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Government strengthens the directorate of Mobile Hospitals to ensure health care delivery


Medical staff attending to patients at a Mobile Hospital
File: Medical staff attending to patients at a Mobile Hospital : Picture Courtesy of ZANIS

THE Ministry of Health has strengthened the directorate of mobile healthcare services to ensure that it effectively enhances health service delivery.

Health Deputy Minister Chitalu Chilufya said strengthening the directorate was aimed at ensuring healthcare services across the continuum of care from primary to tertiary.

Dr Chilufya said this when he delivered a basic life support ambulance to Kasenegwa zonal rural health centre in Chipata.

“We want the country to have a comprehensive mobile health service from primary to tertiary care, to ensure that obstetric cases are attended to effectively to reduce on mortality rate, especially in maternal and children,” He said.

Dr Chilufya said the mobile health service was an opportunity to reach out to rural areas where there was limited infrastructure.

“You will see more dedicated mobile health services for public health to offer services to people in antenatal, immunisation of children and other services,” Dr Chilufya said. “That’s a true concept, it is not only limited to mobile hospitals but it will be comprehensive.”

He said the referrals from lower health centres to higher health centres must be improved through a powerful transport system.

“The PF Government has decided to strengthen referral systems by procuring ambulances which would be placed in zonal facilities so that the response time to obstruct emergencies is improved. That way we will be preventing maternal mortality,” Dr Chilufya said.

He said the Government would improve infrastructure at Kasenegwa Clinic, which is a zonal facility, by improving solar power in the interim before hydro power is connected.

Chief Mazimabwe of the Nsenga people in Eastern Province commended the Government for the ambulance, which he said would ease the burden of the people of Kasenengwa in addressing referral cases to Chipata General Hospital.

“I want to thank the PF Government. These are the things that we never dreamed of, but we now see them. Our school children only used to see ambulances in books but now they are able to see them,” he said.

Chief Mazimabwe appealed to the Ministry of Health to upgrade Kasenegwa rural health centre into a first-level hospital.

He also appealed to the Government to consider connecting hydropower to the clinic.

Chipata District Commissioner Kalunga Zulu said the province had seen tremendous improvements in health infrastructure with a district hospital construction underway.

Mr Zulu said construction of the district hospital would compliment the services of Chipata General Hospital in service deliver.

Eastern provincial medical officer Kennedy Malama said the province had received four life-support ambulances, and 15 basic ambulances to improve on referral systems within the shortest possible time.


  1. PF you hypocrisy. .you condemned MMD on mobile hospitals now you are depending on them. You suck PF be truthful I your words and deeds.

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