, is Kabimba obliged to accept the dismissal? An SG of a party can not just be fired through the media. Something is not adding up here.

    • #Ebola Beauty, but you choose to ignore the fact that that is exactly the reason why a man in his position should act with even more integrity than to seem to be so blatantly and openly campaigning to insinuate himself into the presidency simply because his closeness to the president makes him privy to the head of state’s health! Do you seriously think all those with like-ambitions within his own party, let alone the opposition would just sit on their tails and bear it and grin as inevitable. Your analytical powers need revisiting if that is your conclusion, sir.

    • Iwe it does not matter whether it adds or subtracts. The ***** is out. That is what adds at the moment….

  63. Was Kabimba fired by Sata or Chikwanda,if it was Sata where is he because we have not seen him in a long time.Please also fire Chellah because he is the one who took the document to Kabimba and Fred M****** the defacto president.

  64. Kabimba was over-ambitious and never cared on whose toes he was treading. A frontal attack on ABC could only result in the action that’s now been meted out to him. He began to act like Sata was already in the grave. In Bemba we say ‘Ukupoka inchinsenda ku nkoko kunakilila’.

  65. Ya Ya Ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Edgar Lungu my favarite Politician. ifi kuti naamba nokusapota PF, Viva Edgar. en pliz bring back GBM

    • GBM is going back to defence. Thats the only ministry he wants. The soldiers want him back there. Mulenga Sata will be appointed MP very shortly to replace kabimba.

  66. AWE SINCE bonse namusekelamo kachibe ifyofine( all of you hv accepted and rejoiced my firing let it be like that) but I’ll never leave PF as an ordinary member, who ever doesn’t likes this can injure themselves

  67. Ministry of justice has now recorded two fired Ministers being Sebastian Zulu and now Wynter Kabimba .just wait to see tomorrow headline from his buddy’s newspaper will it state.. Axe falls on Wynter? ,Kabimba Fired or Michael Sacks Kabimba? Too bad news for the former Lusaka town clerk anyway life goes on.

    • You mean the post??they are the ones who broke the news “President Sata fires Winter” check online past newspaper.

  68. The conveyor of Sata’s development has been fired. How have u fallen from grace wynter kabimba u who denied us a good constitution & rubbished the commission of inquiry on the Mungu killings in relation to BA ? Don’t mistreat people when u are in high offices because u will need them on your way down. Let me refresh u. Do u remember the arrogance u showed ACC offices in Lusaka ?

  69. today history has been written in the language of the justice the oppressed have been made great that’s us the people of Zambia.victory is finally ours. winter kabimba is now history to the happy people of the republic of Zambia. SATA you have my vote 2016.Mr president what about the DPP we need to get lead of the cartel.(agogo)is having the last lough now.believe dat

    • You cant be serious, how does firing a Justice minister, who also held the SG position in PF improve thiangs. The replacement is drunk and has been given the SG position to ensure party influences in the judiciary continue. This is rubbish to say the least.

  70. inu anthu Malilo nikulilana.Hi BLOOD PRESSURE and STRESS are bad.mwalaipaya ba Wyter with your heartless comments. mulekwatako uluse.

  71. What is there to celebrate! The TRAGEDY is how we/GRZ quickly wants to bend rules on VAT refunds to the extent that the whole F/minister is working overtime to refund VAT to tax evaders. KCM makes $500 billion per year & yet declares losses & Glencore tax evasion exposed by the EIB has gone quite. ABC did NOT find it FIT to write MCS about tax evasion. Instead these TAX EVASION issues ARE left to Action Aid’s Pamela Chisanga. Even electricity tariff hikes to mines are resisted (taken to High court) THIS TURNING OF THE OTHER CHEEK TO THE MINES IS TRAGIC. WAS ABC & GS PUT IN OFFICE TO REPRESENT MINES OR ZAMBIANS? ABC keeps his job for colluding with MINES & Kabimba gets fired for exposing him. Why cant ABC write to MCS to let ZRA to deduct VAT refunds from the tax evaded…

    • @Chipwena Market: I am concerned about the ECONOMY than politics. Poor Zambians WONT EAT politics. It is very sad that Winter who had the patriotism of safegaurding Zambia’s economic interests has been sacrificed for politics & majority of bloggers/Zambians are cheering! True Nchito & Mmembe’s Post owe 14 million KR to DBZ. But should this/debt/hatred cloud our judgement to allow mines to get away with billions of USD ZMW in tax evasion? As if that is not enough f00ls start praising F/minister & VP who are “sleeping” with foreign investors in raping this country of its meagre resources? Cry my beloved country! I find it absurd/shocking that ABC wrote to MCS ask for Mines VAT refunds INSTEAD of proposing that ZRA to deduct VAT refunds from the tax evaded & VP…

  72. This the best news in months, the political playing field is now level. I guess PF will now come out stronger. The President is surely working, well done Kambwili and others for saving this nation. Here my list of alternative leaders in PF,
    1. Dr Symbakula
    2. Wilbur Simusa
    3. Dr Nkandu Luo
    4. Dr Patrick Matibini
    5. Given Lubinda
    6. Bwalya Chiti
    7, Dr. Bwalya Ngandu
    8. Dr Guy Scott
    9. A B Chikwanda
    10. Edgar Lungu

  73. Interesting that some chaps are now saying they said it, truth be said I believe I quite accurately mentioned that the cartel. (Team B)would be dealt with by HEMCS, I also said it that Guy Scott is part of that cartel and it would do everyone good if he too was sacked which I strongly believe will happen soon, Scott is actually the one who started this most recent talk of succession with his silly statement where he challenged the likes of Lubinda and Mulenga Sata as not being eligible to stand as President. Long live HEMCS and victory to the A team!!!

    • Your jacksy must be sore cos you’re so far up it. Jeesh. No I said it first…no I did. ..no I said…no I did….when in fact you were supporting this little moron with all his views at persecuting and dividing your PF and the country. Hypocrite.

  74. Ba Wynter you tried your best,now you should know that politics is a dirty game.Ba Sata can not appreciate what you did to the party, say in mangango and a few hours ago in Zambezi west.

  75. Finally, MCS has made a bold decision, no one entity is bigger than the party! Ba Wynter losing 3 jobs at a goal! Mushota might be Wynter a his sympathizer! Kwasala the white man. Viva Ba Sata.

  76. Wynter firing has ignited more interest that the previous appearance of the Presido after long abscence. Check this out:

    President Michael Sata appears in public and swears in Attorney General and Solicitor General
    Time Posted: July 30, 2014 12:48 pm
    14,409 views | 173 Comments |

    • It is turu……Wynter even beats Given Lubinda by a greater margin. The majority are celebrating indeed.


      Given Lubinda handed 6 Months suspension from PF

      Time Posted: March 3, 2013 6:23 am
      5,866 views | 70 Comments |Email This Post Email This Post |Print This Post Print This Post |

  77. Welcome home Mwanacaambwa! these !!!! Ain’t loyal………You are a genius to survive this long with your irritant style!

  78. I knew it, this man(Kabimba) ll be fired, 1st good step from the president by getting rid of criminals. Next is Fred M’membe and lastly mtembo Nchito. Let the President clean the country

  79. Sorry Wynter don’t say you were not warned. Fred won’t help you he will quickly change his allegiance.
    My Brother you have been used and dumped to join SS Zulu, Dr Mbita Chitala, Mike Mulongoti, Lameck Mangani , Geprge Mpombo and Major Richard Kachingwe. That is politics for you.
    My advise is that you should go on hoiliday to South Africa with miss Morell or Imenda to relax and reflect.
    Be Strong Mukwabo!

  80. Guys embrace this gesture. Zambians have never voted out a party after a term. Since the most likely is that PF may win the election. However, the party needs to reform if we have to remain in one piece. I am optimistic this is the reformation. Winter haas too many negative rumours, putting myself in the shoes of his allies, I would let him go even if he not going away quietly. I wish a reformed PF on Zambians, even though it is very likely this political process is bringing a new party formed by PF frustrated PF enthusiasts and that’s where the Alliance might take advantage.

  81. Well done? Kabimba wanted to eliminate all the able leaders in PF. Thanks he has bn booted out. i alwayz hoped for this to happen.Let Guy Scot, Inonge Wina and Sylvia Masebo also be fired.Bring back GBM, Given Lubinda the pipo who sweated for growth of PF. From mbala Mafya; Northern power

    • @mbala mafya …

      Scott-yes fire

      Inonge-not sure

      Masebo-yes fire

      GBM-not sure but maybe should be fired as has corrupt tendencies

      Lubinda- must be promoted or reappointed to full cabinet position

  82. Look folks, grant me this one just this once, even me dull as I am, I have to celebrate for predicting this one!

    So did the driver remove the flag as he was coming from Northwestern province? Or was he shifted to a taxi back to Lusaka? Knowing Wynter, he is so proud, so full of himself, and so hot tempered that he probably ditched his GRZ Landcruiser muchipyu and hitched a ride on Post Courier.

    And knowing Wynter he probably spewed a few tribal insele words at ……….yes you guessed right, at no one in particular!

  83. UPND cadres indeed have very shallow thinking capacity. They are celebrating an impediment that rocked PF for a while thinking it will be in their favour Yangueeeeee!! See beyond your noses and smell the coffee.

    • @chabwera well said, my exact sentiments these UPND and ZWD zombies are so s.tupid that they make people we normally call s.tupid look intelligent, look at them celebrating like the excited under5s they are..PF will comeout much stronger and united from this!

  84. I come in peace.
    What has happened should not be a surprise. Mr Kabimba did not hold his fire. On 20th August I read an article in the Zambian Watchdog where Hon. Silvia Masebo, Hon. Inonge and Steven Masumba were celebrating PF’s victory in Mangango and shouting Kabimba for President. They knew too well they are not in opposition but in the ruling Party which already has a President. So what do expect?

    To those of Zambians thinking PF is a Bemba Party, its not fair because there are so many people from other tribes who are in the party and holding positions. You just have to reap what you sole. Talking too much does not cook rice.

    May Our Almighty Father God preserve our President’s health.

  85. @ Saulosi and Mushota I know you don’t like the lies in the ZWD but they might be ahead of some of us in the current affairs. See an extract from what they wrote three days ago in the article entitled “Sata starts power transition process, might appoint Chikwanda as vice-president.” “This might see a few casualties such as dismissal of the likes of Kabimba that have been antagonizing government through the Post newspaper.” How accurate is this? And there are NO wrangles in PF!

  86. I smell a rat… i ask those celebrating the firing of Kabimba to look at the time, nature and atmosphere this has been done. When, we, the citizen wanted Kabimba to go…the govt embraced him–now that we are quiet, they fire him. I smell a rat

    • HH is having the last laugh. Look carefully who is a Donji” BABY DANCER” between Wynter and Hakainde.
      Gravity is still true today, what goes up must come down. Thanks to Science and morality

  87. How are the mighty fallen, how are the mighty fallen!!! Tell it not in Zambia, publish it not in the Post!! How are the mighty fallen!!!! It has been well said that pride goes before the fall but he that humbles himself will be lifted up. Except for moba (beer) Lungu has been a humble servant of this failed government. It’s time he gets lifted up by the falling of one star that thought itself as the brightest. (Politician, especially political appointees, know that stars shine with borrowed light from the sun, when you try to outshine the sun, you will have only managed to shoot yourself in the foot).

  88. kabimba was hammering sata’s bottom like no mans business. it turned the royal bottom from black to red. its too bad the chap was fired. i am sure he might have aimed for another hole somewhere in state house. i had heard guy scott’s bottom is a little loose and moist. evans mfula at reporting live from the suburbs of lusaka


  90. To HE MCS
    Dear sir,
    Thank you for this painful and hard decision you have made. I agree wth those sayng God has finally come down to rescue us. However, as the lord has come down to liberate us once again, i berg of you to move for to harshly deal with the remaining members of the cartel & there representatives they have placed in all key institutions. Because it’s through these that the cartel thinks they are running this country.

    Thank you
    Ordinary citizen

  91. ZNBC news feels good after a long time. But again was hoping to see President Sata speak on this one. However as has been the case ZNBC could only show the outside of statehouse to represent Our president. Am sure he is working hard to be disturbed by the camera men. Only thing I can say is many in the country are happy with your decision to fire Kabimba. I went into the archives of watchdog and do find they speculated well on this one, according to them next is Scott. So we wait and see how this unfolds. Even HH was in celebration on Kabimba’s dismissal. It’s actually PF’s gain more than UPND’s so don’t celebrate Mr HH as Kabimba was making UPND more popular.

  92. ZWD, I salute them, In fact yesterday they run a story which many bloggers said it was a lie. They spoke about looming reshuffles and Kabimba being expelled. Many people thought it was a lie. what has happened to day reshuffles has been fulfilled 28-08-2014 and you rightly said it will happen this week and Kabimba might be kicked out. True to its word, the guy has been sacked. I hated Kaimba for being pompous…so this should save as warning. I further call upon Law enforcement agents to probe him on oilmdesl

    • they also ran another false story amongst many others of Zambia descending into a civil war whereby embassies where allegedly preparing to vacate their nationals..really what st.upidity, what selfhsness, what cowardness those poor excuses of leftover sperm are at ZWD, they are specialists in fearmongering.. just because they are so desperate to see their tribal lord HH become President..you must be mentally challenged to think ZWD can run an accurate unbiased story, a website financed by UPND!!!… whose editotrials are written by chi Cornelius the worst and most corrupt sports secretary in the history of UNZASU…that is probably why they only have no more than 20 active readers, elo chi Cornelius was never a bright chap no wonder his articles are always full of nightschool grammer…

  93. akabimba lelo tulo mutuone? Edgar Lungu mkwasu wapeza nchito. God has gotten rid of Kabimba for me. what a stubborn for nothing man.

  94. people u forget so easily. Kabimba explained how Edgar Lungu was behind Lubinda’s suspension. the cobra himself told Kk how treacherous Lubinda was. the upnd’s Simusamba acknowledged Lubinda leaked information.

  95. By the interest this firing has generated in a few minutes, it’s clear Zambians prayers have been answered, and all evil doers will be done away with including the president himself and leave our nation a cleansed society. I had to use my real name to get my comments posted. My blog name, Wantanshi has been blocked for some stup!d LT reason.

  96. Thanks Mr President for firing Kamibya Good riddance To all other cartels abusing young innocent girls in villages as ministers and GRZ leaders watch out God sees and punishes accordingly

    Atleast Young Girls will cerebrate in villages and boarding schools this weakend

  97. Hon W Kabimba we told you don’t insult a man of God, now see what has happened God is in charge of this world, you have just remind a nothing with No way to go and no job, you now will have time to work with your cartel and how are you going to campgain with out the PF super structure, sorry Wnyter you are finally gone.

  98. Ba Sata mwabomba kabimba abwele by bus , abomfye jitotwe . Ministerial vehicle tukatoba . Fweba koala tatuleseka iyo.

    • eyaa mukwaiye!!! nababaza bakalamba!!
      efwe tuli na ba..
      efwe tuli na ba..
      efwe tuli na ba..
      ……………………………efwe tuli na baSATA!!!!

  99. Zambians,
    Winter Kabimba from the press news release has been dismissed from his double posts by president Michael Chilufya Sata. In away it is a relief to Zambian politics as some elements of sanity may be recovered.
    However, a plethora of questions arise from this development that need answers.
    Who really is the author of the press release, is it Alexander Chikwada or really president Michael Sata or a third invisible force?.
    The capacity of unseen president Sata has been highly questionable of late to perform presidential duties normally. The status of incapacity of Michael Sata rendering him dysfunctional as head of state will require ascertaining before Kabimba’s sismisal can be really good news. What, where is the assurance.

  100. I think the timing of firing Kabimba is wrong.This is a man who did alot for PF.Supported Sata when nobody thought Sata was a presidential material.He could have had his bad side but firing him while hes busy campaining and away from home must have injured him badly.Am sure Alex Chikwanda is behind this firing.Kabimba tampa ukupepa kuli Lesa Kafwa bobe.Hes a present helper in time of trouble cos this is a blow to him he can even commit suicide.We should have feeling for other people no matter how bad they are.

  101. @all of you wanzelu,ndobo, dudelove, m2020, fakengineeraustralia and the rest of you pro UPND-ZWD s.atanic ebola infested parasites, how hypocritical you are, remember you are the same ones that were wishing death on HEMCS (and the records are here on LT should it ever become a police case) and now you come back on this forum to sing praises on the sacking of the cartel’s main figurehead Kabimba..this is hilarious..

  102. Kabimba and mmembe now know who is boss. By now wynter has no body guards and acc..dec have started investigating him. Next to go will be Chella.

  103. Even if most of you are against me. I will always be what I am and will change. I know you are just against those who want to bring development to Zambia.

    I wish you all the best as some of you will never even reach where I had reached.

  104. As appointed MP or minister I agree but as a party secretary general I objective because PF central committee did not meet and we have not been availed any dismissal letter, also indicating when the central committee met. I and Kabimba will petition this in the courts of Zambia and just hope justice will be by our side. God bless us

    • Umwana kasembe, kakukoma wabwela wakobeka. Kabimba was appointed on both position. It was not central committee that appointed him but the party President. Follow Pf politics bakalamba.Full stop.

  105. In as much as I did not think much about Kabimba or any of the PF govt. cadres, I would like to assess this from a procedural and legitimacy point of view. Who actually fired Kabimba? We have not had any inkling of the President doing any work in the last few months. He has not appeared in motion nor has anyone outside a small circle of people been allowed to see him. All indications are that this has been because he is incapable of doing anything out of his own volition or even in self-propalsion. So how could he possibly have issued an instrument that purports to fire a member of the cabinet and party chief? Has he the mental capacity to recognise what has been going on and make decisons to that effect? His hand has been pushed, me thinks, as they say.

  106. I will be back in 2016 as a presidential candidate hopefully on the UPMD ticket with a winning team UPND.

  107. Iam certainly no fan of Kabimba but I hope that that the intel which supported his removal is not as compelling as the CIA intel which suggested Sadaam had weapons of mass destruction and led to an unnecessary war. Lubinda may be wondering what intel is at play to possibly make PF implode, just thinking out aloud.

  108. Let him come back from Zambezi using his own transport or public transport to minimize further abuse of government funds

  109. Supposing Wynter engineered his own sacking merely to add a new dimension to the cartel’s aims and dupe an entire gullible nation??

    I just have a gut feeling something really nasty lies in wait for all of us who don’t ask the right questions …

  110. Given Lubinda and HH join me in a merry toast to the good riddance of this confrontational and arrogant baby cobra Kabimba.

  111. The man should be investigated for getting untaxed monies from ZAMTEL. He had his time but Judge Ngoma, Masebo and the M’membe cartel must have gathered for this funeral at Kabimba’s house.
    This Wynter forgot that Sata was PF and PF was Sata! The faggot used to claim that he is the one who knew the PF manifesto and called his friends in cabinet names for falling to follow it. Well boy, GBM is back and you had better watch your back before that weight falls on you.

  112. @Nshimbi….let’s wait and see what will happen next. It will be interesting to see how the whole thing will unfold. Will he retreat quietly? What about the cartel?

    PostZambia online news hasn’t even updated their site with this very important news.

  113. One down many more to go. If he has been fired for scheming to overthrow the government, isn’t that treason? soon Chikwanda will be VP…Scott to flee the country soon, watch this space.

  114. mr kabimba,u have worked very hard in 2011 for pf to gain power,no kabimba no pf easy victory,after use they forget about the past! maybe they are jealous of your talent. they fear of you to take over power from them .

  115. God does not play Dice…..Kabimba believed in vodoo or witch craft from Mumbwa, where are his powers to overturn this historic decision? I tend to think and believe that peoples cries have been heard by the living God. It was Kabimba and the team who engineered the sacking of Nurses, losses, and the scheme to do pension reforms and increase retiring ages so that workers could die leaving their pension. These PF ideologies were not only bizarre but evils and God was watching. Welcome to the real world where you too will soon be paying for expensive fuel. Even if you stole, that money will finish and you will go back to square 1. Its time to throw witchcraft and return to the Lord almighty. God does not play Dice !!

  116. Fool, you miss the point! People are celebrating because this is the beginning of the end of PF. Kabimba was to Sata what Sata was to FTJ, especially on the third term project. Despite what Kabimba did for PF, this is how he gets it in the neck from the Bemba clique. Sata now has nobody to do his dirty work for him. And Mmembe will now unleash all the dirt he has against Chikwanda, Sata etc. The enemy of your enemy can be your friend!

  117. Thank GOD, this man called Wynter has been removed. Zambia would have ended up in war if Wynter stayed – he is a very destructive man not only in his own party but on a national scale. President SATA, on this one you have my full support and respect. ZAMBIA NEEDS PEACE AND WYNTER IS A DANGER TO PEACE

  118. How do these upnd louts assess issues? Jesus!!! Christ!!!
    Do you all really think the firing of Winter Kabwamba plays into the hands of that political sewage called U Pee EnD? Take him if you like. Just like U took Tekere. U’re well off with him!! Remember this, swines, your humiliation starts here!!

  119. Is this for real or I’m dreaming? WOW! Good things come to those who wait patiently – Zambians have finally been rewarded. Secret prayers have been answers and for once ailing Sata has found his mojo even in his coma.

    But what really happened to the powerful cartel? Anyone with the full details to share?

    fow now let’s just say cheers and drink the ‘Seven Days’ (bucwala bwa sebeni)village brewed liquor to this great, great news!

  120. now even us whites from Mopani we can now breath and give more business to Sigma enterprises. thank you Mr. President

  121. The ZWD speculated not long ago that Sata or Mrs Sata was lining up either Lubinda or Lungu for take over; it looks like Lungu won the day with these appointments.
    How is the Lungu guy? Don’t know much about him but he seems to be a cool level headed guy despite his reported love for alcohol. He doesn’t seem to have lots of skeletons in his closet (not that I know of), and he wasn’t in any reported ‘faction’.
    I reckon PF should continue with this Lungu path, and not Mulenga Sata that I’m hearing about.
    I think for Mr Sata (or whoever is acting on his behalf) to have full marks, he needs to fire Mr Mutembo Nchito and get rid of Mr Fred Mmembe. It is possible it is Mmembe who may have dumped and spit Mr Kabimba out to start afresh. As it stands now Mmembe is still in charge.

  122. Make me understand one thing. Is the position of Secretary General in PF also by appointment. While I celebrate Mr Summers dismissal, I want to believe that he served as SG on an elective position.

    • Nope. He has never won any election at any level in any environment.
      Even his presence in the Parliament is due to the misguided charitable act of the President.

    • Appointed by Sata. Sata is PF and PF is Sata. Sata has no time for procedures or rules and can bend them anytime he wants.

  123. There are many who have been infected with this “Kabimba” political cholera. I guess Mutembo Nchito, Mmembe, Malupenga, Masebo, Nkomesha, Chellah, Ingonge etc are purging (kuyinyelawila) profusedly, Their chambers of conspiracy are now too filthy.

  124. Kabimba could only work as a bull dosser but kept on working that’s the blander he made.a dosser once used in a road you don’t allow it to use the road again .

  125. What is the logic in having one person serve as both Defence Minister and Justice Minister? What is wrong with this government?

  126. Is this how Michael Sata is going make a come back? Shock everyone to divert them from asking where he was. One in such a position can’t come and go as he pleases. Mr. President you made a very sound decision of getting rid of the ***** Kabimba but we need a new president. You too and all your ba bululu clan need to pack and go.

  127. What a Banana Republic! people rejoice in petty political fights, when thousands do not have a full meal a day. Misplaced intellectualism!

  128. While I never cared much for Wynter and could care less about his firing, I am however terribly concerned that Edgar Lungu has two very important titles and responsibilities. Is Zambia short of leaders that Edgar should have two portfolios when he can’t even handle one? ZP are the most corrupt unreasonable bunch of thugs I’ve ever seen.
    Do we have a leader shortage on the country?


  129. Ba Charles kusabaila uko, if you can not manage to feed your family that’s your laziness, if I can’t buy mealie meal I grow my own maize no ku gaisha ubunga simple as that! Pali Kabimba Pena Sata nabomba sana. Arrogance was too much. Zwaa. Zwaaa

Comments are closed.

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