Six Heads of States to attend Zambia’s Golden jubilee celebrations-Kalaba

Uganda President Yoweri Museveni talking to Zambia Foreign Minister Harry Kalaba and Rwanda's Foreign Ministers Louise Mushikiwabo at UN Headquarters on Monday 22-09-2014. PHOTO | CHIBAULA D. SILWAMBA | ZAMBIA UN MISSION
Uganda President Yoweri Museveni talking to Zambia Foreign Minister Harry Kalaba and Rwanda's Foreign Ministers Louise Mushikiwabo at UN Headquarters on Monday 22-09-2014. PHOTO | CHIBAULA D. SILWAMBA | ZAMBIA UN MISSION
Uganda President Yoweri Museveni talking to Zambia Foreign Minister Harry Kalaba and Rwanda’s Foreign Ministers Louise Mushikiwabo at UN Headquarters on Monday 22-09-2014. PHOTO | CHIBAULA D. SILWAMBA | ZAMBIA UN MISSION

SIX heads of State and Government have confirmed attendance of Zambia’s golden jubilee independence anniversary, which falls on October 24.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba said in an interview that several heads of State and Government have indicated that they will attend the golden jubilee independence anniversary celebrations.

Mr Kalaba said Namibia, Madagascar, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Uganda and Rwanda have confirmed their attendance.

He said the Nigerian Government has also confirmed that it will send its vice-president to Zambia for the event.

“The ministry is still receiving confirmations of some heads of State who will come and attend the event,” Mr Kalaba said.

He said preparations for the Golden Jubilee independence celebrations have reached an advanced stage and are being spearheaded by the National Steering Committee chaired by Secretary to the Cabinet Roland Msiska and the Zambia @50 Secretariat.

Mr Kalaba said Government is happy with the way preparations are going, and that his ministry is working hard to ensure the event is a success.

He called on Zambians to bury their political differences and celebrate the country’s 50th independence anniversary in unity, harmony and oneness.

Mr Kalaba said Zambia is a precious country that cannot afford to be divided by political and tribal differences.

The minister also said is a time of retrospection on the achievements and the failures the country has recorded.


  1. I hope the UPND leader attends as well.

    My sources say David Cameron, Putin and Obama should also be in attendance

    Is their any president that can pull such crowds and is loved worldwide more than President Sata?


    • Hahahaha, never. Its like putting a baby in a cobra’s crane or hole. The poison from a slight bite will clear it out! I suggest he goes to his farms and make and extra million dollar to increase the number of orphans neglected by government that he is supporting

    • Ndobo I am not, these are irrefutable facts.

      Do not undermine the popularity of your President outside of your country.

      This is the only man who Invited Bush,Clintons and they came in the blink of an eye

      Be proud I would say


    • This explains why Kalaba was busy at the just ended UN General Assembly. All his pictures taken there were with Heads of African states. He was obviously coaxing them to attend the 50th Anniversary.

    • I know they will be rushing in to watch free drama. I wouldn’t pass the chance of seeing the comedian Sata. Free show!

    • Yaba, this one he has to really show up. Journalists will be everywhere because the head of state will be very public to entertain all our guests and the Zambian people…but my black President is sick…his handlers will need to come up with a plan that will show him busy working but in actual sense not resting hmmm…Tough undertaking…

  2. what can you cerebrate with this heart less PF which even failed to bury the UNZA student who comited suicide it too HH to meet the burial requirements. Your Sata is hibernating in state house he does not care at all.

  3. agony is to welcome presidents from other countries only to discover that our very own is in India for kimotherapy(spelling).if it was mmd
    in power 54 presidents would have attended including all oposition parties except Sata.

  4. What happened to our old friends, like Tanzania, Mozambique, South Africa, Namibia, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, hey… Kaunda would have filled the house back in the day

    • Why care about them if they do not care about us. We are not indebted to them as they are. As a matter f facts, our lives do not depend on them. What do w no get from SA, Tanzania and others. Zero! Whether they come or not we shall celebrate our jubilee with all the enthusiasm we anticipate.

    • Yes if it was Kaunda, there would no packing places for planes at the airport. Shame 6/53 the change of gvt has an impact on this. Old friends are reluctant to come.

  5. Not to worry at the lacklustre list to date.

    We Zambians own this celebration. We should all make up our minds to enjoy it not only for ourselves, but also for our departed loved ones who contributed to our great nation.

    Nigeria sending their Vice? How pompous!! Bad Luck Jonathan wants to prove how esteemed he is. Must be all that Dangote stuff!

  6. Rupiah Banda would have attracted 50+. Our own will only celebrate it for 19 minutes while visitors languish. PF is a real joke. Whoever supports PF is a comedian. What a party!

  7. Sata and his PF circus have staged shows at home and abroad for 3 long years and those foreign delegations that are expected in Zambia are curious to witness live the climax of the shows. They have heard and read about the ‘wooing of investors in Israel’, the opening of parliament which was all about proving a point that the man is ‘fit and well’ and the attending of the just ended UN summit holed up in a New York hotel. Let’s wait and see who attends, I hope and pray that Ian Khama does not make a mistake of being anywhere near there.

  8. 6/53 African countries 😮 what about other countries around the world like China, the country actively collecting raw materials from our much needed natural resources.

  9. Folks , are you sure these Heads of States are going top attend ? Prepare for the waste … Note the Word Indicated and later on some Countries have confirmed

  10. Only 6, you know we have 8 neighbors, plus the entire SADC should be here, esp South Africa. This is sad indeed.
    Also, I don’t see why we have to wait until the very day to celebrate. This celebration should have lasted a whole year.
    We are 50!!


  11. Mushota, If David, Barrack or even Vladmira come to the party, I will ask my garden boy to give you a free cunnilingus! Mark my words, even 6 is a good number! God willing!

  12. Mushota, George W Bush and Bill Clinton were ex presidents and only came as private citizens! In fact we were embarassed to learn from our very own that America colonised Zambia! This was quickly dispelled by witty George W!
    Zuma certainly won’t come until he hair growns more!
    Sudan’s Bashir won’t come, he has an international arrest warrant and any private citizen can effect it! Though don’t try that on our neighbourly- Bob as his body guards will thump you! He always come whethe he is invited or not anyway! They might even not bother Grace wouldnt be seen shopping for imitations for her Gucci monker- everyone thinks its her name and that as she stuffs them in her state house! Don’t expect President/General/Chief to to come as last time his predecessor (Masire) came to Zambia,…

  13. As usual Kalaba is lying again. Those heads of states you conered in the last World Assembly for an invitation to Jubilee while your boss was ailing in the hotel room are smarter than you are. They would not decline invitation outright to save you from embarrassment. They have been studying Chalesi Katongo’s through their embassies in Zambia and will send their Vice Presidents to the ceremony that will be hosted by Muzungu Scott, or their foreign affairs ministers to Edgar Lungu’s function. prove me wrong people on 24 Oct.

  14. So what if other heads of state don’t show for the jubilee? Is it international golden jubilee or zambia’s independence jubilee? Sata will steal the show and will definitely do us proud whether you like it or not. The more you want him dead, the stronger he emerges. God is the author and finisher..

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