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Secretary to Cabinet confirms President Sata’s death


President Sata inspects a guard of honour during the opening of parliament on September 19, 2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
President Sata inspects a guard of honour during the opening of parliament on September 19, 2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

Secretary to the Cabinet Roland Msiska has confirmed President Michael Sata’s death in London.

Dr. Msiska said President Sata died last night at 23:11 hours Zambian time at King Edward VII Hospital Beaumont Central London.He said First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba and his son Lusaka Mayor Mulenga Sata and others were present at the bedside at the time of his passing on.

Dr Msiska has urged Zambians to remain calm, united and peaceful during this difficult period.He added that the nation will be kept informed of other details regarding the funeral and burial arrangements.

President Sata left the country on 20th October for medical checkup in London accompanied by the first Lady and other members of the family.
President Sata was born on July 6,1937, and became Zambia’s fifth President on 23rd September,2011.


  1. MHSRP! The era has begun for undoing all what Sata stood for- tribalism, corruption, and violence. It is now time to distribute the national cake equitably and to demolish the evil cartel that has been hijacking presidents once and for all. It is time to deliver a people driven constitution now. Lastly whoever takes over from the opposition, except for the proven bad leaders from MMD, will be better. The PF leaders will be just up to concealing the massive corruption during Sata’s rule 9maintaining the status quo) and are therefore extremely undesirable.

    • Zambians need blame themselves for not putting more effort in prayers. Imagine all those Pastors and priests, some are even political leaders, they never gathered to join prayers and save a life.
      I have always said, I miss Ba Sata so baddddddy!.
      Whom are we going to joke with… who? What a politician he was…

    • MHSIP. We know how good this is to opposition. UPND brace yourself for leadership and all those experiments you were busy suggesting. bitter sweet for you. lets see ur budget, mineral tax, cabinet and all. celebrate

    • I am completely heartbroken numb and I feel no need to go anywhere.

      This is the saddest day of both mine and the country at large.
      Thank you all for your sympathies

      This country may never recover from this catastrophe

    • With every challenge comes an opportunity. God will raise another leader for the great nation of Zambia! Will miss you Man of Action! May your Soul find favor in the eyes of the Almighty God! Till we meet again Sir ! Semper fidelis!!

    • MHSRIP…not that that is out of the way let me say PF has been the worst government Zambia has ever had.It instigated violence ,supression of peoples freedoms and disobey LAWS with impunity.Karma is a B..itch..
      Zambians we made a mistake voting PF now we should correct our wrongs.Farmers,teachers,nurses,journalists,the young,the old we were all duped rise up and demand a constitution and new breed of leaders.Its time for Zambia to be lead by the youth.ABASH PF!

    • @Nostradamus
      you cant blame zambians for not praying enough,, Zambians were praying for his routine medical check up,,, yet Sata was terminally ill,, so the prayers were confused,
      Sata lived in and with lies and he has died with and in donchi kubeba,,,,
      am waiting for dog eat dog in PF!!!who will be the next president??

    • @Ndobo and the guilty, Never Mumba asked Zambians to fast all day. What did he get, ridicule. I couldn’t believe it. Go there and find my comment. NONE.
      On this, you my good friend Ndobo can differ.
      And I withdraw my candidacy from LT’s best blogger. I am out.

    • I am saddened on the death of our 2nd sitting President. At the Same time disgusted that 50 years of independence? we still could not manage this properly. It was evident that the President was sick, but selfish & dull leadership we have always pretended like all was well.

      We would have asked him to step down to rest on medical grounds. Really sad for him that he was never given a chance to rest. Rest in peace Sata.

      Young Zambians: It’s time we asked for answers. This should force VP and other government officials to resign. They are full of lies so we cant trust them. GENERAL MIYANDA was right to call them “Government of liars”

    • We shall see whether your HH will go through this time around. Brethren from Luapula, Muchinga, Northern and Central provinces let us not make any mistake of voting for this tribal and selfish leader called Hakainde Hichilema.

    • The death of President Sata brings about too many questions, thereby creating confusion, instead of solidarity and national unity. The man had passion for infrastructure and the roads are there for all to see. However, Sata was a chief Tribalist and Dictator. He instructed the Police to brutalise any one with a different view. Civil servants are being victimised every where, including Ministry of Labour, which is supposed to be the custodian of fundamental rights at work. Mealie meal prices are historical high. Farmewrs remain unpaid. the national external debt is almost $5 billion. Corruption and stealing among ministers and permanent secretaries has been institutionalised. so Zambia where to????

    • Hip hip hooray 🙂 hopefully now mother Zambia will return to normal ! we were tried of being colonized by the Northerners ! Go to southern/western provinces and the bastards were speaking Bemba to other tribes !

    • ‘Don’t talk ill about the dead’… so goes the saying and our hypocrisy as Zambians. even today we are still in denial and pretending all is well.

      The entire cabinet should resign and apologise for lying to Zambians. ‘The President is fit and health’ and yet he was a dead man walking; and now we want to pretend like nothing really happened before he died. It is this kind of hypocrisy that will never make us develop an inch.

      Why is it that we are afraid to face reality and we can’t handle the truth? Even the supposedly intelligent bloggers right here were in denial, pretending like all is well and insulting the ZWD. This should never come as a surprise to anyone if we faced the truth. And now we have to transport his body at a huge expense.

    • Sata’s choice to seek medical attention (& eventually die) outside the country is a disgrace to Zambian people. One blogger’s comment quoted from a foreign website: “Almost all of them die in foreign lands seeking medical help, while their country’s medical system face near collapse”.

    • @MALOZA: You are right and they are all proud of this nonsense. Mandala Died and was cared for in South Africa? imagine the cost of this funeral plus his medical bills. Zambian Leadership has to change. We cannot have this to continue, including all of the, that send their Children Overseas?? Improve the Zambian Education system. Don’t we realize that we are making other Economies stronger?? Letting ours collapse? People let us wake up??

    • Mushota,Saulosi I hope you will not die of hypertension,please come out!!don’t bury your heads in the sand in an ostrich style .

    • Indeed this is sad for the nation and I pray for peace and stability. My condolences to the family and the nation. Let us remain calm.

    • May the peace of Christ reign over Zambia. Believers let us take time to lift up Zambia in prayers and cover it under the blood of Jesus. God still has a purpose for Zambia and he is still Good, in everything we should give thanks no matter how painful.

  2. My father, my father, the chariots of Zambia and the horsemen thereof. You fought a good fight, you ran your course. I believe in the resolve of the Zambian people. We shall continue. Aluta continua! MYSRIEP

  3. Sincere condolences to the first Family and the people of Zambia. My view is that we get a breath of fresh air and bring in a younger President now.


    • It is not age.
      KK is 90 yrs old, and he can stand in this presidential by-elections and lead Zambia for next 10 years.

  4. such bastards like sata deserve to be dead; the monkey was just destroying our economy and chewing our tax funds on his so called medical checkups internationally. rest in peace chicala for the devil welcomes you: Evans Mfula at Evaduco reporting live from the suburbs of lusaka and hiding from kitwe boys

    • Is that the first question you will ask, when your father dies. Hoooo too bad, so who will marry my mother, is it …..
      You can’t think of Ba Sata has a human being?

  5. RIP Mr President, sad news indeed!

    Zambia, a beautiful woman who just turned 50 and keeps on marrying men over 70 yrs or men of questionable health and you wonder why you are often a widow. This time around, marry a man of your age, who is educated, healthy and intelligent. If he has plenty of cattle, that would be an added advantage!

    Mourn well Zambians

  6. God lift Micheal Chilufya Sata to His Holy Home. Forgive us our sin to him as we all forgive our perceived sorrows and wrongs. Protect his wife and family.

    And now the time has come for all Zambian Patriots, to arise and uphold our great nation. Through good, orderly conduct.

    Let us now with great care for one another take the task to democratically enact our duty as according to our Constitution. Gov’t on one hand dutiful to the people to conduct correctly all democratic observations. Gov’t to ensure our security during this time.

    People of Zambia, in our loss we can but only hope for a new beginning. God ?Bless Zambia. God Bless MCS now at home with God Almighty.

    • Does God accept individuals who were lying to people about their illness and clinging on to power regardless. ..Zambians need to wake up!!

  7. After the confirmation, I first of all wish to express my deep sorrow and condolescences to the loss of one of the great Zambian who challenged each one of us to be pragmatic in the way we serve the public. No doubt Mr Sata was a pragmatic man and his works are there for all to see, especially those of us that grew up in Lusaka. Indeed God so loved Zambia that he gave us Sata to show us that despite all the education , money and experience people boast about, pragmatism about service we offer to our people is key. He understaood the needs of a common man and that explains why the common man lifed him up to the highest post in the land.

    He was one of a kind. He opposed our mediocrity so as to make us aim higher.

    You were a great man rest in peace

    • You show a high level of wisdom MMD chief bootlicker.What is your opinion concerning as to who takes over the [presidency before the bye elections in 3 months?The acting president or the vice president/

    • MY dear Red Square, I think we shall have a lot of opportunities and a lot of threads on which to discuss that issue. For now, let us mourn the loss of our fellow Zambian who was a president of our great land

    • MMD Chief that is the best comment you have ever posted on this site. Very mature and non-partisan despite your name. I applaud you for for your level headedness. I will people like Engineer From Australia can learn from you. There is time for everything.

    • Well said Chief MMD Bootlicker. How I wish we had Sata after the demise of Levy. The country would have moved miles ahead in terms of infrastructure development as witnessed during his short 3 years in office. Having RB was a wasted opportunity.

    • MMD Chief Bootlicker, can you please also praise him for the unprecedented levels of tribalism, corruption and violence in the nation.

    • @MMD Chief Bootlicker, everybody wonders why we never comment on each other.
      But today I will come and shake your had and say “mudala emano aya…” Good comment, I feel your realness.
      I didn’t sleep yet, and its 4am. What a week it gonna be.
      Such characters are hard to find…

    • @MMD Chief Bootlicker – Well said! How I wish I could see things from your point of view. Unfortunately, I feel happy and relieved and I just can’t help myself.

  8. RIP ba kateka ba SATA…. your name is set in stone as the legendary man who never gave up on his dreams right till the very end! You taught us all that if you dont give up..your dreams will come to fruition… If anyone isnt inspired by your life,then allow me to quote you “Those are the so called journalists… ask them!!”

  9. Just leave this swines carcass in England with his colonial masters! Those same ones that taught him to DIVIDE and RULE tactics.

    For sure God did not want this constable colonial informer to celebrate Zambias Jubilee!

    He does not deserve to be buried in Zambia, he will pollute our soil!

    • bitterness my brother or sister of which i doubt you will have to tame it. SATA may not be liked by a normal person but do not insult a dead man who was our president.

    • But some of the things you guys say. Its better to keep quiet. Surely how can you insult a dead man, let alone who was president? Simply shocking!!!

  10. My heartfelt Sincere condolences to the first Family and the people of Zambia.
    Please Mr.Msiska can you please tell us why the British doctors killed our president while on routine medical check ups?

    • Sue them so that the truth can come out in Court!

      We know we will never get the truth from the PF. I am surprised they are not still claiming Sata is fit and healthy, and even jogging around London!

      Maybe they took him to London just to hide the evidence.

  11. Mushota, Saulosi, spoilt children, time for recorning is now. Those who went abroad on compromised deals its time of recorning. Those who went to represent zambia on missions abroad, your jobs are not secure. Lets wait and see. Definately with the passing of Sata, some people will lose a lot

  12. 50 Years of Independence has now taken us back to square one. Technically speaking Guy Scott is now the head of state. He can re-introduce shopping through the pigeon holes if he wished and can now comfortably reinstate his mate Kabimba. The least our politicians can do here now is to give Zambians the new constitution. For all the wrong things Sata did, his last actions showed that he cared for this nation but some rogue individuals let him down. MHSRIP.

    • You’re wrong there mate. Scott, as Acting President, cannot bring back Kabimba. According to the current constitution, he can only make a cabinet appointment only with the approval of cabinet – which I don’t see happening.

    • Well that’s a good thing then. We need leaders who will put Zambia back on the international stage for all the right reasons but unfortunately Guy Scott isn’t one of them. He has shown ignorance time after time and actually is the single divisive figure with nothing to loose as he has no true allegiance to Zambia. Scott had the opportunity to be transparent but has proved far too often that he is the brains behind confusion in Zambia and the PF party. I hope to be proved wrong but if the president himself never trusted him with running the countries affairs whilst he was away then why should we?

  13. Rest in Peace Ba Sata I pray for Mama Zambia not to lose another prezzo its so sad and heart breaking. One Zambia One Nation keep the fire burning my fellow zambians and for those fools are can abuse a dead person remember ur watch is ticking. tick tock tick tock.

  14. Sata leaves one of the worst legacies of a leader. He was a divisive leader who thrived on setting people up to fight each other in the misguided thought that divide and rule was the best form of leadership. He has left a situation which could well result in a constitutional crisis by bringing total confusion in the succession process. Even his handling of the Wynter issue was pathetic. He had an opportunity to show leadership by clearing the succession confusion even when he knew he would soon die, preferring to die and leave us to sort out the mess he had created. This man will be mourned but certainly not missed by most of us!

  15. He made Zambia change and started looking like a beautiful young girl in just a short time. He showed the political will to develop our lovely country Zambia. He was fair in the since that not even children of politicians children could shoot poor Zambians and go free. It is so sad that we are going back to bullying, intimidations and buying freedom of misbehaving if you have money. How I wish I died with him. May the almighty give us another important politician. MHSRIP.


  17. My condolences to the Sata family on the passing on of President MC Sata. Whatever differences people might have had with Sata and PF, this is not the time to settle scores. Its mourning time.

    When mourning is over, I wish to advise that we as a nation reflect on:

    1. Need for a constitution that limits presidential powers. Right now there is a poser on who should be acting President. As a lawyer, I am persuaded that the acting President is a defacto President and thus the parental clause kicks in. But there is the Guy Scott conundrum.

    2. Let us vote in President who will be accepted countrywide so that he embraces all. Sata ruled in a divisive manner.

    3. People who are in politics for the belly, like Munkombwe, should now step aside.




    • Don’t speak for the majority Zambians, speak for yourself. Your loss is not equally distributed just like your personal gains were not equally distributed. Remember, selfishness breeds anarchy and to some extent hatred. We are all human beings made in the image of God, we need to take care of each other in both good and bad times. Everyone feels feels bad when sidelined. Avoiding selfishness is the key to happiness in life and respect in the after life. in other words, it is what you do to people in your life that will either draw them closer to you or push them further and further away from you. This should be a good lesson for the living.

  19. No no, dont urge Zambians to be calm, they have been patient enough through out you PR debacle about the presidents health. The people you need to tame are your stupid cadres.

  20. MHSRP. If we do not cub lies by our leaders this nation will be engulfed into a nation of liars. These leaders should know that they are role models and should behave as such. It is a pity that a man in the name of Guy Scott had the audacity to lie to the nation that the head of state is in perfect condition, are we a nation of fools that this man from scotland can come in our backyard and start lying to us. what a shame. If such people are elected as leaders then we are finished as a nation.

  21. This is not a time to continuously playing a blame game kind of. Its time to be united in praying for the soul of our beloved former president Maiko Chilufya Sata. How we are going to handle this funeral and the succession will be the yard stick to measure how we truly loved him.

  22. We demand for an immediate inquiry into the Presidents death. A petition must be instituted on why and how a working man, who was not “sick” can just die suddenly. The government must be held accountable for his death. We are not gona keep quiet on this one. MHSRIP

  23. Sorry the Man of Action has gone the Zambia’s fifth Republican President. Who then will succeed him? Edgar Lungu is the right person.

  24. One Zambia, One Nation.
    Condolences to the Sata Family. May God’s comfort rest upon you all and to my fellow Zambians. Its not an easy time for the nation and though we have gone through this before, its always important to put our trust in the Lord.
    It is a difficult time as questions are asked on the way forward, but God is in control.

  25. WTF! Too expensive to run the country considering the amount of money you spend in these funerals. I don’t pay taxes for funerals. This sucks. The next leader should be assessed if is healthy.

  26. Who take over as acting president?constitutional clause on parentage which may nullify Vice President Guy Scott.Hope kabimba camp won’t bring confusion.

  27. May he rest in peace. Zambians let us remain united so that we continue enjoying the peace we have always had enjoyed.God knows the next President. Please Church Leaders let us pray for this nation.God heal this nation.

    • Fred M the master schemer has already won by imposing Scott as A/president, why else do you think he followed the then ailing president to London???????????
      He wants his K14b forgiven… watch the space…

  28. We thank God for the life God had given to our departed President, Michael Chilufya Sata. May God guide and strengthen the bereaved family of the President. May God guide with HIS GRACE the programs arising from this incident in mother Zambia. May all put aside politics and come together, unite and mourn our departed President as we seek the new direction. Let us see as a Nation no cadrelism at funeral . Please chase no one ,even those who have been perceived negative in their utterances. Let there be someone to maintain and ensure orderliness and respect at funeral place. Zambia is a mature Country and certainly we will manage by God’s grace this situation again without trouble. The departed was a Statesman , so let us bear that in mind regardless our personal inclinations.

    • Watcherman
      It is pipo like you that have messed us up.How can you call Sata a statesman?This tme for us to learn from our mistake and if we dont we shall end up repeating them.

  29. Some people are so abusive in writing such that you wonder which part of their body they use for reasoning. Even when a person is dead they’ve no regard and their hearts are so hardened with such wickedness & evil that they even insult the dead. I pity the wives/husbands, parents, relatives & children of such people. Please learn to be civil in your language, it just proves one thing that you are selfish, evil & wicked-hearted indeed.

  30. Sad a Zambian has died. He spoke his mind, I will miss that.
    But his mind was evidently not normal. I will not miss that. PF had no vision and no ideology beyond ‘Don’t kukeba’ and to take over power from MMD. In the absence of a credible ideology, Sata became the ideology and the only glue keeping PF together. Sata was PF, and PF was Sata. Therefore PF has now reached a dead end. End of a very short chapter in Zambian History.

  31. To the Sata family and my fellow Zambian people, my heart go out to you in this time of sorrow “Farewell my President Michael Chilufya Sata”.

  32. M. H. S. R. I. E. P. We are again in another Chililo bane let’s all remember it is God who puts leaders and for a purpose

  33. Sad day for mther Zambia. MHSRIEP. Let us all seek the face of God as we mourn and ask for his divine protection and guidance of the nation.

  34. Who takes over?
    BBC-Vice-President Guy Scott has regularly stood in for the president at official events. But he is of Scottish descent and his parents were not born in Zambia, so he may fall foul of a constitutional clause on parentage which would nullify his candidacy
    Reuters-Sata is likely to be succeeded on an interim basis by Defense Minister Edgar Lungu, who stood in recently as acting president, or by Vice-President Guy Scott, who would become Africa’s first white head of state since South Africa’s FW de Klerk in 1994.

  35. I am surprised, I had an impression that Bembas from Muchinga do not die, how come. A we tachula yama mwatushiya before we have eaten enough from kafulumende.

  36. At such moments of grief, it’s only humane to express sympathy for the loss of a loved one to the first family, the government and the nation at large. This is no time to throw stones at Sata. He may not have been a perfect leader, he was only human & bound to make mistakes just like any other person.
    President Sata ran his race. He showed rare courage, determination, hard work & stood for the poor. He was a great son of the soil.
    My deepest condolences fellow Zambians!

  37. It is nonsensical for the Secretary to The Cabinet to tell us what we already knew from credible sources. The muppets in Cabinet have mismanaged the whole affair, from sickness to death. If these muppets had any morals, they should have tendered in their resignations. Enough of such incompetent clueless muppets masquerading as ‘leaders”.

  38. Zambia hs really lost a real politician in southern africa.u cn hav 70 hhs or rb and nevers combined bt no one cn match wit sata politically.sata loved this contry at heart and de fruits ar der to see by a well meaning citizen of our beloved country zambia.He had his short comings coz he ws human bt if u go in rural areas der z change and for de opposition i cn assure u dat u wil work for ur money come for de elections. ask civil servants de wil stil vote for pf.Lastly i ask each andv every person to mourn our dear president and parent in peace whether u ar frm opposition or ruling party. MISRP

  39. @ Cornelius monze

  40. Like the saying goes…u can hide sickness but you cannot hide a funeral….its such a sad development…life does not go on forever….now am thinking, if sata had still been in the opposition, would he have died?? or may be there is jus something sinister about that plot one place…coz if am right, the next president will go as well jus after 3 years…same style or similar…Mark my words.

  41. Big headed and sososo you va small abnormal functioning brains like amatole yaka premature baby,how do you insult a dead person like dat,be mature like mmd bootlicker who hz refused to discuss the succession issue in time of mourning.too bad we va lost my king rest in peace mr sata

  42. MHSRIP – My man of Action, u are gone, u saved Zambia with all your heart and strength, but your Cabinet was full of lazy selfish people. Zambians lets vote in Dr Guy SCOT we need to challenge the Constitution on parentage clause, better now a whiteman rules US. Blacks have failed, SCOT can uplift our standards, he is a level headed person . Don’t look at colour neither remembering colonial days, imagine the poverty around, SCOT is the messiah

    • Anyoko
      You are pathetic.n september 2011 you voted for an old sick man who has now died barely after 3 years and you now propose that we vote for another old sick man.

  43. Sad day for Zambia, MHSRIP. Those who are rejoicing over the death of our President Sata, shame on you, Elias Chipimo should market himself very well because out of all the opposition parties, Elias is sober minded, his campaigns are clean, he is not pompous, has respect for all Zambians regardless of their age. That is the young man I personally would like to lead Zambia, not H.H who is so pompous and thinks like he is the only one who is highly educated, has no respect for elders and yet he wants their votes and talks like we all feed from his house. We don’t even know who his parents are.


  45. Your excellence, will miss you dearly, a lot have been left hanging in the fog of uncertainty and MYSRIP……..go well go well go well your beloved son of Zambia

  46. Wonder what Scott has to say now after insisting that Sata was well. it’s the “malicious online media…”. Scott! You were so arrogant ” am not Satas wife…”
    The truth always comes out ,I hope this truth sets our country free

  47. Sincere condolences to the Sata family and all fellow Zambians on this loss. We now enter the period of mourning, questioning, introspection and wonder. After that, let us all bravely soldier on and do what we do for the greatness and memory of all those who have gone before us who tried what they could in the small ways that they knew how to.

  48. Sad day for Zambia, MHSRIP. Those who are rejoicing over the death of our President Sata, shame on you, Elias Chipimo should market himself very well because out of all the opposition parties, Elias is sober minded, his campaigns are clean, he is not pompous, has respect for all Zambians regardless of their age. That is the young man I personally would like to lead Zambia, not H.H who is so pompous and thinks like he is the only one who is highly educated, has no respect for elders and yet he wants their votes and talks like we all feed from his house. We don’t even know who his parents are. If by any chance H.H. is elected president, we will see if he is going to let barotse rule itself.

  49. Some of the comments here are so disappointing we claim to be a christian nation and yet we are just talking parties and politics shame on you bakolwe, we just lost our president mwebana bambwa imwe all those mentioning PF,UPND and MMD fikala fyenu

    My condolences to the Sata family in such a time of grief the nation is with you cause any Zambian life lost is a loss for all Zambians MHSRIP

  50. Death has robbed us another gallant leader – a giant of a politician. Within two years, Zambia’s face has changed for the better. What more if you ruled the full 10 years!! Anyway God’s ways are not ours. Rest well my and out President. I have always been very proud of your achievements and you are an inspiration to me and my family.

  51. If I told you I am shocked I would be lying through my teeth as I’m an honest person who doesn’t need religion to hide behind. ..the old man departed 6 months ago as was evident on 19/09/2014 the greedy people around him stuck to him like fleas on a dying body.
    We are going to pay for another costly State funeral, another emergency Presidential election as we never learnt from Mwanawasa’s death.

    Waking up time!

  52. The Holy Bible clearly tells us that God (YHWH) rules over the affairs of men. He raises one and removes another one. It is his prerogative and he owes no one any explanation. My condolences go to the Sata family and the Zambian family at large. I believe that he gave the presidency his best short and sadly death and sickness is a reality we have to deal with as men “born of women”.

  53. Deeply sorry for the passing on of our dear president. Some comments on this tabloid are not suitable for people who mention the Name of God!

  54. Death Do us part. What should Zambia do?

    The death of a President is tragic to any nation.

    But we as Zambian must wake up and do a reality check.
    Although the constitution says we hold elections in 90 days,
    it would not benefit any one to rush in and start elections, just a waste of money.
    Real elections are just around the corner, 2016. We have little time remaining, and all parties have not properly prepared for Presidential elections.

    Why can’t we face the reality. All parties could agree to let PF continue to finish the remaining days to 2016. Meanwhile all parties should start preparing for a good campaign, so that we can have true presidential elections to last a good five year term. Even if PF lost to a new president it would be folly to think a new president…

  55. HH will find it very difficult to accompany the body of Sata to all the provinces for failing to be united with him at the Independence day as well as at many other national functions. Sorry about that! for always finding wrong answers with your daily political calculations.

  56. Everything has got its own time, time to be born and time to die. A pity Sata has died in power and at the time when his close allies and family were busy misleading the nation that he is fine and working hard. Let us learn to be truthful. I’m sad that he has died but again, it was the only way to prove the people right when they have been asking about the president’s state of health. Both the govt and the family denied with impunity that bamudala was sick, now they cannot hide the funeral. The blame should be put on them. MHSRIP

  57. Why can’t we face the reality. All parties could agree to let PF continue to finish the remaining days to 2016. Meanwhile all parties should start preparing for a good campaign, so that we can have true presidential elections to last a good five year term. Even if PF lost to a new president it would be folly to think a new president alone will do anything in the remaining days.

    We will save money and we will save people’s time too, and we will have good election’s out come. …MHSRIP

  58. A baume baya . MHSRIP . I pray for peace over mother Zambia. men and women in uniform I pray that god will grant you wisdom to ensure peace in our nation during this trying moment. God bless Zambia.

  59. I will never forgive hh. See he was so hoping of this now in his heart he’s rejoicing. Curse you hh but Tata Sata, God bless you of your hard working and rest in peace.

    • This is not the time to rubbish each other – the big man’s death has nothing to do with neither HH nor you – he was above such rubbish. If we were to use this standard then Sata would never have been President for he himself called others all sorts of things but this is what politicking is – like it or not. Please, let us celebrate his life and his immense contributions to this country from pre-independence days, through UNIP and MMD to his last walk with us under the PF. Just like you, he was also a hero and a proud one for that. Am happy to have known him and to call him Mr. President. MHSRIP my President.

  60. Abaume batusha,too sad!RIP bashi Chilufya!Our Lord God please us pull through this trying moment!to Zambians please dont make a mistake of voting for haters(hh)!lets continue with PF Govt.let our gallant leader Sata rest in peace by voting for his beloved party our votes for PF will be liking voting for Sata!viva PF!Once more RIP our father Sata!

  61. HH is the happiest Zambian today over the death of our beloved Sata!but his hatred for our Sata will cost him greatly as many of our voters will continue voting in large numbers for Sata even in his grave!am pretty sure that voters in Lusaka,CB,Luapula,Northen,Muchinga,Central plus other provinces except Southern shall vote for Sata(PF) even in his HH smile today but soon we’ll make u cry for the rest of your life for wishing Sata death!RIP ba Sata!

  62. There is time for everything,,,,,,time to be born and time to die. I remember when the government used to hide and to ridicule when people, especially the opposition spoke about resting the Cobra from his duties. they called them names. i feel they could have excused the King Cobra way before it got worse…… but hey lets hold our hands together for peace and togetherness. MHSRIEP

  63. Bakateka chabipa…the Most High allowed him to do his part for Zambia. His soul shall rest in peace. Bravo to Sata, long live Zambia

    Ba Chipimo you are wise… very well said ZWD and company please note and act according to these wise words, please just take a moment to serve Zambia. Another President will arise for you to continue to belittle, vilify, … you have failed to divide the country. SATA will united Zambia even in his death ( sorry I can only express my views here at LT where freedom of speech exists- unlike ZWD which always blocks positive views about Zambia)

  64. When he looked sick we were told he is OK. When he went abroad for what social media said was for medication, we were told that he was on a working holiday. The people close to him were very, very unfair to him. He missed some help, either spiritually or otherwise. Ni DONT KUBEBA even in sickness! However, MHSRIP

  65. If you hear anybody saying eni sha, kill or fire. Old man you have been killed by your hatred for other tribes. MYSRIP is you belonged to Jesus.

  66. A very sad moment for our nation. May we to continue to stand together as a nation to give our president a dignified farewell.

  67. What a man, what a loss. Like him or hate him he did more in 3 years than the MMD did in 20. Where do we go from here? can’t see much options around, the way is too dark – sad day. RIP boss.

  68. God has his way of dealing with dictators and plunderers. May God have mercy on his soul. PF what next…….whatever goes up..comes down. God have mercy on poor country.

  69. RIP Man of Development. Death is our greatest enemy. Ba Shikulu ba Sata even in your grave you shall be honoured with VOTES in your name….You know what I am talking about HE

  70. Mailon, whether you like it or not, the fact is President Sata was President of this Country and he deserves our respect. Not liking a person should not mean hatred until to the grave as you sound. All make mistakes but there is always a time to put comic, drama, politics more hatred aside. I personally never voted for him at the time of elections but I have always respected him as my head of state. We are not in animal farm where there is no order and respect of persons for even a witch has inherent rights to be respected.

    • There are good men and bad men. Some may be clever and others foolish. There are happy men and unhappy men. But all these distinctions and specialties last only as long as we are alive. Once we are dead all must certainly crumble to dust. Death has no distinction between the good and the bad – The poor and the rich – the kind and the beggar. Death comes to everyone one day or the other. That is why we are called mortals. We are all equal before death.

  71. Shocked at this death is one thing I’m not bcoz Sata’s ascendancy to plot one was built on lies,his time in office was built on lies and deceit and his last 4months was clad on lies.You lying PF folks kept trying to hide the big dark cloud hovering over Zambia and the truth has finally dawned unceremoniously.

  72. Where is Wanzelu I havent since his comments since the breaking news of the president’s death. This is what he wanted. Am sure he’s rejoicing.

  73. Bring Edgar/Wytner combination to propel PF – get rid of muzungu unless the freedom we fought for was a farce – meaning people died in vain in the struggle for independence. Strange things really to happen. Echoof Bob’s work at Ba Nono

  74. How can he die when he had gone for medical check up as always working very hard to uplift the living standard of the zambian people..!! May his soul rest in pease..!! Mulenga Sata to take over now…!!

  75. Am so sorrowful today…. God have mercy on all our ill comments on a soul you have seen fit to be taken from us and comfort our beloved mother Dr. Kaseba Sata, the entire family and indeed the whole Zambian family.

  76. R.I.P!! My friends lend me your ears: it has to be said, why oh why didn’t PF just confirm what the whole nation knew, that Sata was not well. This whole time we had an unfit leader at the helm, not only is it illegal it’s also morally wrong! Who was leading then? Thieves and liars!! If they can lie about that, what else are they lying about, fool us once shame on you but fool us twice shame on us!! I urge every Zambian to value their vote’s in the future, no more corrupt leader’s, we need leader’s to take us into the new era not back to a dictatorship state, that is all

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