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Catholic nun withdraws assault case

General News Catholic nun withdraws assault case

Sister Chakupalesa being escorted outside court
Sister Chakupalesa being escorted outside court

A Lusaka man accused of assaulting a Catholic Nun in Roma Township has been acquitted by the Lusaka Magistrate Court after the Nun agreed to settle the matter out of court.

Magistrate Aridah Chulu acquitted Daswell Sichilongo a teacher at Roma Girls High School on one count of assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

This is in a matter in which Daswell Sichilongo, a science teacher was facing one count of assaulting acting head teacher, Emma Chakupalesa for locking his house after he allegedly failed to pay house rentals.
Sichilongo, 53, of Roma Girls flat number 02 is alleged to have on July 19, 2014 beaten up sister Chakupalesa in full view of a Muvi Television crew after the nun locked up houses of teachers who were defaulting on paying rentals.The Catholic Church owns houses within the School premises which teachers rent and pay subsidized rentals.

The lawyer representing the accused, Dickson Jere told the court that Sister Chakupalesa had decided to withdraw the case in the spirit of reconciliation.

Chakupalesa, 44, a religious sister told the court that she had unconditionally forgiven Mr. Sichilongo.
And Magistrate Chulu cautioned Sister Chakupalesa that once a case is withdrawn from court it cannot be brought back.

She also warned Mr. Sichilongo not to commit a similar offence in future.Mr. Sichilongo and Sister Chakupalesa later embraced outside the court room.


    • Viva Sichilongo. Atleast she will now be having seconds thoughts to ask you to pay rentals when you delay, lest u beat the hell out of her again.

    • True Christian indeed. This can only be done from a position of great strength.

      Many Christians would not believe this only because they dont know that forgiveness is something a Christian can not do for others. We forgive only for our own sake and for ourselves.

      Sichilongo pick up your mat and go. Go and never do it again on defenseless person. No defense…no attack please!!

    • Settle outside court,ninsi ba sistele ba funa kang’ono?
      Sichilongo you are a coward. What about the state vs Sichilongo ,we must amend these useless laws.

    • This forgiveness must serve as an example to our leaders….. to show love and the country will be a far better place to live in.

      You are so blessed sister

  1. Walimupama mwandi. At least both of you learnt something from that incident. The main problem maker is GRZ, because if they had been paying Shichilongo, these could have been avoided. But at the same time Iwe Mr Shichilongo learn to exercise restraint and Ba Chakupalesa, Muletekenya pantu bambi kuti bamukwela pamulu.

  2. Sister m now we have proved that you are a true child of God because the way you were clobbered, was unforgivable. That is Christianity at its best. If Mandela could forgive his jailers, who are we to judge Sichilongo. May the Lord have mercy on you Sister Chakupaleza. May God deliver Daswell.

  3. Long live teacher Sichilongo you did justice to the nun she pushed you too far what kind of a person locks out other people’s kids out side? We such hold a discipline braiii for you.

    • At 53 and he has no house of his own! Relying on a flat ka rent. He is a very useless man. If you want peace for your family, build your own house iwe chi Sichilongo.

    • @ BANDAWE,

      Some pipo go for rent bcoz there own houses are far from work place. When one is renting it does not mean that such a one has none. Learn to move and will appreciate.

    • bandawe…..

      Do you know the conditions of service for teachers? Did you want Sichilongo to be involved in crooked activities? Come on. Be real.


  4. Sister Chakupalesa, you have done something good to withdraw the case from court. That teacher is remaining with few years to retire and it wouldn’t have been ok for him to lose his benefits if he had been sent to prison or dismissed from work. The word of caution again to you sister is to follow laid down procedures to sort out official issues. Most ladies act on impulses, this is common in places of work where women are bosses. Go to most of the schools Headed by ladies, the complaint is common. Remember, a hungry person is an angry person. Sichilongo learn to control your temper. I know it pains if tempered upon.

  5. Mmmm indeed dazwell must pick his own size next tym,tha chap doesnt even kno how to throw punches,ifima vwapa kwati ni gelo

  6. May the Grace of the Lord be with you both for reconciling. You both acted unreasonably to each other in the first instance. But Sichilongo count your stars you were definitely on the wrong side of the Law.

  7. Daswell boyi, uletola no bwapona. All is well that ends well. Next time both parties should exercise restraint for sure. Epo mpelele….

  8. Can a criminal case be withdrawn by the complainant? Isn’t the state obliged to prosecute complainant or not?

  9. Okay nga kufikonko sister also anaitaya and pushed Sichilongo to the limit…listening to the insert that led to the fiaaco the man sounded cool calm and collected but anyone is bound to lose it ngayafika ku ma final.Thrown out with prior notice and you have a family to look after ? Even worse the banks were also tossing him around like a ball pa last icikonko nimuli ba sister….

  10. Thanks sister, well done. That’s a good spirit. Unfortunately some people who have a vacuum between their two ears are praising Sichilongo.

  11. Sichilongo is a true zambian patriot kikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikiki ati ukuponona teku sova bufi!!Ukuponona eku sova kikikikikikikikikikikikikiki one sichilongo,u’re a hero & inspiration to some of us youths kikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikiki ulimwaume mudala!She got what she deserved,u really weeved & clobbered her.Thats a greenlight she is flashin to u so propose to her & do fimo fimo mwaikata tefyo kikikikikikikikikikikiki

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