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The Death of our President – NAREP

General News The Death of our President - NAREP

President Sata being welcomed by Vice-President Dr Guy Scott on arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport from New York on sepember 28,2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Sata being welcomed by Vice-President Dr Guy Scott on arrival at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport from New York on sepember 28,2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

Today we mourn the passing of our republican president. Make no mistake about it, whether we voted for him or not, whether we supported or opposed his ideas or style of leadership, he was our president. His parting is a huge loss to our nation and brings to the fore memories of the passing of the late Levy Mwanawasa.

The passing of Mr. Sata comes at a time when we have just commemorated and celebrated our Golden Jubilee. It is a time that will therefore carry with it, bitter-sweet memories in the years to come.

Our immediate concern must be to mourn our departed leader and to console the first family and our nation. This must not be a time to campaign but a time to mourn. This should not be a time for division but a time to heal. There can be no joy in the death of another but only a sense of awareness of our own death and what we each must do while we are alive to make the most of the remaining time allotted to us by our Creator.

Let us reflect the Zambian spirit that shows there is more that unites than separates us. Let us mourn the passing of our president with the sense of dignity and unity befitting the death of a head of state.

Elias C. Chipimo
National Restoration Party
29 October 2014


    • May the peace of Christ reign over Zambia. Believers let us take time to lift up Zambia in prayers and cover it under the blood of Jesus. God still has a purpose for Zambia and he is still Good, in everything we should give thanks no matter how painful.

  1. Nobody accused Chipimo of celebrating but he sounds to be on the defensive. In what context really is he saying “There can be no joy in the death of another but …”

  2. Bakateka chabipa…the Most High allowed him to do his part for Zambia. His soul shall rest in peace. Bravo to Sata, long live Zambia

    Ba Chipimo you are wise… very well said ZWD and company please note and act according to these wise words, please just take a moment to serve Zambia. Another President will arise for you to continue to belittle, vilify, … you have failed to divide the country. SATA will united Zambia even in his death ( sorry I can only express my views here at LT where freedom of speech exists- unlike ZWD which always blocks positive views about Zambia)

  3. thanks Narep and RB this shows how you value politics. we now wait for the united non patriot dividers and their watchdog tamwakatekepo. Sata’s death has brought unity against those that wished him dead. Believe me

  4. It’s indeed sad that a nation can lose two sitting presidents within a short period of time. May the good Lord look upon our beloved nation with favour. Indeed we may have had our differences with the president but we should acknowledge that he was republican president who superintended over the affairs of the nation on our behalf in his own gifted way. GO WELL, YOUR EXCELLENCY.

  5. As a Christian nation, let us all pray to God for peace during this sad time and durung the transition period. This is the time to bury our differences and come together.

  6. Kaseba you were more serious with your awards than the health of Sata.The whole government was lying about his health when it was Cristal clear that he was sick.
    This is how God deals with wicked leaders as he does not allow his people to suffer.
    You have meant Mwanawasa whom you mocked.
    Rest in peace but i wonder as your soul has rested as a bitter President

  7. I agree with Mr Chipimo, it is time to be human and do what is expected of a sensible human beings. Mr MSC was our president and we should mourn him with diginity, we need to unity beyond individual interests and maintain peace in this mourning period and thereafter, it is a time to be christians and do just as christ instructs in His holy word. condolences to the Sata family, the Govt and the nation at large

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