Monday, May 20, 2024

Live Streaming: Mozambique Vs Zambia(FINAL SCORE: Mozambique 0 : 1 Zambia)


FINAL SCORE: Mozambique 0: 1 Zambia


    • It was not a fake penalty but a dubious penalty coming out of a stupid decision and no wonder it was saved by Mweene! If we can see that it was not a penalty from our TV screens what about a referee who was just about 5 meters away from the incidence – tyala! Cray decision! Good Zambia got the right result.

    • U have done a good job today young boys , we can’t manage to lose our president and football no ways that why am saying we can’t two at go am saying well done young men

  1. What is wrong with the empty suits at FAZ…surely you people can’t even afford to print players names on shirts…everything is done on the cheap with these Galu thieves!!

    • Come back home and pay tax then FAZ will be able to print those names. You cleaning toilets abroad without remitting anything back home. Shame!!

    • @Umuntu

      Bushe iwe Umuntu, if ba late kateka was cleaning toilets in the diaspora does that mean all Zambians abroad are doing the same? I think you are a Ngoni chap, they think this way too.

  2. All Zambia need is a win or draw against Cape Verde at home. I expect Mozambique will collect all three points against Niger. Just recall Jacob Mulenga and Christopher Katongo.

  3. One Ng’ombe Ilede boy coaches national team, one other Ng’ombe Ilede boy saves penalty and another Ng’ombe Ilede boy scores winner

  4. I watched the last 20 minutes of this match and honestly Zambia is GOING NOWHERE ABSOLUTELY NOWHERE…one would be forgiven for mistaking this match for a Under 17 or primary inter-school match if it was not for the full capacity stadium.
    Standards have really slipped tactically…there is need for investment in youth..we should have brought in an experienced manager back in 2012….but because of our docility and passivity we are in this predicament; still with King Galu clinging on like a blood-sucking leech.
    I hope this bunch of players don’t qualify as we would be humiliated.
    Wake up ZOMBIES!!

    • @redo
      Trust me…We have been down this road before with the Zombie fans and they never seem to listen, today they are celebrating a win against Mozambique…tomorrow they will be crying… they never look at the bigger picture or like to be told the truth, Zambia is going NOWHERE. Just like our country was not going anywhere under deadwood Sata or the PF.
      Wake up!!

    • To me, you sound a very bitter person, maybe it could be as a result of other social economic problems u are experiencing such as failure to pay to house rentals or bus fairs. By the way, with this win Zambia has finished second and as a result booked a place at the finals. Wish them bad luck next time not now, sorry.

    • It seems laziness has also extended to vocabulary with Zombies, anybody who has an opposing view to theirs is termed as bitter…even when we told you that Sata was so sick that he would not see xmas we were called bitter…really laughable.
      Zambia will never go ANYWHERE as long as you have Galu in charge…wake up …look at the bigger picture.
      WAKE UP!!

    • am sory for that but zambia played extremely well they dominated in the first half and part of second half,understand tht mozambiqu was at home .I CONGRATULATE THE BOYS

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