My sacking is illegal and provocative, Edgar Lungu responds

Edgar Lungu after the Cabinet meeting where he handed over the instruments of power to Vice president guy Scott
Mr  Edgar Lungu after a Special Session Of Cabinet meeting   at Statehouse. Vice President Dr Guy Scott is  now the Acting President of the Zambia. Picture  by Eddie Mwanaleza/Statehouse 29th October 2014.
Mr Edgar Lungu after a Special Session Of Cabinet meeting at Statehouse. Vice President Dr Guy Scott is now the Acting President of the Zambia. Picture by Eddie Mwanaleza/Statehouse 29th October 2014.

Defence and Justice Minister Edgar Lungu says the decision to drop him as party Secretary General is illegal.
In a statement released, Mr Lungu contends that the decision to relive him of his duties as party Secretary General is also highly provocative under the current circumstances of national mourning.

He said the action taken by Acting PF President Guy Scott is illegal and has no foundation or support of the PF party constitution.

Mr Lungu accused Dr Scott of insulting the Zambian culture and the people of Zambia by constantly engaging himself in matters that undermine the dignity, honour and respect of the funeral of President Michael Sata.

Mr Lungu who is also Chawama Member of Parliament said he is aware that they are serious manoeuvres to reinstate Mr. Wynter Kabimba as Secretary General of the Party.

He said these manoeuvres are also designed to undermine the decision made by President Michael Sata on 28th August 2014 and the wishes and interest of the party.

Mr Lungu said he is also aware that there is an attempt to usurp state and party powers to a group now commonly known as the ‘’cartel”.

He warned that the action by Dr. Guy Scott to illegally assume the office of party president and to pretend to perform such functions in the absence of the harmonization of this constitutional conflict is promoting disharmony.
“I also note that Dr. Guy Scot had on Friday 31st October 2014, announced the banning of meetings including the holding of meetings by the Central Committee. This action is also illegal as during this difficult and sensitive moment, Dr. Scot is expected to benefit from the wisdom and counsel of the Central Committee and not from strangers and members of the group famously referred to as the “Cartel” currently surrounding him,” the letter read.

“Dr. Guy Scott is expected to defend the interest of the Patriotic Front, its values and is expected to adhere to the provisions of the letter and spirit of the party constitution. I wish to warn all members and party leaders including, Dr. Guy Scott to act with restraint as the nation is in mourning and the body of His Excellency, President Michael Sata is lying in state at Mulungushi International Conference Center as President Sata deserves to be mourned with utmost dignity, peace and respect.”

It continued, “It should be made very clear that our restraint is out of utmost respect for the departed, His Excellency, President Michael Sata, is not a sign of weakness. The people of Zambia are resolved to safeguard peace during this time of mourning. Zambia attained its independence to upholding peace, unity and upholding human dignity and actions spoiling for political fights runs counter to these values.”

The two articles are quoted below:

(1) In the event of the President of the Party resigning, or being removed from Office of The ?President of the Party, he shall cease to be President of the Party and the Secretary General shall act as President of the Party until the new President is elected in accordance with provisions of Article 48 of this Constitution.

 (2) In case of absence of both the President and the Secretary-General of the Party, the President of the Party shall choose one from amongst the members of the Central Committee to perform the functions of the President of the Party until such a time as the President or Secretary General of the Party shall resume his duties.


(1) The Vice President shall have the following powers, duties and functions:

a) to be the principal assistant to the President of the Party;

b) to exercise all such functions as may be delegated to him by the President;

c) to act for the President in his absence;

d) To exercise the functions of President in case of death or removal from office in terms of  Article 53.

I have referred this matter to the Central Committee to consider and resolve.
Article 53 reposes power in the Office of the Secretary General as Acting President of the Party in the event of the absence, resignation or being removed until a new party president is elected.
I am cognizant of the fact that a single section under Article 54 (d) also purports to repose powers in the Vice President to act as Party President when the office party president falls vacant through death.
Owing to this serious lacuna and conflict in the party constitution designating powers and functions of the president to two offices, it is imperative that this matter be urgently resolved by the Central Committee.
I have therefore called for an emergency Central Committee Meeting to be held tomorrow Tuesday 4th November 2014 to consider the following agenda items;

• The purported letter of dismissal
• Taking action which in the opinion of the Central Committee is in the best interest, security and development of the party and the state in accordance with Article 58(l) and 58(m).
• And to resolve matters relating to Article 53 and Article 54

The Central committee has powers to resolve all matters as listed below:


 The Central Committee shall have the following powers and functions:

 (a) Supervising the implementation of the Party policies and programmes;

(b) Programming Party policies as formulated by the General Conference or the National Council;

(c) Enforcing discipline among members and officials of the Party;

 (d) Regulating and controlling activities of all organs of the Party;

 (e) Ensuring that records of all Party activities are kept and supervising proper maintenance of records and books of accounts at all levels of the Party organization;

 (f) Exercising the function of orientation and leadership of the Party;

(g) Initiating, whenever possible, Party policies for consideration by the National Councilor the General Conference;

(h) Orientating and controlling activities of the central organs of the State and other public institutions in the country;

(i) Guiding and giving correct orientation to popular mass organizations;

 (j) Hearing appeals from appropriate disciplinary bodies;

(k) Summoning regular or extraordinary meetings of the National Councilor the General Conference;

(I) initiating and approving changes in the Regulations and Rules of the Party;

(m) Taking action which in the opinion of the Central Committee is in the best interest, security and development of the Party and the State;

(n) Constituting such administrative structures at the Party National Headquarters as may facilitate smooth and efficient functioning of the Party.


  1. Maybe PF should take a break and re-group in 2016.

    They’re really beginning to bore us out ayi ka Mushota?


    • Your Excellency Lungu you have sanctimoniously put it. Guy Scott is a shame and insult to our dignity and culture as Zambians. His behavior and reprehension conduct in obsession for power he doesn’t even have, is too dangerous for the security and reputation of our peaceful country. President Sata is still laying in state yet to be interred yet Scott is spitting on Sata’s face.

      Just which true Zambian would accept these insults against our dignity, constitution and faith? If only he had learnt our culture and not trash it, we could have forgiven him.

    • How did the Zambian people entrust power in such a confused lot? This group who allowed a lacuna in their own constitution all this while and now want to resolve it during the mourning of their supreme leader. Pathetic?

    • Zambians wake up. Let us take back that which rightfully is our, Zambia, from colonial masters. Why should we allow ourselves to be taken 50 years back? We have just been celebrating jubilee over a week ago. Surely you can’t be this docile.
      Don’t allow Mmembe, Kabimba, Guy Scott, Mahtani et. al. to move Zambia back. We have capable bonafide and real Zambians who can take over the leadership of this great country. Not this selfish evil agents of darkness who want to usurp power for their own selfish ambition. Viva Edgar Lungu, Viva HH, Viva Chipimo, Viva Never Mumba.

    • The whole Scott robotic misruling circus is characteristic of a reprehensible conduct in obsession for power he doesn’t even have. The old man is too dangerous to our national security, unity and our enduring reputation of being a peaceful nascent democracy in the sun. I can’t believe how unparalleled in insanity he can be. He gotten more confused to the point of spitting in President Sata face before he is even interred.

      Freedom fighters, youths and mothers, Just which true Zambian would accept these insults against our dignity, culture, constitution and faith? If only Scott had learnt our culture and not trashed it with this impunity, we could have forgiven him for the wrongs thus-far. From the look of this chaos, PF is FINITO. Its gone with Sata while we take back our Zambia.

    • Somebody tell Elias Chipimo Jr. to stop praying because it’s making these clowns confused. If they split, that will be the end of them (not even 2021).

    • This party is highly undisciplined. I can foresee a lot of violence on the day of burial of their leader. I do not even think they will let Guy Scott finish the hated Ninety days with him at the top! Why do Zambians choose to ignore their own constitution in preference to Fred M’membe’s preferences?

    • Your Excellency Edgar Lungu, the whole nation is behind you; not just PF members. Do not be intimidated by scott and his small cartel.

    • But how could PF have allowed such comflicting provisions of their consitution to exist for more than Ten years and yet they have people who call themselves Lawyers in the party, and state counsels for that matter!
      Maybe the so called lawyers came in after King Cobra had already drafted the document and were afraid of advising him because some body said he was a ‘CHUMBU MUNSHOLOLWA’.

    • What does Edgar mean by provocative? Is he thinking of unleashing cadres? Dont be stupid Lungu. Your are talking dangerously. The few people sorrounding you know that you are weak and want to use you. You cant be president! Finish.

    • Folks

      I said it yesterday, that Guy Scott has stepped on a landmine. Before the end of the week, Guy Scott will hounded of the party and presidency altogether.

      All the cabinet needs to do is call an urgent meeting and and pass a vote of no confidence in Scott, then thats it, he will be out. Guy Scott might be legally allowed to lead Zambia according to the constitution, but at party level, its something different. The party can decide to remove him at will, and no one can challenge that because Scott is NOT an elected president but in acting capacity by cabinet agreement which can be reversed.

      Madness in PF is going to far now.Scott must go and be replaced by Lungu straight away. Other wise there will be blood within PF ranks.

      Wapya munzi.

    • lol… lol… lol… lol… lol… ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

      PF caders wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

      now what! now what!

      Kabimba is coming. you brood of tribalists you have been dribbled.

    • just when you think the lunacy has ended.. they just manage to pull another one off.. What is so urgent about dropping Lungu ? Why couldnt it wait ? We understand the King solomon proverb might have been offensive but still more fye ba scott iyi teyo…

      1. PF has no credible leaders to steer this country forward. They are specialised in telling lies and causing confusion.
      2. The late Mr. Sata CURSED the leaders when he declared them USELESS and only dull people wouldn’t agree with Mr. Sata.
      3. PF is very uncoordinated and disoriented = Chimbwi no plan.
      4. PF is a very dangerous party due to the violent behaviour. (Panga Family)

    • Dear Edgar,

      Don’t you have enough work to keep you busy? Not one, but SEVERAL Ministries?????????

      Or are you just collecting titles? What are you being PAID FOR?

      As they say, the DEVIL makes work for IDLE HANDS!

    • We told you pf minions that your kantemba’s days are numbered. The damn thing is in self-destruct mode even before the serpent’s remains have been disposed of. I salute the ZWD for being in the fore-front of exposing the once behind the scences shenanigans. Now its all out in the open for all to see what the Donchi Kubeba propaganda was all about. Bloody chishimba kambwili..

    • True PF….emancipate yourselves from mental slavery, non but yourselves can free your minds….dont be afraid of Guy Scott and Cartel..cos it Jubileeeee!!!!

      Zambia, twasebana…. sure having our own kith and kin being humiliated by a colonialist.

      I am not PF but nanchinkalipa this attempt to mock ba Lungu. And where is Eastern Province? Mulindwiiiii…….shaaa! Galamukani imwe aku chipata….kukonda mbeba

    • I want to disagree with wanzelu once again although we are both supporters of HH.Guy scott is mandated by the constitution to act as President.It is the cabinet which appointed him but an automatic switch.therefore cabinet can not pass a vote of know confidency.He warned every body to desist from holding secreet meetings according to the public order act but he lungu and others continued meeting as late as 05:00hrs.Intellegency report was given .If you were in the shoes of Guys Scott you would have done the same to bring sanaity in the country.Guy as acting president has powers to fire the SG just as Sata fired Kabimba which I doubt sata did that as he never wrote Kabimba.We need order in our country and as such all these lumpens should be caged.

    • @2.2 Sido Mark. The President of the PF has power to appoint their SG but not the power to fire him. Sata acted ultra vires the PF constitution and Wynter stup!dly accepted it. Go read, man, go read!

    • edagar lungu bit guy scott’s balls while sucking on them. scott then took it personally and shoved some hot sauce down lungu’s throat. guy scott clearly wants to take over our country and sell what ever we have left to foreigners. i guess we shall forever be slaves to foreign investors; evans mfula at evaduco reporting live from lusaka and getting my bottom massaged by kitwe prisoners.

  2. Mr. Sata has left a crisis. People praised him but, with all his intentions, he did not know how to lead.

    How does PF have contradictions in their constitution?

  3. Uko Muzungu opusa has boobed big time – Central Committee mailo to face you with shaking hands, you face them weka without the cartel in sight – you will be grilled & lucky not to be deported!!

    • RIP PF -X- all things must one day come to an end. It was boring, ridiculous, unpalatable and archaic while it lasted. The show must not go on!

      ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE END OF PF 2015 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


    • Edgar Lungu is a Bemba puppet ….it was going to be Lungu for president and Michael Sata for VP . IT’S NOT HAPPENNG ! ZAMBIA HAS 73 TRIBES NOT ONLY BEMBAS

    • HH told you his sentiments about this old man – Interim President Guy Scott. All of you scoffed at him but he was right! How can one ban meetings of cabinet members during a late president’s funeral? Don’t they have things to do and a funeral to plan during this period of mourning lasting 2 weeks rather than fire members of the party willy nilly and reinstate them like a circus? This would have been very laughable if it wasn’t this sad! How was poor Edgar Lungu going to bury his father and mentor feeling already sad due to death and also feeling really dejected due to being fired? PF have shown themselves for whom they are – therefore the words of the deceased ring true ” I have very useless ministers and MPs” This circus has now ended and we have run out of all the POPCORN. RIP -…

  4. This Lungu is so dull. Article 54 gives power for the VP to take over in terms of death whilst 53 talks about resignation but silence on death. Guy scot can win even in a local court. Is this PF is making all the fuss about? Maybe the likes of Kambwili who think through their mouths.

    • Mr Mwansa, u need to explicitly understand contextual meaning of the 2 Articles. What you need to know is that president Sata was “removed” from office by death hence SG qualifies to act as party president. What is interesting here is that SG acts as party president meaning he has powers of the party while VP takes over presidential duties. In short both will have similar functions. This requires the cetral committee to make a serious ruling…

  5. Can someone please wake up Sata and tell him to sort out this mess he has left behind.He should tell us why he never allowed Guy Scott to act when he was alive and also why he presided over a defective party constitution all this time.?

  6. This is such a fiasco!v Scott is out of his mind. This a period of national mourning and should be a time of neutrality; even soldiers declare ceasefires to bury their dead and tend to the wounded. This is highly irregular and totally out of place and as much as im not a fan of Lungu, i agree with his views above. There is too much messing about with the constitution, party and national.
    Have some respect, you rabid dogs, and mourn our President with dignity.

  7. We have arrived and have began to witness the fulfilment of the prophecy by T.B. Joshua which was told to us that there shall be a leadership crisis in one of the Southern African countries because of a sickness. We should have prepared for a smooth transition of power but we were told all was well. It was well to those who thrive in confusion. Just recall; who was it that told us through the National Assembly that our concerns on the health of the President were misplaced? Guy Scott! Where is the centre of confusion? Guy Scott.

  8. Scott should leave Zambia now.No peace if Lungu is not back.Membe and Cartel should be arrested.We love Zambia n scott should go to scotland.Viva PF.Abash Cartel

  9. This Whiteman (The GUYii) is disrespectful to Zambians and Mr Sata, ABASHI! colonialism, Before burrial, we don’t talk or do anything like that, Scot has no morals and manners to say the least, why is he adding salt on wounds? we are mourning our late President, he is their denouncing the things the late put in place. WHY? ZAMBIANS LETS WATCHOUT ON THIS COLONIALIST. Now I agree with HH when he said that Scot was the most stupid white person he had ever seen.

  10. The sacking was ill timed even if it is to pull a fast one.
    It wont work because the cardres also want to eat.
    There is not future in PF

    • Lungu thinks God sleeps. when he was deporting foreigners unjustly he thought it will be forever. i am sure he just started, very soon he will join sata. *****

  11. Alungu ukopo
    You are behind baba by far. The people you are dealing with are far ahead and trust me its a well orchestrated move. I have no doubt that you will never recover or catch up.

    The only way you gona win is by supporting HH. That way you will laugh last because you will be found in the next government.

    HH i winning the coming by-election with alot of easiness

  12. Guy Scott is playing with fire here. He has potential to engulf the whole of Lusaka into a battle ground for PF factions after the burial. Guy Scott needs Lungu and Chikwanda to unify PF. What he has done is playing with fire. He does not know where power lies in PF. If he listens to Mmembe camp, then there will be no PF after the barrier. There is anger against Mmembe in Zambia.

  13. To avoid all this power struggle, confusion and minimize on economic lapse that is already in a coma, let us in act the new constitution within 90 days and call for early election in February. All those that feel are popular and can rule Zambia let them race up to plot 1 in February 2015.

    • KK cant help you, he is more and was more stupid that old dictator,ask him how many people have disapeared during his time.How can he help you?????????

  14. Lungu, you are a disgrace and now you are showing your true colors for everyone to see. You are talking of Kabimba, in whom you did not see anything wrong untill he was fired. You have no leadership qualities even to be SG. Winter was fired by Sata without the committe and you were appointed by Sata without input from the central committe. Guy, has used his powers as Party President to remove you from that position. No one elected you, stop using emotions of the people to gain symphathy.

  15. It’s a shame most of you believe everything you read.Edgar Lungu has shown immaturity to me.He is not presidential material.Scott is right to fire him.

    • @ Ichishinka, I agree with you. His sucking is illegal he thinks but all his appointments were legal? He is not even fit to be miniterial material. We have a criss of leadership to have people like him even handling power. This chap had too many potofolios handed to him when Sata could not function properly and he couldnt reject any of them. You cant be SG, Defence Minister, Justice Minister and Acting President. Let him cool down and just contest the nomination for presidency instead of making noise. We are tired. We need maturity not hooligans.

    • There are two catels in PF the winter Kabimba and The Bemba clique.I want to tell the nation that Lungu was never appointed by sata to be acting president as sata was in coma when he was evacuated.Kabimba up todate has never received a letter of dismissal meaning sata never dismissed kabimba but the Bemba corrupt clique did.They wanted to use Lungu an easterner and weak conduit to put a Bemba as presidential candidate.There plans have failed and are ready to cause war.Guy scott is protected by USA and Britain and the constitution of Zambia .therefore the Bemba clique should act with cution if they will go physical they will be brused badly.First by the Zambia police were the current SG chilangwa is deputy minister and the AU will not support illegality then USA and Britain will come in

  16. Khawuleth’umshini wami ….bring me my machine gun and bring on more firewood to feed this PF fire. The Guy-Lungu war of 2014.

  17. When things turn sour this tramp will ran away. He is not a ZAMBIAN . Sata never allowe him to act VIP for the very reason we see now. The man is FULISH whiteman

    • When he was labelled ‘muzungu wopusa’ I wondered; now I know he is kupasa ngako!!

      How can you settle scores during a funeral? Sure this man is a total foreigner; Zambia let us REJECT to be ruled by a colonialist. He is unZambian mwazionela.

  18. What a sick decision made by the fake acting president in order to satisfy himself and his stupid followers(kabimba and mmembe group). I don’t see any genuine reason as to why scott as stop edger of which even himself has failed to understand. This all thing is reminding us about what happened in MMD government after mwanawasa died and certain people like tetamashimba and mulongoti fed banda wrong data which made even mmd to fall apart. Sata new why he never let scott or anyone to act for president every time he was going out. Takalefuma bane because scott is just being influenced by certain individuals who have aspiring thoughts for presidency.
    Edger for presido,edger for presido. Edger lungu is the best person to stand for presidency because he has all it takes to be the president…

  19. What’s so important that couldn’t wait until after the funeral for Scott to begin taking erratic and irrational decisions? Where did Lungu go wrong, apa pene? One hopes it’s not Scott’s intent to reverse all or most of the late beloved leader’s major decisions.In which case, forewarned is forearmed, because things are bound to get nasty for the kapenta-eating Scott!

  20. This is not only embarrassing but seriously dangerous. This Guy can set this country on fire. I am deeply concerned & distressed by the person, actions & mannerisms of the Guy. The extreme urgency to replace Lungu, the purported unconstitutional usurpation of power are no small matters when u are dealing with a nation. This is the same Guy who tried to set Zambia’s tribes against each other thru his reckless comments not too long ago. He is a Guy who can set aside The Constitution & replace it with a Newspaper! From my side, he neither has managerial skills nor basic human ability to bring pple with divergent views togther. I wonder how the Cabinet could hve settled for this Guy. But I am so sure, the Late did not see great and inspiring abilities in this Guy. Cabinet, pls…

  21. Muzungu wopusa warned HH, handle with kids gloves at your own peril, No respect Blacks what so ever. Pf. NEC may be bought by the cartel. Take the but vote wisely

  22. 1. Republican consitution: Not clear about Scott’s acting status.
    2. PF consitution: Worse, not clear at all.
    3. The current Judiciary is under the control of the cartel: Musa Mwenye, DPP Mutembo, Acting Chief justice, Mumba Malila etc all have some PF connections and backing. Nothing objective should be expected should this power strugle reach the courts. They can even rule that scott is qualified to stand for Presidential bye elections.
    The only solution is to sack PF out of goverment and to enact a new consitution by the new government.

  23. Articles 53 and 54 have arisen to haunt the PF. Why was this anomaly not resolved before? I appeal to the PF to amicably resolve this dispute and concentrate on campaigning after the burial of the President. By the way, what powers has Mr Lungu got to call for a Central Committee meeting. This may be a problem too.

    • Lungu, is just a trouble maker. Now you can relate to the recording of Sichonga by bana Nono. words like to lekasenda. He thought he had everthing and was going to be the nxt leader without reading the constitution. Put behind bars for treason for saying its provocative. Provocative of what? He wasnt even there when Sata and Guy started PF.

  24. No NO No ba Edger Lungu. Stay out of PF. As long as the PF constitution is concerned the President of the Part has power to appoint and dismiss any one. See how Kabimba was dismissed, and same president appointed you.
    PF has now a new president in the name of Guy Scott, he has power to appoint anyone who he wants to manage PF with.
    You see now what we Zambians cried for and you guys did not want to hear our cries. We asked for a good constitution you guys refused, but now you are complaining.
    Mr Lungu because you feer Muzungu too much you gave him power now you are crying that Scott is illiegal. Is this not stupidity ba Lungu? u been the lawyer you mean you did not know Scott was not qualified?

  25. Wisdom, like an inheritance, is a good thing
    and benefits those who see the sun.
    Wisdom is a shelter
    as money is a shelter,
    but the advantage of knowledge is this:
    Wisdom preserves those who have it.

    A good name is better than fine perfume,
    and the day of death better than the day of birth.
    It is better to go to a house of mourning
    than to go to a house of feasting,
    for death is the destiny of everyone;
    the living should take this to heart.
    Frustration is better than laughter,
    because a sad face is good for the heart.
    The heart of the wise is in the house of mourning,
    but the heart of fools is in the house of pleasure.
    It is better to heed the rebuke of a wise person

    Better what the eye sees
    than the roving of the appetite.
    This too is meaningless,
    a chasing…

  26. Is Edgar lungu a lawyer or am I missing something here. The simple question he should ask himself is: under what circumstance is the substantive president out of his post?. Then read the two articles and you have the answer. Is this person presidential material or what? One natina, what more mining agreements. Yah Zambia!!!?????

  27. Ladies and gentlemen, you can call the muzungu all sorts of names but it’s too late. He has the military and police at his finger tips and people change when they taste power. He will not hesitate to unleash the police with impunity and you know how vicious the police get when instructions are coming from muzungu. From day one we told you that Lungu made a colossal mistake by handing over power. Now he is running his mouth like a toothless tiger. It’s too late my comrade and the more you talk the sooner you will find yourself locked up. Welcome to africa.

  28. @Brian chirambo,u know nothing.Scott is not a president of PF period.PF has no president and secretary general is the one in charge.Scott is a coward and a ruthless racist who must be chesed from Zambia right now before he destroys our country.We loved Sata n Scott should not bring earth-ism in Zambia.Zambia is christian nation and to be ruled by somebodey who doesn’t believe in God it’s a chaos.Now we are witnessing how Guy scott is .Zambians,let us stand up 4 Zambia before we colonized by this Musungu opusa.Enough is enough

  29. Wisdom, like an inheritance, is a good thing
    and benefits those who see the sun.
    Wisdom is a shelter
    as money is a shelter,
    but the advantage of knowledge is this:
    Wisdom preserves those who have it.
    A good name is better than fine perfume,
    and the day of death better than the day of birth.
    It is better to go to a house of mourning
    than to go to a house of feasting,
    for death is the destiny of everyone;
    the living should take this to heart.
    Frustration is better than laughter,
    because a sad face is good for the heart.
    The heart of the wise is in the house of mourning,
    but the heart of wise is in the house of pleasure.
    It is better to heed the rebuke of a wise person
    Better what the eye sees
    than the roving of the appetite.
    This too is meaningless,

  30. And those that doubted that Scott is in the Cartel will have to shut up. Edgar Lungu is not sacked, it is evident that Scott does not have command of PF, he is twitching!

  31. (1) In the event of the President of the Party resigning, or being removed from Office of The ?President of the Party, he shall cease to be President of the Party and the Secretary General shall act as President of the Party until the new President is elected in accordance with provisions of Article 48 of this Constitution.

    • (2) In case of absence of both the President and the Secretary-General of the Party, the President of the Party shall choose one from amongst the members of the Central Committee to perform the functions of the President of the Party until such a time as the President or Secretary General of the Party shall resume his duties.

  32. Do not be quick with your mouth,
    do not be hasty in your heart
    to utter anything before God.
    God is in heaven
    and you are on earth,
    so let your words be few.
    A dream comes when there are many cares,
    and many words mark the speech of a fool.

    Leadership and circumstances detects to excise wisdom in a flexible intelligent manner especially with gaps in law after mourning elect and seal the loophole For now mourn with dignity and show example to the rest of world

    Zurich Germany

    • People like you are those that assume the country runs itself. Grow a sack or an ovary and comment intelligently!

  33. Its common law even amongst villages when not enshrined well someone is given the leadership and after mourning leadership sits to install or elect

    In present circumstances wisdom and self restraint is needed to preserve and mourn contribution done by those and learn lessons to reshape future. It cannot be undone but moving on will be important

  34. Let the minister of Home Affairs deport this brainless scott within 24hrs, he is a danger to our peace which our five elected President has kept.

  35. The Bible says: “foregners shall not rule over you……………………………..”

    Now you know why????????

  36. Me and president Mugabe tuleloleshafye. Out of respect we shall comment after burial . But don’t take our silence for weakness .

  37. Zambia unite! Scott’s blood is red just like yours, his mentality is definitely not Zambian because our culture and customs make us humble during funerals. What this man is showing us is what we have suspected all along. He is a stooge! we must fight back to reclaim our country whether you are PF, MMD, UPND and the rest, your country needs you. We cannot allow a cartel to manipulate us in this way. Scott is untigonising us so he finds an excuse to call for state of emergency. CHA CHA CHA! Rhodesia out!!

    • I would have taken you serious if you were in Zambia but looking at were you are and knowing you are a ‘yes bwana’ up there ..your statement leaves much to be desired

    • @ Haleisa Halelanda, If I was that naive I would probably say look whose talking to call me ‘yes bwana’ when you appear to be in the US? I’ll spare you the blushes because I know you are not. Keep dreaming, that flag is probably the closest you will ever get to the US. Now where were we? Oh CHA CHA CHA!! Rhodesian OUT!

  38. This white man Scott has killed our PF!if not caged Scott and his cartel will bring chaos in Zambia.Wynter Kabimba is history and once u bring him back then expect no or few votes from us!for sure this is the end of PF!plus chilema Chilangwa wont win u votes!he has no in peace Scott and your PF.i wont even vote as HH is not the solution either!

    • Bembas fight alone are you not the majority.You are saying HH is not the solution .You just want a bemba to rule.Fight on .As and others thinking Zambians we shall show you that we are better organized by put HH in state house come even the widows are fighting Shame on Sata.

  39. And to make matters worst, the Police is at its weakest. Wait and see the Panga weilding show that will take place. They were indisciplined when their leader was alive and you expect them to disciplined now, no ways. How did we surely end up with such people.

  40. Awe Mwandi 90 days with this guy Guy Scott seems like a decade to me. No manners, no respect even for Sata and no respect for the people of Zambia and no respect for Sata’s mourning family. This man Guy must go he is a tired, stupid old white man (Muzungu opusa maningi). As soon as we have chaos in Zambia he will simply run away to Scotland and we shall remain suffering in our mother land.

  41. This is a very sad development ,I never thought Guy Scott could do such a thing.These Cartels by Mmembe and family to avoid paying there debts should come to an end .Viva Edgar No Edgar ,No Vote for PF.Its time for Edgar to take charge.

  42. The violence, chaos and the general hell being played out during Sata’s death is his epitaph. If he had organised his own funeral he couldn’t have done better than his surviving minions are doing just now. He would approve of what is happening at this moment. He created his minions perfectly in his own ruthless image.

  43. Scott should now run away.he should run away.Please scott u’ll go in history a useless president within 90days to destroy peacefull nation.Chi Colonial man can’t do this.Fire fire now in zambia.Does he think this musungu?stupid white man!!!!

  44. All people are forgeting that Scott and Sata were the 2 who started the PF. Before anyone in PF was invited to join. Scott & Sata registered PF. Now you want to hijack the leadership. and you know that scott is a zambian with zambian manners. Muzinama. He will send those police officers on you.

  45. If you think Guy Scott has done something wrong why don’t you walk to his house and shoot him…maybe then you will realise how many people support him. Don’t come here yapping nonsense, we are not as ignorant as you. Edgar Lungu is a failed lawyer who was even suspended by Law Association of Zambia until Sata lifted the suspension only recently in August. Lungu is failing to even understand law documents; he can’t interpret even his own Party’s constitution…and that is the person you want to act as President? No, we are not going back to the Sata days again bringing into office another nutter. We are fed up and tired, just bring us the by-elections now – we know exactly what to do! After you PF leave State House you can continue killing each other in opposition, we won’t care!

  46. The tragedy in all this is that; Zambians do not realise that the mourning of Sata is pointless at this time.

    Under the cover of the ‘mourning period,’ Guy Scott has chosen quickly to position himself into Office of the President, move quickly to surround himself with clown Zambians interested only in personal wealth and gain.

    The new constitution which was never ratified in Sata’s short ruling period is now the very item PF is choosing to use to legitimise their rule, but it has not passed. We now have multiple claims based on the ‘constitution.’ I have always said Guy Scott is a racist Man. Zambians do not understand what Sata was doing. He has left chaos behind. We need to remove Scott right away. Army should move in as caretaker until General Elections.

    • We need a caretaker gov’t. The state is under threat from various groups and the PF party is disintegrating before our very eyes.

      We cannot allow Guy Scott to play out his recolonising Zambia wet dream.

      Guy Scott is a very sick white man and is manipulating. He has no respect for Zambians. It would be a good idea to declare a state of emergency now as there will be riots soon as Scott continues to push his illegitimate Presidency onto Zambians.

  47. Let me cry the way I know how! I am very disappointed at the manner some senior citizens have selected to conduct themselves during this period that should under any circumstance be a sombre one. Personal interests seem to have taken centre stage as though people have something to hide or benefit from the passing of the head of state. The world is watching. This just confirms the assertions that Zambians are a disorganised lot, have bad manners and tend to overate themselves in many spheres of life. Zambians need to introspect, learn to think beyond the ‘me and now’ but focus on the greater good, which is usually long term. This is the reason why poor hygiene, stealing of public goods, thieving, telling lies is condoned in Zambian today. If you act straight and tell the truth you are seen…

  48. …..If you act straight and tell the truth you are seen as the wrong one in present day Zambian. Women have equally become cheats, crooks, drunkards, promiscuous, maybe this is what gender equality means in Zambia.

  49. Guy Scott is a typical liar as he demonstrated this when Sata was ill and announced that the President was in perfect healthy and working hard. The current manoeuvres he has made even before the person who appointed him as vice president bear’s testimony to this. We should all respect Sata for NOT having handed the instruments of power to this man during his three year rule. Those who care to know, Guy Scott is an arrogant, old fashioned racist chap who has no manners and no regard for our people except the cartel. Guy Scott is just a ceremonial Vice president, and Sata’s will must be respected as he was voted into power by the people of Zambia. He (Guy) is bitter that he was never given chance to act as president when Sata was arrive. This Sick, old man should not destroy our country.

  50. If the Party President either resigns or he is removed, the Secretary General acts as President; If the Party Predisent dies, the Vice-President acts. Edigar, there is no conflict in your party consitution here. Just follow the consitution. Why discuss?

    You were appointed by a person and Kabimba was fired by one person (that is if that really happened). You can also be fired by one person. PF Central Committe should have protested when the former SG was fired by one person. You are now tasting your own medicine!

  51. Kick him out of the party! He thinks zambians are stupid that they can be colonised again in one way or the other never. Let Guy scott know that he has never and will never be popular in Zambia (note his political history) It was Michael Chilufya Sata in him, that was popular. When he saw zambians dancing for him, it was not him they were dancing fof but for Michael Chilufya Sata that was in him. Though now dead , Guy has no powers to revock any appointment made by thr late until the elected president comes to do it. Why not rethrpect the man who made you the cream among the zambin whites?

  52. This is how WAR starts, just like this when two opposing forces jostle for positions! I feel Guy’s action is very untimely when emotions are very high. This will cause chaos.

  53. With the dropping of Lungu from Acting President and SG, PF have lost the Eastern Province vote and elections is a numbers game! “As the man lived, so he shall be mourned” is what our people say (MHSRIP). The confusion that will prevail over the mourning period and afterwards denotes the character of how the man when he lived. Surrounded himself with a band of nincompoops! PF is finished!



  56. First and foremost i would like to convey my heartfelt condolences to
    the first family and THE people of Zambia on the demise of our father
    and leader ,HIS EXCELLENCY CHILUFYA MICHEAL SATA. It my prayer that
    GOD in HIS infinite wisdom will grant strength, comfort , peace and
    love to the Family and the nation at large.
    I am sadden by the recent happening that have rocked this great nation
    from the time our dear President died.
    It morally inappropriate for the Leaders who are suppose to give us
    direction as we mourn of our leader the great son of our land to start
    struggling for power even before we put our president to rest.
    I must retaliate that this not the right time or any person to
    position themselves for power in this trying moment. i find it as
    insulting, irresponsible…

  57. This pill popping, racist chap with one foot already in the grave will make more racist utterances to show his true colours. His mouth is as loose as his brain is soft. He has never shaken off that complex. We shall see him for what we have always known him to be. (Harry Nkumbula was ever so right when he said “the only good white man is dead one”). How Cobra could have been hoodwinked by this racist is beyond me! More often than not, a white man will only be friends with you for as long as he wants something out of you. Once he he gotten what he wants, that friendship is as good as dead! Lets not continue to bury our heads in the sand.

  58. PF is coming from Lima Party whose promoter was Scot. PF was formed and is owned by Scot and Sata. All these other guys like Lungu, given, Kambwili, GBM, Nsanda, are just workers for the shareholders, sata and Scort. its like you form a company with a friend , your friend becomes a CEO & Chairman and you become a director business development, then your friend dies. Can you allow your employee,lungu or kambwili to become a CEO & chairman, definitely no. in short Scot is now the soul owner of PF.

    Note also that by Scot acting as president for 90 days does not guarantee him president after 90 days. I fail to understand why we like talking things which bear no fruits. if we don’t want him let us vote a person we want.

  59. Ba Eldigar, I thought you area lawyer. You can not understand simple law, shame.
    Mr Guy Scot has all the powers to fire you, he is the Party President.

  60. There is no lacuna in the PF constitution under the current circumstance where the president of the PF left office due to death. There was going to be a lacuna if he was removed or resigned. Article 53 does not talk of death as mode of departure from office by president to warrant the secretary general of the PF to perform presidential duties. but Article 54 guides on happens after Death of president. further provisions of 54 which includes circumstances in 53 may give rise to a lacuna if the president was removed or he resigned. but he died simple.

    • Dear Concerned

      No I dont – I work and I have never depended on anyone. Secondly dearest the very muzungu you are defending assuming you are not one has robbed our continent, treated us like a sub species and is rich off the back of us so that aid is really not aid is it now? Do you have anything else to say??

  61. Mark my words! if the wrong person becomes Zambia’s next president, he/she too will die in not a distance future. This will continue until the rightful person whom God has chosen to lead Zambian becomes the leader, and that person will lead for 10 years and sanity shall be restored onto Zambia.

  62. I have said it before and will say it again, M’membe is a very dangerous guy who will meet a terrible end. But before he does, he will first set this country ablaze, that is if we let him. Guy Scott is just a pawn in the scheme of things and has really disappointed a lot of us who believe in the rule of law. M’membe is a very, very bad man and seeks out weak souls to do his evil deeds, apparently Chilangwa is one of such. What is sad is that the happenings in PF were foreseen by ordinary people a long time ago, only those that chose to be blind did not see all this coming. It’s probably for the best, good riddance as we try something completely different.

  63. Guy Scott akwate amano muchimpopo.We are mourning.It is not time to grieve people on useless appointments.Alisunge itole lyakwe

  64. Forward with Guy Scott, I will be on ZNBC TV as news maker soon after the burial of my beloved President.

  65. Edgar is equally involved in a Tribalist and Racist cartel involving Nsanda, GBM, Kambwili , Chikwanda . If you look carefully, the cartel in which Lungu is involved is more dangerous than that of Scott. If you look at people like GBM and Nsanda, they are the Shylocks of Zambia, they love money at all costs and will do everything to have it, even when it means killing. So, let us be careful with which we support, GBM and group will always want to ascend to power , just to exploit business opportunities , to plunder and Edgar as weak as he is will always be suffocated . This is the same Edgar who witnessed a punch-up in Livingstone , where cadres fought in his presence and he could not do anything. Scott needs respect, he suffered for PF with Sata when it was being built, he deserves respec

  66. The Bemba tribal clique and their puppet Edgar Lungu v The Fred Mmembe cartel and their puppet Guy Scot. They are as bad as the other. Both unholy, and doom is looming . Zambia is on tenterhooks. Zambians please,for the love of your country, sweep this scum into the gutter where they belong.

  67. I told you that while you were busy arguing the eligibility of Guy Scott, M’membe and his cartel were busy scheming their next move… problem here is all this complaining will count for nothing. M’membe has powers enshrined everywhere… the police are under his control; the defence chiefs; the ACC; the judiciary; parliament; etc. – all are under his control… so where could one go to seek redress?

    Only the Zambian people could stop M’membe and his cartel but they are too docile to do anything meaningful, they just talk without proper and tangible action. Hiding in the name of ‘mourning’ will not cut it with this powerful cartel. By the time the ‘mourning’ is over, they would have amassed power to themselves so much that they will be almost untouchable.

  68. The PF and Lungu and his friends should have cut this ‘snake’ at its head when the actual cobra Sata was still alive, by not only firing Kabimba but also getting rid of Scott and getting M’membe to pay his debts and perhaps even closing his newspaper. Now it is too late to do anything.

  69. Personally I don’t know what the fuss is all about: This is an internal matter for the PF. What should be of interest to us is which candidate they put to stand in the election. And guess what? That’s where the ballot box comes in, if you don’t like their whole package, you don’t vote for them. So let us prevent unnecessary anarchy from our irresponsible language. Good day.

  70. Scott should retire back to Scotland where Mushota is and rule Mushota who idolises his white skin. He has disrespected our Zambian culture.

  71. I thought Zambia was a Christian nation? All I see on this thread is sheer hatred, nastiness and bigotry. I would have thought Zambians are better than this? Does colour matter in this day and age? After all our blood is red and we all have the same skeletons and vital organs in our bodies. Did Martin Luther not tell us to judge a person by their character, and not by the colour of their skin?
    Scott might have very valid reasons for this manoeuvre. Are you privy to this? Hmmn….Quick to judge and slow to reason. This is why you get the leaders that you have. Wake up people. Pray to God that He will ordain the rightful leader to lead the country forward and for peace will prevail in Zambia. Pray for Guy Scott to rule the country with wisdom. Stop confessing war. It can come to pass.

  72. Lungu is just playing to the gallery. It was so sweet being Acting President during the jubilee. He thought the job was his for keeps!

    It doesn’t matter what Scott does now; the people have the final say.

  73. Lungu is just pandering and playing to the gallery. This is madness. There is no question that Scott is the new CEO of PF and has the power to act the way he has acted. Time is short considering the by-elections soon to be. PF’s choice is either to be forward looking with the new CEO or be backward looking with the former CEO.

  74. NOW WE KNOW WHO KILLED OUR DEAR MICHAEL. you can not behave like that. Before the man is buried you are busy property grabbing, undoing everything he did. who knows what else they are doing-looting government coffers. They must be jailed and this so called cartel is diminishing UPND chances, cause they are linked.


  75. Mind Game, PF playing on the minds of Zambians.
    In political science what guy Scott is doing is creating a negative publicity for Lungu that will turn into a positive empathy from the people and win him votes.
    Wake up Zambians the PF is playing on your minds, they want to make Lungu popular by make him look like a victim, In doing so making gain public sympathy which in-turn will generate him votes.
    Take it from me even Lungu himself knows the game being played here.
    Take it from me E.Lungu is going to be the PF presidential candidate at the end of the day.

  76. It is distressing to read the comments by most of the contributors on this forum. Where are the rational and learned Zambians? Surely we can’t be in a minority to have seen that EL erred greatly in being disrespectful to GS? EL would seem to think that he was anointed by MCS to become president after his death! There has been a lot said about the both the PF and Zambian constitution. I see very little in grey, most of it in black and white. That’s why EL had to move aside for GS! Yes, there may be issues about GS being a son of naturalised Northern Rhodesians, but they were Northern Rhodesians at the birth of Zambia. These issues have been dealt with before in court! Remember KK vs Chiluba? RB was born in Zimbabwe! Let’s be grown up and real! Zambia needs mature leaders to move forward!


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