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I’m MMD’s presidential candidate in the forthcoming by-election and not RB-Nevers Mumba


Former Zambian High Commissioner to Canada Dr Nevers Mumba
Dr Nevers Mumba

MMD president Nevers Mumba says he is the MMD’s presidential candidate in the forthcoming by-election by virtue of him being party president and not former President Rupiah Banda.

Dr. Mumba says the MMD constitution provides that the party president, for as long as he is sitting in the mandate of his years, is not only party leader but also the candidate for any of such a national Presidential election that comes within this period.

He has told a media briefing in Lusaka today that if there is anyone who wishes to challenge this provision of the party constitution such person can go to court to get verification through a judicial review.

Dr. Mumba says he was not elected MMD president to warm the seat for another person as some people have insinuated that he is puppet who was paid to keep the seat.

He says contrary to earlier media reports, former President Rupiah Banda was not adopted as the MMD’s presidential candidate by the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC).

Dr Mumba states that it is not for him to explain whether or not the precedent that was set after President Levy Mwanawasa died and the NEC met to elect the ruling party’s presidential candidate can be used in the present situation that the MMD is in.

He says what happened when Mr. Banda was unanimously nominated by the party’s NEC to be the former ruling party’s presidential candidate is different from the current situation.

And Dr. Mumba has sounded a warning to any members that may wanted to mess around with party structures during the campaigns for the by-election in which he is standing as MMD presidential candidate.

Dr. Mumba who has since directed the closure of the party secretariat for a few days in order for the MMD to reorganizes itself, has warned that he will not take kindly any member found destabilizing party structures.

He has also disclosed that because of the infancy of the Opposition Alliance, to which his party is a member, there is no time for the Alliance to constitute itself in a way that can result in a united front in terms of approaching the forthcoming by-election except through individual political parties.

Meanwhile the opposition leader has promised to recognize the Bemba paramount chief Chitimukulu almost immediately once his party forms government.


    • Did you say man of God? He doesn’t even fit the resemblance of it. He has no idea how to craft a conceding speech. Or else he doesn’t have a rear view mirror.

    • From the zambian Watchdog. I love Z politics!

      The MMD National Executive Committee (NEC) has suspended party president Nevers Mumba.
      MMD national Secretary Muhabi Lungu announced around 21 hours Tuesday evening that Mumba has been suspended for ‘indiscipline’.
      The suspension of Mumba follows the decision by former president Rupiah Banda to return to active politics as the presidential candidate for the MMMD in the January 20, 2015 by-election. The MMD NEC has also decided to adopt Banda as its candidate.
      The Watchdog is reliably informed that Mumba will fight back most likely by going to court Wednesday morning.

    • Which means HH will take the presidency period. What ever made people vote RB out, will force people vote for HH.

      Zambians always aspire for hope. And only UPND is new in the arena to offer that hope. Zambians know that HH has the new and fresh ideas to run this country for UNIP, MMD and PF have proved to have been cut from the same cloth- thieves.

      PF is currently in a confused state and can not decide who to face HH the man of the moment.

      Viva HH.

    • The message cannot be louder. Rupiah must now lay off to leave the next president concentrate on the hard graft at hand.RB’s pattern of sniffing for short-cuts to state house after a sitting president’s death must come to an end.

      He has to learn that the road to Independence Avenue doesn’t come cheap. Kaunda fought for it, Chiluba fought for it his entire life. Sata too, fought for it from the scratch. Even Nevers Mumba has already been in all sorts of trenches to keep MMD alive and relevant.

      Only Mwanawasa got it on a silver in exceptional circumstances of the time. RB chanced the gap after LPM’s demise for his first stint at the presidency. Not again mate!

      If you think you’re popular, prove yourself Sata’s way and build a party of your own from nothing.

  1. This is good news. As a country we should not be going back. This is what has held us back , trusting freedom fighter to lead our country in the name of experience. It is now time for a new dawn of new era and new politics.

    Well, if RB thinks he is popular, let him stand as an Independent and test his popularity just like Nawakwi, Miyanda, Chipimo, Sondashi, Milupi , you name them.

    I think it is time to start compaigning now. Can the TV adverts start rolling please.

    • @observer….
      ….the presidential candidate is the only political post not allowed to stand as an independent, one has to be sponsored by a political party and endorsed by stipulated number of registered party members(200) when filing nominations….
      …however, you are spot on…just a mere mention of RB trying to put on his ‘glove’ to step back into the political ring is pathetic and appalling …forward s the answer….
      …some-one still at pain to convince Zambians that he did not abuse the very office he is eyeing…a car park has been permanently reserved for him at the courts because of his frequent visits…. ever since he left office, he’s been to the courts more than he’s been to his farm…

  2. What would be the chances of winning if MMD and UPND form a pact? Or what chances would each of these parties have if they contest independently? …. any thoughts?

    • ba Muko, get real. Just look at Nevers and then look at Hakainde. Does any one of them boys look like he is about to concede power to the other?

  3. It’s horrible not to be wanted! That picture of Nevers on the point of tears says it all!

    Forcing himself on the MMD is a sad state of affairs. Why can an African not walk away from the power trough for the sake of the party and peace in the nation?

    He makes a play for the Bemba vote, but for Nevers (what an unfortunate name) it might not work! He is bribing the Bemba vote with his recognition of Chief Chitimukulu. Most directly, this is related to Sata’s infamous battle with Chief Chitimukulu. PF votes are easy to steal thus time around!

  4. Had he any dignity, he would have conceded defeat to his opponent. He has been the bull of the kraal. Now he has been flashed out. What exactly does that mean in Bemba?

  5. Scott say the PF ASPIRING CANDIDATES will choose one person to stand. What has changed. Who has more power between the candidate and the Central Committee

  6. Mumba this is the way to go. People like RB and his minions who do not respect a simple party constitution, what more a republican constitution. No wonder they spent time stealing instead of being serious with the constitution making process. To those who are saying Mumba should have conceded defeat. How? The man won MMD top seat by 70% against those said to be good. RB unceremoniously left MMD in fear of not losing his benefits. His minions ran away – now they are regrouping to carry out a coup against the democratically elected president. Go home RB – be a statesman you have been. Leave politics to the 60s boys. Your time is gone baba.

  7. Rupiah Rupiah Rupial! You need to rest, you are too old a man. It is because of you that PF won the elections in 2011. Please give chance to Dr. Mumba this time around. Viva viva Dr. Mumba!

  8. People who say Scott has a heart for pf are lunatics,he had maintained the general conference position and said he adheres to the pf constitution and today he says the pf presidential aspirants have to agree on fielding one ,meaning compromise to avoid general conference,the pf central committee is supreme than the aspiring candidates.sata loved Scott but he deeply loved EL,acted as president 4 times.lets make the cartel lose this Zambia wake ,open your eyes.hh or EL.

    • Please we are not looking for anyone that Sata loved or favored to say the least! We simply want a sober and vibrant character who can steer the country forward. Of the characters making noise non of the has the caliber to bring development in Zambian. Your EL is just a chakolwa!

  9. RB is adopted and Nevers Mumba suspended!terrible where is democracy here.please zambians lets teach these thieves in mmd under RB a lesson by defeating them pants down!we cant allow these thieves who were burying our kwacha back into Govt,never!i saw those old vulntures (mmd)on znbc looking very poor dreaming about coming back to steal our tax money-mwanya!Nevers is clean that your corrupt RB!

  10. rb as presidential candidate this is unfare to Dr Mumba and shame toRB.Power is sweet.You are just wasting your time.Pls take care of yr ailing wife.What example are showing to the young men.You should be at bedside.Is that court case over??/

  11. RB,never mind about him…even zat tym he was in chipata playing draft he never won twice in a single day…nyway he has false courage…forgive him father…

  12. If word going round is true that RB could not guarantee Nevers the VP’s job as he has to look at all including Chipimo, Mutati, Nawakwi etc, and the reason for suspending Nevers was indiscipline, I support the decision. Like I’ve been saying, what Zambia needs right now till 2016 is an experienced head that can steady the ship, bring back our economy to life, bring the investors back, the constitution etc & hand over to a younger leader in 2016, I feel RB is the right man, for the sake of Zambia.

  13. Former president Banda is a Fraudster. He pretended to retire from active politics for two reasons and these are given below:-

    i. He is a Coward. He could not stand the presence of the late President Sata. He feared that late President Sata would put him behind bars for the crimes he committed during his short tenure of office. Now that Sata is gone, he thinks the current government can not do anything to him. Cage him.

    ii. He is a Trickster. He has been receiving the retirement benefits ever since he cowardly announced his retirement from active politics whilst he was busy calculating his return to active politics at some point.

    This is Criminal. This is Fraud. Let him pay back all the benefits he has been receiving. That is public money. Government, please, get our money back

  14. Mumba was a dissident. I am not surprised he has been suspended, following the rejection of his candidacy. It is what you call adding salt to injury.

  15. Dr. Mumba,
    Judicial review can only be invoked to challenge actions of government administrative officials and cannot apply to MMD. In the legal context, MMD is not different from a club like Nkana FC and who ever wants to challenge your candidature need not to apply for judicial review but simply an injunction to stay the decision till the court interprets the MMD constitution for you.

  16. My view. if RB supported Nevers in this race with all his resources MMD would go through. But the turn of events is indeed disheartening especially that the old man we had pride in has let us down. If RB loses it will be a big pain to all his lovers.

  17. The sure of letting MMD go 6 feet under is by letting Nevers to be floated as presidential candidate. I like the idea of the pact, MMD and UPND but with RB as the presidential candidate. What do think?

  18. Where is LT’s constitutional lawyer Brigadier General himself? I was expecting him to educate the country on all the shenanigans going on in the country as all and sunder position themselves for the presidency. Or maybe he is busy begging for donations to raise money for his nomination, but i wonder how he is going to find supporters to endorse his nomination, sorry….

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