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Given Lubinda summoned to state his position regarding the party presidency


Kabwata Member of Parliament GIVEN LUBINDA
Kabwata Member of Parliament GIVEN LUBINDA

Kabwata Member of Parliament Given Lubinda was this morning summoned by the PF members in his constituency to state his position regarding the party presidency.

The PF members wanted Mr. Lubinda to guide them on whether he will contest the seat or who to support in an event that he does not stand.

In his response, Mr. Lubinda said at the moment, the PF was in a tag of war regarding the adoption of a candidate.

He explained that he would want to be part of the solution to the prevailing challenge instead of him contributing to the existing different camps in the party.

He however stated that like any other person, he has a democratic right to stand for the presidency of the party.

Mr. Lubinda said he was not ready to file in his nominations at the moment until the central committee agrees on ground rules and if there was a level playing field to vie for the position.

Matero Member of Parliament, Miles Sampa and a former envoy, retired Captain Selemani Banda have also declared their intentions to succeed late President Michael Sata as PF president and eventually contest national presidential by-elections in less than 80 days.

Earlier today, Kasama Central Member of Parliament Geoffrey Mwamba has declared interest to contest for the Patriotic Front (PF) presidency and to represent it in the forthcoming presidential by-elections.

Speaking at a media briefing this morning, Mr. Mwamba pledged to build on the legacy of the late President Michael Sata by ensuring that the party carries on with efforts of uplifting the status of all Zambians.

Mr. Mwamba said the late President Sata’s legacy to uplift the living standards of the people especially the poor should be sustained.

And Mr. Mwamba has called for respect of divergent views and opinions as the PF directs its thoughts and efforts towards the selection of a new leader.

He has further advised the Patriotic Front members to respect Acting President Guy Scott by airing their concerns and suggestions in a sober, dignified and civil manner.


    • Is he truly Zambian and indigenous?

      If he is then my mixed race children from my Scottish finance Nick will also stand for presidency?

      I need answers.

      I am not against him.


    • Too many riffraffs in PF. All of the presidential hopefuls in PF including Lungu are all riffraffs.

    • I think it is better for Edgar Lungu to give his family, especially Bana Dalitso that non-refundable K20 million nomination fees. Edgar will loose badly.
      GBM top
      Miles second

    • “whole lot of empty tins!!”? Please!!! Only those that have miserable failed to see logs in there own eyes are able to see a spake in the others. It is very suppressing that “full tins” can take an advantage of the PF situation to push there political agendas and hopefully will in 80 days!! cowards!! what more excuses are you going to make when you lose for the 4th time?

  1. Spot on Choobe. Under the current constitution, Lubinda does not qualify and should not mislead people into thinking that it is even a possibility. The constitution bars him from standing and until we get a new constitution, the likes of Mulenga Sata, Guy Scott and Given Lubinda will have to push for changes that will allow them to stand.

    • This mushota also,one minute shiz sayin this the next minute shiz sayin sumthin else,shiz one confused chap we hav here on LT

  2. Its health to be competitive in parties like PF,
    While others were saying that its only a Tonga who can be a president in UPND

    • You are just ashamed of the wrangles going on in your rotting party.UPND at the moment is united and has a wide representation than your tribal stinking party.Mark my words,pf will not adopt a non bemba for pf presidential candidate.

    SO all these year you have been here in Scotland, your boyfriend AKUTOMBA fye iya free you are not married? Wafunya ubuule bwapa Zambia wabuleta napa Glasgow, oooo no, Mushota wansekesha. So, how many do you have mubuule with Nick? Imbwa yalikulila amano, ulicakuposa fye.

    • @Wisi Nono; people go to a general conference to chose a leader if there is no leader like in what is happening in PF. What is happening in MMD is a sign of discord. FDD, NAREP, UPND have leaders at the helm so why are you suggesting a none issue?

  4. Zambia needs a president with a first degree at least. The era of diplomas is over. Just check what qualifications leaders of the best performing economies in Africa have. It an issue of knowledge and NOT at all related to intelligence ok.

  5. “A whole lot of empty tins!!” I understand when people are frustrated and damn right angry because they or intelligent candidates of their choice can’t make it to the Presidency. Some of you hate just because your opponent is of a different tribe and I know who you are. Please keep the hate to yourselves, locked it within yourselves and let it implode within yourselves!! Every Zambia, all the 14 million of us have the same political rites. We have the right to form political Parties, discuss issues affecting our political Parties and decide the future of our political Parties. These Political Parties are there to be Joined of left depending on what you want! Stop calling others “empty tins” its an insult o the highest order you ****ing ass holes!

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