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2003 Big Brother Africa (BBA) Winner Cherise Makubale fetes 50 orphans


cherise22003 Big Brother Africa (BBA) Winner Cherise Makubale says the commemoration of Zambia’s fiftieth independence anniversary presents a great opportunity for society to support vulnerable children in the country.

Ms Makubale said concerted efforts are needed to address the plight of vulnerable children in the country.

Ms Makubale said this yesterday at Cherise Park in Lusaka when she feted over 50 orphans from the Zambia Childcare and Adoption Society resident at Chilenje transient home. Cherise Kids Park is a multi function facility whose aim is to promote age appropriate awareness programs to children on issues such as Road Safety, Girl Child, Environment and HIV/Aids through a play park setting.

The BBA winner said she decided to fete the children as a way of celebrating Zambia’s 50 years of independence.

Ms Makubale said children must not feel neglected but feel that they belong to a country that cares for them.

She said vulnerable children also need to experience the jubilee and that the fun day she had organized was one way of availing the children an opportunity to celebrate the country’s 50 years of independence.

Ms Makubale appealed to Zambians across the country to do a humanitarian deed to children as an act of jubilee to someone in need.


  1. feeding children on just a single day is not sustainable because they will be hungry tomorrow and come back to ask for more. Can’t that money be invested in education or other similar empowerment initiatives?

    • Good observation observer. It would make sense to sponsor to School 30 of those 50 for this would permanently impact positively on the orphans’ lives.

      However, the world does not work like that today. Its all about attracting media attention.

      I know of people sponsoring Gold tournaments when their own brothers have hardly anything to eat.

    • @Observer, please read these two quotes attributed to Cherise and probably make a fresh comment;
      1. “Ms Makubale said concerted efforts are needed to address the plight of vulnerable children in the country”
      2. “Ms Makubale appealed to Zambians across the country to do a humanitarian deed to children as an act of jubilee to someone in need.”
      The occasion was not an end in itself, it was a forum for Cherise to make an appeal on behalf of vulnerable kids who, by their very nature, do not have such opportunities to be heard.

    • Yeah true, Well said Robin; there is no need to stand on an ant hill and advertise what you have done for the marginalized, to me this is a sign of “look at me, am so wonderful”

  2. I wish “celebrities” could emulate those grandmothers in villages who are doing humanitarian deeds – caring for their many grandchildren left to them by their departed daughters and sons – They do it silently, no microphone no camera.

    • This is so true of those many heroic grandmothers throughout our country who do this work every day and without seeking any media coverage or photo opportunity. May God bless these women abundantly.

  3. My observer, what Cherise did for one day is enough for an individual, if you want to contribute something, why don’t you offer your services and put up that initial investment? Feeding the kids for a day meant that they did not go hungry that day, if all of us cound put our heads together, then on top of feeding these kids, maybe we can come up with something sustainable and long term. Big ups to Cherise and please lets support such ventures.

    • PF leader, Observer is just appealling for sustainable means of helping orphaned children in this country and not one off events that are done and forgoten. So be it Cherise, politicians or whoever, establishing sustainable measures is the way to go, so dont get Observer’s views out of context. He is just trying make you see things in a different and more helpful way.

  4. I will respond to her call. She is a sweet gal for using her time for vulnerable kids.

    We should all be adopting, sponsoring a kid or two. There are so many ways of helping.

    • You absolutely correct and I am happy to report that I do sponsor some 11 kids in various stages of education. I thank God for the grace to do so from the wealth and riches he has allowed to pass through my hands. Brothers and Sisters, the wealth God gives us is to use for the blessing of humanity. Those of us who are millionaire have an even greater responsibility to society.

      And well done Cherish!

  5. Thats why I love HH. He does philanthropy without any cameras or Newspapers. He has students he sponsors from Primary to University without any publicity. He sponsors the disabled by buying them wheelchairs and many more without him disclosing anything. However I also love what Cherise is doing. She sponsors the Park from her little money. While the fate is a one of thing, it is highly commendable because it raises the profile of the plight of the poor children. Nothing should discourage this fantastic lady from doing her noble cause. You are blessed mama. Let those who are condemning you do their own good works that will compare with what Cherise has done. Keep it up wonderful daughter of the soil.

  6. Ms Makubale. I thought she was married to some muzungu. Anyway, feeding children for a day is not sustainable. Guess these children eat at the transit home. Helping to pay for their sku or enabling them have some craft skills would have been ideal, None the less thanks for the gesture shown to the children.

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