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Zambia Railways names new luxury coaches after Michael Sata


Transnet Engineering General Manager for Coaches Business, Mr. Peter Cona (l), First Secretary for Economic and Trade at the Zambia High Commission in Pretoria, Mr. Mande Kauseni (c) and Transnet Engineering Acting General Manager, Mr. Hector Zondi at the flagging off of the train at Koedoespoort Station, Pretoria.

Transnet Engineering General Manager for Coaches Business, Mr. Peter Cona (l), First Secretary for Economic and Trade at the Zambia High Commission in Pretoria, Mr. Mande Kauseni (c) and Transnet Engineering Acting General Manager, Mr. Hector Zondi at the flagging off of the train at Koedoespoort Station, Pretoria.

State railway firm Zambia Railways has disclosed that the two luxury trains it recently acquired from South Africa will be named the Golden Jubilee Michael Chilufya Sata Express Trains.

Zambia Railways Chief Executive Officer Muyenga Atanga told a media briefing that the state of the art passenger coaches from Transnet Engineering of South Africa will be commissioned this Saturday at 10 Hours.

“Taking into account the two major developments that we have just gone through as a nation, i.e the celebration of 50 years of our independence and the untimely death of our President, the late Mr Michael Chilufya Sata under whose dynamic leadership the Zambia Railways was repossessed from the Concessionaire, we found it appropriate to name the new train as the Golden Jubilee Michael Chilufya Sata Express Train,” Prof Atanga said.

He promised that the new trains will bring added value to the Zambian people as the coaches are modern and luxurious.

And Prof Atanga has disclosed that the entire US$ 120 million allocated from the Eurobond has been exhausted completely.

“That money, the popular Eurobond is gone. Completely finished, we have exhausted that money. We used K 41 million? from the same Eurobond to acquire the two trains,” he said.


    • These Trains were donated by South Africa to Zambia for the sacrifices we made during their struggle for independence. They have nothing to do with Sata or PF. There is also another trick going on here. The ZR board is seeking in the statement about the $120 million Eurobond to create the illusion that the money went towards these trains when these trains were donated. Do you see how money is stollen in Zambia. I demand an Audit of how this $120 Eurobond and the entire 750 Million for that matter was spent during the PF term of confusion. What unprecedented development are you talking about iwe.

    • Stop this sentimentality ZR, just concentrate on providing good service and generating profits. A train doesn’t need a freaking name! Choo Choo!

    • And when the coaches are decommissioned at the end of their economic life they will disappear with the name Michael Chilufya Sata? Well, that is the wisdom of brother Atanga, to finally erase the name Micael Chilufya Sata from public view. Golden Jubilee would have been more appropriate.

    • They will be derailing, just the boat of PF has sank.
      Edgar change the slogan “ni mu train!” not “mu bwato”. Don’t ukubeba!

    • There is nothing to celebrate here … Chirwa wanted us to manufacture our own luxury trains and the machinery did him in. We could have had these trains carrying a “Made In Zambia” tag.

      I want my Zambia back, the one where we made almost everything. We had Livingstone Motor Assemblers in Livingstone where we assembled Miraviori, GLS and 124 Get aways.

      We had Rover Zambia in Ndola where we assembled Peugot 405s – Mukango, Toyota Hilux and Hiace, Leyland Wilbroad buses and Bedford Trucks, we had Fuso Plant in Chingola were we assembled Fuso Canters, Trucks and Mitsubishi Galants.

      We had Mansa batteries where we made our own batteries, ITT Supersonic and we made our own Televisions, we had Dunlop and we made our own tyres, this space is too short for me to itemize everything …

    • @Bricklayer, why do you need to ask where to money went?


      It went on by-elections, deputy Ministers, MEDICAL TOURISM and a 4.2 MILLION gift to Kaseba.

      Anything else?

    • @the Bricklayer, not that i support this ridiculous name, but the idea that these trains were a gift from S.A. was corrected on the same day. Truth is ZRL promised us “modern brand new” trains, but they went on to buy “refurbished old trains.” So, it wasn’t a gift, but they are not getting any applause from me

    • @2, imwe naimwe you are a grown man. If you want you can just name your next 4th child as Mushota.
      Leave Mushota Chimfwembe (Scotland) alone, she wears bra & G-string, and you wears bombasa.

    • Ya those are the PF you want to vote for.
      Now Atanga is the one to name trains, its amazing. Did he ask the PF party president, who is Lungu and sometimes its Guy Scott?
      Awe Zambia is in hands of kaponyas, from no where Atanga ati ama renaming coaches or is it trains with how many coaches?

  1. Where they donated to commemorate the golden jubilee or to mend our broken hearts because of Sata’s death? Reminds me of the name Kambwili had proposed for the heroes stadium before it came to be known as such.

  2. When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, But when a wicked man rules, people groan. When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn.
    Proverbs 29:2

  3. Please leave my president out of this, just name it Golden Jubilee Express. After all he didn’t approve that Gabon Disaster 90 Days naming thing. What type of professor chooses such a name!?

  4. The Euro bond will be used as bribery money to rig the elections and buy votes. Anyway it does not matter these guys sponsoring Lungu think they can buy and control a President. Even If Lungu buys his way to the Presidency do you really think he agreed with Sata. I think not . Ask Kapwepwe and Nkumbula who thought they would control Kaunda. Ask Chiluba who though the would control Mwanawasa , ask the Kikuyu in Kenya who thought they could control Moi. He has his own family tree and his own views in life. He will Pretend to be compliant until he gets the Presidency . If he does don’t think with all the state powers and with the Tac revenues he will succumb to your Kola kingdom dictates. Any which way you lose Kola foundation

    • @Tribal PF…stop lying about the kikuyus -they never wanted to control Moi,they were just against abuse,misrule and dictatorship.

  5. The UPND chaps always negative. I don’t know what Sata did for you to harbor such hatred equivalent to that of the devil himself. Remember your time to rule will come perhaps after another 50 jubilee years. You will die of BP. Lwenu

  6. They should have named one of those salaula shacks or one of the filthy alleyways used by street traders after Sata instead.If you look at Sata’s record nothing was straight foward,organized,clean and respectful of rules- nothing of his rule oozed “quality”

    Isn’t “substandard” the recurring theme of what Sata stood for by encouraging street trading,chaotic elections ,tribalism,divisiveness and disrespect?

  7. ….is Attanga just trying to be noticed..?? what a mouth full of a name….??
    …choose one of the main railway stns ….either Kitwe, Ndola, Kabwe, Lusaka or Livingstone and name it after him….
    …or just use initials like MCS Jubilee Express….or simply MS Jubilee Express…..definitely not that ‘long’ crap…..

  8. Drop it. This is so insane. Are there no educated people in Zambia Railways? Is that the reason why you got rid of Professor Chirwa?
    Read what you have proposed aloud twice and tell us if you are making any sense.

  9. i think the naming needs a second thought.the coaches dont look any luxury in my eyes.In england these are found in train museum.

  10. It is highly disturbng to learn that freely donated things are made to appear as if they were procured. I seriously urge the incoming president to consider auditing this company. I am also aware that the CEO of this company is heavily sandwinched by a chain of incompetent directors & so called managers who donot understand anything. The plunder of resources is rife at thid company. I am very disturbed indeed but one day all criminals will be cornered.

  11. This is a wonderful! We must name more things for our great leader!

    Web must change the name of the country! No more Zambia

    It must be Michael Sata republic

    • We must rename Lusaka also!

      We can call it Your Excellentsy Mical Sata City.

      And maybe change Livigstone too. Can call that Kaseba.

  12. imwe bantu why do yu choose not to accept the truth like this. wether batupelefye or we av bot praise should go to michael. we are able to talk about railways today because michael has revived it. why do yu waste much of yo time hating pipo who not even know yu n never wil. get a life pipo this kind of hate wil never help yu in any way apart from ruining yo time onearth.its not evrythng tht michael did wrong give creadit were its due. e nomal. VIVA MICHAEL VIVA PF 4 LIFE.

  13. Honestly these are old fashioned things which we shouldnt be wasting time naming after a president. South Africa have up to date trains and they give us 19th century staff and the best we can think of is naming them after our late presido??? we can do bater than this i guess. I can jst imagine how many more things are going to be named after him…

    • Yes, and if we run out of things to name after him, we can create more districts just so we have something to show everyone what good arselickers we Zambians are!

  14. Is that what you can call “state of the state of the art passenger coaches”?. Does this lunatic professor understands what state of art means? Let him go and see the Swiss Railways….SBB CFF FFS. Don’t misuse the words bane. Research!!!!

  15. It seems we have great talent in coming up with ridiculous names. Why have such a long name for a train that was donated and had nothing to do with HEMCS?


  16. oh my GOD,this is a big joke.finished staff lets have intergrity.try something else.
    please second hand coaches and u are proud ,come on.

  17. The Golden Jubilee what? What can we do well? I know we have no capacity at present to assemble coaches[thanks to Chiluba who dismantled all that KK had put up], even giving names is a problem? In the past we had trains named after our great rivers i.e. Zambezi express, Luangwa Express, Kafue etc. If you want MCS to be remembered, please put his name on a building or anything permanent and not on a train please!

  18. What is in a name? You can name your child “North”. It is your child. And the PF can name anything it wants. It is its prerogative. You can rename the train “HH Express” when HH comes into power. It will be his prerogative. A rose by any name is still a rose Shakespeare observed some four hundred years ago. Scott observed that South Africans have a superiority complex and if they had donated the train in question they would have surely let us know about it.

  19. Surely ba Senior Engineer, I expect you to do much better than that. Or is it because you are retired? You cannot name your child ‘matuvi’ and expect that child to be accepted well in the community. You need to choose your names carefully so that the name projects something positive or meaning to what you have named in the minds of the public and not evoke disdain, pity or dread. Was MCS so trivial to be named after locomotive coaches? Recently, someone tried to name our new stadium by an unlikely name. You saw the uproar from the zambian people. Let us be serious and stop to think before we name something after someone.

  20. Or The Golden Jubilee Michael Chilufya Sata who died on the 28th October 2014,THE KING COBRA Express Train of Prof Atanga III

  21. Please twapapata leave Sata’s name out of this. Let Golden Jubilee Express as donated continue.
    Is the CEO at ZRL confirming that he is a politician for him to get involved in Sata’s legacy issues?

    Please give us breath of fresh air.

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