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The Post Newspaper and Wynter: Obscure Relationship!


PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba
Former PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba

It is not hard to understand why the post newspaper has started a fight with certain individuals within the Patriotic front and the Patriotic front itself. Wynter Kabimba their chosen hero is gone and they have failed to accept the hard reality. It is indeed a bitter pill to swallow. If anything, Wynter’s down fall can squarely be attributed to the post newspaper and his friendship with Fred. The post in their quest to build Wynter’s image to achieve their objective, created a Wynter loved by few, hated by many within the party and outside of it. Wynter created so many enemies as a result of his obscure relationship with the post. He made headlines. The post newspaper contributed to Wynter’s pomposity such that he was ignorant of reality.

The coverage Wynter received in the post newspaper not even Sata ever received such coverage since taking over power blind folded Wynter from reality. It made him even more vulnerable and hence putting his political career at risk. Obviously, Wynter has had his own weaknesses, but his association with the post newspaper to a larger extent exposed him more. Wynter’s connections with the post newspaper and Fred overcrowded his judgment of circumstances surrounding him. The power he had has Justice Minister and Secretary General of the party over drunk him and went to his head due to the way the post newspaper portrayed him. If indeed, Wynter is an honest man, this is one area he will need serious reflection. Pride comes before the fall. Simply put, he was a pawn on a chess board. Wynter should have realized that a long time, but he decided to play the game and forgot where he belonged. Wynter belonged to the PF and not to the post newspaper. He forgot that he was in the wilderness with comrades within the PF for 10 years in the opposition who he later treated like nothing and started hound them out one by one ( Lubinda, GBM, Mangani the list is endless) with the help of the post newspaper. The post newspaper was achieving its business goal, but what was Wynter achieving?

Today the post newspaper and Fred want to show a genuine care for Wynter. The unfortunate as always, the post newspaper and Fred want to drag the Zambian people into their schemes and political battles. One thing is for sure, you can fool some people all the times but you can’t fool all the people all the times. The Zambian people are clever and intelligent enough to discern what is happening. If anything, the trust and hope that the Zambian people had in the post newspaper is long gone, what has remained is post newspaper bought for adverts. Reality has a way of blind folding people with selfish and ego centric agenda.

Actually, there two lessons for Wynter, never put all your trust in a man. Wynter had so much confidence and trust in Sata such that he abused his trust. Wynter had so much faith in Fred and the post newspaper in the hope that they would make him President; how is that possible? Zambia is a democratic state and citizens decide who takes over power. Sata understood this fact. The post was only but a small piece in the puzzle for the 2011 election. But Wynter misunderstood that fact. Next time Wynter put your trust in the Zambian people and the whole large society; civil society and the church inclusive.
Certainly, it is not the end of the road for Wynter. It is a life path for soul searching, person growth and progress only if lessons can be nested. A wise man once told me; you can’t be so much a good leader unless you know how to follow. Undoubtedly, Wynter made a contribution to the Patriot front and Zambia in the pre-election. Henceforth, best of luck and God bless Wynter in his new endeavors.

By Chitapakwa Ntalasha


  1. The K 40 billion DBZ debt is beginning to tighten on Mmembe’s neck. His crony has been kicked out. Mmembe is hated just as much as Kabimba was hated. Abash Post and its concocted lies.

    • The only good man is one who is dead. The good live after.

      If you are a leader/minister in Zambia and you want to become very popular, just make the Preasident fire you or resign from your cabinet position.

      GBM, Masebo, Wynter, Sebastian Zulu, Effron Lungu…who else? are heroes and heroines

    • I always wonder what the post still want from the upnd. They always quote them and yet they are on record saying that the upnd are not news worth. Could we say there is everything wrong with them (the post)? Just wanted to squeeze this comment though it is unrelated to the above publication. I was just reading the post that is why.

    • I have to disagree with the author where he claims that “The post was only but a small piece in the puzzle for the 2011 election”.
      The Post is the vehicle that “Sold” Sata to the voters that voted for PF. The post had a loyal following in Zambia that believed, as gospel truth, everything printed in the paper. M’membe knew this and so did Sata hence their marriage didnt take long to bear fruits. It was the Post the fabricated stories and run screaming headlines of RB’s corruption but today they have failed to advance any tangible evidence. It was the Post machinary that advised Sata to pause with fuel cans at filling stations during any fuel shortages. It was indeed the post that deceived Zambians into voting for Sata and the PF in 2011.

  2. Every Jim and Jack is now an analyst on Kabimba. This article contains assumptions and ‘motherhoods’ – The sun rises from the east and sets in the west. Unless you have somthing we don’t know, pls close your mouth.

    • Mmembe plagiarizes Jesse Jackson’s speech “Keep Hope alive” delivered at 1988 Democratic Convention without giving Jess Jackson credit.
      Here is what Jesse Jackson said “Wherever you are tonight, you can make it. Hold your head high; stick your chest out. You can make it. It gets dark sometimes, but the morning comes. Don’t you surrender! Suffering breeds character, character breeds faith. In the end faith will not disappoint. You must not surrender! You may or may not get there but just know that you’re qualified! And you hold on, and hold out!”

      Mmembe wrote in his post (09/02):
      It gets dark sometimes, but the morning comes. Things like these breed character. And character breeds…”

  3. Iwe post Zambia has contributed a lot to the popularizing of Sata in all elections he contested,same applies to Kabimba’s campaignings for Sata presidency.Why only commenting on negative issues , when something good happened you kept quite? 1D10T.

  4. Ntalasha I concur with you Zambians are clever pipo we know that winter was chased out of PF to avoid a saala (Tonga) to president of Bemba led PF.He was used and disposed off like condom.He worked very hard to see Sata as president,this has vindicated HH,when he said PF can never be trusted,hence he moved out of the PF/UPND pact in 2011.The remove of winter will dent the PF for a very long time like UPND was dented by Membe after the death of Mazoka with HH on herm.So you Bembas you will have to dance to tribal song till PF is on its knees.Most Zambians apart from Bembaland will hate you.

    • If you are not popular in Eastern, Luapula, Copperbelt, Lusaka, Northern, Central and Muchinga Provinces you can not be a President of Zambia. Southern Province taught Zambian how to vote. Remember Mazoka almost won before the pattern of voting chnaged.

  5. in as much as i dont like the post, and PF in general despite voting for them, i think we should critically analyse what they (Post) are raising albeit lately – the crooks in PF are having a field day right now as they were when WK was in PF. lets not throw away the container with the contents. PF is corrupt and it will get more corrupt but the problem that people are having is the messenger who is raising this known fact (Post). the message is accepted but the messenger is compromised.

  6. Why is it that only bemba tribe names are the ones commenting negative on Wynter ‘s issues?last Friday bembas of copperbelt were addressed by Chishimba Kambwili and other bemba tribe pf officials.I can see it’s only in bemba regions where people are celebrating the sucking pf Kabimba.Every negative comment people hear on Kabimba are coming from bembas,why?
    Stop tribalism you sons of Quackeeeeeee s

    • LUSA…

      They don’t even feel ashamed. They also keep sulking at Fred Mmembe to pay back the K14billion kwacha, but very very conveniently forget that there were more bembas in the group that chewed that money than any other tribe! Olo nibungwele zoona, simwamene. How can you practice such horrible naked tribalism and still call yourself a human being!

    • Bembas are selfish tribalists who want to dominate every aspect of Zambian life. They congratulate themselves as Sata everyday promotes and appoints northerners to top jobs. Anybody who challenges their hegemony is castigated as being “tribal”. What a useless shitty group of thieves!

    • Inferiority complex.The only way you will depopulate Bembas from the political arena is to encourage your tribesmen to join politics. Your tribal comments are very unZambian, I am not bemba but I respect every tribe in Zambia.

  7. Ba Chitapankwa, your article is very ambigous. All you have shown is your hatred for Wynter. We all know that it was not Wynter who led to sacking of Lubinda and GBM. Lubinda was sacked for allegedly leaking information to UPND. Even President Sata publicly showed his displeasure about Lubinda during last year’s independence celebrations held in Kitwe. GBM differed with the president over Chitimukulu and he resigned. PF members like yourself (bamuselela kwakaba) celebrated his sacking and demanded for his expulsion from the party. All this had nothing to do with Wynter.

    Wynter defended the party’s position over the unpopular route they had taken over the constitution. He defended the 90 days delusion. It was not Wynter who delayed the constitution, it was the president who told…

  8. I agree, Winter was like a headless chicken which doesn’t know where it is going. Winter for sure believed in Mmembe, thinking that the latter would make him President. Winter should have learnt lessons from Magande who tried using the same route (the Post) against the former regime, but he failed.

  9. So Eastern, Lusaka and Copperbelt provinces are Bemba? Thanks for confirming that these are PF’s strongholds. You are right just like Southern province is Tonga, Viva Bembas, Viva PF, Bemba, the most superior of them all, kikikiki.

    • Iwe, were on earth can I become a Bemba, its just that we have something in common, there is time for everything, if its time for Tonga HH lets support him, tribalism is no more working.

  10. Whatever! The article is written by a Bemba, what do you expect. Nobody takes them serious anymore – if anything this Sata’s coming into government has just confirmed what we all knew even before, that thieving and tribalism is the only talent for certain groups of people in Zambia – oh, talking too much as well. The rest of the country is waiting for 2016. Muzamba zivotela mweka ku ma-north kwanu uko bamambala. Even the K14-billion, all Bembas keep pushing Mmembe to pay it back so that they can steal it again! What they conveniently leave out is the fact that Mmembe is the only one from a different tribe among the group of people who stole that money: the rest were Bembas, but Bembas never want to mention their own tribesmate thieves who were involved! Takuzibani akawalala.

  11. Oh now that’s when Mr M’membe has realised that this country has been a police state since 2011? He must have been living like a King, out of touch with reality. We have been complaining and he told us all was well. Is he telling with 3 days of Kabimba’s departure the PF govt has now become the ev!l one, the corrupt one, the police state? Nah Mr know it all, this has been happening all along even when your anointed one was there… you were just too comfortable to see it. Now the chickens have come home to roost, unfortunately it’s too little too late. Welcome to the other side of power, the downstairs, the servants quarter, the commoner’s. Just so you know, it’s very hot around here in summer and very cold in winter because we don’t have air conditioners and heaters.

  12. Wynter and Fred are two characters who should be buried alive like in the Shaka era. They are bent on destroying the country and are so selfish that they would rather be sole beneficiaries from all of Zambia’s economic resources.

    • It is Sata, ABC, Miles, Chimbwili and their Bemba cohorts, the thieving and corrupt tribalists, who need to be buried alive.

  13. This article is written by another Bemba tribalist who will never accept a non-Bemba to lead anything in Zambia. They just never accepted that Wynter could have a leadership role in PF. Now they are blaming him for carrying out Sata’s evil schemes on the constitution, and public order act. PF is for Bembas alone and is finished as a party, even if window-dressed with useful *****s like Edgar Lungu.

  14. Fellow zambian nonbembas let us not make bembas popular by pretending to be bembas when not,so 2016 let’s remove them in power.bcoz they call HH tribal when he’s not but them.



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    • whether we like it or not, whether we know it or not, whatever powers that be, whatever governments that be, are ordained by God…the authorities that exist have been established by God. we can try to fight & fight & fight &……..but God has a final say……

  17. PIPO, Lets not talk about this is bemba this is Chewa or this is Tonga,
    Lets talk about popularity and the Integrity of pipo who can take Zambia Forward. We are sick and tired of the dirty politics in our Country, Gods time is the best; whether we vote for HH, Edger or Nevers its okay but God is the one to give the final decision.
    Who new that Sata would become the president after falling 3 times.
    also who new that Edgar would take over from SATA as party president.

  18. Z ambians needs indicators lik a vehicle so that they should see nd show the way for the citizens pipo who wants to b n government ar not eligible coz they want position

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