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Establish Michael Sata Academy for political leadership and governance-Kang’ombe

General News Establish Michael Sata Academy for political leadership and governance-Kang’ombe

Lusaka residents waiting to catch a glimpse of the funeral procession
Lusaka residents waiting to catch a glimpse of the funeral procession

PF Kitwe Riverside Ward Councillor Christopher Kang’ombe has proposed the setting up the Michael Sata Political Leadership and Governance Academy as a way of honoring late President Sata.

Mr Kang’ombe said proposed that the central government with the help of other stakeholders such as the corporate world, countries accredited to Zambia with embassies and many concerned citizens should put some financial resources together and consider establishing the Michael Sata academy for Political Leadership and governance.

“Many have said nice and positive things about the late president and the only way we can honour him is by establishing an academy that will provide leadership training courses in the field of politics and governance,” Mr Kang’ombe said.

Mr Kang’ombe said President Sata’s whole public life was dedicated to providing political leadership from being a ward councillor up the ladder until becoming Republican President and the only way to honour such levels of public service dedication is for stakeholders to establish a Michael Sata Academy for political leadership and Governance.

“Michael Sata represents what most of us want to achieve in our quest to provide political leadership. He represents inspiration and motivation for young leaders to embrace and the only way to honour such a man is to provide an academy within Zambia that will provide tailor made courses in the field of leadership and governance,” he said.

“I am certain that many corporating countries such as China, the United States of America, the Netherlands etc are ready to make contributions in different forms to such a wonderful idea provided those in central government and the party own this concept and approach stakeholders.”

He added, “The people of Zambia deserve good leaders for the years to come and I believe that we as a country need to start preparing young leaders through effective leadership training so that after many years from now we can produce another Michael Sata. It is therefore my sincere hope that stakeholders will buy into the idea of establishing the Michael Sata Academy for political leadership and governance.”

Mr Kang’ombe revealed that he will soon be writing to the PF Secretary Edgar Lungu and Acting President Dr. Guy Scott on the need for both government and the ruling party to buy into this idea and see to it that it is implemented.

“We cannot preserve history without preserving the legacies of the men and women who made that same history. Michael Sata has secured his place in history and we have to honour the role he has played by establishing an academy that will train many more young Zambians into leaders of tomorrow.”


    • Its better you name your own child after this departed chief of confusion, champion of deceit, tribalism, corruption and violence!

      God loves Zambia thats why he has sent this chief of confusion for working holiday early.

      Only those who stole with him will miss him.

    • Sorry, Kang’ombe. It is too late to send Michael Sata to an Academy to learn about political leadership and governance.

      His brain was only good for Std 5, and in any case now he is dead!

      We must just admit that the dunderhead was incapable of understanding honest political leadership and too corrupt to be able to provide good governance.

    • Wasting time and resources. After all, it will be just an academy of lies and 90 days donchi kubeba.
      Sata a violent and dull politician to be honored with an academy my “coolow”?
      The women are giving birth on the floor at UTH and want an academic institution in thoughts of violent Sata is just myopic form of thinking.
      Better even open an axe and panga mall in his honor as well as a boxing ring is what suits Sata and nothing else for that liar.
      Adios Amigos!
      The Skeleton Key

    • PF had their chance to rule Zambia properly but they all blew it big time.

      It would be unfair to apportion the blame solely on the Sata. Sata employed his team to give advise on how things should be done. Unfortunately, all of his team slept on duty and just concentrated on stealing and enriching them selves .

      Zambia is in such a mess all because of PF and Sata. Sata chose his team from amongst people who are as crooked as him so he could pursue his embezzlement agenda without much opposition.

      Given all the lies and the incompetence seen under PF, it would very f00lish of Zambians to allow these PF id0its to continue controlling our country ‘s resources.

      Let us all rally behind UPND and HH if we want a Zambia thats peaceful, prosperous and devoid of tribalism and…

  1. ‘PF Kitwe Riverside Ward Councillor Christopher Kang’ombe has proposed the setting up the Michael Sata Political Leadership and Governance Academy as a way of honoring late President Sata.’

    Oh dear!

  2. Academy of violence, lies, division and comedy? Lets just inter the remains of the fallen man while crying for ourselves with hope of realizing a better Zambia we deserve.

  3. You can name some comedy theater after him. Nothing else. The man was a pathetic leader, just being honest.

    I just remembered during his first month as president just after his “I rule Zambia based on the 12 commandments” speech, he goes to Livingstone and refuses to use the presidential motorcade and instead opts for a public minibus. People clapped for him and praised him. But later his actions were extravagant to the the least.

    • Honestly, Zambia has never had a bad leader as Sata and may never have one like him after his demise. This is the painful truth

  4. What a joke! Sata’s place in history is already secure. We don’t need to waste taxpayers money building useless monuments.

  5. Please stop hallucinating. What type of Politics would such an institution teach? You are supposed to honour people who have achieved something/s and not comics who have embarrassed the nation on a global stage.

  6. To be honestly, you can’t do that. Sata was not really a good politicians. His political like of thought was not issue based but character assignation of the opponents. If that what you want to teach young people go ahead

  7. Yes, maybe an academy for corruption, tribalism, violence, and confusion. Seriously, the academy can go a long way in teaching future politicians on how not to run government. Otherwise Kangombe should just chew the beef if government has slaughtered some cows for feasting.

  8. Absolute rubbish…next you will name a college that promotes race relations after Adolf Hitler.
    Sata was useless just like his entire cabinet!!

    • Kikikiki you have really told the useful idi.ot.

      Sata knew his work as an opposition leader when he won the Presidency he was totally clueless hence ukusabaila. How many appointments and re-appointments did he make; renaming of his Ministries etc. The CNP tag really suited him! Let him now RIP, 3 years of him was more than enough for a normal person.

  9. Kang’mbe, are u mad? What can be learnt from Sata’s political life? He was the most divisive, tribal, nepotistic character. He does not have credible credentials to bestow such an honour. U kang’ombe, do u know how violent this man was? Do u understand at all why there is so much confusion in Pf? It is yo hero sata who created the problems in pf. He was not a leader but a ruler. Honour him in yo house if u want not national.

  10. Nipa Zambia. The media can even cover shit like this, other covering insults coz scot is white. Please inform snd educate , not miss lead and bore the nation

  11. I wish to agree with many who say Sata does not deserve to be named after an institution or even create one with sole purpose of teaching politics and governance. Governance is about respecting institutions in all the three arms of govt. Sata did not respect institutions. Few examples: We have an acting chief justice for three years. Parliament has not ratified the name with reasons but the dictor says so what!!, we have constituenciences that have had no representation for over a year, police force which was transforming into a serive is back to Police Force. There are many isms that characterised Sata’s rule. So please just lobby resources for CBU which offers courses in Peace Studies with a lot of those branches one would want in Politics and Governance. Sata we let him go with his…

  12. oxen

    May our presidents soul rest in piece

    The best of his qualities were he was a good organizer could relate to audiences across the length and breath of Zambia or he had charisma.

    no diplomacy,abrasive,self centered bad team selection impracticality or over promising traits,tribal,mocker and mob instigator to name but a few.

    all in all oxen how can you establish an institute that promotes democracy when the madala was a me person rethink your suggestions

    we can not be lied to anymore we are now exposed we do not survive on politics .

    Zambians must now think hard before casting the ballot this thing of okeying comedians or abafishobo should cease.

    Oxen (kanngombe) your relative is no more accept at nakachinja baba

  13. And these are the graduates our Universities are churning out. Ati CBU intellectual…With the analytical disposition of an imbecile

  14. shallow minded individuals will never admit Sata was the worst politician Zambia will ever have on its history records. Sata was only an individual to be led. But because of weak political or multiparty era to Zambia, every one feels could lead the nation not recognizing contribution to the nation can be done while with other team members. In the case of Sata out of selfishness created his party PF and God allowed him to lead. His governance and relating to God’s people has been a disaster creating himself as a god. The dismal results are there to shame him with his infamous 90 day lies. What is there to remember Sata for, other than repression even in sickness hidden to people made to lead. He will indeed be remembered as not only the worst leader of Zambia but shortest to serve.

  15. Look. There are many shops at town centre that sell pangas. Can’t we name one after him as a win-win between the sata glorifiers and the sata abashers?

  16. Looks like there is a tendency to glorify the dead in Zambia, even when its apparent that people should celebrate the demise of certain individuals.

    Our memories are very fresh of the impact that the PF and its leader have had on the Zambian people. The violence inflicted on various groups by the Chitemene boys with their pangas and no leadership shown to condemn and stop this violence.

  17. Iwe kangombe whatever your name is you are full of hallucinations. Let your own family set up kangombe academy of political hallucinations. Atase!

  18. Why waste money on such a project better use the resources to improve medical facilities at hospitals so that everyone including apamwambas are treated within the country.

  19. Scores so far: Oxen (kangombe/PF) 0, Progressives 30.
    Having counted 90% of the possible votes in this electionvotes, I, returning officer, do declare the Progressives as winners. Congratulations and keep it up! And shame to the losers!

  20. Please spare us the tributes of how good and forgiving the man was when you knew him personally as a wife for example. We had no chance and it was not possible anyway to meet him and know him personally. We look at him from the national perspective: vindictive, unforgiving, persecution of opposition leaders, nepotism, tribalism, divisive, fired 300 nurses and their children stopped school, pangas, debt burden, liar, national embarrassment etc etc

  21. Iwe kang’ombe we have done all the honours as expected of us by our tradition. So dont take us for granted okay?

  22. Lol, a small cow has suggested something. Please let’s shower Sata with good praises as we would any man that has walked this earth. But let’s put the little resources we have left to good use.

  23. Michael Sata Academy for political leadership and governance. I say just give it time. This kind of rubbish talk is normal when the soil at the grave is still fresh. Even this very Christopher Kang’ombe will be back to his senses in due time.

  24. I support Mr. Kangombe on this one because he just said an Academy. So to qualify it we shall call it Michael Sata BAD Political Leadership and POOR Governance Academy.

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