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Cabinet sets Presidential By-Election date


Chief Government spokesperson, Joseph Katema,
Chief Government spokesperson, Joseph Katema,

CABINET yesterday met and agreed on a date for the presidential election.

Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Joseph Katema said acting President Guy Scott will announce the date after consultations with the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ).

Dr Katema, who is chief Government spokesperson, said in an interview: “It is the function of the President to announce the election date and this he will do in consultation with ECZ.”

And the Patriotic Front (PF) has invited applications from members interested to contest the election of the party president at an extraordinary general conference to be held on or before November 27.

Dr Scott also said another routine Cabinet meeting will be held on Monday after which a central committee meeting will be convened to discuss modalities on how to adopt the presidential candidate.
He was speaking at a joint press briefing with PF chairperson Inonge Wina and some members of the central committee, among them Kasama member of Parliament (MP) Geoffrey Mwamba, Southern Province minister Daniel Munkombwe and Minister of Youth and Sport Chishimba Kambwili.

Dr Scott called for unity in the PF.

And Mrs Wina dismissed media reports that Dr Scott has been expelled from the party.

Mrs Wina is concerned that over the past few weeks, members of the opposition have been issuing negative statements that the PF is dead.

She said it is normal for people to differ in opinions in democracies anywhere in the world but that they should resolve their issues at the end of it all.

“I want to assure the nation that this party is functional and today the party president has given a statement on the future of the party,” Ms Wina said.

She described as malicious media reports suggesting that Dr Scott has been expelled because the central committee meeting never took place.

She also appealed to the media to be objective in their reporting.

Meanwhile, Dr Scott is saddened by media reports suggesting that he has been expelled from the party and that there is a rift in the PF.

And Mr Kambwili has appealed to PF members to be united now that Dr Scott has called for a Cabinet meeting.

Mr Kambwili said the PF must be united and ensure a peaceful transition as the party goes for the general conference.

He also said it is not true that Dr Scott has been expelled from the party.

And according to an advertisement, the PF has invited applications from members who are interested in contesting the election of the party president at an extraordinary general conference to be held on or before November 27.

Applications should be addressed to PF secretary-general Edgar Lungu, copied to Dr Scott, and must be accompanied by a non-refundable fee of K20,000.


  1. Bena HH, take advantage of the confusion going on within PF and campaign hard. Get your message across to the masses, especially the poor because they are the ones that determine the vote. Use the media man. We’re not hearing anything from you!!!

    • I don’t see the date for Presidential by-elections.
      I think the PF are messed by big time, they are mixing the PF president and Republican president. They need to set 2 dates, one date where GBM, Lungu or Sampa will be voted, and HH is not part of it.
      Then the second date where HH will be declared as Zambian president.

    • They appear to be together but they are not.

      Like a marriage in trouble but to the outside world you want it to appear otherwise.

      Too many statements issues by various subjects and pretty incoherent statements from left and righ

      The truth is they are not as United as they appear here. Shame.


    • What’s happening in pf is normal. It can happen in any party in zambia. Suppose somthing hapnd to young HH (God 4bid), wud UPND remain united? Those spears used in Lwindi ceremony will be used in UPND during the fights. I think PF is showing maturity and democracy

      Electoral Commission, by way of the Constitution, IS MANDATED TO SET THE DATE, which has to be 90 days or less after the incumbent demised!!

    • We also demand Live TV debates schedules .We the employers are seriously looking forward to live Debates just like in the USA or UK.We need to scrutinize these candidates.It will be clear who is best Candidate will be.We need to present to the world a best president who is intelligent ,articulate and with looks that appeal.we don’t want those traditional one hour interview,because they don’t help as compare the weakness and the streangths of individual presidential candidates.This will scare away riff raffs who want mascaraed as leaders when in fact are just Kaponyas in suits.we don’t want to chose bare foot millionaires ,But Educated Millionaires ,with ideas on wealth creation and sustainable development .that development that has a human face.I know ZNBC are scared of HH .

      BA Economics & Business Administration
      (University of
      Zambia) * MBA
      Finance & Business Strategy (University of
      United Kingdom) * Trained Business Negotiator *
      Qualified Change
      Management Practitioner * Member – Institute of
      Directors BUSINESS EXPERIENCE *HH served as
      Executive Officer of Coopers
      & Lybrand and later Grant Thornton for 12 years,
      companies he formerly co-owned. Coopers &
      and Grant Thornton are
      leading international professional services firms
      corporate finance, accounting, auditing, corporate
      recovery, management
      consultancy and tax advisory services to several
      reputable clients. These firms are both member
      organizations of Coopers &…

    • HH has been one
      of the leading lights in business with wide
      experience in
      Zambia, Southern Africa, United Kingdom and
      countries at operational
      and executive management levels. * HH has
      several international conferences among them the
      Opportunities Conference organized by the
      Times of the United Kingdom held in London in
      1996 and a similar one was
      held in Lusaka, Zambia in 1997. * HH is a
      member of the
      Institute of Directors for Zambia and believes
      strongly that good
      governance is key to Zambia’s economic
      development. *
      HH is an entrepreneur with a number of private
      corporate investments.
      * HH is also a large commercial farmer BOARD OF
      DIRECTORS * HH served/serves on numerous (25)
      of corporate…

    • of corporate entities
      including; * Chairman of the Board of Directors –
      Barclays Bank Zambia Plc. * Chairman of the
      Board of
      Directors – Sun International
      (Z) Ltd * First Chairman of the Board of Directors,
      Trade Insurance (ATI) a multilateral Pan African
      organization based in
      Kenya. * Chairman – Greenbelt Fertilizers Limited
      Chairman – Media Trust Fund * Chairman –
      Development Programme II *
      Director – Zambia Investment Limited * Director –
      Zambia Limited * Director – African Life Financial
      Services * Director –
      Zambezi Nickel (Bermuda) Limited * Director –
      Investment Ltd. (Mauritius) * Board Member –
      Association of
      Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ZACCI)

    • @1.8 DUDE LOVE on HH’s Cv you have forgotten to include that he fed the whole nation with aromatic alderhyde and fomalderhyde thru his meat supplied thru zambeef, making most of us embalmed. You have also forgotten the privatisation saga how he grew long fingers and helped himself to the pwalalad treasury.

  2. What a pleasant surprise.
    Dr Katema, who is chief Government spokesperson (read “liar”) has accepted authority of Hon. Scott and refereed to him as “President”.

    • ECZ is smoking too much chambaaaa these days; these pf buggers can suck my cork left to right and stuff some creamy garlic cream along with some sausages through my bottom then hammer it off like savages attack a piece of nice shiny black bottom; evans mfula at evaduco reporting live from lusaka fish market

  3. Way to go ba PF not what we saw Edgar Lungu trying to do. It shows democracy in the party. But please have your conference as early as you can and don’t leave it too late to allow the candidate to have enough time to sale himself.

    • Ba Lungu would like to have a shot cut…….why fear the election?Why not respect the Party constitution? If you can not respect your own constitution, can you respect the Zambia’s constitution? PF is a party for the people not the ministers who would like to protect their jobs up to 2016………Why allow Keith Mukata, Richwell Siamunene and the other paupers. Let us forget about “Jesus Wept” at the Heroes.

    • @Nyau
      I agree. Presentation of self, influences people’s perception of you. It wouldn’t hurt to find a tailor that can make you a well-fitting suit (or adjust the ones you bought from overseas with government allowances). I’m sure there are expert seamstresses in Zambia – if not, there’s a business idea for someone – you’re welcome.

  4. Inonge wina should not try to behave the way pf did during the sickness of the late President Sata . Zambians said sata was sick Wina was on top of things together with Ms SATA kaseba saying he was ok , again today she says there are no problems in the party , Fili uko tuya . there is no smoke without fire .

    • The thing is UPND supporters,are still felling the pain & the damage our late president inflicted on there day dream president Haivotela Heika ,thus the frustration the show here,I see HH heading for a big lose lets go kafue pa bwato chabe.

    • But why can’t u concentrate on your party up and down…if someone says thez no problem why poke yo big nose…it’s not your party. It’s like accusing a couple of fighting in their house and they say they don’t and you still insist….what is your interest

  5. If HH loses elections this time, then UPND should starting considering a substitute if it is really a democratic party.

    • UPND will continue with HH at the helm until they win an election just like PF did with Sata or else they risk going into extinction.

    • @?Chils

      That is not democracy. HH has no reason to lose this time around. In my opinion, if he loses, let him step aside and give chance to someone else. He was in a hurry to get in. Let him be in a hurry to get out. Frankly, I see him winning this time. Remember, it is still simple majority.

  6. Munkombwe and Inonge Wina should retire now. Any young person represented by such type of people should feel guilty and ashamed. I don’t even know how they managed to enter into PF which technically speaking is a bemba speaking party with few “Fronting” here and there.

    • Old politicians have always graced the pages of history. Luminaries they still remain in every country around the world. The two are not stopping any young person from getting involved in politics, are they?

  7. Ka Guy kabakontolola. How I wish he was eligible to stand for republican presidency. He would control systems including the constitution.

  8. I am beginning to like Mushota. Before I took her seriously but now I can see shes really a good entertainer, Keep it up Mushota. A lady has a right to change her mind!

  9. Let’s get the elections over and done with quickly and move onto continuing with the development left by our great President, the late His Excellency Michael Chilufya Sata.
    I see PF emerging victorious once more!

  10. Ba Up And Down Pcarders Why Do U Dream That The Bantu Stan President Will Win This By Election. Only An ***** Like Tonga Chap Can Vote For Him. Ine Ha Nha

  11. Guy Scott 3

    Edgar Lungu 0

    Had he not dragged the acting president to court, he would have had a chance of surviving and scrapping through at the convention but as things stand, he is headed for miserable days ahead, even the little he has got (SG & Ministerial) will be grabbed away from him eventually.

    Even if he survives the convention he is bound to lose to HH because the smart Guy man will seat on the govt machinery and it will be hard for EL to campaign since he and his PF are cashless. EL was wrongly advised, he should have kept a low profile and that would have seen him through-as at now, he has lost it completely.

  12. @ Mushota:-where have you bought good brains? Suddenly your comments have become very well thought out. Unlike in the recent past when your comments were useless and “cadrelish” in nature. Well done mwandini!

    • She/he/it realised that people were bored with the trolling and deliberate baiting. So it’s changing tactic to ensure relevancy.

      She/he/it will get that attention out of you, one way or another!!

  13. Sata NEVER had a convention or general conference in the ten years he was fighting for the Presidency. Why? He knew that people can be bought at these gatherings and secondly parties come out divided. PF can ignore Sata’s tactic at their own peril. Guy Scott knows this tactic but he is prepared to ignore this fact just to lead his own party to the slaughter. It seems his preoccupation now is to protect business interests of the cartel and not the PF. When Mazoka died, UPND was not facing an imminent general election, they had all the time to choose a tribal leader – HH and then disagree later. PF does not have the luxury of time, so why allow the cartel to control you? I am surprised that a central committee over 60 men and women is failing to see through the schemes of the cartel.

    • # 18. Please think out side the box, take it like a learned man you are- do not be an opponent of democracy . If any thing you are based in a society (UK) where what you suggesting can not be tolerated, so we expect better from you. Sata was doing wrong by not subjecting his party to democracy and this is what Guy Scott is trying to change….

  14. Edgar Lungu’s two thronged approach. Fight for acting presidency through Newton Nguni through the courts and then also circumvent the PF laid down process of choosing a presidential candidate through a conference by using lost souls, the MPs

  15. I have lost nearly all hope that Zambian voter can actually be smart and elect a professional govt but it’s still fascinating to watch how they are going to vote again after being taken for gullible suckers by the PF. Another opportunity has presented itself to rectify the mistake they made, but have they learned anything? This will be confirmed by the choice they will make in 2015. If they are going to settle for Lungu, a thug, may be not a violent thug but a thug nonetheless and a beer guzzler of note, or will they settle for GBM, another thug with the shortest temper in the world and wife batterer, or Miles Sampa, a thug as well, wherever you look in PF you only see thugs, the little faith I had in Zambian voter to redeem herself will have faded.

  16. Why are bloggers speaking on behalf of PF? Who gave you the mandate as bloggers through opposition polluted minds to insinuate and speaking on behalf of PF. Why not get busy. The online media has messed up PF.

  17. @ Dude Love, alias Hakainde Hichilema

    Your CV is so rich in the corporate world, however, it lacks political experience. Why have you deliberately left out your political involvement? Your followers could have benefited to make definite and informed decision to instal you as the next republican president if only you illustrated your political prowess in similar manner you have done to your corporate acumen. In case you may not be able to articulate your experience in politics, let me assist you by giving hints.
    2006- sprang from nowhere and rode on tribal ticket to become UPND president after the party’s founder leader A.K Mazoka died.
    2006 – contested presidential elections as a compromise candidate in the United Democratic Alliance of several political parties, but lost terribly.

  18. I just can’t wait for Zambians to reject Hungry Hippopotamus (HH) once more for the puny, tribalist he is! This Under-5 crook still sucks on his thumb and we know the ritual behind why he never shaved his dirty kinky Afro hair from childhood. Zambia say no to this Hippo.

  19. HH political CV continues
    2006- Managed to reduce the number of UPND Member of Parliament from 47 to 19.
    2006 – The national appeal of UPND suddenly died with Mazoka and Southern Province became the only stronghold of the party
    2008- Contested presidential bye-election after the demise of president Mwanawasa and after mounting a vicious campaign based on maligning opponents and demeaning them as old poor and lacking youthful vision.
    2008 – lost presidential bye election to Rupiah Banda and came out a distant third after Sata
    2010 entered into a pact with PF of MC. Sata, could not satay longer in the pact as pride and self-overating were too overwelming. Left the pact and declared ‘ No single party could dislodge MMD’
    2011 made advances to court MMD for some political deal but time…

  20. HH political CV continues

    2011 – Before a deal with MMD could be reached, time for adoptions came fast and contested as a presidential candidate on UPND in the tripartite elections.
    2011 mounted yet another vicious campaign based on self importance and corporate success, demeaning of other contenders and proclaiming oneself Obama of Zambia because of youthful vigour, candour and knowledgeable, demeaning other contenders and declared with finality that HH would be the next president under UPND.
    2011- suffered the greated defeat at the hands of humble, man of action and man of the people Michael Chilufya Sata.

    • @Grand
      You’re not very imaginative, are you? Posting the same thing multiple times might make people think you’re 16 mosis short of a crate.

      Write something else. Same idea if you want, but express it differently.

  21. HH political CV continues

    2011 – Before a deal with MMD could be reached, time for adoptions came fast and contested as a presidential candidate on UPND in the tripartite elections.
    2011 mounted yet another vicious campaign based on self importance and corporate success, demeaning of other contenders and proclaiming oneself Obama of Zambia because of youthful vigour, candour and knowledgeable, demeaning other contenders and declared with finality that HH would be the next president under UPND.
    2011- suffered the greatest defeat at the hands of humble, man of action and man of the people Michael Chilufya Sata.
    2011 – Went underground and launched yet another vicious campaign online through the Zambian Watchdog to malign the incumbent president, PF and the government.

  22. Lungu president and luo vice! this is half sata and the other half will come from citizens. PF Northern Provinve, luapula, muchinga,Eastern, copperbelt, parts of lusaka and central. m told even gwembe valley, mufumbwe, zambezi and some parts in western province.

    • You flame-thrower you! Thank God we know that you’re applying reverse psychology (albeit poorly) hoping statements like this will poison people against UPND.

  23. Mama Wina

    For the preservation of PF, and Democracy in Zambia; your party needs to demonstrate you understand what a Constitution stands for.

    Praising and supporting Guy Scott who is illegally holding on to a Presidential role albeit an Acting one is unacceptable. The parentage clause preventing him to hold such office has become the proverbial ‘elephant in our living room’, which we refuse to acknowledge.

    You can try to rally people, but you will fail if you cannot show integrity. Please rid us of this white man who is an affront to our sensibilities and our Constitution.

    Having said that, YES, I warm to the running mates, Lungu president and luo vice! Although, I would say Luo is very good President material because her portfolio IS our culture and the preservation of it.

    • @ dudelove I love the impressive cv in those many letters. I love the alphabet and the numerals. After all life is ‘ bits and bits of bytes’.
      We’re bunches of information !

      Many a time do we ignore what a cv tells about person at our own peril. I hate the panga republic and wouldn’t vote for one.

      Logic, common sense and natural justice demand that HH succeed. But this not automatic. The universe is governed by laws. Proper cv, common sense and every other law of nature are many times DiSREGARDED with disastrous consequences.

      The writing is on the wall. HH is the man.
      PF finished their job. It’s PFinished !!!

  24. Is Lungu the best presidential candidate that PF has , why pick him if he is not, don’t PF have more credible presidential ones; who could move things with that momentum , Zambians don’t want to go back to RB style of running our country ; find some one who is action oriented, a candidate who can finish what sata was doing ; surely you have one or two in your ranks PF

  25. I agree with all the above who say HH should leave UPND and try to be adopted as PF presidential candidate. Then we will see how popular he is and how much people care about his CV

  26. Only a Tonga can lead upnd,this is damaging to the party and the enemies of the party are using this statement to decampaign upnd and hh. I dont even know who said those words,but certainly not hh and its not stated in upnd manifesto,,it is not there…and the statement is outdated and not appealing anymore. HH for 2015

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