Godfrey Miyanda issues an Apology to Lusaka Times Bloggers

FILE: Heritage Party leader Brigadier Godfrey Miyanda holds a note and pen during the meeting to demand for the release of the draft Zambia constitution
FILE: Heritage Party leader Brigadier Godfrey Miyanda holds a note and pen during the meeting to demand for the release of the draft Zambia constitution


On 24th October 2014 I posted a statement under the title “Golden Jubilee 1: Government of Lies, for Liars and by Liars?”. One blogger @Denfreeze at 41 criticised my complaint against one or two bloggers who had made false allegations ascribing assassinations to me. I forthwith commented on @Denfreeze’s posting and apologised. But I feel that I should make a formal apology after giving a background or explanation so that this reaction is contextualised.

Sometime in 1997, while I was Acting President, there was a shooting incident in Kabwe involving Dr Kenneth Kaunda, our First Republican President, and other persons in his entourage. I was NOT and was never in Kabwe. I became aware of the incident when the BBC of the UK contacted me by telephone, grilling me on why I had allegedly attempted to assassinate Dr Kaunda and other citizens with him. The lady who called refused to accept my protestations that I was not even aware of the incident but revealed that she had been contacted by, among others, Dr Kaunda and Dr Chongwe. My denials were a waste of time because the lady believed her “credible” source of information. I later informed the President by telephone in Malaysia. My effort to get a full report from the Security Services hit a brick wall; to this day I have never seen nor received the report!

Later Dr Kaunda and other political leaders held a Press Briefing in Lusaka where I was personally roundly condemned; they distributed a document in which, inter alia, they made spurious allegations, alleging that I “was personally in Kabwe supervising the assassination”! They undertook to sue me personally but have never done so.

On 24th October 2014 one or two LT bloggers brought this issue up, insinuating my alleged involvement in the alleged assassination of Dr Kaunda and Dr Chongwe, and adding other names of Wezi Kaunda, Paul Tembo, Ronald Penza and Baldwin Nkumbula. I reacted to these insinuations in an effort to stave off the revival and spreading of falsehoods of over 17 years ago.

The seriousness of my being accused of assassinations of other people is that I am exposed to potential retribution and hatred by those victims and their families, friends and/or supporters.

I do not accept that bloggers or anyone else have a right to publish falsehoods about other persons. Besides I am in politics where negative perceptions of this nature work against one. It is possible to engage in an intelligent debate without disparaging others; anyway it is NOT my style to disparage others as I usually stick to facts and express my opinion based on those facts.

Rather than drag my then mentor Dr Kaunda, who was the prominent person of those who issued the lies against me, I chose to engage him privately in writing. He assigned his son, Colonel Panji Kaunda, now a Member of Parliament, to attend to the complaint as he had travelled to India. Colonel Kaunda has since never acted on the matter. Clearly the bloggers’ comments mischievously brought these issues to the fore. I am not now the Government nor a part of it and I have never carried “the Government” with me. If indeed anyone seriously wants to find out what happened, as argued or demanded by @Denfreeze, they should inquire of the Government and even President Sata for any official records about such matters. Dr Kaunda and his cohorts lied in their allegations against me personally. Perhaps @Denfreeze could encourage them during this Golden Jubilee season to retract the obvious lies they published.

I now make this unreserved apology to Lusaka Times and all bloggers in general and undertake not to discourage others from airing their views. I accept the advice by @Denfreeze while reserving my right to seek redress if and when I deem it necessary. However the apology is NOT an admission of the said published libels and is NOT an apology to the individuals who posted them though I forgave them in my comments. No one has a licence to defame others. Defamation is about publishing FALSEHOODS OR LIES about another person; I believe that every right-thinking person should agree with the idea of libel, even when some politicians use lies to woo and win votes!

I hope and pray that my apology is accepted. Thank you.

[25TH OCTOBER 2014]


    • This is ludicrous.

      Gen. you should have been engraved in celebrating and not sticking to your laptop and apologising to people that respect you but don’t care that much about you.

      I admire you because you have stood the test of time but come on this is ludicrous me thinks.
      We move on , round and round we go.


    • Truth be told its NOT Gen Miyanda behind those assassination attempts. If you want to know the truth about those assassinations, take Sata’s guns for forensic examination. You will be shocked to know how some of those guns were used.

      Its a pity that the bullets might have been removed during post mortems on the victims to hide the traces of the guns used.

      Why does Sata hallucinate saying teine namwipiye?

    • Remember its Sata who fought hard to try and get KK deported to Malawi , unfortunately his schemes failed. He is even the one the disclosed a huge amount of information to refute Chinsali as KK’s birth place.

      In 1991 Sata was not happy that Chiluba had appointed Mwanawasa Vice president in the first place. His dislike for Mwanawasa as Chiluba ‘s vice president became clear when he protested against Mwanawasa being President of MMD after Chiluba.

      Sata has a history of violence dating back in the 1950s when he was an informer for the white colonialists. Despite this, Kaunda also employed him to kill Simon Kapwepwe and other formidable opponents. For sure African politics is dirty.

      Sata has been at the centre of too many evil schemes including the infamous third term bid in MMD.

    • Thats Humility Ba Miyanda How i wish alot of leaders can emulate u, by what name do u use here for comments kaili, now i see the power of social media

    • That is the Elder, The Miyanda we know.
      I am abit behind and I feel guilty for not supporting my wise-man, on that one.
      I think was just counting comments up tp 92, but did read all, including #41.
      Anyway, here we LEARN again from Ba Miyanda. I will go about apologizing to people all week long.

    • Dignity and integrity Mr. Miyanda. You dont have them. You failed miserably during your time in Government, what do you have to offer now? Empty words and sparring with 20 year old bloggers, shame on you!

    • However, other regular officers of the rank of major and above may use and be addressed by, their rank after being placed on the retired list! Field Marshals remain on the
      active list for life and so continue to use this rank. Lastly, the General clears any misconceptions about a very dark cloud of an incident which should never have happened in the first place and by the explaination rendered clearly absorves his involvement. Who are we to continue twisting the blame?

    • @Nubian,
      Please please
      Those 20yrs olds also deserve respect from you, and they deserve a conversation from us older bloggers.
      Then more leaders and Elders need follow Ba Miyanda, let them talk to entire population in a manner people can express themselves.
      I have to tone down abit, because I now know even elders read this stuff, otherwise @Nubian I could have lifted your skirt….

    • Iyo ba General olo mupwile. Notuma allegations twachibwachibwa kuchita respond ? Bakamba forget about simple bloggers. The moment you start lowering yourself to their level ninshi naimwe emile. Fimo mulesulakofye bosses.

    • In the 1970s I met Godfrey Miyanda at Tikwiza. It was a theatre group that was preparing to go to Lagos for the Black Arts Festival. Miyanda turned out to be power hungry in his quest to lead the group. He openly clashed with people like Masautso Phiri, Mumba Kapumpa, Matilda Malamamfumu etc. and caused serious divisions. He never forgave his rivals… up to this day. Since then, he is always found where serious trouble and death are brewing..coups and deaths of politicians. It can’t just be a bad omen. There is a trail of evidence in this evil acts. Remember he nearly toppled Chiluba. Miyanda is as dangerous a politician as they come.

    • Gen. Miyanda has a very serious mental problem. He is a narcissist, as well as a sadist. He has been lured by the few praises after his fractured article in which he adulterates the famous U.S. democracy quote “Government of the people by the people for the people.” I as a member of the Heritage Party has from today quit because my president will never win an election. Instead of attending to matters of national interest like the jubilee, he locks himself in his house to write crap. He is haunted by a feel of guilt and is busy wiping out the little respect he has left. He is also a lousy opportunist. Like a hyena he is out chancing just in case there is an election soon. Sick man, very sick.

    • Mr Miyanda – you’re a retired brigadier general in the Zambia Army, but why do you still refer yourself as “general”. When one leaves the army, the ranks also cease! In civilised countries, retired army personnel do not refer themselves to their old ranks. Even in Zambia, your counterpart, Dr Brian Chituwo, was also a brigadier general but after he left the army, he reverted to his civilian title of doctor.
      Further, Mr Miyanda, why are you always implicated in attempting to assassinate others, e.g. late Levy Mwanawasa when he was vice-president, among others?
      Finally, Mr Miyanda, perhaps, it is time to face the reality that you may never be president of Zambia? Promotion comes from God, seek Him and find out why the presidency has eluded you: is it unforgiveness, vengefulness, pride?

    • I was young when the shooting incident in Kabwe happened. I guess that was also a time information flow was greatly controlled it would be interesting to get to the bottom of it!…As for 2.1 Muzungu Ku Mangalande thats the dumbest comment I’ve read! Brigadier General Miyanda is a graduate of Sandhurst Military Academy I think he has earned his title and should continue to use it to remind Bozo’s like you that you and him are not on the same level.

    • @Muzungu..
      do not display your ignorance this way, once a soldier always a soldier. Rank do no automatically fall away when one retires, its up to the individual to choose what he wants to be addressed like Dr Chituwo, Rev Shikapwashya, we also have General Masheke, General Chisuzi, Colonel Panji Kaunda etc
      At one time, the General was considered as the obvious choice to take over from FTJ, his rivals, those who felt threatened could have made those accusations to weaken his prospect to the throne…politics my dear. Up to now, HH has tried in every way…using jik, boom, paraffin to wash away what he and his party has been smeared with to no avail…
      Someone once said..’he will marry his mother if MCS became president’… well there he is…never say never…

    • @Muzungu Ku Mangalande either you are daft or you did not read the General’s letter of apology! Firstly, because I am a great fan of the General and I have always believed the General would have made a great Republican President! Second is a protocol lesson to you @Muzungu Ku Mangalande, the title in public, diplomatic or military last position always goes with you to the grave! Thats why you have President Kaunda, Ambassador Mutesa, even Gen Christon Tembo! Off course in military it is emphasised as retired General Miyanda! According to the Army handbook, it is not considered appropriate
      for junior retired officers
      to continue to use their rank.

    • @ 2.3 you just got me at ‘jik, boom and paraffin’. Awe wanjipaya. I can’t stop laughing. You people are truly funny. How you come up with these comments never ceases to amaze me.

  1. It is refreshing to note that the writer of the article owns up.

    Well done General.

    I think LT ought to encourage the vice a lot more especially Hjoe and Ruwe
    You need to respond to articles etal


  2. But General, you were the Acting President at the time that incident took place. That shooting was surely preceded with high level of planning and coordination and consultation at very high level either in the Police or Govt. And you are telling us that you were not aware!!!! Sorry General your expression of ignorance on this matter is unacceptable. Did you reprimand the then Inspector of Police? The answer is “No” you did not. Your reaction was also lukewarm. If you knew something, the best was to ask for forgiveness and reconcile with affected people just like our current President tried to reconcile with Angola when he sent KK to go and apologize for what Zambia was doing to Angola in the “dark” or probably you again no nothing about this?

    • @Meme Teacher at 4: not clear what you are debating; What kind of teacher or examiner are you who asks a question, answers it himself and passes the exam?

      1. The President does not command units and never participates in operations. This is a function of the Service Chiefs, who also do not directly commmand units below but do so through the various unit commanders on the ground. If President Sata is taking part in operational planning then there must be a lot of confusion in the Services. Are u confirming that thePF President takes part in planning to prevent opposition rallies?

      2. So you know what KK went to do in Angola? Good for you. I am NOT in Government. Ask KK or President Sata himself..

      3. Now debate the statement and be relevant so we can learn from you.

    • @ Miyanda @ Meme Teacher
      Gen. your temper has always let you down. Your response is making little sense. The president is Commander-in-Chief and therefore issues the first command after consulting with his confidants. As vice president you must have had at least an inclination of what was going on. You hated KK so much it is not a surprise that you are still held in suspicion. KK and his son have not bothered to respond to you. You must thank them for sparing you another term in prison. Remember how you treated KK on the day he lost? You hatred portrayed who you were and are up to this day. Stop opening your can of worms. Put that laptop away and seriously reflect on your sins.

  3. Bamiyanda no one can doubt that you are a law abiding citzen. the problem is where you only want things to be done the way you want them to be done if you learn to acomodate others this country will be blessed

    • @Wisdom at 5: ba Wisdom be wise like your name. Where in my statement have I said I want things to be done my way? I have cited Article 36 (1) which IS IN THE CONSTITUTION.I want the PF Government to follow the Constitution. If you do not understand consult someone who does before you comment and ask them to write the answers for you. Or even ask me to explain; I will gladly do so. Regards///

  4. mushota you comment on every story what a genius or is it luck of things to do? hope you are an employer and not an employee.

  5. Kudos to you for responding personally. I think you are the fourth one I have noted on LT do this directly and the third to remain 100% positive in doing so. The second of the three was a little combative in supporting his or her honest write up on a dirty city but nonetheless earns my total respect as you do for taking ownership, interacting and adding further scope to a published article.

    Much of what happened during the KK era will remain neatly folded in the pages of ‘blurred’ history but if it is any consolation the memoirs (if they are ever published) were to allegedly take on a ‘tell all’ approach. Not sure you were covered though…

    One can only encourage more writers to continue to do this as one blogger above has already noted. Happy post jubilee. Acting Prez Denzel…

    • @ A Phiri ana bwe… at 7: thanks for your appreciation.On KK I feel that since he is still with us there are some issues he can clear without waiting for his memoirs.

      As for me I am holding back to avoid making my book redundant///

  6. General Miyanda is one resolute man who personally has been my mentor in more ways than one. He is factual, to the point and very principled. It,s this same resoluteness that has been his greatest enemy over the years because most of those that accuse him fall way below his calibre and as such they do not understand him or his way of doing things. The man is definitely presidential material, but he just needs to up his act a bit, especially on party organisation and membership recruitment drive!

    • @St Jude at 8: The Heritage Party has heard the observations of many people on the Party. Many of the observations are correct, some are misplaced but we have held discussions here, Copperbelt, Central and recently in Western. The Party will respond at an appropriate time anon.

      I hear you on the perception by many people on me as an individual. Some concerns are the result of venom released in MMD days, part of internal feuds at that time. These have been helpful and will be addressed.

  7. ….Godfrey is my mentor and always shall be….now this article drives a small pin in my spine…its like scratching a scar till it opens up. I guess few bloggers may get excited and wonder why the acting president then was kept in the dark about such a grave incidence by the shushushu only to hear about it from BBC..?..to-date, no report from the security wing..?…Panji not pursuing the matter..?..as the situation stands , Godfrey still stand accused despite his denial. Why not sue to clear his name… some bloggers may wander..?…Engaging KK privately was the best course of action. Assassinating KK for what reason..?..Godfrey is seasoned soldier, if he was involved, KK could have been no more, I’m inclined to believe Godfrey than the accusers..Let the sleeping dog lie..

    • I totally agree with @ Muzungu ku Mangalande (2.1) ! For people who say Miyanda is a “seasoned” soldier – please state how many wars/battles he fought? How many campaigns does he have?
      Miyanda has a very abrasive personality, which is only suited for the barracks and not politics. Some 30 years ago VJ Mwaanga described him very well in his book “The Extraordinary Life of Vernon Mwaanga” : that Miyanda loves “authority” and making people around him “fear” him. These are not traits of a successful politician. Politicians who win elections are approachable, friendly and humble. Miyanda never smiles! How can anyone be drawn to him?
      In 2001 he had 4 MPs, all deserted him. Of late all his supporters have left, some opting for PF jobs in the foreign service. Miyanda is now a one-man…

    • @Scrutinezererat 2.3 and 9: the feeling of dejection and rejection is gone when even one person says “I believe you”! Thank you.
      1. You are spot on on the understanding of military customs and etiquette as well as understanding my statement.
      2. I know the reason I was kept in the dark – but there is a time for everything.
      3. The level of debates is discouraging; I enjoy a good arguement based on proper facts, reasoning and good research. But here people usually shoot below the belt and several times they seem to be lost – look at Mushoat @ 1.1 and @ 3: is this the same person?
      Many thanx///

  8. who was arrested?. Who has been charged en how did u dispense your duty as the acting president?. How come bbc was convinced?. how come u heard from bbc and not security personnel of Zambia?. ??????????

    • @Dobo Man at 10:
      1. Who was arrested/charged?: please ask the Government. At least I was NOT arrested and have not been arested for those serious allegations.
      2. Acting President: I performed exceedingly well and was loyal to Dr Chiluba as a professional soldier should be throughout my service. Even after he dropped me as Vice President without assigning a reason I continued to serve him loyally.
      3. BBC were given my fone number I do not know by who. They talked to KK and Dr Chongwe before they talked to me and believed them. It is them who should answer these questions.

  9. My honest advice to the general is to ignore what bloggers post because there will be too much for him to respond to if he insists on that path. In the process he will expose himself to ridicule and eventually working against his own political career. He should learn from Mushota who has been insulted and called all sorts of names yet she has remained resolute, possibly the best nominee on LT. We have bloggers of different colors, intentions and agenda. Some are useful and some are useless without anything to talk about but just yapping. A politician has to be thick skinned and tough. I wonder what will happen if he became a president of the country with more than 13 million people in the country with each one of them having different opinions. What time will he find to respond to this lot

    • @Jojo at 11:

      1. I say NO, NO, NO to ignoring lying bloggers. Liars on line and even in the Government must be exposed by giving facts until they lie no more.
      2. “Thick skin”? Giving facts has nothing to with “weak skin”. Failing to answer people works under Dont Kubeba. Why ask 13 million to vote for you if you plan NOT to talk to them or answer them? Anyway not possible for 13 m ZEDS to answer my statements on line; not all Zeds are literate ba Jojo.
      3. Nothing to learn from Mushota: look at @Mushota at 1.1 and @ Mushota at 3 above – is this the same person? And you say this is the best nominee on LT?!!!

  10. Gen Miyanda is one of the very few Godly leaders that can propel Zambia to greater heights.Zambia is in desperate need of such upright men and women.However, the world is corrupt that moral uprightness based Christian values is highly despised.I strongly feel that matter is a spiritual one.It is for the same reasons that people like Nevers Mumba may find it very difficult to gain political mileage.The truth is that if you don’t compromise with the world it tends to reject you.So do not give up sir. Besides leadership is not necessarily a position , but influence.My word of advice is that much as your leadership may be needed by the nation, you need to be proactive.Let your presence be felt in the country at all levels.Who knows what God’s next move is?

    • @Diskava at 12; thanx for the encouragement. To give up is to stop living; to give up is rejection of my faith. If Jesus was opposed who am I NOT to be opposed and rejected? The Devil is a liar; and lies travel fast, arrive first and leave a long trail of destruction but finally truth arrives and conquers, and heals and refreshes and builds. If I am not there, someone will be there to press on. Thank you///

  11. If Dr. Kaunda and Chongwe personally accused the General then they have to apologise (Although this is highly impossible given how stubborn the two are). However, it seems that the two doctors were so sure that the state had a hand in their being shot (if at all they were shot !!!) and since the General was acting President at the time he had to take the heat.

    • @PKM at 13: Dr Kaunda was present at Intercontinental Hotel when Dr Chongwe read the joint statement. Had they ended at citing me as Acting President/VP or the State I would not be complaining. But they named me personally, and placed me at the scene of the shooting in Kabwe when I was with visitors/senators from Portland Ohio in the USA. The document states inter alia that I “was personally supervising the assassination”. Some reports even gave the number of the vehicle I was alleged to be driving, a vanette, after receiving instructions from Dr Chiluba to “kill these people” before he returned! It is unfair to fabricate and then refuse to retract. Is this the meaning and truthfulness of the Golden Jubilee which they were celebrating?
      I can take heat but NOT lies!!!

  12. In the Kabwe incident, most people do not know that there was an unsung hero at the time. The one who attended to Kaunda and Chongwe after being shot was Brian Chituwo who was surgeon and director of Kabwe General Hospital. He wrote an honest medical report despite being under pressure from some quarters to falsify it.

    • @Kachepa at 14: yes he attended to Drs KK and Chongwe but he was not at the scene of the alleged assassination; so he cannot assist my case!

  13. It is very difficult to have an upright leader like Miyanda accede to high political office for the simple reason that not many Zambians (alas this actually goes beyond Zambia) take time to digest matters and do some checks. This is small wonder a lot of people think the wage freeze is a PF creation in the Zambian context for example! I salute you, gallant Brig. Gen.! Humility belongs to such as these that will apologize even to he who did them wrong! Thank you!

    • @Kalok at 15: thanx for the encouragement. Eventually truth prevails and we should be there to give a testimony of God’s love and justice///

  14. The sadistic habit the govt has in Zambia of keeping everything under the carpet give rise to speculations and innuendos. There could have been an inquiry or something to the Kabwe shootings. To many people Gen Miyanda is guilty of the attempted assassinations and will remain so until his name is cleared. May be the General has reasons for keeping silent about this issue and has deliberately refrained from suing KK and Chongwe.

    • @ Wantanshi at 16: I have not been silent; I ater wrote to President RB Banda NOT to pay Dr KK and Dr Chongwe until my complaint had been addressed. President RB wrote to me promissing to look into the matter. Well he is no longer in Government. KK was the biggest voice over this matter; his silence gives the impression that the publication was and is true.

      I chose NOT to sue to give him an honourable exit (I had a choice to sue criminally or civilly for the serious libel). KK was my mentor from when he shed tears over a handful of little boys, including me and late Otema Musuka, who braved the rains listening to him at a rally in Kitwe while the madalas had run for shelter! Perhaps I was foolish to respect him; time will tell but KK’s lie has assassinated me///

  15. There is what I have been saying about Godfrey all the time, there is something menacing and very sinister about his character. Imagine a former republican president is almost killed by the police, and the acting president at the time, one Brig. Gen (Rtd) Godfrey K. Miyanda claims he is clueless about who orchestrated the attempt! All those who know Roger Chongwe will tell you he is from the same incident deaf in one ear! And yet at one time Godfrey claimed KK and Roger lied about the incident, Chiluba even called it “hallucinations”. Unless Miyanda can come out clean on this matter, the Public Order Act one and the UNZA saga, he will to be remains the utmost menace to society in Zambia.

    • @ Field Marshall Tungulu at 17: Field Marshall, Sir, could you become relevant by reading my statement, understand it and then come back and present your reasoned views on the topic under discussion. I hear Chongwe has been paid damages or will be paid US$5m) so what is your issue? Did he name me in his complaint after announcing that he was going to sue me? Why has he not sued me? Oh Jubilee, Jubilee, JUbilee – let us leave lies in 2014!

  16. It is pure hatred like that exhibited by @2.1 muzungu ku Mangalande (that has become so common on LT that I often restrain myself from blogging) This/some bloggers in the pretext of hiding behind a keyboard can be so cruel in their innuendos againist the general inspite of his protestations. Count your selves lucky that in Zambia you cannot be traced by ZICTA but in other countries you would find yourself in court. Sad that a presidential candidate who not so long ago stood a good chances to making it to plot 1 is having to rely on blogging on LT. Perhaps this is an indictment of our media. Suffice to say the the general needs to take stock of his shortcomings pointed which all of us have, including those that have made it to Plot 1

    • @Quest, it has been my rallying cry that somehow we need to find a solution to self-regulate ourselves from behaving like dogs on either side of a wire fence. It has become a hardy practice by bloggers to either go at each other outside of what they are supposed to be blogging about, or attack the person of the writer of an article. It is appalling most especially that a large number of bloggers are further ensconced in their illusory comfort of using pseudonyms when they blog. Very sad indeed.

    • @Kalok: Agreed. But I think we need to stand up to this primtive type of blogging of character assassinations, insults and innuedos. Evil happens because good people choose to look away!!!

    • @ Quest at 18, 19.1 and 20; @ Kalok at 18.1; @ Claudette at 19; @ Cactus at 19.2 and 20.1: sorry I wish to but I am unable to respond to your foregoing comments. Is it possible, if you are “comfortable” to engage me off this network? If agreed we can make an arrangement, initially without any commitment, but hear each other out. Some of the views are well taken but they have been arrived at by remote control. My side should be heard before conclusions. I am attracted by the sincerity of your views. What do you say? Whoever sees this posting please info the others listed and then indicate if you are interested in a chat///

    • Gen. Miyanda, I am in on that suggestion to chat about that. I think the likes of @Quest and the others you cite are a team I would love to engage with as I see common direction in this matter. Thank you! I think the next direction is where we start.

  17. General Miyanda a brilliant analyst and focused fellow. However he may never rule Zambia because Zambians usually vote for chaff and not cream. General Miyanda has got to start telling lies in order to succeed. What a country.

    • @19 Claudette: I posted some suggestions for Gen which LT has decided not to post. 1.Gen is perceived to be too militaristic/authoritarian in his disposition. His biggest challenge! Whereas military discipline is a plus, excessive military inflexibility can be a big drawback in politics. Winning crowds is about flexibility rather than fixations. 2. Gen has to abandon the village concept (which is “plagiarised” Nyerere’s Ujaaama/we all know what damage Ujaama did to Tanzania. Instead he should adopt/localise more pragmatic vision/strategy e.g. fellow officer Paul Kagame’s transformation of Rwanda into a success. Such is NOT LYING but selling oneself & vision. 3. Gen must thrust himself on local media; community radios, local press & rallies. LT, ZWD, are NIETHER known/nor accessed…

    • @Quest, LOL. either you have a good sense of humour or you have missed @Claudette’s point. Are you saying you what to help BGGM become chaff, and not cream, and you have posted a few suggestions?

    • @ Enka at 23: I am afraid your light is a glare.

      1. You have misunderstood the apology. @ Denfreeze complained that I was intimidating the bloggers which I was not bcoz I had posted a response to two specific bloggers. Since it was NOT my intention to intimidate bloggers I chose to apologise to those other bloggers who had not complained. The last but one para states that I did NOT apologise to the ones who defamed me but forgave them.

      2. Your concept of not suing suggesting guilt is strange to me. It is not always necessary to sue; there may be other considerations: e.g. cost, time, unwanted publicity, family considerations, ignorance of the law, etc. I am familiar with litigation. Now I am fatigued; I have one case running for the past 10 years!

  18. Whereas military discipline is a plus, excessive militaristic disposition/headstrong can be a negative in politics. My personal advice is that Gen shud abandon the village concept. Let him learn one or two things about pragmatic economics from fellow officer Kagame’s vision & strategy to transform Rwanda into ac success. Localise such a successfful concept into Zambian context rather than experimenting with failed Nyerere Ujaama ideology. Most importanly thrust yourself in the political limelimelight through local media eg community radio stations, local newspapers & rallies. LT, ZWD, Tumfweko are NOT accessible to the masses that vote. 2016 is just round the corner. No ill will intended, but our President is not well & I pray that God can allow him to complete his term…

    • @Quest, clearly you have not read and understood the village concept, and you have not read and understood this particular article either. I am very passionate about the village concept because I live in a village in UK, but this is not the topic to dwell on that.

    • @20.1 Cactus: Mine was advice/suggestions which may be taken or trashed. No problem. Secondly delivering economic results for a country is NOT about PASSION/emotion but carefully thought out modelling based on sound economic theory. It is the application of such sound theory coupled with displicined application; monitoring, evaluating & “tweaking” where need be, that produces outstanding results. The UK economy is NOT anchored on the pretty villages u live in on rolling hills BUT on the financial market in the city of London whose daily turnover ranges between 2 to 8 trillion USD (PER DAY) in spot, forward & swap transactions. Then there is the oil & gas of North sea. Of course sectors such as retail & housing are supportive.My advice is pick a book of basic economics…

    • CONTD: @Cactus 20.1: Further advice is that read about National Accounting, Fiscal/taxation policy & Monetary policy. Then in your time/mind try & reconcile these basic economic principles/fundamentals with the Villlage Concept in the context of the Zambian economy. I offer this advice because I believe you are well educated, intelligent & reasonable but your views are closed/shut from other perspectives (read about Johari window). Bottom line is, it NOT possible to know everything (I for one does not know it all) BUT it is IMPORTANT to consult/ take into account expert opinions/theories/emperical evidence even conflicting ones before marching on a “crusade” it be a personal business plan or political/economic ideology of whatever sort! I remain open to your advice too…

    • @Quest, I don’t encourage going out of topic because as you know, it usually fragments the subject at hand rather than add to it. I think BGGM’s suggestion that we continue the debate away from LT is a good idea if time permits. But let me briefly digress and respond to your comment. My work entails visiting industrial sites as well as domestic dwellings, so my passion is derived from what I have actually seen in East Anglia region of UK and transacted in as an engineer. I have seen that Industrial Areas are not restricted to urban centers, but evenly spread in villages too. I have seen that the design of the buildings, tarred roads, communication, security, health services etc…are as good as in the urban centers, and if anything more spacious. I have seen infrastructure development, …

    • Cont’d @Quest. ….infrastructure development, particularly in rural areas, accelerate in the last four years to a point where my Sat Nav can barely keep up, to say nothing about paper maps. Britain as you know is now out of recession mainly because of this infrastructure activity. And history tells us this is not the first time Britain has pulled itself out of a recession in this matter. The Heritage Party’s village concept provides a model for balanced development between rural and urban areas. Among other things, most western Countries have used this concept over the years to get to where they are today.So, when you say BGGM should drop the village concept which has worked and continues to work in developed Countries, you need to give rational reasons.

    • @20.5: Engineer Cactus: I had a strong gut feeling you were an engineer! So I will use Newtonian principles which you understand to explain myself. Newton’s 1st law states that an object will remain at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line unless acted upon by an external force. This is a statement about inertia, that objects will remain in their state of motion unless a force acts to change the motion. Newton’s 2nd law of motion states that: The acceleration of an object as produced by a net force is directly proportional to the magnitude of the net force, in the same direction as the net force, and inversely proportional to the mass of the object.

    • CONTD: . The first/obvious assumption is that that the village concept is not yet functional in Zambia for the sake of practicality villages in Zambia will need the “net force” to get the going/overcome inertia, probably in the form of injections from mining revenues or VAT or PAYE. (Just like the UK villages continue to receive infrastructure funding earned from the city of London’s financial markets). Going back to 1st law of thermodynamics (law of conservation of energy) energy/matter cannot be created, it can only be converted from one form to another.

    • CONTD: I DON’T see how wealth can be created from Zambian villages which are wallowing in poverty unless they receive an injection from other sectors such as mining /financial markets govt subsidies and thats ASSUMING that the market conditions for their outputs are right and there is no mismanagement/corruption/nepotism. (excessive friction losses). So to talk of the Village concept as a development model is putting the cart before the horse. Village concept is an end & NOT means at least in the current Zambian context.

  19. I have always found you General to be one of the most sober minded politicians in this country in the manner who articulate national issues. The problem I think why you have not landed the hot seat is that you are perceived, rightly or wrongly. In politics one has to learn to compromise and even learn to make alliances of convenience. I am sure if you could do that you could probably end up at Plot One someday. Otherwise this country needs more of your type of politician.

    • @ Thrash Metal at 21: points noted. Perceptions are important, especially in politics. I am familiar with alliances. It is always imperative to first resolve fundamental or ideological issues before forming alliances.I hope we can interact///

  20. Thrash Metal October 25, 2014 at 3:53 pm | Permalink

    I have always found you General to be one of the most sober minded politicians in this country in the manner who articulate national issues. The problem I think why you have not landed the hot seat is that you are perceived, rightly or wrongly to be a loner. In politics one has to learn to compromise and even learn to make alliances of convenience. I am sure if you could do that you could probably end up at Plot One someday. Otherwise this country needs more of your type of politician.

  21. Gen Miyanda ,there’s two kinds of light:the glow that illuminates and glare that obscures.I feel that you come off as the latter and an apology denotes some culpability as well as confounds the facts of the case.If you know you’re innocent just sue all the parties spreading falsehoods whether its a blogger or govt officials of yesteryears.

  22. It is good to know that the General reads the blogs that we write, that way his able to listen and understand how we the people feel and see how our leaders are looking and treating us. Thank u for ur time to read as it makes u a better and informed person.

  23. Let us face it General Miyanda is a self-taught individual. I personally saw him studying law books at UNZA when KK had accused him of treason in order to defend himself. This man drove a rickety car but rose to VP and we should respect him for this. I personally find him very sober minded but in Zambia we vote with our noses closed (olo chilenunka chikulu tufumye UNIP olo emuemudi) so such upstanding men will never lead us which is truly very sad. But soldier on general with your beautiful wife Angela as you have one admirer and that is me! You write very well unlike many bloggers and many soldiers I have known. Only wish you had done more to alter our constitution when you had the levers of power but can understand you were dealing with a power hunger boss namely, FTJ.

  24. You mean the Zambian government of the day failed to thoroughly investigate this matter and bring the true culprits to book?

  25. Wanzelu why do always lie and fail to have the back up your lies. First and formost, anyone familiar with the intelligence in Zambia will say Sata was no body whether in UNIP or MMD. There are many intelligence wings, military, police, office of president and the special branch. Personally having a better understanding of what I’m talking about, Gen Miahanda is innocent coz the intelligence can work without even the principle’ s blessings. However Gen Miyanda is not an angel in many ways on owning him very closely when he was a Vice President staying at the vice president’s residence along leopard hill road. He can be brutal towards his wife Angela and his two daughters could even bribe officers to go out as he they wanted to see their boy friends. At the time Angela was running a…

    • @Pafwenamwine, what’s BGGM wife and children got to do with this topic? Please stick to topic and respect the Miyandas as you would wish them to respect your family.

    • @ Pafwenamwine at 28: you have lied; there is no VP’s residence on Leopards Hill Road. Further since when have I claimed to be an angel? and where in the statement is this written? Your comments have not strengthened your argument but merely revealed your express prejudice and hatred towards me. Zero contribution, repent of your prejudice and hatred.

  26. It is sad that the issue still resides in the realm of speculation. Any citizen is entitled to innocence until proven guilty.

  27. Surely I do not expect the General to apologise on bloggers such as ‘Denfreeze or Muzungu ku Mangalande’. General on the online media such as LK you expose yourself to intellectuals, dimwits, politicians, cadres, tribalists etc. A person like you General with a clean heart and a christian of your standing should know that there exists people who are one-way-traffic such that whatever you say or do will not change their opinions. Sadly, that even this apology will just make them rejoice in their malice in maligning you for a criminal. This is evidenced in some bloggers who do not want you even to use your rank which can just take a simple research but they are not ready because they have a fixed opinion. You shld’v just explained on the issue without apologising unless you do not mean…

    • @ Katwa at 31: sorry just seen, I had signed off.

      1. I genuinely meant to apologise to the bloggers in general. When defamed you first send a Letter of Demand”, which is really a “threat”. On reflection I considered @ Denfreeze was partially right, hence the apology.
      2. I am aware of all the personalities you have described. I had stopped blogging several years ago bcoz of the language and the low level of debates that veer away from the topic. But I believe a time will come when bloggers will sober up and debate as they should. Internet now is like the release of nigger slaves, who find freedom for the first time but don’t believe they are free!!! Patiently waiting for that day but appreciate your comments///

  28. ” The lady who called refused to accept my protestations that I was not even aware of the incident but revealed that she had been contacted by, among others, Dr Kaunda and Dr Chongwe. ”

    Welcome to the BBC’s Faith Based Reporting.

    Did she state how Dr. Kaunda and Dr. Chongwe know who was behind an assassination attempt?

    It is so easy to pick apart the BBC’s reporting on Zimbabwe too.

  29. Mr. Miyanda must not sign off as “BRIGADIER GENERAL.” He is retired. If he wants to still use his military titles he should include “Brigadier General (Retired.)” It is publicly and academically improper signing off as though he is in active service. The same way those “doctors” with honorary degrees also add “honorary” to their names to indicate that they never earned their doctorate.

    • @Keyikeyi at 32: let us agree to disagree; you know what you know and I know what I know. I am sure you know the topic at hand – go to it or move to another topic that you understand. Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda///

  30. Ba Miyanda twapata, tusheni. Gen you had all the time, and power to change what you are condemning now ,whe you were VP you did nothing why? There is only one reason to justify your domance. It’s because you were enjoying GRZ money and didn’t know much about the life outside government. Your party HP consists of yourself and Angela out of 15 million Zambians. You ve had this cheap party for more than 10 years but only two members, you and your wife, why? Don’t take Zambians for granted. Zambians know what they want and you are not the right person to advise us. you and HH are spent force, you don’t matter in Zambia’s modern politics. Start farming now I, know there are people ill advising you that one day you will be president of Zed. What a lie? We are happy with Sata and he is…

    • @Kapoma..
      your posting is misplaced..I guest you did not even read the article…just seeing the name Miyanda you got agitated and went straight for the key board.
      Please do not let the ‘cadresim’ get the best of you. Its time we engaged in politics of tolerance, reasoning and respect. There are so many people who equally believe that HH, Nevers, The General, Edith, Chipimo, Fr Bwalya etc could do a better job than MCS just as people like you believe in MCS to be the best..
      My humble and simple advice is that you just concentrate on ‘selling’ MCS and his party without despising others on ‘personal basis’. If you want to ‘attack’ them, do so on issue basis..policies..some of us are just ordinary citizens not affiliated to any party…try to convince me to support or join you….

    • …sell yourself and convince me to join you and not trying to convince me not to join others…bwana…..some of us have graduated from ‘ukwalola umwela'(where the wind blows) type of politics to issue based….

    • @ Kapoma Kabaso at 33:

      1. I will not engage you in your cadre arguments since you are saying nothing about the topic. Free knowledge: the law in Zambia does not allow registration of a political party with two people only.
      2. ZNBC and other public media are dead scared of me appearing on their channels. Are you proud of the PF President’s record of fearing to appear for interview for three years, no press conference, when I want to appear every day if possible?
      3. I shall leave LT when LT tell me to stop. These LT publications are also published by the Daily Nation, ZWD, Zambian Eye and now Zambia Reports and several others.

  31. I have to say, it is a mark of a very principled person to go the extra mile to put things in context so that readers can understand the back ground, and offer an apology in the manner Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda has given. Clearly BGGM is head and shoulders above other political leaders in our Country. Period.
    A friend of mine once told me: ‘It’s difficult to fly and soar like an eagle when you are surrounded by turkeys, but do not despair’. And this is the message I would like to pass on to BGGM.

  32. Gen implicated in military coups. Gen. mentioned in the Mwanawasa accident. Gen. implicated in the KK assassination. Gen. fired by Chiluba for his address to the nation…One General countless accusations–honestly even if he is unlucky. There must be some truth at the bottom of the sea. Please do not be deceived by this man who wants to turn Lusaka Times into his question and answer forum. Let him go to ZNBC and table his sentiments in the same manner. He knows it will be the end of his political career.

    • @ Former Heritage Member at 35:
      1. Update yourself by researching High Court of Zambia Cause Number HP/166/1981 and the appeals in the Supreme Court of Zambia Appeals Numbers SCZ 12019/1983. If you are sharp enough to understand come back and make an informed case.

      2. On Mwanawasa read the Mumba Commission of Inquiry titled “Report of the Commission of Inquiry Into the Accident Involving the Vice President of Zambia” dated 1992 and Government Paper No. 1 of 1992 (White Paper). You will be embarrassed at the findings at how my MMD rivals were coaching witnesses to lie against me but truth arrived and their short legs were broken! I know the BIg Fish behind these conspiracies.
      3. On Dr Chiluba: you lie; he never gave a reason for my removal but appointed me Cabinet Minister…

  33. @ Former Heritage Member at 4.2:

    1. You are not Heritage but maybe “intelligence”. If Heritage why did you join after you claimed I mistreated KK? FYI I prevented KK from being hounded out of State House immediately by your bosses and I am proud of that. It is you who hates and lies about other people. I was with FTJ when KK conceded. I prevailed on FTJ NOT to listen to those who wanted retribution against KK.

    2. KK (and his son) are alive this Jubilee season; let them speak for themselves on the alleged assassination. Come out in the open as I have done; give your name. What are you afraid of?
    3. I never served term in any prison, another lie. I never harbour hatred otherwise I should have ulcers and BP; I am at peace. I have only been appealing to KK to remove the…

  34. @ Former Heritage Member at 4.2 :

    3. …I had only been appealing to KK to move the assassination lie against me, a fitting Jubilee Gift!!!

  35. This is what I have always suspected of the events of that day: Chiluba wanted KK out. It had to be done when Chiluba was out of the country, blame it on an “incompetent” VP. Have KK out and dismiss a VP, who had become so popular and we all had hope that he would be the next president and save the country from disaster. Then Chiluba was to proceed with the third term project with ease. Thank God the plan failed – but he had to dismiss his VP anyway.

  36. I just wish God can make it possible that Christians like B. Gen. Miyanda or Dr. Mumba can be leaders in this country. Lungu is not bad though but the party and the people is working with. Look at the way BGGM articulates issues, very professional.

    There is too much hatred and bitterness in this country. We need men of integrity. May God ve mercy on Zambia.

  37. 1. If an assassination attempt is carried out on Kaunda from right under your nose as acting president and former army Brig. Gen., and you to date remain clueless about the scheme, then it gives another very dark dimension to the letters after your commission Rtd i.e. “retarded”. 2. The POA is the most vile colonial era piece of legislation in Zambia. After it was outlawed by the supreme court, why as VP did you bring it back to parliament & shove it under our throats? Please save me the stupid collective responsibility excuse because I was there in court to see you menace the bench! 3. After Chiluba fired you as veep & made you minister of education, why did you not resign, out of honour? Did you think the presidency could still land on your gurumuthu?

  38. 4. If indeed you were innocent of the coup plot, why did you leg it so hard to Katanga!
    5. Chinkuli, your former boss, once said, and quote, “Godfrey is a very difficult person to work with”. Is this not what is happening that your Heritage Party is failing to create traction on the political scene because you’re just too pig headed? 6. Why are you always under suspicion of one evil or another? There cannot be smoke without fire? 7. Are you a menace to society? Answer yes or no!

    • @ Masautso Banda at 40: just admit you do not understand the issues you are discussing.
      1. The President does not participate in operational matters of the Services. Organisationally the Span Of Control would make it impractical, illogical and inefficient for the President to be one of the commanders of the Services.
      2. POA: Read the Mulundika judgement: the POA was never “outlawed” (you meant nullified perhaps?). The amendment I took to Parliament introduced the new arrangement of parties NOTIFYING the Police instead of seeking PERMISSION. This followed the obiter guidance by the Supreme Court.
      3. I do NOT regret not resigning; I was assigned to the Ministry of Education, one of the largest if not the largest where I diligently served Mother Zambia.

  39. By the way Mr Miyanda, rumour has it that someone took a notorious sangoma to exorcise state house of KK’s ghosts before Chiluba took up residence of Nkwazi house, do you know anything about this event? Please do not tell me you “did not know anything” because this excuse of your has started stinking! I also once recall you claiming Chiluba was not angling for a 3rd term and if he did, you would have known as a soldier because this would be war and you’re trained to fight wars. Now, that one like others passed you clean, while you were busy “uli ndwiiii”. Idle!

    • @ Masautso Banda at 42: so you are a disciple of rumours, eh?
      1. There were no ghosts but I found a real “Holy of Holies” , of which there is no need to go into as it is completely IRRELEVANT.
      2. 3rd Term Bid: You have lied. Remember my article “Debating the Debate”? I challenged my President first privately dissuading him but he said he had nothing to do with it but named another Minister. Later I wrote to him and finally joined a group of senior MMD leaders to speak against the so-called 3rd Term. Just stop, you are going to lie again. For you I sign off as there is no value in rumour mongering in which you specialise.

  40. The General can make the greatest president ever but who is going to vote for him.Most zedians are in poverty and uneducated they would rather vote for money than for integrity. Like l said last time its either he hijacks l party or reorganize his party.No kaponya will vote for him but he needs those votes.

    I mean the real General should consider writing a book on his life, it would be a very good seller. He has immerse experiences and happenings in that “statehouse”.

    • Gen. Miyanda I can assure you I am not a member of the intelligence nor have I ever been. I was a member of your party until this article. What you don’t know is you are washing dirty linen in public and leaving your members in a confused state. The KK assassination attempt that has come to haunt you would be a bygone if you had sued KK and Rodger Chongwe for implicating you in a very serious case. By now you would have won and restored your credence. The idea of trying to defend yourself in this manner is silly and reflects on your confused mental state. Stop playing on the minds of the Zambian people. I can assure you those who are praising you must have been very young when the attempt was made. They learned about you at the Northmead Assemblies of God where you masquaraded.

  42. I respect the General so much, I pray one day he ascends to the top job….however i would like to make a submission to him. Wouldnt it be nice to have a spokesman so that you dont have to deal with bloggers who are far below your caliber Gen. God bless you and may your patriotism one day come as a memorial before God Almighty.

    • @ Sakala at 45: Your observations are well taken. Some points of information:
      1. The Heritage has addressed the issue of a new spokes person since the incumbent is not active. This is for the Party and it is already being attended to.
      2. In these discussions or debates I write as an individual, especially when giving a view that has not been subjected to internal consultations and resolved on.
      3. For me there is no person I cannot engage just because of perceived low calibre. There is always something to learn from other people. If I influence our young people to raise the debates to a higher level by engaging them that will be a great achievement.

  43. @ Former Heritage Member at 44.1:
    1. Where is the dirty linen and who hang it in public? I never discussed KK; a blogger introduced the topic, obviously with false innuendos. So I had to correct the falsehoods and I do not regret doing so. 1997 is 27 years ago; so it is mischievous to bring this up today; and even irresponsible to keep quiet about the stigmatisation. When there is no one to defend me I shall do so myself.
    2. Pse read my original statement and understand it. It was about governance under PF and not about KK.
    3. I know you are NOT Heritage; not even part of the Heritage Remnants.
    3. Finally, as I have given you sufficient time and have heard you, I end this dreary drawl and I sign off as regards this topic/// For other bloggers am done for today.

  44. This does not sound like an apology General. Sorry, you have just given us more issues to speculate about. If I may ask one question, have you ever been wrong?

    • @ Coschez at 47:
      1. The apology is about not intimidating other bloggers. I had switched to “litigation mode”. When @Denfreeze first raised his objection I realised my error and promptly apologised and so far I have kept my word. Read the apology posting to understand what the apology was about.
      2. New issues: you are unfair. It is other bloggers who have introduced new issue which I am merely responding to.
      3. I am wrong many times and concede when my mistake is pointed out to me. But I am NOT wrong to respond to serious false allegations introduced by some bloggers. My apology is evidence of my admission of at least one wrong on this site.

  45. @ Quest and @ Cactus: what do you say about my suggestion of an off-LT chat? You both hav important points regarding the immediate topic and other issues. But your robust exchange may degenerate into a personal quarrel. @ Kalok has agreed; @Claudette and you two have not directly responded though Cactus has more or less warmed up to it.
    May I suggest that if you agree we start in “court”:
    1. Each of you start with your charges against me, indicating what you think I have done wrong, including Quest’s view about my ‘militaristic style’.
    2. I answer the charges.
    3. Judgement is reserved to later date.
    4. We review and decide the next steps or way forward.
    What say you all, including @ Kalok and @Claudette?

  46. @49; Gen: Thanks for noticing my posts. Count on me that I will continue to treat Cactus with utmost respect. My background is science/engineering though I have moved on to appreciate the arts (business) hence my “robust” exchange with an equally tenacious Cactus. This is just a debate & the brotherhood /love of our nation should prevail over our intellectual pride (speaking for myself)! I hope Cactus will take it in his stride & have good laugh! I work outside Zambia & only comes to the motherland approx 20% (time) of the year. You are in my prayers & I hope I should be able to summon enough courage to engage in Zambian politics & meet you in Lusaka in person. Also I am not into chat rooms due to time demands of my job but this something I am open to (after hours)…

    • @ Quest at 50: thanx for taking trouble to respond and have taken note. I meant this to be a “one-off” initially. Will await response by the others. Trouble is if this page is moved to archive – how to contact and follow up. I suppose where there is a will there will be a way when get to the bridge. But thanx for post.

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