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GBM calls for PF Convention and urges all PF members to support Guy Scott



Former defense Minister Geoffrey Mwamba has expressed disappointment at the continued wrangles and debate that have rocked ruling PF.

Mr. Mwamba who is also Kasama Member of Parliament said the debate and wrangles in the party are unacceptable and goes against the vision and legacy of the departed president Michael Sata.

Mr. Mwamba noted that the only recognized part organ that can elect a presidential candidate is the PF convention citing that party constitution is very clear on such matters and it should be followed to the letter.

He added that there is a reason why the party decided that a party presidential candidate is elected by the popular majority instead of being selected by few in the central committee.

Mr. Mwamba called on all meaning structures and organs of the party to respect the party constitution as modalities are being made for the holding of the national convention.

He also called for peace and unity which the country has enjoyed over the years adding that any chaos in the PF has the potential to spill-over to the rest of the country.

Mr. Mwamba further encouraged all PF members and all Zambians in general to support the acting party and national president Guy Scott stressing that Dr Scott must be supported and defended from turncoats and opportunists who have suddenly sprung up in our midst.


    • Opportunist is a good word for Edgar Lungu, well thought of GBM. Ba Lungu at apatebeta Lesa…. Opportunist is one who marry a widow just because he is appointed by family members, ati ukupyana. Edgar already thrown away the opportunity.

    • @Nostradamus
      in PF there are so many oportunists eg kambwili, kabimba, miles sampa, lungu, katema, Gbm himself,,,,,the list is endless… even those MPs imported from MMD and UPND so that they can have unpotected sex with PF,,,,, At the moment its difficult to know which oportunists mean well

    • 1.crazy change rate
      2.excess borrowing
      3.huge cabinet 4minister
      4.wage freeze
      5.Firing nurses
      6.Unza students not paid
      7.Farmers not paid

      Ati we continue with his legacy
      Atase Tu PF
      VIVA HH no fake promises. God helped us by taking away Sata so we correct the mistakes we made in 2011

    • A clear picture of PF opportunists is indeed emerging. Lungu who, together with his supports, want to use the anointment vote to succeed Sata. I do not think Lungu would be making such noises had he not replaced Kabimba but because he fired the shots against those with riches wanting to buy the PF Presidency, he alienated the chief political prostitute, GBM who wants to be President at all cost. He sees the convention as his only chance so no option but to back Scott in his fight for the Acting President position. The cartel on the other end are not safe with either GBM or Lungu and need their own puppet, so they throw in the immature and serial womaniser Miles Sampa who’s only chance is the convention and therefore is backing Scott’s interim Presidency.

    • GBM doesn’t support anyone for nothing, we have seen it in the past. Remember when he had a difference with the late MCS when GBM gave up his ministerial post, he brragd that he is the one that sponsored PF and that without him PF would not survive. When he stepped down he didn’t want to have anything to do with PF, he started condemning it and calling it names. However when he got window of the President’s deteriorating health and the eventual firing of Kabimba he quickly came back to PF because he knew what lay ahead. People should remember that GBM has publicly stated he wants to be president , we know want he is up to. I WOULD RATHER PF LOSES THE ELECTIONS BY SIDING WITH THE 70 MPS THAN TO LOSE BY SIDING WITH A FEW.

    • @ 1.2 Nostra-anus, even your a.n.u.s. Cant think properly what kind of human being are you. Lungu is not an opportunists he means wel. Your fear is that if lungu stands your hh wont get P1

    • @ 1.2 Nostra-anus, even your a.n.u.s. Cant think properly what kind of human being are you. Lungu is not an opportunists he means wel. Your fear is that if lungu stands your hh wont get P1 .so kambwili gbm are part of the cartel.

  1. I am a PF cadre but I don’t know how to protect my leaders any more. The price of mealie meal is high and even as a cadre I feel it, so how am I going to pretend that my party is doing well when I am feeling it also. I used to buy mealie meal at 30 Kwacha under MMD but I fail to explain to my colleagues who ask me as PF to explain the sharp increase in the cost of living of every thing. This time as PF, we have really been let down by our leaders. I am a strong PF cadre but I can’t pretend that we have delivered what we promised. In short guys, I am not a traitor but we lied, and this is because we have not delivered. And you expect me to go face the same people we lied to, I will try but it will be hard.

    • You know, I’ve never met anyone who called themselves a cadre. It’s good. Sort of like in Alcoholics Anonymous where they say you first have to stand up and say out loud “My name is so-and-so and I am an alcoholic”. They say the road to recovery begins with this admission.
      I see what you;re doing there Janet!

  2. GBM, money won’t work this time around. The people are alert. My advice is that PF should not contest this election so that at least people may forget your misdeeds as PF, you know Zambian people have short memories

    • in as much as I agree with back gbm, scort and all those that want the convention, may I be quick to mention that this works well for gbm camp and not for lungu team and not for the cartel. reality gbm team is likely to win the pf presidential post but will terribly loose to other parties during the general election. if they wanted to keep the part in contention they should have gotten a neutral guy who would unit them. getting from outside sorry there is no time to sell such a candidate. Wilbur would have done well if he did not incline himself with the cartel. I remember him celebrating when ed was fired. kabimba is not needed anywhere close to power the guy is too hungry. my choice could have been ed if he too did not scandalise himself. ed in times like these you should position…

    • presidency is not for the educated in Zambia. education humbles people but look at the guys fighting for pf presidency just crooks and uneducated because they use any means available for them.

  3. Confirmed PF Presidential aspiring candidates!

    Edgar Lungu
    Miles Sampa

    Not interesting but I will comment when everyone is known.


  4. I saw my lovely part UPND almost go to extinction after the death of one humble Maz, I see votes going to UPND because of greed in the PF party where GBM thinks he can rule Zambia.

  5. GMB should not cheat himself.He can’t win.If PF members vote 4 GBM then they are not normal people.Please PF give us Edger Lungu then pf will win.GMB is not a presidential material.Aweeeee kubuta uku please.Scott please don’t kill the party.who can vote for this GMB?.ooops if GMB wins in PF then i won’t vote period.Anyway he is popula than Kabimba in PF but not to win election.We want 2 continue with PF and give want we want .Viva EL

    • Scort has already sold the party to the highest bidder. he thinks some cartel crook will scoop the pf presidency. now reality will be like this, gbm takes the pf presidency, ed returned as sg, court rules in favor of ed and the whole cartel is out.

  6. GBM is only supporting Scott because he believes he will be able to buy the Presidency of his party at their so called convention. Otherwise he has been one of the most disrespectful people to Scott especially at the height of his “war” with Kabimba a manifested by his thuggish behaviour in Livingstone during the UNWTO when he almost came to blows with a mere cadre and exhibited extreme disrespect to Scott who was also at the Harry Mwaanga Nkumbula airport waiting to receive Sata for that global event. The problem with Zambians is that we have short memories.

  7. I totally agree with you GBM. Convention is the only way to go to elect the party candidate. Short cuts have the potential to sideline others. As for the turncoats who have sprung up in PF, we view them as president Sata’s rebels posthumously. I ‘m personally not impressed by the wrangles as if it is to arrogantly say ‘No’ to president Sata’s instructions to his followers not to spill blood, nangu ukukana filila munsenga. Whatever the case PF will soon stabilize and and all supporters should rally behind the candidate who will be elected.

  8. As PF, we have no candidate. Neither Edgar nor GBM can deliver. Edgar is a complete drunkard, don’t even dare. GBM is corrupt to the core. Maybe Given Lubinda


  10. Bamwamba lungu is the most exprienced among the candidates.He has acted as president. Those doubting lungu shud carry out a survey. come january PF/lungu will walk away with 86%.

  11. GBM allocated himself more security personel than he was entitled to when he was minister of defence. What does it tell you? The guy can do things outside the ordinary. He knows no rule, regulation, ettiquette , norm, and law. Dangerous guys when given power.

  12. Isn’t it strange that gbm has decided to side with Scott,a well known member of the Mmembe group,which has been fighting gbm for a long time.The problem i have with gbm is that he thinks he can buy his way into anything.Little does he know that Mmembe will not let him ascend to the throne of pf at all costs.Guy and Mmembe want the convention held to impose Miles on the people,and they know very well how it will be done.Remember that Mmembe shocked RB at the mmd convention by imposing Masebo as mmd chairperson for women,even though RB made sure that she lost.

  13. Felix Mutati, HH, Given Lubinda, Magande and Edith Nawakwi, could be the perfect choice to stand for presidence in Zambia.

  14. Just elect transparently, then nobody can complain. Even Kambwili can understand that logic. Is anybody so dull to think the 90 days interim presidency is some kind of prize to be fought over?

  15. What ba Acting President, is saying is that, let anyone vying to stand, go and sell yourselves to the convention, without fear or favour.
    Not hand picked, go to the convention people.
    That is the neutral ground to battle themselves. Mulungushi, I go.

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