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HH weighs in on the squabbles and struggles in PF and MMD


Hakainde Hichilema addressing the media
Hakainde Hichilema addressing the media

The United Party for National Development (UPND) has appealed to PF and MMD politicians to to reflect on their behaviour over the past week. In a statement issued to the media, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema said that squabbles and struggles that have engulfed the PF and MMD threaten the trust between Zambians and their politicians, and the country’s hope for a better future as it undermines the peace and stability Zambia treasures as a nation.

Below is the full statement:



18th November 2014

United We Must Stand

I would like to appeal to politicians in the PF and MMD to reflect on their behavior over the past week.

The squabbles and struggles that have engulfed the PF and MMD threaten the trust between Zambians and their politicians, and our hope for a better future. It undermines the peace and stability we treasure as a nation.

We must remember that what needs to be done in terms of development and delivering change for the Zambian people over the next few months is much more important than any one personal or political disagreement.

What needs to be done requires strength and unity of purpose. It is therefore essential that any party putting itself forward for the Presidential by ­election has its own house in order first. Otherwise, squabbling and infighting will quickly distract it from delivering on its promises, which will then remain only words and never actions.

After the events of the past week it is hard to see how either the MMD or PF could be expected to lead a united country when they are so divided themselves.

Not only can they not agree on a candidate, but now they also cannot agree on the modality of selecting a candidate.

As such, I would like to take this opportunity to praise the example shown by the UPND party members who have recognized the seriousness of the task at hand and thank them for their continued support. I encourage them to carry on in the same vein and lead us forward to a better Zambia.

Hakainde Hichilema
UPND President


  1. Very good comments from HH. He has been consistent about the lack of leadership in PF and now all can see. Bravo HH, you are the in-coming president!

    • I hope HH is campaigning vigorously rather than wait for the outcome of presidential candidate for pf. There’s no time left and get your team and foot soldiers running on the ground. Issuing statements about other parties is wasting time. Let them fight their own battles. Remember they have state resources which you don’t have and can easily out campaign you within a short time. Go to work now.

    • He has no right to comment, he has not made any inroads with these squabbles and I still find him a little ‘mr nice guy’ about him.

      He is difficult to like and a lot of people siding with him are only doing so because they are disillusioned with what is happening with PF and MMD.

      Regrettably I don’t think he is any closer being our next President,

      The truth hurts, a very very difficult man to like if you asked me.

      There is more chance of seeing an Apple store in zambia than seeing HH be the President of zambia


    • HH if you fail to win this time around then quit politics, problems in pf and mmd should be your campaign tool, tell voters that these other parties – their houses are not in order how do you expect them to put our country in order.??


    • We want to hear HH is in Mpika, chinsali, mporokoso, Kasama, Ndola, Kitwe, Mufulira, chilis, kapiri-mposhi in all the electoral powerhouses sensitising people as to why we have to vote for him. Who is HH’s campaign manager? We want him to hit this road running. Use mini-buses to portray messages of campaign with nice pictures of Mr HH and a summary of what he is offering to us. Like this:-
      – Free education for primary pupils
      – Free medication for lowly paid
      – Lower fuel pump prices
      – Overhaul of all agriculture policies to bring back wealth in farming
      – Transparency in government and being visible to the electorate
      – Employing nationals in jobs that they have qualifications in (by merit not tribe or friendship)
      – Restore the Shilubemba and bring peace
      – lower taxes
      – jobs
      – just…

    • @mushota, you are so very right! Can you be his campaign manager? I think you can do well now that you have started using your PhD. See my suggestions in 1.6 above^ Can you just imagine the amount of ideas politicians are picking from these blogs? It’s phenomenal! The PF are ready to unleash the government campaign machinery once they have picked a candidate and their muscle to march to all corners of the country will be a no match for HH. With that view in mind I wonder why HH is urging them to sort out their households for peace and prosperity! Why worry about PF or MMD. The more the two other parties tear themselves to shreds the better for you HH. Don’t keep playing a Mr Nice but now is the time to kick your opponents whilst they are down. Forget the rules of engagement. Hit hard!

    • @One hit wonder

      Here is the truth:

      People in the central committee or Scott are hoping to adopt a power Monger that will ensure they have a role/job after the elections.
      This is egregious and a kick on the country because of how disenchanted the PF is now.

      Campaigning is like the way Mr Sata single handedly and vigorously campaigned himself, and was difficult to avoid pretty much since 2006.
      HH has to do more than he is doing, it may need to start by removing someone like Canisius Banda, as his VP, because the man is clueless and adds nothing to PF with is incoherent statements.

      The PF candidate will win the elections and I hope HH will hopefully be more prepared in 2016.

      He needs to sell himself a lot more than he is.

      His campaign manager? I am not too hard to find…

    • HH has the right to be concerned about the way the PF are holding the country hostage by their f00lish leadership wrangles.

      Scott is not able to announce the by election date because the PF has no leader to match HH in the battle field.

      All these wrangles have many dimensions to it;

      1. PF is struggling to get a candidate who can compete with HH.
      2. Mmembe cartel has vested interest because he does not want to
      pay back billions of tax arrears.
      3. Others are worried that if HH wins, then heads will roll for
      misappropriating tax payers money.
      4.Others are jostling for cabinet jobs and foreign envoy jobs for
      their relatives.
      5 Others are scared they might loose contracts.

      Zambians please wake up. The confusion rocking the party is testimony of rampant…

    • Let me assure all those PF and MMD members that once HH ascends to power he will NOT embark on politics of vengeance. He will instead extend an olive branch to every one willing to tell the truth about their scandals in government and pay back some of the money and ask for forgiveness from Zambians.

      HH is capable of instituting a truth , vindication and forgiveness commission which will look at the corruption cases out side court and people involved to pay up without being dragged to court and eventually end up in jail. This I think will be the best way forward.

      So PF and MMD do not worry that HH will punish you like what Sata did. Of course those who won’t accept the HH ‘ s olive branch will have chosen to be dragged to court.

      HH means well for Zambia just vote for him.

    • In everyone’s honest opinion, putting away tribal issues, who is a credible candidate to take over the leadership of this country? Edgar Lungu? HH? Nevers Mumba? Elias Chipimo? Edith Nawakwi? The country has been a laughing stock for the past few years and we need someone who can change the direction in which we are heading…

    • A lot of people are comparing the happenings in MMD and PF as being similar. Unfortunately they are not. While in PF the popular candidate is being harangued ( Lungu) in MMD the unpopular Candidate (Nevers) is the one haranguing the Party. Nevers and Scott are the spoilers in this whole scheme of things. I hear Nevers wants to be assured of the vice presidency, who can assure such an immature person. In fact I hope after this whole process is wrapped up and done, Scott will just resign on his own as VP. Who can keep such a person who has created so much heartache for the country? Nevers and Scott belong to the dustbin of politics. As for HH, I wish him luck. He needs it, he will never win come January 20th.

  2. How can members from one tribe differ? UPND should focus on its campaigns an mind their own business. Differences are part of democracy.

    • that’s how shallow you can be? tribe always comes in your mind, nowander I can vote for HH but not whilst is in your group. am watching!!!!

    • hai so what is your point you tribalist. HH is right. thinking on trible lines closes up the valve of objective thinking. HH VIVA


    • ‘thats the reason you are called under five’ instead of concentrating on telling us what you are going to do for zambia, you are busy pocking your nose in other party’s problems. tell us if you have nothing to offer so that people who still believe in you can look else where.

  3. Yes HH take this advantage handed to you on a silva plata to advance your political party. The squabbles in PF and MMD are there own doing so no one should criticize you for taking this opportunity for your political advantage. For me and my family you have our vote

    • Which adavantage?, we dont whant opportunistes as our presidents, let him say what he is going to do not what is happening in PF and MMD.He has promised nothing upto now but always condeming PF. Cluelessness.

    • People should not forget that when HH HIJACKED the presidency of UPND, we heard of his tribesmen with all manner of weapons take aim at Saki and Sichinga because they believed UPND was the Tonga vehicle to take Tongas to state house. Let HH not pretend there would have been no squabbles in UPND if somebody was courageous enough to challenge him. The problem with HH is his inconsistencies. When late Sata was rolling out infrastructure development country wide, he told us people cannot eat roads. Now that Sata is dead he is saying the next leader should continue with the infrastructure development left by Sata. Talk is cheap!!!

  4. Please this time lets give him chance to rule just like we did to Mr Sata. Too much fighting in PF and MMD. BESIDE Its UPND with some numbers in Parliament. Lets unite and vote forward. He is educated and understand the economy of this nation.

    • Sorry not this time,ur under 5 should learn how to be patience his always in a hurry ,Zambia doesn’t need an economist to lead ,the country needs some one who can stir the economy ,some one who can unity the country that’s all we need.

  5. We need to set up an account for UPND for donations towards this unnecessary presidential by-election. Unnecessary in the sense that if we had trustworthy politicians from the PF pack, new constitution would have been delivered by now (not mentioning the 90 day period). Probably Hon Guy Scott would have taken over and this would have saved us the financial drain that we are about to incur as a nation in general and as individual political parties in particular. HH I am glad you offer hope where the situation is hopeless, you offer light where there is darkness, you offer wisdom where there is total despair. Please note for immediate implementation when you form Govt: reinstate fired nurses; reduce cabinet size; retire old guards & replace them with youthful staff at lower salaries;

  6. HH lekafye balekomana and you are just wasting your time to advise the chumbu munshololwas, concentrate on campaigns instead. There is a serious Leadership tussle on PF and MMD. They are now behaving like headless chickens. Keep campaigning so that by the time they put their houses in order you will be miles away. We have now seen the beginning of the end of PF and MMD.

  7. Scrap DCs, recall excess staff in foreign missions, keep good ministers in PF to complete their missions, CDF usage should be revisited. It should be used on capital projects that will create permanent employment in constituencies so that tax base is widened. This will reduce on urban migration. Do not reinstate subsidies. Instead if the economy grows, prices will naturally come down.

    • Well done Meme Teacher! There it is!

      The only thing Sata and his PF can be given credit for is the removal of subsidies! But it was only under pressure, and where are the savings? Gone in BYE ELECTIONS and a BLOATED CABINET!

      Stick with this HH, as a person that understands economics you know subsidies are inefficient and generate CORRUPTION.

      Market forces work best!

  8. Don’t squander this chance HH. Now is your time to take the reigns of power and enact a people driven constitution. Don’t worry about MMD and PF, let them fight.

  9. HH, do you really want to be the President for Zambia? I doubt it! Almost all the other parties are shake…..battling to get into gear, you can not take advantage of this to finish them off? Why are you still hesitating to completely finish them off. Make sure by the time there is 30 days to the 90, you are miles ahead. Push hard and high light these weaknesses to the people before PF and MMD get started. Badala you are very slow.

  10. Though I am inclined to favour UPND, HH and its leadership must be aware that they have stability now due to among other reasons having not accessed or have no access to state resources yet.

    Currently there is no single political party in Zambia that has truly transparent democratic credentials and all must work for that. Even UNIP, the oldest on paper, has failed to perfect leadership succession and trust me if they were to have power once more, all old wounds would open!

    For once UPND has a real chance this time but am afraid it is being threatened by the large voting blocks (mainly Bemba and Ngoni) that will split between MMD and PF. I would rather have one vote per province and or a weighted proportional vote. That would no doubt have UPND in!

  11. Why look over the fence into what the PF and MMD are squabbling internally? No message for the campaign badala. You are just a dictator, hungry for power. Hungry Hakainde Hichilema (Triple H). You’ve been caught off-guard and you’re not ready for the coming by-election. Admit it Afro-man. If you can’t win 2015, step down and go back to the kraal you came from. UPND will be better for Zambians after you and your tribal gang depart.

  12. Take advantage of the squabbles & struggles in the other paties to ascend to power! Wake up HH. Why waste time commenting? Campaign vigorously, otherwise you lose again if not the 5th time.

  13. I personally want to hear HH is in. Mpika, chinsali, mporokoso, Kasama, Ndola, Kitwe, Mufulira, chilis, kapiri-mposhi in all the electoral powerhouses sensitising people as to why we have to vote for him. Who is HH’s campaign manager? We want him to hit this road running. Use mini-buses to portray messages of campaign with nice pictures of Mr HH and a summary of what he is offering to us. Like this:-
    – Freed education for primary pupils
    – Free medication for lowly paid
    – Lower fuel pump prices
    – Overhaul of all agriculture policies to bring back wealth in farming
    – Transparency in government and being visible to the electorate
    – Employing nationals in jobs that they have qualifications in (by merit not tribe or friendship)
    – Restore the Shilubemba and bring peace
    – more…

  14. When God says yes its yes,lets just wait for God choose the person to lead us.In the camp of evil men their will be confusing,as for now we can all see where the confusing is.Zambians don’t worry, God will serve us never trust man.

    • Deluded much! Where was God when FTJ was elected twice? So we should just wait for God to choose a leader for us? Enough of the wishful thinking, God has given you freewill to make any choice. He did not choose your wife for you and He will certainly not choose your next President. That’s why he gave you an organ called a brain, so that you can access issues and make good decisions. No wonder Zambia is so backward, Christians have the attitude of “Lesa aka solva” and the rest of the masses have the “fika isolva” attitude. It’s time to work hard and use your brains, make the best decisions. As future leaders, if you go on with this kind of attitude of not taking responsibility, the nation will continue to resemble an old baby (old in years but immature economically).

  15. HH has no developmental plan or message for Zambians, he just knows how to be negative and criticize others, that is why he is meddling in other parties’ internal affairs and waiting for the other parties to chose their candidates so that he resumes his criticisms. The national moaning is over HH, can we see you at rallies telling Zambians your plans, your message, your story instead of wasting time!

  16. Ba HH takuli uko baleya. These differences in pf will be sorted out. Sooner or later they will agree. Monies for the conversion will be donated by pf presidential candidates and it will take place. They will choose the right person.

  17. hakaivotela humwine ,stop talking about pf leadership. there is democracy in pf thats why a lot are coming out to express intrest in presidence of pf, but you hh ,you think you are the only man who can lead upnd. you are a dictator. go for convertion and let real leaders challage you. so you have no morral right to comment on pf selection method.

  18. this is the time for us UPND to show every one that we are a UNITED party indeed and ready to take over the management of the country. I therefore, urge all citizens of this country to go out in big numbers and vote for better and real change for Zambia. FLIGHT HH 2015 is about to take off now . FORWARD WITH CHANGE.

    • yes, upnd seems more stable that PF and MMD. But appearances may not be the actual reality! There is no one currently in UPND to challenge HH. That is what makes upnd seem more stable. Let the party be tested like MMD and PF with challenges to the top leadership then we will know for sure how stable UPND is. Otherwise, it is one party that looks like a cattle kraal from the distance in which cattle seem to be ‘m-o-o-ing’ in unison.

  19. The truth is masons will never rule this country. The earlier the masonic faith is publicly denounced the earlier someone may become president. Other wise it will be the same story as previous elections.

  20. Reading by the many comments of advise to HH to hit the road running, one is bound to conclude that he really has no clue about what he needs to do. When did you ever hear people telling Sata to go flat out campaigning? Sata did this on his own insticts because he had what it takes to go to plot 1. HH does not. He is still under 5 and he needs his supporters to urge him.

    I’m afraid HH does not have what it take to gain a national vote and the proof is in all his frustrated supporters urging him to go flat out campaiging. If he can’t figure it out himself, it is not in him and he wont manage, hence the Under 5 tag. It is like a boxer who hurts an opportunity but because of lack of experience, he just fails to close the show. HH is exposed here.

    • Bootlicker, you may be mistaking intelligence for something else!

      Maybe the right leader is the one that takes his time and makes the correct decisions, not a STUP!D ID!OT that just wakes up one day and decides to rename airports!

      Or appoints Commissions of Inquiry and then announces his decisions before they have given their verdict.

      Or promises everything in 90 days and the only 90 days that happens is a presidential BYE ELECTION!

      Promises “MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKET” and then doubles the price of mealie meal!

    • @26MMD Chief Bootliker, you my friend have missed the plot by a mile. I am sure you know the term ‘All haste and no speed’. You know very well late President Sata fell in that trap and, made the mistake you are now endorsing, i.e. haste, and the result is there for us to reflect on and learn from, including the brain damage amongst a lot of people’s perception of governance issues.

      HH and UPND, have spoken very well in the statement above. Period. Maybe you should re-read it. Among other things it shows they are touching all bases as they go along. There is a reconciliatory tone in there. Thats maturity.

      Preparing to run a Country is not like preparing to run a company as I have explained @58 below.

  21. HH in MMD and PF all have equal opportunities not in your Bantustan. kindly Leave us alone, we will find common ground and move on. Even when we seem to have difficulties in selection our leaders you can never, never! win an election in Zambia. Mark my words.

  22. HH can’t win.UPND supporters indeed are frustrated chaps in Zambia.On radio same people calling.What do they want kanshi?No wonder they always end up insulting bembas as if they are broking them from winning.The reason why HH can’t win elections are simple.
    1.He is not humble.The man is stubborn.He thinks he is the most educated Zambian ever.
    2.His supporter insult the majority of Zambian(Common peoples).Kaponyas Kaponya
    3.He lacks communication skills as a leader.He can’t appeal to the masses.His faces shows that the man doesn’t like some tribes coz of what he says.Zambia is not for only certain tribes.A leader should avoid such a language
    4.He can’t win Lusaka,CP,Eastern,Luapula,muchinga,northen,parts of central(kabwe,kapiri Mposhi,Sje and Nkushi) and parts of western province.

  23. HH please focus on your campaigns. These monkeys in the other parties are still sleeping. If you waste your time now, you will have no chance when they wake up.

    This is the time HH should be dishing out everyday what he will be coming to do if people voted for him, BUT instead he is busy talking about irrelevant things. Stop playing daddy because that is not the reason people will vote for you. How dull can these politicians be? Does this mean we have no intelligent politicians in this country?? I have never heard anything coming out of HH’s mouth, all he talks about are trivial issues instead of addressing serious deep policy matters! He will die in opposition if he is joking. These guys in PF although they are fighting now, when time comes when they wake up HH will have no chance!

  24. I am sayin this again even at its weakest,hh is still too weak to beat pf,yes they claim to b united bt only in one region,thats why I call him the REGIONIST

  25. When PF ws in opposition,we kud all feel there ws an opposition party,pipo were defecting to it,winin parliamentary by-elections, it ws all over noti ifi ifyabupuba ifyaba hh,only based in one province? Awe iyo

    • @ Chile1

      Exactly. Uyu muntu kuline, I have no hope in him. He is too dull, too slow. And that is exactly how is going to govern this country: too dull, too slow. Ali ziii, monga manzi. Wait, PF will wake up very soon after they choose their candidate: HH aza dabwa! And this is his last chance, the way I’m seeing the future of politics in Zambia.

  26. Look at even his picture at the top of the story. It’s like HH is dosing with a mike in his hand. Does this guy have any manifesto for Zambia’s future? Yaba! Olo nikugona simwamene! I have never heard this guy deliver point-by-point how he plans to change things in Zambia…and yet he is here wasting valuable time trying to play Mr-Do-Gooder. Aza dabwa, baaad! He is playing na vi PF. Don’t underrate them, they are in power. They know they have a very high chance of winning that is why they are fighting for candidacy right now. But once they choose their candidate viza mubwelela HH na panga and he will regret wasting this time sleeping with a microphone in his hand.

  27. HH is a very dull politician. He is concerned about what is happening in PF and MMD while he has his own party. The man is clueless, he is not a politician. Further , HH has not told Zambians what he is going to do once he is voted in, but always he is giving out statements about other political parties. HH can not make a president coz he has defeated himself by being naïve, childish, clueless and sleepy.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

    • HH needs to come to terms that he is not a politician at all. The music is on. Disappointingly, this pre-fab politician is indignant to jump on to the dancing floor. What excuse has he got to allow himself to lose this election?

  28. Kudos to HH for showing concern over squabbles in PF and MMD.Students of psychology have a situational lesson to learn from HH. He has all along behaved as if he loathes PF and all it epitomizes, yet he has been cherishing the values of PF to the core. This clearly shows that HH is one of us in PF. He can’t keep quite while the party where his heart lies is being raped. Typical of all of us staunch PF cadres, we have to rise to the occasion to defend the party. Let us defend the legacy of our party founding father Michael Chilufya Sata. In a few days to come we will gather at Mulungushi Rock of Authority to choose our next party president. As a concerned cadre, HH can do well to bring ten bulls to the convention in the spirit of supporting democracy.

  29. kind of like your observations HH but you seem not to take advantage and heat the campaign road. For the first time I would say this “This is yours yo lose!!!” I have seen one excellent excellent advise from One Hit Wonder! who say you must promise
    – Free education for primary pupils
    – Free medication for lowly paid
    – Lower fuel pump prices
    One of the most important and extremely sensitive is this , “Restore the Shilubemba and bring peace”. Guess what, though the Benda tribe is not as big in terms of numbers and some might think, it is the most spoken language in the Country and a lot of people whether you like it or not identity easily with Bemba. so if you can, make a board and practical promise to bring back dignity to the Bemba chiefdom and everything will fall into place,

  30. For fcuksakes HH go out there and bloody campaign man! No one gives a sh!t about these statements, leave bene PF and MMD to murder themselves! This is the time to adopt Sata’s campaign tactics, be on every fcuking radio station, hire a bloody helicopter and fly around the country for crying out loud! The election will NOT be won through media briefings! Sh!t!!

  31. I have come to a conclusion that people who hate HH are genetically preconditioned to dislike him, nothing can be done about it. They can even put Edgar Lungu ahead of HH, which if find to be very disturbing from a medical point of view.

  32. Good comments, but has HH forgotten what happened in his party when mazoka died and he did a coup against Sakwiba Sikota?

  33. If Mr Hakainde is the answer, what is the question? The man does not have credible policies to sell to the electorate. He wants investment in infrastructure but does not want to borrow because he can mobilise resources locally – who is he going to tax? Businesses? But he wants tax breaks for businesses! You will have to pay more in taxes for his promises to increase funding for agriculture, subsidies on fuel and cornmeal, pay rises for civil servants, free education and healthcare. He cannot explain how he going to pay for these, so he has become a ‘voyeur,’ watching other people with his big telescope to see what happens in other families; to create what to talk about rather that his debunked policies.

  34. Let us all vote for people that can give us something – 1kg sugar, 1 litre of milk, 4eggs, 2 loaves of bread every day and K 1000 citizen salary every month. Viva Cosmo Mumba!

  35. We are behind you Mr. President hit the road around Zambia and do not rest until we rule and make Zambia a better place again to live. Start from the North, Muchinga, Luapula, Copperbelt, Eastern Lusaka Central, NW, Western and then Southern. The Second round should just cover the first five provinces the rest you will win massively. Zambians let us try new blood and see what they can do for us not corrupt people who just want to cover up the wrong they have done to our economy.

  36. HH should be racing hard toward the finishing line right now. Does he even know that this is campaign time? Tending to those who get injured along the way, should be the work of the Red Cross. His pre-occupation should have been to win the race that had eluded him too many times before.

  37. Zambians should not be given the option of choosing a lesser evil of all squables, but the best leader who can stire Zambia into calm water. I think HH thinks he has nothing new to give Zambians, and outdo other parties, to bring fear into people’s mind to choose a lesser evil of the parties, UPND. Knowing certainly, that PF and MMD are the parties that stad in his way, he cannot ignore their potential.

    • You have it all nailed down: ” a lesser evil..”. I concur. At least that is how HH is trying to portray himself and his party. What a shame.

  38. These are misplaced priorities by HH. Since when did he become a political consultant for PF and MMD? Or is he just looking for a new job? Well place to comment on such matters should have been the likes of KK and VJ, both of whom are well qualified. Has this guy got any agenda at all for Zambia? Why is he not minding his own business, which I believe is quite serious at this stage?

  39. Hammer the HH, Hammer them man……where are you finding challenges? Move around and let the people know that everyone learnt a big lesson from Don’t Kubeba……PF must not be a challenge to you HH……..if you keep quite and hoping that people know you, you will have a shock of your life again. Take it personal my man as if there was no tomorrow. YOU ARE VERY SLOW AND IRRITATING….sort them out now so that by the time they settle for a divided candidate, you will have reached Kalabo. Mufumbwe, Chilubi, Sinazonwe, Mwandi and of course Matero as well.

  40. If HH considers himself that much of a political genius, does he think we don’t know him well enough? His own party has been bedeviled by a nagging tribal tag for nearly a decade now. Everyone knows it is a fluke and fallacy. UPND in its founding was not a tribal party nor has it ever been. And yet, this self-made political guru, who has presided over the affairs of this good party for all these years, has failed to wash clean that stubborn and undeserved stain. At least the stigma has lingered under his watch. Who will ever forgive HH, if he allows himself to lose this easy election in 2015?

  41. This is part of campaigning. All he’s doing is paint a bad picture of the PF as a danger to the country and therefore do not deserve the vote. And who says only the party President campaigns? You yap yap chaps are the ones without a clue on how to play politics.

  42. We the heavy weights in political strategy Know that resources are very important in any election.HH is still mobilizing his resources before he hits the road.The best he can do this week is start with rallies in Lasaka and Kafue.complete mobilizing resources by first week of December then start with rural Zambia before villages become too busy ,farming to come for rallies and end up with town.I want to warn you UPND MPs work flat out do not leave the job of campaigning to HH alone.Given Lubinda campaigned heavily for Mazoka and sata.He was a tool to reckon with.I know this time HH will win because God has taken away wisdom from PF and MMD.This is the greatest opportunity for Zambia to vote for Economic independence.People are commenting because they can feel your weight.

  43. What we are seeing is the real HH. He has the whole ring to himself. And all he is doing is boxing the air. How much of skill does that require and how much of prowess does he wield, I wonder!

    The invisible giants, already in the ring and trotting around him, are the giants of hunger, poverty, disease, corruption in government etc. But HH is not seeing these. He is, instead boxing the air and vying for an opponent to show-up – the very thugs in PF and MMD who have already stolen our joy. These, he thinks, are his real opponents. If none shows-up, then just as well, let him be declared the winner of the contest.

    This is small-mindedness. We deserve to hear HH address himself to the issues that concern Zambia and the Zambian people. He must be out of touch!

  44. Useless chap, how do you tell your opponent to get organized so that he can beat you in the race? Or maybe you just want to appear to be sensible when we know you are useless. Small parties like upnd should get busy campaigning and not worry about the splits in the bigger popular parties, how else are you going to win an election with the regional support that you have?

  45. Recently, HH made headlines worldwide, when he boycotted Zambia’s 50th independence anniversary. He did so, so we were told, to protest the ills in the PF government, the human rights violations etc. He opted, instead to go and spend the day with the poor in Chawama. Did he really mean it or was he just seeking visibility?

    Now, when HH is supposed to be with the poor in Chawama, he is out there to mourn PF on its untimely demise. He must offer help. He feels obliged to do so. Again, I wonder if we are not here dealing with a hypocrite!

  46. Well spoken HH. The truth of the matter is that this is a very mature and timely statement from HH and UPND. Getting ready mentally to run a Country is not like getting mentally ready to run a company. When you take up office to run a company you CAN FIRE counter-productive workers who are busy squabbling among themselves and solve the problem there and then for good, whereas when you take up office to run a Country you CANNOT FIRE squabbling citizens from their citizenship of their Country. So the solution for squabbling citizens is thru dialogue, reflecting on individual behaviours, reconciliation and adherence to the rule of law. The lack of credible points from bloggers who are urging HH to ignore the squabbles is shows serious lack of foresight.

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