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November 19th national mourning for Mbala-Nakonde accident victims


Government has declared Wednesday, November 19, 2014 as a day of national mourning in honour of the 27 people that died in the Mbala-Nakonde road accident last Saturday.

Secretary to the Cabinet Roland Msiska announced in a statement issued to ZANIS in Lusaka today that the national mourning will be observed from 06:00 to 18:00 hours tomorrow.
Dr. Msiska said during the national mourning, all flags will fly at half-mast while all activities of an entertainment nature should be cancelled or postponed until after burial of all the victims tomorrow.

He explained that the fatal road accident involved a Fuso fighter truck which was carrying 98 passengers coming from Senga Hill in Northern Province.
Dr. Msiska said out of the 27 that perished, ten were babies, 16 were adult females and one was a male youth.

He further said 71 survivors were still admitted in Mbala hospital.He said funeral gathering was being held at a central place in Kamitozo village in chief Nsokolo’s area.


  1. We are just from having 2 weeks of national mourning, we are now tired of these national mournings, I’ll be playing full blast music tomorrow

    • Iwe Salaula, I live in Zambia. don’t be fulled by these flags, they lie big time. we should meet pa club zone this weekend ku emmasdale over some cold ones, full time emmasdalian mwana

    • No Chiwanangala, fulled is actually the right word here. The other word you were attempting to write is a taboo word. Please be advised. You got to remember my friend, this is Zambia. We go by the sound not the spelling. e.g. that full Mulenga Sata has jumped on the PF power grab bandwagon. Or so they say. Imagine!

  2. Bt kwena u pipo re mad!!!! malilo ni malilo,let’s call a spade a spade.imagine ur mother, father,sister or brother was in that truck,do nt act like fools moreover u re parents with children and wives at home,one day u loose em we see if u will say its too much!!!! Grow up ataseee ifyabupuba. Naiwe mulenga sata,ur father s corps still fresh just respect ur self,ichilipala. Leave the leave for others we ve had enough from sata!!!!!!

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