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More condemn Guy Scott for disrespecting the Zambian culture

Headlines More condemn Guy Scott for disrespecting the Zambian culture

Acting President Dr Guy Scott  shortly after  a Cabinet meeting at State House on October 29,2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
Acting President Dr Guy Scott shortly after a Cabinet meeting at State House on October 29,2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

Traditional leaders in Eastern Province have added their voice in condemning the actions of Acting President Guy Scott who fired Edgar Lungu as Patriotic Front acting General Secretary.

Chief Madzimawe of the Ngoni speaking people of Chipata district in Eastern province, said traditional leaders in Eastern Province are saddened with actions unfolding in the Patriotic Front and wondered how the acting President can fire Mr. Lungu when the nation is still mourning the late President.Chief Madzimawe said the actions of Dr. Scott are unZambian and unAfrican as people do not share property when the owner has not yet been buried.

The traditional leader wondered why Dr. Scott did not take a leaf from the actions of former republican president Rupiah Banda who did not fire anyone from their position when he was in the same position after late president Mwanawasa’s demise in 2008 despite wide spread succession disputes in the MMD.

“As a traditional leader I’m saddened by the events in government and the ruling PF. How can the acting President fire Edgar Lungu at the time we are mourning.

“This is unZambian and unAfrican because we don’t share property of the deceased when the body is still in the house,” said Chief Madzimawe

“When late President Mwanawasa died Rupiah Banda acted and it was an open secret that he differed with fellow party members and cabinet members but he never acted in the manner Dr. Scott is acting as he embraced everyone till the mourning period was over and everybody freely contested the party selection process for candidate to stand on its ticket,” he added

The traditional leader further added that they will not sit back and watch their son being mistreated by the acting president.

“And as chiefs from Eastern province will sit back and watch our Son being Edgar lungu being mistreated like that.

We shall stand by our sons and any well meaning Zambian in this period of mourning our beloved President. May his soul rest in eternal peace,” said the traditional leader.

The feeling of disaffection spilled out onto the streets on Monday night, as around 50 PF protestors chanting anti-Guy Scott songs blocked Leopards Hill Road and burned tyres outside the Belvedere lodge, where some mourners for the late President Michael Sata are accommodated.In Kitwe PF cadres locked the district commissioners office in protest over Acting Guy Scott’s decision to fire Edgar Lungu.

FDD spokeperson Antonio Mwanza said it is very hypocritical for Guy Scott to ask us Zambians to mourn Sata while he is busy scheming and campaigning.He said Guy Scott’s dismissal of Edgar Lungu at this hour of mourning is ill-timed and clearly paints a picture that PF is a Party in confusion and leadership crisis.’It is clear that these characters never loved or cared for Sata. For them it was only survival at the expense of Sata’s health.This is why while we were pleading for President Sata to take leave in view of his apparent failing health they kept on hiding and lying that he was well and working,,’he said.

United Party for National Development (UPND) Livingstone District spokesperson Neto Halwabala has appealed to Patriotic Front (PF) members in the district and country at large to mourn late President Michael Sata with respect.Mr Halwabala said the current happenings in the PF were un African and alien to the Zambian culture when it comes to respect accorded to mourning a loved one.He said the current developments in the PF were very disappointing saying that it showed that they did not have respect for their Leader and for republican president.

“What is happening in the PF now is very disappointing because we want PF to prove that they can provide leadership and they can only do that if they remain united even after the death demise of President Sata,” Mr Halwabala said.

The MMD in Northern Province has advised the ruling PF leaders to bury their differences and allow for the dignified funeral of late Republican President Michael Sata.MMD provincial chairman Steven Mukuka said

it was against the African culture to begin making appointments before burial of a respected member of society.

Mr. Mukuka also called on MMD members to unite and mourn the late president in dignity and respect.

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  1. “….the actions of Dr. Scott are unZambian and unAfrican as people do not share property when the owner has not yet been buried.”

    The statement above is expecting too much from Scott, whose culture is very different from what is being demanded of him in the statement above.

    • If it was a Black African person who found himself in that position in the UK, India or elsewhere as Guy Scott, that Black African would have been killed by now.

    • Let us take 2 steps back for A VIEW FROM GLASGOW

      1) PF is what it is because of GS and MS together with WK
      2) Lungu is a flavour of the month now, all he has done is found himself at the right place and right time
      3) To win a presidential election, you almost certainly need the backing of the local media. GS has this being the Acting president ie The Post, Times and Daily Mail meaning you would expect their report to be favourable.
      4) History remind us that whoever the Post sides with more than likely wins the G elections . There are some exceptions but in all probabilities I am right

    • 5) The majority of people supporting Lungu now are only doing so because they have become disillusioned by the act of GS to relieve on his duty
      6) Unless the Army got involved in this (which is hugely unlikely, given the president) Lungu will be a forgotten man
      7) What is clear now is that aside from Lungu (please see no 6) there is no other Presidential candidate that will likely be unanimously adopted
      8) There is no such thing as the YOUTH , the youth are just elderly men who are kamponyas and are controlled by ANYONE and in all honest now, they do not matter.

    • 9) Guy Scott is in a very strong position to do what he wants because of largely what I said in 3
      10) We are all guessing on how this will end, it may hand the power to UPND ( I hugely doubt as the party is still in infancy state), somehow see Goes on the party ticket of PF ( I know you are saying it is impossible, but I also didn’t think MS was ill, nothing is impossible)
      11) The elections will be won by
      12) Someone need to tell RB to stay retired, because he is becoming delusional


    • The Bwinjimfumu cartel is just being dull by trying to use a white man and Wynter Kabimba to prop up their candidate. They could have used a very secretive way of organising things not directly like that. Who likes these guys honestly?

    • We must support the Vice presdeint

      Anyone not supporting the VP is not a patriot of this beautiful country

      EL is in the rearview mirror now.

      We all have every confidence in GS.


    • Whites shouldn’t be in any position of power in Africa. Period! It is not racism, it is what it is. The wounds of apartheid is still too fresh and the effects colonization is still ongoing. It does not matter how good the individual is, Africa is for Africans. Let Africans rule their continent. Is like telling the Chinese to let an African become their President. Don’t let your experience with American politics & other parts of the world get you confused. America is no mans land so anyone could be president. We do not have the same History. The problem is most Africans today do not know their history. Ask yourself how did all this white people get in to Africa and Southern Africa in the first place. It was either through colonization, exploitation and consequently apartheid.

    • Lungu committed a gross misconduct by comparing Guy Scott to a woman in the bible who wanted to claim a child from being a concubine of King Solomon and this is the reason he was RIGHTFULLY dismissed

      I would rather have HH than Lungu.

      We will be a laughing stock internationally if we adopt or allow EL near the helm, the man has a regress social life (drunk) not healthy (as per his confession) and the man can not exprss himself (listen to him talk)

      We move on people, you must be wearing a complete moronic hat to support a man like him.

      Lungu must be expelled from PF party me thinks,

      We in Diaspora demand Lungu is expelled from the party immediately



    • Oh, please Zambians – leave Scott alone and let him enjoy his stolen presidency. You’re docile…wait a minute… peace-loving people, after all!

    • Zambian Culture? What the hell does this even mean? Just say that you are all campaigning for your favourite PF candidate. Guy Scott is a politician and is just doing what any politician would do….clear out the competition! Sata’s own son is busy campaigning instead of mourning his father! And you want to talk about Zambian culture….to hell with you!

    • That is the problem. We belittle our culture so much so that we are even prepared to defend Scott. If by any chance you became a leader in England, you would be expected to be well versed in English tradition and culture. They will never forgive or tolerate you for thinking and doing things the Ngoni way. Wake up and kick this Scot out of PF and Zambia,…..Shame to my motherland.

    • @From Kenya
      Thank you gentlemen/ladies for articulating this. The Zambian mind is so simplistic you can cry. They are good and ready to belittle themselves for a foreigner at the drop of a hat.
      Great Comments guys!



    • My appeal is let PF show maturity and leadership during this period.These manuvers by the bemba clique to organize dark corner meetings without the blessing of the president of the party to scheme who to take over before Sata is buried.Lungu should learn a lesson .the PF constitution is clear when the president dies the vice president takes over as party president.And the republican constitution also grants the vice president automatic power to act as president.were is the problem is because Guy is white zambian or what.If mulenga sata contest then Guy can also contest.Abash racism and tribalism.Help Guy to govern in peace in the next 90 days and allow Zambians chose who they want to be president for Zambia.

    • Mushota you are talking sense give me your number I need to marry you iam sure we can have good debates in our house.Thanks baby you have grown.

    • 1. because you are peace-loving Zambians
      2.because the rest of the world must see
      3. because you are mourning
      4.because you are not racist…if Obama etc
      5.because that clause was only to punish KK
      6. because dr Scott is a neutral person
      7. because he grew up together with sata

    • @ MUSHOTA: You seem to have gained some resembrance of right thinking. I have been reading your contributions all along, but today, thanks you are Spot on. i mean you have written sensibly, at least not a Kleptomaniac beyond redemption.

  2. Why can’t the Cabinet fire Guy Scott by passing a vote of no-confidence, and also the PF CC to fire him as PF VP? Akamuntu kamo fye ekale tushupa so. What tribe is he in Zambia?

    • No bigotry the world has moved on. Win arguments by factual points. He may be white but still is Zambian just as Obama has Kenyan father but still is American.

    • Cabinet has no power to fire scott and it is not the one that put scott in the position of acting president .It is the constitution that allowed scott to automatically take over as acting president.Just like guy scott can not fire ministers the cabinet can not fire scott.However the Party (PF) central committee can fire Scott that’s why he has reversed his decision to fire Lungu otherwise he has the powers to fire the SG.The key is let the Pf sober up and help Zambia bury and organize cleen election so a true son of the soil becomes president.

  3. Scott Should resign now.We don’t want chaos by this man.Really parents should be zambians to rule Zambia.Otherwise Scott will run to scotland.he doesn’t care about PF and Zambia.All he wants is PF to die with Sata.he know Kabimba can’t win or membe.ha ha what a useless white man!!!.My white friends were telling me that Guy scott is stupid and is led by the cartel.He is a disgrace to the white community in zambia.Nowonder Sata never trusted him.

  4. I for one never believed that Guy Scott was part of any cartel until now. For one, I predict that by the end of this week, Guy Scott may be expelled from the PF. He has angered many Cabinet ministers by his actions. Mark my words, there is an undercurrent of anger brewing around Lusaka and the Copperbelt, there will be more serious news to report before this week ends!

    • Let’s not be hypocritical. By what Lungu said regarding why he ‘gave’ up power, he showed both disrespect for the constitution and Guy Scott. Firing him was the correct response as authority must be established from the word go. The disrespect was shown by Lungu and the ‘crowds for hire’ who ‘spilled’ into the streets. Be assured that at the right time, “we the people” will have our say and you will be surprised by how many people agree with Scott.
      Let us judge people “not by the colour of their skin, but the content of their character” (Martin L King).

    • But the PF Police force will say that there is no trouble but that Scot and the cabinet are playing “cousinship”.

  5. I was very proud when Lungu let Scott assume the powers of state. Now I am so disappointed with Scott he is indeed an *****. PF your days are numbered if Scot is let to go Scott free on PF…Lungu must come back not the cartel please.

  6. The use of ‘our culture’ is veiled racism. Strictly speaking in this same culture family tensions and squabbles are played out at funerals.
    A house divided is so much better than the PF. The question no one is asking is why Guy fired Lungu? whatever the reason, Guy could have surely waited.

    • He couldnt have waited with those type of jibes coming from these guys showing insurbodination. Thse guys have been on the war path from the time Sata got sick. Lungu is using smear and buying into peoples emotions by making uncollaborated statements that Guy wants to bring Kabimba back. Lungu has been in the Cartels of organising cadres from Chawama to demonstrate. GMB, EL are people who were behind Wynters demostrations. He is not clean. Ask the people whose money he ate as a lawyer. Or ask LAZ why his licence was suspended. They cant pretend to be mourning Sata when they are just busy scheming and having parties at nite.


  8. Scott waonaula country.Be careful u’ll be on fire if u won’t rescind the decision today.No peace boy Munsungu opusa.We know what u want is problems in PF and bring Kabimba red lips.No wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy can we vote for arrogance kabimba mwana.cha cha cha boi iye waleta mucalo.

  9. PF itself is a party already in the casket. It has lost the will to live and rebrand itself after the demise of its founder leader, Michael Chilufya Sata. This party is dead.

    • Mei Matungu I salute you and would like to state the following 1.If we make a mistake to vote back PF ,violence and corruption will even increase.The country will be an Gorvenable. 2.The characters in PF will suceessfully cover there trails no one will be able to arrest them and more poverty.3.familly impires and tribalism will grow and rich the levels in Kenya were the KIKUYU can as they please thus insult ,kill and employ as they wish.
      Zambians if that’s what you want go ahead and vote for PF if not HH is key to economic development and peace.

  10. PF is tasting its own medicine. It is really good. We told them that Guy Scott was not the right person to be appointed Veep.

  11. Zambians had respect for Scott but he has just disappointed millions ye.Anyway,we’ll won’t vote for you mind u ba scott n yo cartel.We thought u were the neutral person lead Zambia but u’re cartel chap being controlled by evil people.U’re evil n u don’t deserve our respect. You’ve just destroyed yo legacy.what a shame to this white Man!!!!!Go to scotland n leave us well.

    • Not me. Not for 1 second did I think Scott was right for the position. And not for one second did I think he was neutral.
      And I know he doesn’t respect you a black Zambian. Personally, he should never have been VP.

  12. Come on people even jesus said better do good on sabbath than just be idol on funeral. PF guys have no respect they were celebrating for the illnesses of sata hence GBM and Kabimba got fired. Scott acted coz it’s way too much. Everyone wanna be president before sata is buried .

  13. ….its difficult to find words which can best describe how PF will behave within the coming 90 days….the only way to know is by experiment……Get a live village chicken….instantaneously cut of its head off and let go……what you will see/witness is exactly what you must expect of PF to behave in 85 days or so…………

  14. The late President is to blame for surrounding himself with power hungry muppets who can’t wait for his burial to fight over who should succeed him. His legacy is leaving behind a clueless bunch of muppets to attempt to lead this great nation. All the praise of him being a man of action, is just cheap talk. His inaction is posing a threat to the peace we have enjoyed.

  15. Please unite, we don’t want problems. All we want is peace. And remember we have a dead Police service for now. If anything went wrong we are in trouble. But Guy Scott also, we supported you that constitutionally you deserve to rule but now you are not showing leadership. Assuming Lungu erred, was sacking the only punishment, no verbal warning, written warning, suspension but even these, couldn’t you have waited. This has been a confused party from day one and full of lies. PF should disband and don’t even dared to approach the people of Zambia for votes. You fooled us once, that was enough, bye bye polio

  16. Be objective people! Who wants to listen to chiefs from the east? They will obviously support Lungu. No one is saying Lungu was immature to issue that statement.Which Zambian culture has been disrespected?Its very clear Lungu is not presidential material and he is weak.How can a minister of defence be talking about cartels he has failed to thwart?It means he was never on top of the game.He is now depending on Kambwili and GBM -rubbish!

    • Ati “who wants to listen to chiefs from the east” futi? They are 100% correct. Zambian culture during a period of mourning is a time of wailing, reflection, prayer, comforting the bereaved, explaining to all how the death came about and general fellowship until the dead are buried.

      You understand? Your culture is very beautiful , be proud of it.

  17. Mulenga Sata has been campaigning openly for the presidency. No one has made any fussy about it. In PF, an act is only bad and condemnable when it is done by someone else. That is a double standard.

  18. Guy scott think about other whites who may think of leading countries in Africa. Be a good example by supporting lungu. lungu was annoited by sata thats why your group is geting smaller and weaker evry minute.

  19. Apart from all comments on this page, I live abroad and will say this cause am a proud Zambian . Zambia is a very peaceful nation. We have problems but we are naturally good people during hardship with the loss of a figure head, we still try our best to keep peace keep it up Zambia.

  20. Dr Scott you are now being seen for what I and others have always said, you are as evil minded as Kabimba, Kambwili, GBM and other opportunists in PF. Viva Edgar Lungu our one trues President!

  21. @MM Le Grand Patron Wa
    Zabanga -firstly, please try not to write with a racist agenda. Secondly, the last time I checked Barack Obama wasn’t white and is president of the USA. My question is why are some people fuming over the whole matter? Can’t we just accept that it is an internal matter for the PF to deal with. When the time comes we will do our civil duty and vote for our preferred candidate. Good day.

    • No, not ati Good Day.

      Obama is a different context completely. The black Americans have just managed after hundreds of years to have a black man in a presidential position. You have returned to white rule after only 50 years.
      And the last time you looked, are whites giving Obama the respect he deserves as president? – NO

      I think you must be a very young kid.

    • The last time I checked USA belonged to Red Indians, Italian American, Irish Americans, or in short European Americans and African Americans were all illegal immigrants to that country, so why should the white complain about OBAMA being president?

    • Barack Obama is an American. The whites in America did not wrestle power from Blacks. Blacks gained freedom from whites.

      America is neither for blacks nor whites, it is for natives. So, your example does not hold. Try some else.

  22. I now understand why president Sata ,MHSRIP, never appointed Scott to act as president whenever the president was out of the country because of these weaknesses that Scott is showing.Not long ago Guy Scot annoyed the Tonga speaking people as well as the South Africans by his misguided comments and now he wants to put the country on fire.He should not underestimate the youths of this country otherwise the Zambian version of the Arab spring will sweep him.Edgar Lungu graciously gave him the instruments of power and what more does he want even before we bury our dear departed president.Zambia is not about one Fred M’membe and his will.If he owes government agencies money,that is his problem,let him just pay the money than to cut deals with weak souls within de PF.On this one Scott is wrong.

  23. I have been quite on this issue for some time now.. this doesn’t mean that i am a fool.
    My advise to you Mr. Guy Scot, if u want us to easily forget about you please continue with what you are doing but if you want us to remember you, please behave and give Caesar what belongs to Caesar.

    Like the late MHSRIP Dr Mwanawasa said Zambians easily forget and should NOT be taken for granted, we condemn this move but wait until we put to rest our beloved President Mr sata


  24. Scott is truly unwise and not tactful. Study the terrain prior to attack. What kind of recklessness is this?? These are chaps that start revolutions. He has shown his lack of sensitivity – pure foolishness

  25. “This is unZambian and unAfrican because we don’t share property of the deceased when the body is still in the house,” said Chief Madzimawe

    His Highness is correct regarding actual possessions of the deceased. But the office of the President is not the property of the man or woman who occupies it. They are merely a tenant of that office for a short time and his or her landlord is the collective voters of the republic. The fact that tenants (including this lost child of the west) behave as if it is their own property is the main problem with Zambian and African politicians. Public servants should serve the public not themselves. Otherwise you will be evicted.

    • it is a metaphor.
      In other words, we respect the dead by morning without making drastic decision.
      We wait until we have put the remains to rest.

  26. PF will do well not to fall out of favour with certain provinces/districts in the run up to this presidential by election. I hope it’s not all the eastern chiefs who are feeling hurt from the firing of Lungu by Chikoti oops Scott!
    That side, I think the whole empire might just collapse from within. They have their fingers on a self-destruct button. No external threats.

  27. What a terrible web we weave for ourselves when we put greed and self-preservation before selfless service and the public greater good. Scott has created a terrible mess for himself and the country by listening to M’membe who we all know everything for him starts and ends with himself. Scott has to apologise for this one if he has to finish the 90-day acting period or he will be chucked out with little sympathy from Zambians. Then the world will accuse us of racism yet he’s the one causing the mess.

    • The world doesn’t care. You are a small insignificant nation. No one is watching, they are busy feathering their own nests. Just clean up your house and do the best for you and your children.
      So what if they say you are racists?

  28. Ya its very sad with the current situation in Zambia but don’t worry about scott we can still put things in order its not too late he is also human being like you and i.

  29. The problem was actually MCS. He never Groomed a successor ….as he always maintained that he was fit and well.
    remember we were crying for the constitution and PF kept dragging their feet….
    It could have helped us sort out this mess we are in .
    after 50 years of independence,we cant seem to know who actually can lead the nation……
    Africans will never understand…. always fighting each other…look at burkina Faso…

    • Actually President Sata had chosen his successor in early 2013. Unfortunately President Sata’s plans were leaked to enemies.These enemies bribed the successors nephews (Darton, Bronson ,Webbi) to murder their uncle. Fast forward to this year these illiterate fools have bought cars etc with blood money. None of them went further than a very basic primary education. Their parents were scum of the earth. None of the murderers had financial success and were living off their uncle .The successor was murdered last year by his nephews. They poised the successor at his aunt’s funeral a funeral of the last year.

  30. PF must get rid of Scott. We shall NOT vote PF.

    Curtail the mourning period. At the rate Scott is going we will all be chained up in a line waiting to be seated on a boat to the West…..for slavery!

    It is time to clean Zambian politics clean of these scheming villains. People must rally. We have power. They can position themselves but we the people can get rid of them.

  31. @jessie wa mu town-why you are so aggressive towards my post is baffling. My post is very clear and if might say so much more mature than yours. The post clearly says that or explains that -the destiny of this country is in our hands via the ballot box. So what is to you if PF self destruct. And for clarity sake Barack Obama has been voted into office for two consecutive terms, therefore it is fair to say that he is respected as a president. Once again GOOD DAY to you.

    • The BO example is stupid. USA is not for Whites!
      But look at the Zambian flag, what does red and black represent?: the blood of the black people spilled to gain freedom from Whites – scott’s relatives.
      We have the flag to remind us of that.

    • @Pointer Peter

      Noti ati Good Day.

      I didn’t mean to be aggressive. It’s just that when you live in the US (which I do, and you don’t) you are privy to the disrespect Obama is given everyday. Some of it is just plain nasty, but on a higher level, vetoing any laws he tries to pass so that he looks as useless as possible and goes down in history as a failure. Trust me on this – I live here, you don’t.

      So using the American context is silly on your part.

  32. @ MUSHOTA pliz to give up so easily we can not have HH as our President NO!! He is too selfish a man besides he has no Presidential or leadership qualities

  33. Muzungu opusa, lived amongst us all his life, but did not know the Zambians! If he fired Lungu, PF would have lost the Eastern Province vote!! The old doderer must eat humble pie and wind his neck in. Time to clip his wings and show him his place.

  34. Interesting perspective from the Royals of the East. My take is that it is a move to preserve the strategic advantage EL had as SG of PF. It is a demonstration of their expectation that EL should go on to stand and then win the presidential election. The fact, however, is that EL made a statement which hugely insulted GS. GS is the most member of PF and the acting President. The Chiefs should be honest and fair. I would have fired EL and thrown him out of the government. He is irresponsible.

  35. Mulenga Sata was the first one to disrespect the so called “zambian culture.” He had the audacity to announce his intentions to contest for presidency and also lift all suspensions before we even put his “father” bawishi to rest. Why all the anger towards Umusungu? Guy Scott is human too, and he will not sit down and wait for the cartel to strike…offense is the best defence? MULENGA SATA IS THE CULPRIT AND UMUSUNGU AS GUY SCOTT WAS RAISED DIFFERENTLY. He may be Zambian by nationality, but he was brought up differently.

  36. Mulenga Sata was the first one to disrespect the so called “zambian culture.” He had the audacity to announce his intentions to contest for presidency and also lift all suspensions before we even put his “father” bawishi to rest. Why all the anger towards Umusungu? Guy Scott is human too, and he will not sit down and wait for the cartel to strike…offense is the best defence? MULENGA SATA IS THE CULPRIT AND UMUSUNGU GUY SCOTT WAS RAISED DIFFERENTLY. He may be Zambian by nationality, but he was brought up differently.

  37. Buga ni buga….fya nsambi fwenu. Mulenga Sata is the stupid one that disrepected his father. Zambians……..no wonder, we are about to bring back RB and still allow the likes of William Banda to engage in politics. That is why ine, I keep away from mapolitics ya njala and appeasement. I can only participate if the likes of “socrates” are on the ballot. They are all a bunch of low lives plunderers that do not deserve any inch of our respect. Go ahead and fight we fipuba imwe ba PF thugs , yet ablaya moni nibambi.

    • A driver is caught by a cop for running a red light. When the judge asked why he broke the law he answered, “The other driver drove by without wearing seat belt, why didn’t the cop catch him? I mean, he was there.”

      (The court broke into laughter)

      The moral of the story is, some comments are illogical.

  38. Rules of Natural Justice demands that SCOT apologizes to the First Family and Edgar FOR the torment they went through by the misguided cartel program of usurping POWER at all cost disregarding our cultural. :

    What happens to gutless ‘House Nigger called niksons” a misguided muzungu anikonde mentality. We are ready to force Scott eat a humble pie. He must count his luck for not being expelled. MUST also apologize to all the Zambian Chiefs.

  39. What’s this culture talk which applies only to people who do not want to reason beyond their primitive and backward ancient beliefs.
    The appointment of Dr Scott has revealed how simple minds work. He is acting president until 90 days is over. At the moment and with the way the political situation is in Zambia , whoever takes over as Presiden will face a lot of opposition. Not just in PF but we have one going on in MMD where RB has even had the audacity of announcing his return to active politics.. Keeping Scott for the rest of the term has advantaged as it allows all the othe political parties including the ruling to organise themselves. Zambians tend to be simple minded and emotional over uncalled for cultural matters. We are dealing with the state of the nation…

  40. These are Kicks of a dying horse. PF was HE Sata and Sata was PF. People must understand that PF has never had a democratic Conversion thus is what we are seeing now happening in the shivering wave.

    This is a down fall of PF. My prayer is that all well meaningful PF caders who have the heart of doing things well should pull out of this dying giant. HE Sata Chilufya was a man who stood to achieve what he wanted and no he is gone, so the remaining are remains with no plan.

    God bless Zambia. Natushike umufyashi mu chibote.

  41. Lungu was wrong, he disrespected Scott!. Mfumu Madzimawe is supporting blindly, let him scrutinize Lungu more before yapping like this!. I’m Ngoni, from Luangeni but cant support nonsense like what Lungu said about Scott. Yes, coronial times are gone, but frankly speaking, if there is someone who can give Zambia a constitution and straighten up things, it is Scott. He has no favoritism of region he hails from, he simply has nothing to lose. He will give Zambians what they have been crying for. Lungu is joined by a group of non thinkers, the Kambwilis , GBM and Nsanda who are complete dunderheads , money Men and non performers!. Don’t allow people like GBM near the corridors of power, they wont help you, they will finnish you!

  42. Bottomline is Dr G is damaged goods now and has totally lost credibility as a leader of both party AND government. Clearly the Central Committee is not behind him and his allies in the so-called cartel and the cadres (that ignoble grassroots that the intellectuals despise and disdain so much) are not behind him either. If he thinks he can move political mountains without their support he is definitely delusional and needs to have his head examined or shrunk. The one who is really in charge is the one who has support in both Cabinet and Central Committee on one hand and the cadres on the other. That makes Dr G really lame because he has not marshaled such support or influence. The cartel will only serve to cripple Dr G at the moment.

  43. “This is unZambian and unAfrican because we don’t share property of the deceased when the body is still in the house,” said Chief Madzimawe. This statement should indicate to Guy Scott that having black blood alone is not enough. He (Guy) must also have BLACK brains.

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