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PF Central Committee fail to agree on the mode of adoption of their presidential candidate


Tourism and Arts Minister Sylvia Masebo
Sylvia Masebo

THE PF Central Committee meeting members have failed to agree on the mode of adoption of the presidential candidate, but instead agreed to suspend the debate until all aspirants file in their nominations.

Chongwe Members of Parliament Sylvia Masebo has said that once the presidential aspirants are known party President Dr Guy Scott will then hold a meeting with the presidential hopefuls with a view of rallying behind one candidate who will go unopposed.

Ms Masebo said that this means that the party can avoid going for the general Conference.

She said that if this is option fails, Dr Scott will then consult the Law Association of Zambia or a group of lawyers members of central committee will deem fit to interpenetrate the party constitution with regard to how a presidential candidate can be adopted.

Ms Masebo said that at the moment some members of the party contend that the MCC can amend rules and regulations and therefore allow for a candidate to be adopted by the central committee instead of the General Conference.

She however says that Acting President Guy Scott does not want to do short cuts in adopting a presidential candidate to run for President in the forth coming Presidential elections.

Acting President Guy Scott was of the view that the presidential candidate should be elected through the national convention which has tentatively been set for November 29, 2014.

The meeting has since adjourned to Wednesday November 19, 2014.


    • A ruling party sets the pace of national stability, unity, vision, and spirit of peace. Instead PF has pushed our most stable country to the edge of an implosion. This all whole madness will cost PF heavily. Do not take the people of Zambia and their peaceful nature for granted.

      The little political capital left by late President Sata will but surely evaporate soon if you don’t sober up. You risk a popular public revolt beyond redemption. The conduct of PF is inimical to the existence of our country. Where is your loyalty? You may soon start irritating even those in combat outfits.

      The country has found itself in a historic crisis needlessly all because of PF chaotic nature. Its time for Zambians to reclaim their country’s future from these lamentable failures.

    • i always dreaded for this day now it has come, when sata said my ministers are useless, this is what he meant. busy fighting due to greediness. i think UPND are more organised am voting for HH period.

    • PF have come realise that their chances of winning the up coming presidential elections are very slim, hence deliberate delays and un necessary wrangling to prolong their hold on power.

      If 90 days elapses without picking a leader and announcing the election date, UPND should protest.

    • The suprising responses from the people I have met that support Mr. E. Lungu are that;

      1. Mr. Lungu was trusted by Mr. Sata (how does this become a quality on Mr. Lungu)
      2. He is able to mix with people as seen from his ability to drink with ordinary people in Chawama.
      3. He is educated (Lawyer). But they don’t question why his licence was revoked and only given back 2 to 3 months ago.

      Zambians, we are the best.

    • All these sexist comments against Sylvia Masebo shows how backwards Zambia is in Gender equality.

      Nobody is talking about the sizes of your p.e.nises so please stop with the personal attacks and address the issue at hand. No wonder your country is a mess!

    • @Nkana_Kitwe Ine nalemumwena apatali but when I saw her face to face, umwanakashi uyu ni ndonga she is not beautiful at all. The long head and big noise eish!!! Chibi chi Masebo but chalikwata itako ilukulu bwino!!

    • “Wanzelu” you seem to be wandering off the simple pertinent issues, to suggest UPND should be protesting about PF not coming up with a candidate, IS UNCALLED FOR POLITICAL INTERFERENCE – so I don’t know why you expect UPND to do such a thing, it is basically none of anyone’s business, except for PF diehard boneheads!!

    • @1 and 1.1,
      Is that all you can say in the light of the seriousness of the debate going on? By the way, have you heard and considered the words of one song that goes like “Everything is beautiful in its own way…….”?

    • @Mungoma, Sata was a feared man. The Politics of Poverty is about to go to the dogs, so debate will reverse the dirty minds of men in Zedian Political Offices/career.

    • She had gone silent now that Sata is gone?? she is back with her usual moves. such should not be allowed as they add no value but steal from our government??

      She is a woman with no Integrity so let her just shut up. What she knows best is chintobe-ntobe.

  1. They cannot understand their own constitution which was written by the same people except two. That is what plagiarism does. You copy and paste someone’s thesis and then you fail to defend it. The constitution belongs to UNIP. It is very clear that the Central Committee picks a single candidate from the many and gives the name for adoption by the general conference. Tapali ifishupile apa.

  2. Why consult the LAZ when you have a Chairperson for legal matters in your party. Is this another way looking for a way of bringing in Kabimba

    • According to their Constitution it can only be amended by the General Conference. So whatever mode of adoption they choose outside the General Conference will be ultra vires. The change in rules of adopting the presidential candidate still need approval of the General Conference. These people are wasting valuable time by arguing among themselves instead of just following the constitution and getting over and done with the matter. If Lungu is popular he should not be afraid to face up to any internal challenge before he hits the republic scene, where the competition will be tighter.

    • Besides that the chairperson for legal matters Dr Ngosa Simbyakula is a Constitutional Lawyer. Guy Scott is being used here by the cartel. Masebohas resurfaced after being underground since she was fired!! Masebo teka amatako yobe panshi

  3. Guy Scott must stick to the conference, nothing short of that. Don’t listen to desperate thugs intent on adopting a drunkard and thief to be president of Zambia.

  4. This madness will cost PF heavily. Do not take the people of Zambia and their peaceful nature for granted. The little political capital left by late President will but surely evaporate soon if you don’t sober up. You risk a popular public implosion.

    The country has found itself in a historic crisis needlessly all because of PF. Its time for Zambians to reclaim their country’s future from these lamentable failures.

  5. These people have brought tears again to my eyes, as I remember president Sata. Balefwaya ukufuilila munsenga. I can understand some of them are opportunists who jumped into the PF boat when they sensed it was being steered to glory land. Those who formed PF with Sata must be terribly hurt by these happenings

  6. True most PF members and cadres used to laugh at us when we used to that the PF constitution is a UNIP leakage. Now they are shocked that have now have to choose a sole candidate. It is dram all over the show. Can we please have the election date some of us are already on the ground running

  7. Ba Silvia Cartel, when did you bcome the spokes person? Bufi! That all u & yo boyfriend Wynter can do – Lie. We will wait to hear from Lungu or this stupid whiteman. Not you

    • Uku ekulanda boi. We don’t want another Welesky this descendant of our colonial masters who is using the office of the president in pursuing and advancing sectional and private interest.

    • #8.1 You are very backward baboon!! Think beyond racism, if the Americans, the people you are seeking refuge from were as shallow minded as you are, then Obama wouldn’t have been president of the USA. Grow up Kolwe iwe!!!

    • Mind your language. Practice civility, nobility, humililty and simplicity. Respect others irespect of colour, race, tribe, and origine.

  8. These PF cant follow their constitution because they want short cuts.No short cuts in choosing presidential candidate.The CCM had already chosen Lungu and so they can not be trusted to chose amonst the others who have filed in their nominations.They were too quick to choose Lungu who hired kabovas to protest if not accepted.SHAME ON PF MCC.

    • Shame on you too. The PF constitution gives the Central Committee power to change any rule or regulation. This means that before applying any rule or regulation the Central Committee should guide. And in this case the Central Committee has adopted Hon Lungu as PF Presidential candidate. Article 58 (m) states as one of the functions of the central committee “Taking action which in the opinion of the Central Committee is in the best interest, security and development of the Party and the State”

    • @NK you need to read that constitution in context. You’ll see in Article 46(5)(c) that only the General Conference can amend the constitution. Therefore, anything done under Article 58(m) still needs the blessings of the General Conference, which is the supreme policy body of the PF. Period!!!

    • Another PF diehard bonehead!! You seem not to understand what the term Constitution implies & its significance – it is not a simple collection of sentences & paragraphs – IT IS THE ULTIMATE LAW, bar it’s review at General Conf & adoption of a superceeding version – short of that, there are no “bush-shortcuts!”

  9. ….And the drama continues in “PaBwato hits an iceberg and sinks”. Captain Scott could not save the day!

    Do not miss the epilogue on Wed 19 Nov.

  10. A touching message from Edgar Lungu; This is what I will do once u vote fo me u people of the republic of Zambia. (1). I will turn State House into State Bear Hall or Kachasu Hall to benefit all Zambians, bear will be free of charge. (2). All roads leading to bear places will be tared to avoid inconviences to all Zambians who enjoy drinking. (3). I will re-introduce the production, selling and drinking of Tujili-jili as a way of creating employment to my people. (4). Teachers will be allowed to drink bear in class whilest teaching and all pupils including those from mission schools will be allowed to drink as they are learning in classes. (5) All Zambians above 18 will be paying mandatory taxes to the govt of K250 per month regardless of wetha one is employed. Edgar Lungu PF SG.

  11. That’s what ‘Donchi Kubeba’ virus does to rational, normal people failing to even know themselves. They take leave of their senses and become dependent on others for their normalcy. PF has all this time existed without its basis and true identity to anchor on in time of need. PF’s end, ended with Sata’s end.

  12. What a disgrace PF leaders are. You are dander heads.

    How can you rule Constitutionally when you don’t even understand your small PF constitution?

    Quit being silly, and get serious. Just go to conference.

  13. Iwe chi Gai Chikoti please for once respect yourself in the same manner u told us at heroes stadium to respect ourselves coz there were visitors who came to mourne with us. Why take time? What are u scheming?


  14. Should v known years ago who was to take over from sata, whether dead or man party syndrome rule out kaponyaic tendencies.tie wasters.

  15. The days of the dictator are over. What will emerge out of this seeming confusion is a democratic and well-disciplined party. I am impressed.

  16. The alleged ‘cartel’ is definitely in the picture. Seeing Ms Masebo’s picture, I can sense her intense excitement at the prospect of walking the corridors of power again. She knows she will. And I know she will too.

    It saddens me. With Scott, it’s like taking candy from a baby for people like her.

  17. A General Conference is the best way to choose a new leader for the patriotic front. The GC will galvanise the grass roots of the party into a united political mass movement which will deliver the PF resounding victory! Those wanting to take short cuts are not fit to be leaders of this great nation and to be successors of the great leader His Excellency Michael Chilufya Sata.

  18. Even the tribal party and other mall have not gone for the convention so why push or question the PF about the mode of adoption. These small parties are dead scared of Lungu. To tell you the truth PF will carry the whether you or not period.

  19. PF is on the right path – on the path to democracy. It’s not “a Tonga must take-over from Mazoka” that we are hearing. This is excellent, something worth emulating. Guy Scott is indeed an able leader. PF has a great future ahead, if and only if they are careful on who they choose to be their next leader.

    • These developments in PF, if not anything else, will help this party escape the tribal tag. They do have the resemblance of democracy.

  20. This is what u get when u run a party from the pocket. All this fracas is sata’s making. It was his personal property. Someone must go to his grave and speak to him especially a catholic priest who r in the habit of speaking to the Dead. Pf is a pièce of crap. Just look at the characters there

  21. Isn’t Masebo still the chairperson for elections? Given Ka criminal Hapunda was dismissed, as spin doctor, Maeebo is right to inform those interested the outcome of the failed meeting!

  22. PF member must just shut up and only announce their useless candidate period. We are now tired of every jim and jack yapping in PF. Bonse nachimbwi munshololwa period.

  23. Mei matungu, who told u that pf Will escape the tribal tag? In fact it is an admittance that pf is tribal. Thank god at last someone has admitted. So stop calling others tribal and yet u r masters of tribalism. Kak!

    • @Jamakudi

      Everyone know that PF is tribal. Nobody needs to admit that for us to know. However, there is a difference between a party that is tribal and one that has a tribal tag. It is only natural for UPND to be tribal. So is PF. But of the two, PF doesn’t suffer as much from the stigma of tribalism as UPND does.

    • @Jamakudi

      You and I know why UPND’s situation happens to be different: 1) Someone had verbalized that only a Tonga could take-over from Mazoka. 2) Secondly, the widow, Muntinta Mazoka, had effectively insinuated that Mazoka would have wanted Hakainde to take-over from him. Her word carried weight. By contrast, Dr. Kaseba has categorically stated that late president Sata never anointed anybody to take-over from him. Yes PF is tribal, but it could escape the tribal tag.

  24. PF NEC now says the hon. Masebo is lying, according to ZWD. She has apparently misrepresented the decisions at the meeting. And Scott disrespected the national anthem by walking out while they sang!

    Real life soap opera

  25. The problem is Guy Scott.

    He is just mucking about in an effort to bring his western influenced agenda.

    These people would not give us the constitution, and now they can’t even agree on their own. This is stupid.

    Edgar Lungu is the only credible candidate who will win the elections for PF.

    Guy Scott can’t manipulate him so he is just playing them like fools.

  26. Scott is being funny. Would Scott in all honesty have created this hullabaloo if Kawimba was the preferred candidate of the PF central committee? Why are these PF CC members handling Scott with kid gloves? Ninety days is slowly approaching and these guys are still debating semantics? What part of the peoples wishes is Scott not understanding? That people want Edgar and not Kabimba, Sampa, Kambwili, Given or even GBM, not to mention Samuusa or Kaseba. Guy Scott is wasting PF’s time. He knows he cannot stand, is he on the payroll of the opposition? Let the opposition take Scott to court to announce the date for the bye elections. If he wants to waste time for PF let him do that but not at the expense of the country.

    • Who told you people want Lungu? Less than 50 members of Cental Committee to choose a candidate as opposed to 5000+ of the General Conference. Lungu will delay you further co’s GBM and Sampa will go to court if Central Committee try to be fun. Listen to this, “a snake strikes when itt has reached the end of its hole” Democracy is not cheap.

  27. From the on-going confusions in both camps, its easy to see that both the decapitated PF and the defunct MMD are the two sides of one coin. The similarities in their manner of confusions says it all, i.e. they both lack a clear futuristic ideology first and foremost, there is infighting in both camps as to who should be their Presidential candidate and yet both camps are saying their respective party constitutions provide guidelines on how to go about it. This is a clear sign to any well meaning Zambian not to entrust our Country into their hands. The chaos we are seeing from these two camps is just a tip of an iceberg. Our Country deserves better.

  28. Hey,the way some of you believe in Pf!If you had that same faith in your parents your family or even your self,the world would be a better place.Its like you have no life without these people. I am no my knees and all I say is :God let thy will be done.Allow oh God the one you will allow for this moment.Amen.

    • Pf is busy campaigning and drawing all the attention. The quarrels have put Lungu on the pedestal and all the village and Komboni voters now know who Lungu is. A person being denied leadership by Guy Scott. Two sympathy votes for Lungu. Abash the Tonga party.

  29. Scott has a point and the issues deserves the cautiousness with which he is approaching it. If just one presidential aspirant feels disenfranchised and goes to court, PF will be messed up. what I do not understand is this big fuss about Edgar. Should we chose a president on the basis that he acted when we do not even understand the reason behind his temporally appointment? If so then lets also talk about Kabimba and Chikwanda because they all used to act. What is also so disappointing is the sangwapo attitude exhibited by Edgar. Presidency is never won through illegal means. And experience through RB’s succession should be lesson enough to Zambians. All these parroting Edgar! Edgar! are spineless politicians who simply want to protect their jobs

  30. How can they run a country when they dont have any idea what the constitution talks about to get a replacement to the
    late president?
    you r not getting any votes from forward looking and thinking individuals.
    Shame on you as you were called USeless by one of your own!!!

  31. Is Masebo the new spokesperson for the PF? If not, LT, can you wait for an official statement. Do not feed the nation with anything from everyone and print it as ‘news’. Some of us rely on your bulletin.

    Is it Dr Scott who wants the National Conference to pick PF presidential Candidate or is it not the PF Constitution states?

    Your Excellence Acting President, insist on what is right. Reality will dawn late on those who want short cuts.

  32. The problem is that a lot of Zambians have no rational thinking.In the first place,can some one give us evidence about the Cartel?Every one I talk to including chaps who can’t explain what the word means are saying there is a cartel.This is nonsense!If Edgar had information and he was reliable he would have produced evidence that the cartel were scheming evil.Insinuations like, “if Winter was the preferred candidate Scott would not have objected”,are wrong! As far as I know Zambia did not belong to Sata and there us no will saying, “I leave this country to my son Edgar”.I don’t care what PF does but can only implore Zambians to be wise.Vote for the person you feel could change the world around you.Thanks.

  33. What I don’t understand is you fail to agree when 32 of 37 say no Convention. Even at UNZA, 86.5% is a distinction, unanimous, overwhelming, white wash, popular, majority, landslide, …..

    • The constitution of the party is not a rule or regulation. Article 52 (1) of the PF constitution states “The president of the party SHALL be elected by the General Conference of the party”. This is not a rule or regulation; it is a constitutional clause, and it is not subject to opinion of the central committee!

  34. I see a lot of Zambian youths are mediocre and lack visionary understanding of primary basics of a standard living….High mealie meal prices, fuel, unpaid farmers, wage and employment freeze plus suppression of the opposition without freedom of assembly…I feel for this nation in terms of the leadership that’s being exhibited

  35. Why can’t PF and MMD follow their own rules? Why are they insisting on short-cuts? They are all childish and not worthy to be considered to rule.

  36. Now you understand when I say African countries disintegrate in the midst of intact laws. They usually adopt or create laws that are so lofty they don’t believe they can eventually use them. But alas, there is always that time when every statute is tested and when the test comes, Africans resort to squabbles and ultra-motives. It is not only sad but very comical. Just watch the wolves tear the sheep the shreds…

  37. The constitution of the party is not a rule or regulation. Article 52 (1) of the PF constitution states “The president of the party SHALL be elected by the General Conference of the party”. This is not a rule or regulation; it is a constitutional clause, and it is not subject to opinion of the central committee!

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