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First Lady Christine Kaseba calls on Zambians to mourn her husband in peace

Headlines First Lady Christine Kaseba calls on Zambians to mourn her husband...

Northmead Assembly of God Bishop Joshua Banda, Pastor Haggai Mweene (l) and Dr Martin Malama (r) prays for Dr Kaseba when they visited her
Northmead Assembly of God Bishop Joshua Banda, Pastor Haggai Mweene (l) and Dr Martin Malama (r) prays for Dr Kaseba when they visited her

First Lady, Christine Kaseba, has called for all Zambians to mourn her late husband in peace.

Dr Kaseba said this is the time to reflect and celebrate the life of President Michael Sata, saying the late President was a peace maker.

The First Lady said this when she visited mourners gathered at the Show Grounds in Lusaka today in a speech read for her by Tourism Minister, Jean Kapata.

Dr Kaseba said the nation must uphold the peace which President Michael Sata preached in his political career.

She said she has come to join those mourning her late husband because he was a man who was always jovial and loved being around people.

Dr Kaseba thanked all the mourners that gathered to mourn her husband in peace, unity, love and dignity.

Earlier Pastor Martha of the Gospel band and the Peace Preachers urged the first family to look to God for comfort during their trying moments.

Pastor Martha urged the nation to remain united and mourn the late president in peace because that was his legacy.

Prominent among those that attended the funeral service are Secretary to the Cabinet Roland Msiska and Youth and Sport Minister Chishimba Kamwili, Kabwata Member of parliament, Given Lubinda, Gender Deputy Minister, Obiuos Chisala, Lusaka Province Minister, Philip Kosamu and Lusaka District Commissioner, Ashell Kampengele.


  1. Is laying hands on the widow necessary? Should every preacher come and lay hands on Kaseba? I am sure these preachers can pray for the believed family without seeking such attention.

    • She deserves happiness forever and I would like her to be given a high position for the work she did as the first lady


    • whats happening here? i thought in the Zambian culture which you zambians have used to wipe pig Scot to size after firing ba Lungu,,, a widow must not be touched on the body by men before burial and kupyana.
      Those men must not touch that widow its against Zambian culture

    • Are you not the one who was smiling all the way to parliament saying you husband is working hard to develop the country at statehouse.

      Did we not warn you that the sickness you are hiding we will see if you will hide the funeral?

      We warned you that it will end in tears

    • I can’t believe the preacher has the audacity of laying hands on Dr. Kaseba. Incidentally I happened to have attended a Church service at their Church this past Sunday. I still cannot understand why the bishop seemed so relieved at the death of Mr. Sata. People were waving Zambian flags in church as he said no more carders closing people’s offices. One would expect flags to be flying at half mast but it was different for this church. if you think I am politicking get a video copy of their sermon of 2nd Nov. 14. and listen to it attentively. He said our beloved president I don’t think he meant it. Even Dr. Nevers Mumba was there. In my opinion they should not even touch Dr. Kaseba it is Hypocrisy of the highest order.

    • Ndobo, GOD is far beyond any Archaic tradition. Especially the nonsense known as Ukupyana. That is just wrong. Let the Men of God bless her and pray for her and family in their time of loss.

    • Pray with outstretched hands, men of cloth. God will hear your prayer.
      There is no need men of God to touch the widow… nga basemuka!?

      Bodyguard where are you?

    • Church going *****s. Laying hands on what and for what? This is lunacy at its highest order. Always praying to a white god. What kind of thinking is this?

    • Iwe Engineer ( Australia now Germany), what has the Sata family done to you? You have hatred equivalent to that of ISIS. What can’t you for once keep quiet. Uko mwaya mukupula kwabene mukabwela. Your hatred is that of the devil himself. Leave Dr Kaseba alone. You have your own mother to take care of. Your hatred towards her makes her stronger. Besides you find another blogger name because Engineer ( Australia or whatever ) really stinks. There are much more intelligent engineers than you. Maybe you have mental problems for you to harbor hatred for an innocent soul. You worry about your wife. Look at bloggers, no one is even responding to your nonsense, that’s how shallow bloggers think about you as a bush mechanic

    • @ndolo: You are right something is very wrong here. Ba mama Kasemba1st should be in the Funeral house?? not driving around to visit mourners at Show Grounds. Where did she get the energy?? 2nd no Men apart from family members should be touching her?? 3rd I saw that she has changed the clothes?? she should not until when the husband is buried?? actually long time ago, she would be in the same clothes until Baba Pyana??

    • The one in the blue tie looks like he is getting a hard-on. Or maybe it is just the way the lighting hit his trousers, I don’t know..

  2. “Dr Kaseba said the nation must uphold the peace which President Michael Sata preached in his political career.”
    What a much of baloney. I take it the deceased was preaching peace in the bedroom. For all we know this man was preaching hatred, violence, and insults.

    • Choma Maanu and Chibuta,

      I’m also shocked when clearly its the PF members who are not mourning Sata with dignity and humor.
      Its Edgar Lungu, Kambwili,GBM and many more people of PF who have brought anarchy and shame we are seeing now.
      After all, Sata is the one who produced this problem, otherwise Edgar et al should accept that he was not elected veep by Sata because Michael Sata had trust in Scott, hence they B.cartel knows and crying foul.
      Sata divided the country and only loved those who have Bemba tribalist elements. Isn’t it the same Dr Kaseba who said Sata was “fit and working at State House” ? The fit and health dies during a medical check up is absolutely amazing, moreover, what caused Satas death?
      83 days left for PF, how great?!

    • I can’t stand these LT pictures:
      – Women (widows) abuse
      I conquer with other observers, where was body guard to protect Kaseba? Look her face are direct between 4 balls.

    • When Sata lost Presidential Elections in 2008, People wanted to go to the streets to protest. Infact we had about three (3) days when all shops closed for fear of riots.
      There was peace only after Sata appealed for calm. If he was violent or selfish, he could have appealed for mass protests and there was going to be bloodshed. But he preached peace and I will always remember him for that.

    • My comment on 2.3 should be deleted please.
      I repent.
      I was just too upset with the nature of praying, Ba Kaseba didn’t do anything wrong…

    • Unless you want to finish Zambia, would you put such a hippopotamus in state hous!!! All fat, constantly running mouth but with a pea-sized brain!! Not fit for government office in any position!! Only fit for buckets of icibwali ne nyama!!!

    • Didnt you vot3 for sata? So na baby hippo you can vote. Abena zambia shamichetekela sana. We are *****s thats all. White man is president in africa. Only idi.ots can allow such.

    • @Kalikeka, you stole those words right out of my mouth. Although I consider the hippo a nobler mammal so the word I’d choose is pig.

  3. I hope these men of God WILL STILL HAVE SOMETHING TO pray for on BURIAL DAY, BECAUSE ,PRAYERS ONE DOES NOT REPEAT ASKING GOD TO DO THE SAME THING, God listens once, and if you repeat the request then YOU ARE CONSIDERED NOT SERIOUS



    • And she does not understand that she needs to keep silent during the mourning period and not adress any audiences (even through third parties) until after burial as a show of respect for her husband!!

    • She understands how to steal another woman’s husband. Ukwa never divorced Mulenga’s mother so Kaseba was committing adultery when she produced bana bamuvigololo with the deceased Kamwendo muvipatla vabene.

  5. Religion has done a lot of damage to Africans than they will admit. First came Dr Livingstone preaching while he was identifying our natural resources on behalf of the queen and the BSA company. Them preachers tell you not to worry about earthly things because there is a better life in heaven. This so called heaven will never come and I have been told abt this since I was a kid. Nigeria is what it is today because of religion, Isreal the so called chosen land is busy dropping bombs, apartheid was maintained by Godly scriptures. The white man brought this book to Africa while he was practicing slavery and racism. All these men touching Kaseba are in it for the money (the tithe) which you give them and next they touch breasts. Let me profess the end fo the world is your death.

    • You are absolutely spot on…tell our brothers and sisters and show them the way. Don’t be afraid to enlightened them at any given opportunity! !

    • Christianity has been hijacked by bad people, not just in Africa, but also in Europe, America etc. Otherwise, Christianity itself preaches the gospel of salvation through the atoning death and sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Today, Christianity comes in all kinds of color and flair. It is as though Satan himself is the one who now presides in most so called Christian churches. I share your concern.

    • The white man also brought other things such as clothes,education, guns,etc. why have only single out religion and ignored the rest? Do you know that religion existed in Africa before Christianity and Islam were introduced-people used to worship trees. You are typical African, always looking for something to blame for failures and this time you are blaming religion.

    • White man brought clothing one blogger states this why we need to study more about self…look at the ancient drawings in those pyramids do you see anybody naked on them?

  6. Please let US also recognize. HE Sata’s first WIfe, we need to console her as well publicly she lost a loved one

  7. This circus continues now they have let in the televangelists to spice up the atmosphere with their gibberish outbursts and lying off their cold palms on the not so innocent widow.

    • Praying for the bereaved is practiced regularly at funerals, so you want this funeral to be an exception just because it is the head of state? If you say that the widow is not innocent, then what crime have you convicted her of? And who says that prayers are for the innocent, actually those who are need more prayers.

  8. Decietful,tribalistic ,divisive and politically opportunistic rule with a touch of violent cadres does not sound like peace culture.Madam Kaseba did you preach this peace to your husband?

  9. Zambians are generally peaceful people and that’s why you take them for granted. For instance you still continue heaping scorn and contempt on them by denying them information about what caused your cobra’s death. These long suffering mourners depend only on rumours and speculations as the source of information to arrive at the truth. In effect you don’t give a damn about them but yourselves. Please accept the fact this is a cruel and inhuman way to treat other humans, and that’s the legacy Sata has bequeathed his ‘beloved’ Zambians, ‘Don’t Kubeba’ right unto death. Disgusting.

  10. Just two things;

    1 – These Pastors are paid to pray for someone. And generally the bigger the problem the bigger the envelop. And soo they have to lay hands on bana Kaseba to justify the big envelope

    2 – Bana Kaseba is telling Guy Scott to shut the Fk up. “we are busy mouning’.

  11. …the moment Dr kaseba went on an ant-hill to shout that her husband was well and fit working very hard, since then I had placed her under my foot…. Just like Scott did firing Lungu inappropriately raising out cry of going against Zambian culture, her voice is not supposed to be heard in public domain for now until well after the burial…….

  12. TheEngineer (Australia now Germany)- please enough of your bitter unkind blogs. Is it really necessary when the 1st lady is in mourning. I bet they are noww reflecting on how they could have acted better. this bitterness you have on the current govt: Is it because Amalume lost the elections and u have lost all the contracts. pls, live ur life and stop ur insulting and bitter blogs. I feel underneath you have issues you need to sort out. london, australia now germany, I guess I know u. at least some of ur family still have jobs Amalume gave them…Chill and stop the hate, not good for ur weight

    • Kasebanya is not the first lady – she is the first concubine amongst many as our dear departed Ukwa never divorced Nyamanda amake Mulenga from Malawi. Kaseba is crying because she wont be receiving any more awards whilst gallivanting the world with money she swindled from poor Zambian mothers who have to give birth on the floor through the non-existent office of the first lady.

    • Mpendula Kayula, you moron! Stop the hate. By the way who is your wife? A nonentity! What about yourself? A nonentity! The only qualities about you are: hatred, jealous, tribalism, etc. Mind you, your preferred candidate who I know won’t even come closer to winning. You will remain a perpetual looser as a blogger and as a cowered. By the who am I responding to? Responding to such lunatics come invite curses on my body. Imbeciles who insult parents like Dr Kaseba. Why can’t you insult you mother or father giving birth to a hater and a dull tribalist like you? Dr Kaseba will forever remain a role model while you on the other hand will remain an incessant looser blogger. Your insults have no impact. Nothing

  13. One didn’t need to be a rocket scientist to tell that the game of hide and seek coupled with plastic smiles would end badly. Sadly those who sympathised with late president’s ill health were labeled bitter. Where is Kapeya now?

    “Seek the Truth and Truth shall set you free!”

  14. How disheartening embarrassing that we boast of having one of the fastest growing economies and massive infrastructure development and yet when we need health care we trek across borders or oceans for an aspirin. Isn’t that misplaced priorities? Health comes first, Oh oops by the way Nurses were fired!

    • Indeed, Kasebanya a qualified medical doctor is on record saying that the firing of nurses was a great opportunity for student nurses to hone their skills! Talk about let them eat cake!

  15. Mayo selako twikunyanta, mayo selako twikunyanta,
    Fwebafwillwa tulatabataba, fwebafwilwa tulatabataba
    Tata selako twikunyanta, tata selako twikunyanta
    Fwebafwilwa tulatabataba, fwebafwilwa tulatabataba
    Amenso yabantu eyatangila ku mulu, ne ntanda kwa Lesa shilebalika
    Aeya elele ne ntanda kwa Lesa shilebalika Aeya elele ne ntanda kwa Lesa shilebalika
    Michael Chilufya Sata,
    I will mourn you the rest of my life.
    The mark you have left will never be obliterated
    You were a rare gift to our nation Zambia
    Your good works have followed you
    Good people indeed precede the rest when departing from this realm
    It is only God who knows when to give and when to take away
    From generation to generation, your legacy will live on
    MYSRIEP, till we meet on the…

  16. We are peaceful already. We don’t even need your words. When you see us making noise it means we are playing cousinship. Ask Libongani she will tell you. so no worries

  17. For once, @Mushota has said something sensible. Dr. Kaseba must foresee the Health ministry. And I would even go further as to suggest that Maureen Mwanawasa oversees some important ministry that heads social issues. Charlotte and Thandiwe too. These women have stood the test of times and have been way ahead of their husbands.

    • Just take them iin as your wives if you like them so much. These chaps are actually killing off husbands and then enjoy the loot !! Remember Chilubas’ concubine said he left no will!! Maureen is just another – remember that Bemba lawyer bonking her – that actually led to Mwanawasas’ stroke in Egypt ??/

  18. I love the Internet. Some people are so smitten and actually convinced that mushota is a woman, and that I am definitely sakala even……hehehe!

  19. Whatever his/her true identity is, she/he keeps us talking. He/she is an ice breaker. Love her/him for that.
    We all blog under pseudonims…for God’s sakes!!!

  20. A very powerful move by Dr. Kaseba that truly reflects the kind of person that Sata was. For all his faults, he always remained very much rooted in communities and identified with them in various challenges (I remember the famous picture of him in the front seat of a minibus at the height of fuel shortages in the country). He would be very proud of her actions. We will continue to pray that you find strength during the difficult period, President or not, it is not easy to lose a loved one.

  21. For the record, I for one will never empathise with this so called Dr Kaseba. This is the reason together with her dinosaurs/vultures we’re having this funeral in the first place. Yes probably Sata would’ve died at some point but not too soon. Kaseba was meant to be the protector of her husband. She knew exactly what Ba Sata was going through but due to her selfishness dragged a sick person from bed to go and open parliament and less than 24hours a long haul flight to New York just to be told he was “dead”. Yes he must have “died” a bit hence the reason he could not even go the UN National Assembly. But all this was shrouded in greedy secrecy that led to Sata’s demise. All this could’ve been avoided. Hope Sata’s real family will roast this greedy woman and Ka Mulenga Sata.

    • @29 Kambachabe.. What makes you thin Dr Kaseba made Sata work.. The president was a 77 year old man who could make his won decisions.. King of the castle the buck stops with Sata he want ted to carry on… When it is time to go it is time to go where ever you are don’t blame a spouse nonsense…

  22. This whole leadership fiasco is for all of us Zambians to blame coz we firstly let it happen by voting PF and the caliber of leaderhip the late was and those he has left behind. SO lets do our soul searching and mend our mistakes to avoid what is happening now. IT happened during mwanawasa’s death ,now again haunting us after SATA’s demise and we seem not to be learning a lesson despite the HUGE sums of hard hard earned tax payers money which will have to be diverted for presidential bye elections at the expense of other national developmental programs.This is really a national tragedy.SO when our country is lagging in development ,lets not point fingers at those who are governing but ourselves for casting a ballot for them and not holding them accountable.

  23. The current Zambian Constitution, under Article 38 i.e. “Vacancy in the Office of President”, makes it abundantly very clear that the Vice-President should act as President until an election takes place within 90 days. It is no other than this provision alone that Sata’s demise automatically ushered in the acting presidence of Dr Scott. There is zero provision in the Constitution which would have empowered Edgar Lungu to act as president following the death of president Michael Sata, such an act would have been treasonous, period! It is very sad that retarded perpetual losers like one “meandering“ Godfrey Miyanda, in his typical vexatious self, would try to quench their ignorant racist bigotry by trying to invoke the provisions of Article 34 provided for the election of the president…

  24. …under which the parentage Clause is a requirement for one to run, just to block Scott. This is the typical menacing and highly vindictive nature of Miyanda who with Chiluba crafted this silly Clause just to block KK from running. Anyway, that is what a stint in KK’s jail for alleged coup plotting treason would do to one’s “gurumutu“. In conclusion, the distinction and application of Articles 38 and 34 are as clear as day from night. The bible analogue Lungu invoked for handing over power was mischivious & ignorant! Imagine Lungu and Scott had “fimo fimo intercourse“ with Nkandu Luo at the National Assembly Motel on the same day, in her room.

    • But for Edith dancing ‘Kaunda alala” in parliament when this clause was inserted Guy Scott would have been eligible to stand for President

  25. Madam Kaseba was Sata not divisive,insulted,tribalized his govt and presided over PF full of violent cadres? The sentence is GUILTY- case closed.

  26. Is Christine the still the First Lady or the First Widow now? When does the wife of the late President cease to be called First Lady? Will Charllote Scott be called First Lady now? Please Ba Miyanda educate us on this one before it becomes a constitutional crisis.

  27. These fake pastors….not things….these guys can pray for her minus touching her…ifyo fiko mule basuba ba Kaseba….aikona man….Go and pray for people in combons….

  28. Dr. Kaseba should just shut up. Is she not the one who was smiling all over the place with a sick husband?? You participated in kiling your husband woman. So, you do not qualify to represent anything cultural. All respect for you has died with your husband who you killed.

  29. Dr Kaseba; Zambians are mourning the president in peace as such you should not go round but call on PF leadership and their cadres to mourn in peace as we also call on you to be strong and when all is done please account for the K4.2 million allotted to your non existing office to a tune of K1.4 each year.

  30. Who can leave power because he is unwell here in Africa and some parts of the world only to die like a pauper and buried in a paupers grave don’t be hypocrites fools. He deserved to die in power and buried like a President because he was a President he fought for this Presidency.You yourself would you resign foolish pipo.

  31. I personally have great respect for this woman. what is it that she never did to ensure Sata gets well. Things got to the worst but she managed to afford a smile. she never got embarrassed with Sats’ visibly deteriorated health.she spent sleepless nights just to check if the Head of State could have ‘passed on’ in his sleep. she soldiered and braved the nights flying long distances looking for what could have cured Sata. She could have provided life because she is not God.
    God will judge her and reward her accordingly.

    don’t worry mummy Jesus is your husband.

    • Eh? Ati Jesus is her husband? Bwahahahahaha! hahahahahahaha!

      I know you mean well. but you don’t have to spout nonsense to show that you feel sorry for her loss.

      I also felt bad when I saw the pictures of her distress, but believe me when I tell you, there are no the nuptials for her and Jesus! Kikikikikikiki!

      From Sata to Jesus? Kikikikikikikiki! kikikikikikiki!
      What she she needs to do, is mourn the Zambian way – QUIETLY.

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