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I am not prepared to be part of a non-democratic process-Guy Scott


Dr Guy Scott Acting President of Zambia 12-11-2014
Dr Guy Scott Acting President of Zambia 12-11-2014

ACTING President Guy Scott says the Patriotic Front is exploring democratic means of adopting its candidate for the presidential election.

Dr Scott said this in an interview last evening following a five-hour central committee meeting that considered ways of adopting the party’s candidate.

“We will go to the central committee but our constitution will determine the way forward and lawyers will have to come in to interpret,” the acting President said.

The meeting has since been deferred to Thursday to allow other aspirants to file nominations.

Dr Scott said the process of choosing the mode of selecting a presidential candidate is still on-going.

“I am not prepared to be part of a non-democratic process. You cannot impose the wish of a small elite group. Some people got upset but that is the way we will go,” he said

Dr Scott wondered how 40 people would decide the presidential candidate without subjecting them to a general conference.

He said he is a longstanding democrat who would want the best for the country.

PF chairperson Inonge Wina referred all queries to secretary-general Edgar Lungu who could not be reached by press time.


    • At first I was impressed with Edgar. But recently there is no way I would vote for this runaway clown. The guy is too undisciplined, He can’t even control His own supporters. If He is popular as claimed, let Him go for the convention. Its not like it will take a year. The arguments of PF does not have the luxury of time do not hold water. Furthermore the issue of money is not valid, most of these clowns have no clue were the 2011money came from. HH is a clueless politician but Edgar is even lost. The guy doesn’t even know what hes doing. He’s like a kid playing with plutonium.

    • Guy Scott, how did President Sata and yourself find yourselves to be President and VP of PF in 2001, 2006 and beyond? The country is alive to the fact that you had just imposed yourselves without a democratic spirit. You should have refused then if you are a democrat. Even in your defunct Lima party with Kapita you just imposed yourselves as leaders to nowhere. A mandate of the constituted MCC if it meets the 3 quarters can be representative of party interest. Go for a secret vote with the clergy presiding then the outcome should be respected. Otherwise, this madness will cost the country and your party heavily. If you were democrat you wouldn’t be making unilateral decisions when there is a central committee.

    • A touching message from Edgar Lungu; This is what I will do once u vote fo me u people of the republic of Zambia. (1). I will turn State House into State Bear Hall or Kachasu Hall to benefit all Zambians, bear will be free of charge. (2). All roads leading to bear places will be tared to avoid inconviences to all Zambians who enjoy drinking. (3). I will re-introduce the production, selling and drinking of Tujili-jili as a way of creating employment to my people. (4). Teachers will be allowed to drink bear in class whilest teaching and all pupils including those from mission schools will be allowed to drink as they are learning in classes. (5) I will divorce my current wife and marries a young one so that she becomes young good looking First Lady. This Edgar Lungu, PF SG. VOTE for me guys.

    • I think everyone just needs to anointed in the brains, to avoid these confusions and fights,, awe mwe!,,, maybe Sata was right when he said his ministers were useless,, just imagine PF has its own lawyers but they want go and consult UPND lawyer in LAZ to interpret a PF constitution,,sick!!!

    • Its amazing how this buffoon of a white man can claim to be a democrat. Who elected Sata and yourself from the time PF was formed? We elected any of the MCC members in PF? Who elected the PF provincial chairmen in PF?

      If you were a democrat as you now claim why did you go to the last PF convention held in 2011 were no elections were held?

      Indeed you must be the most useless white man in Zambia.

    • This is a living example of ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’….

      Honestly, how could we have wished for PF’s destruction????

    • @ Senior Citzen, you seem to be a bit learnered but you lack wisdom. I have analysed all your comments and found that you are a sinking sand. I am forced to respond to you despite that not being my principles. Why spending much of yo time on internet just criticizing other people.
      Edgar Lungu is fearing to go to the General Comferance as he knows that only 70 Power Hungry MPs out of 6000 deligets will vote for him. This means even Mailes Sampa would beat Lungu. Egdar Lungu is a well known drunkard thieving man. Franky speaking, i would drink my own urine if this man became the president of this lovely country.

    • @ Mubanga, you see what happens when you skip classes at a very tender age? please stop embarrassing yourself with your English. its actually quit annoying to read your post……..

      For all those who think they are popular enough to be president of PF, let them go to the General Conference so that they prove their popularity, its a simple democratic process.

    • Guy scott is the only credible person in PF while the rest are empty tins. I can imagine how PF could have turned into without him. However, the party is slowly sinking.

    • Guy Scott only follows the constitution when it suits him..see him for who is people…he is a selfish chap who wants Kabimba back.. Lungu is trying to rescue this country…Scott has nothing to lose should our only country to go into flames…Wake up…Viva Lungu

      Scott is becoming a serious threat to Zambia. He should go fulustopu.

    • Ati “… Scott Walks out of NEC Meeting to Consult LAZ…”.
      1. How binding will LAZ’s opinion be on PF?
      2. Which provision in the PF constitution is Scott using to do this?
      3. Should LAZ advise that NEC is the way to go, will he accept and respect this view?

    • My reading of this is that, there is a General Constitution (which is what Scott is following) and the PF Manifesto ( Which is what the Pro Lungu are following).

      You could argue both are following the relevant footprint in wanting to elect their leader.

      The adverse effect of this whole saga however is the PF and arguably the Government.

      My point is, you could argue either way that they are right. Stop saying Lungu or Scott are wrong.

      What is not there is the PF camaraderie for sure.


    • To him democracy is when his cartel candidate wins and not when 32 of 37 vote yes. Democracy is a relative term. Why do 150 MPs make laws for 12million Zambians?. MCCs are voted by the National Convention and are entrusted to run certain things. All civilize parties like UPND, MMD, FDD, etc have used the same route. Holier than thou Scott is greeting confused how little support the cartel has. No wonder he shunned Central Committee meetings, he knew the outcome


      I am amazed by screaming headlines in the Post Newspaper and online media on how people are assuming Guy Scott is a democrat. Every constitutional democrat must understand former US President Lincoln’s definition of democracy, ” government of the people, by the people for the people”.

      Dr. Scott, from the time he messed up protocol rudiments at heroes stadium has remained committed to stifling the public media, silently using Secretary to the Cabinet to make lopsided changes at Information Ministry, and worse still ensuring that he obtains instruments of power from Hon Edgar Lungu through a craftily conceived scheme by the Attorney General and SC Rowland Msiska.

      Watch Dr Scott with the “Cartel” because they may plunge mother Z in ILUNDA blood, a…

    • I wish everyone can see the schemes Guy Scott is up to. Talking about democracy, who elected him to the position of VP and if he was that democratic as he claims, why is he making unilateral decisions and was the decision to go for the GC put to a vote and 28 members voted against it 7 voted for it . Isn’t that democracy he is now abrogating by seeking to consult people outside his party. That’s bigotry and hypocrisy of the highest order by Scott. By now people should be able to see that Scott hates Lungu so much and he would rather sink PF than to allow Edgar become his boss. Bashi Nono said all this and everyone is acting blind. I’ve also observed that most people supporting Guy Scott are not PF members. Guy Scott should respect the Central Committe otherwise he’s just a liability…

    • @Haleisa Halelanda: Lungu’s actions are based on emotions or what selfish people around him say. He has no grounds to make a significant or strategic decision. Alot will go wrong if made a president.

      Being that he is not that Rich, all these vultures will eat him alive and move a country to a plundering arena. Zambians we have to be careful. with all respect. Let us just let Guy Scott continue until 2016. Alot will change for the better. He is not desperate, he has his own cash and most PF MPs can not give him shi.t. It needs a strong independent person to manage these dull MPs.

      Let us not miss this chance for the Interest of our poor People. Guy Scott is the man for now.

    • ACTING President Guy Scott says the Patriotic Front is exploring democratic means of adopting its candidate for the presidential election.

      He is exploring ways and means of blocking Lungu.


      Watch Dr. Scott, with the “Cartel” because they may plunge mother Zambia in ILUNDA CHALO blood, a…Bokoharam!

      Their money from that company is tainted with blood! They are splashing money to all and sundry in an effort to strengthen their position, demonize Edgar Lungu and take over power.

      One wonders what type of democrats these could be. Dictatorship has been registered by the Post Newspaper and Guy is the cartel’s despot who must be keenly followed in their trade. Why should we allow Zambia to slide into tyranny? Follow ZNBC and see censorship and gagging of news from other political players. We need to sustain our hard earned peace and the “Cartel” cannot guarantee its presence with their skirmishing!

    • Scott is a hypocite. he said in 2008 “PATRIOTIC Front (PF) vice-president Guy Scott has warned Kasama Central member of parliament Saviour Chishimba of severe political bruises if he dares to challenge Michael Sata for the presidency.”

      What has changed about adopting through the CC today?
      The chap is hiding behind the constitution so the ursuro power to winter.

      Be careful and alert. The nation is watching you being used by an emerging creed of dictators after the death of King Michael. You have had your arms twisted by Information power men who are driving your stories in directions that meet their daily needs.

      How on earth can you black out Hon Edgar Lungu in preference for a group that has openly shown they are not interested in the well being of Zambians? Let us not sell this country, and worse still allow divisions that may lead to a holocaust!

      Greed has come out right into our face, and Michael must be turning in his grave seeing vultures cutting the Zambia cake to share among themselves.
      We are back in UNIP days when ZBS was for one party and news room only publicized wamuyaya stories! Beware…

    • Dr. Scott – who was elected at the convention that PF held before the elections??? When did you start believing in democracy??


    • Guy Scott only follows the constitution when it suits him..see him for who is people…he is a selfish chap who wants Kabimba back.. Lungu is trying to rescue this country…Scott has nothing to lose should our only country to go into flames…Wake up…Viva Lungu

  1. Sata was for ONCE VERY RIGHT ABOUT HOW USELESS HIS CABINET WAS – at least on this one, he didn’t do a “Donchi kubeba”

    • Guy Scott is smoking too much chambaaaa these days; these PF buggers can suck my cork left to right and stuff some creamy garlic cream along with some sausages through my bottom then hammer it off like savages attack a piece of nice shiny black bottom; evans mfula at evaduco reporting live from lusaka fish market

  2. Under your PF we have been thrown in a dangerous crisis which is reminiscent of what pre-constitutional suspension and institution of extra-constitutional outfits starts. We have a clear and present danger if the opposition cannot realize the need for credible leadership. The nation is now in a state of polarization and alarm. Having a stabilizer and unifier in leadership has become a 911 case for our country. Its not time for opposition fragmentation under wishful leadership that has no capacity to build a united front of opposition parties and add some a winning momentum. Be warned that beyond this current PF madness, its a surprise of suspension of the constitution under some outfit. Recall developments of the recent Lesotho madness and across Africa where politicians have shown chaos

    • @The Champ

      They are scared. They are scared of a leader being elected as a result of giving huge bribes and promises of more to come!

      So yes, they should be scared. It’s the correct way to feel right now.

  3. Strange how Dr. Scott strongly believes in democracy but was quiet when his government tramped on the right of opposition parties to hold meetings with their members!

    • Good point….Zambians have a short memory span. Verdict: All PF ministers and MPs, in fact, the entire PF membership were stiff scared of Sata let alone President Sata if you get my drift. The late president always wanted a challenge ( Ichitinya)but none out of the entire membership stood up and gave it to him except GBM who indirectly challenged him by quitting his position. Sata needed a verbal challenge, a stimulating one if he was to succumb to any ideas that weren’t his. Did he get this? Hell No! What was the result? He termed all of them useless! Did they speak out? Hell no! Only Kambwili tried to growl up the wrong tree with his tail in between his legs and that was all. Let’s just remember that these guys are useless and they failed us. Look at the mess they’re in now! Sad!

    • How easily we forget! I don’t know enough to support or condemn the stance by the central committee.

      The Central Committee could be guaranteeing their own future jobs so Lungu must win, or they could be protecting the party/country from the cartel who have already bought the majority vote at the General conference. The cartel could be behind Sampa, Mulenga, GBM to provide a seemingly democratic general Conference with – any one of them winning is fine for the cartel.

      What I also know is that Scott cannot at the eleventh hour hoodwink me and pretend to be democratic. Sorry Guy, it takes more than a few self-proclamations to convince me to sing anyone’s praises. You clearly have a horse running in this race, so stop with the faux-democracy.

      It’s a case of choosing the lesser…

  4. I like the stance taken by Scot. You can not have a party where the Secretary General is fighting his own president. It is now clear that Edgar Lungu is a perpetrator of violence. Why not use the legal channel like Scot is suggesting to interpret the law? How can you have a party where the S.G is running parallel advertisements to those of the president? In fact the best way would have been to fire Lungu.
    It will be reasonable to lose elections than to win them with such an indisciplined party where only Sata’s voice could be head. I now believe that the violence and coffins we saw against Kabimba were organised by Lungu and he was hiding behind GBM. People thought it was GBM but now it is clear that it this Chap Lungu. Go Go Go Go Guy you have my support please bring sanity to this…

    • Guy does not want to admit that the central committee has power to make changes under their constitution because his “candidate” won’t make it or will be disadvantaged check the PF constitution

    • I am with you, even in the review court case he is hiding Ng’uni. Tha sad part is even Sata was hood winked by this chalatan. If he can bend the rules what would stop him with tempering with the new constitution. This guy was fired by Guy, but all nation including Kambwili and GBM rose to fight on Lungu’s behalf and you people were saying he is fighting against our culture. The problem is these guys know that as an actiing president the can not be fired from ministerial positions by Guy. Its time to change the constitution to avoid this chaos. Now were are we. You cant let one person take the nation at ransom

    • @ The observer

      Can you please read PF constitution again and use English Law dictionary instead of interpreting in Zamglish. It may broaden your limited understanding of legal terms.

  5. How do you reach decisions in PF? Rely on your internal administrative processes. If not you are creating industry and aggrieved parties will soon cut out writs!

    The solution definitely does not lie with outsiders i.e. lawyers?

    We lawyers never agree on most issues…ki ki ki.

    Arent we (LAZ) the ones who took her Ladyship to court for occupying CJ position?

    Our law practice is an adversarial system where in your conflict we cannot intervene to give unitary advice. The LAZ executive is NOT court!

    I have read the Constitution and in my view like the UNIP constitution it gives the CC broad powers.

    All I can see is that Guy Scott does not want a certain ‘enemy’ to be his boss (full stop)

  6. We saw it in MMD they selected Banda that time veep there was no problem but with you Scott and PF there is too much hidden agendas don’t blame others you are all the same undemocratic group of leaders we are watching

    • Don’t forget the ultimate cause of the current but temporary difficulty in the PF: it is the defective constitution bequeathed on Zambia by the “Son of Kafupi”. Otherwise, Dr. Scott would have smoothly taken up the position of Party President and presidential candidate for the PF.

  7. Really laughable. ..these empty tin kaponyas can not even interupt their own constitution that has been with them for almost 10 years…none of them ever read it…they merely copied and pasted from somewhere and continued worshiping the deadwood party president Sata.
    They would rather hire lawyers when themselves have law degrees like Lungu. ..these educated fo#ls should not be let in State House.

  8. Just go for a convention full stop. Why is Edgar scared to go for a convention if he is popular given the 70 M.P.S behind him. This is a very big number to scare anyone.

    Edgar is pretending that he has not declared interest for fear that he will relinquish his S.G post which he is apparently abusing to favour himself. The position he has taken does not level the playing field where he is G.S and candidate.If there has been no democracy in PF there is always a first time.
    I don’t see why it is bad to request for interpretation of the law from independent and competent bodies like LAZ. Asking for their opinion does not amount to involving them or ,asking them party of PF. Any one is free to seek the opinion of LAZ since they have the wealth of experts.

  9. The writing is on the wall. Guy is not democratic as he claims. He is being controlled like a pawn on the chess board by hungry Cartel. If cartel members were marjrity in the central committee, he would have done otherwise.

    • Democracy, if it is to be useful must abide by what was democratically agreed upon as the guiding principles for the group’s interactions. If Acting President Dr. Guy Scott is working to ensure the choosing of a party president for the PF goes according to the PF constitution, how can any sane thinking person describe him as non-democratic?
      Think again, bwana!

  10. It is very sad to see what is happening in the ruling party. What is happening in PF is very detrimental. The party is about to destroy itself. It is sad to read that there are people in PF who think they are more PF than others. These people have even charged themselves to ensure that the members differ with them are removed from the party. This group has positioned itself as a ruling group and anyone who does not support it should be removed from the PF.
    The other thing that is saddening is the behavior of PF Secretary General (SG) and some senior officials. Some officials in PF seems are no longer interested in working with Acting President Guy Scott. They have shown beyond reasonable doubt that they would not listen to the Acting President who is also PF President.
    The SG has also…

  11. There has to come a time when legality or rule of law and respect for process and laid down procedure must start to guide our actions and interactions! Dr. Scott, I believe , is endeavouring, within the power given to him, to do the right thing for the PF party and the nation. He deserves the support of every patriot and every right thinking person.
    So far, very well done, Dr. Scott!

  12. Scott is protecting PF. Sata started pf alone with a few people like Guy Scott and the others. These people fought and worked very hard to put PF party to where it is now. Now Scott feels giving the presidency to Edgar would be like giving away the party they fought for to other people. Scott would prefer someone who was with pf from their early days to take up the presidency. I would not be surprise if he suggests that young Sata Mulenga takes over.

    • True bt the candidate must be able to carry the day. In my opinion, Mulenga Sata should adopt the Uhuru formula to becaming President….See how long it took for Uhuru to be moulded into the President he is today, be patient, time will come.

    • But he is only one among the majority. whatever happened to consensus and majoritarian rule. How can 32 out of 37 be wrong? is that democracy? Guy has eaten the cartel money and he is afraid of consequences should he relent his stiff necked position..

  13. I must admit, I was an EL supporter bt recent events have made me question his ability. I get the feeling he doesnt believe his luck and is now panicking to get into State House. If he has the support of all those MPs, we can assume their respective constituencies will equally support him. With such a support base, why not go to the convention and beat whoever it is fair & square?

  14. I really now understand what’s going on. There’s a war between the supporters of the cartel and those who are not. Definitely Lungu’s supporters are not part of the cartel and are struggling to block Guy Scott from arranging for a cartel member for a presidential candidate. The majority of the citizens still want pf to continue without the cartel and Lungu’s cc supporters are taking advantage of this seeing that most people are on the side of lungu, who has compaigned himself without using any funds. The question is, who shall the people vote for, the cartel or those who are not?

  15. There is probably something that Guy Scot is trying to avoid. in the last few weeks, we have seen a more powerful, menensing cartel that seem to be behind the surging of Edgar Lungu.
    Lets understand that PF had always been a Sata, Scot party! in order to fill positions, Sata had to poach old friends from MMD since they had no known members, while Sata and scot would sit at the top and rule their party.
    Guy scot want to preserve the PF by avoiding the presidency to go back to the MMD! He is looking at such people like chishimba Kambwili, Given Lubinda and winter kabimba or even himself to take over. however selfish people invited to the feast are now too powerful and want the original PF to go….

  16. If you are failing to pass the first test of fighting the cartel, how the hell are you going to fight for the Zambia people. convention is in order.

    • @muyembe
      Maybe this is a very clever way to outwit the cartel and win the fight without even throwing a single punch.

  17. If you MPs rallying behind Edgar think you are propping him up, you have actually marketed him as a very desperate undisciplined chap and very few Zambians will vote for him except his cadres.

  18. All that these guys are looking for is a president with a lots of weakness so they can have loopholes to steal
    someone that they can control, too drunk to know
    what going on around, a tourist, undemocratic
    Dear lord help us you have taken away our angle
    micheal. may you send us Gabriel for peace amen

  19. TheEngineer (Australia now Germany)
    It is you who is the a real BUFFON. You don’t even know that PF had a convention. Scott has been very sober about the process and he must be supported. You Zambians you are really CHIMBWI NO PLAN. How can the name of a man who participated in the sale of our national assets for a SONG even come up for consideration for president of the republic? How can the name of a well known tribalist even be mentioned in the same line with republican president? How can the name of a well known alcoholic/ kaminamisa/chakolwa a man who squandered clients money even come up for consideration for president of the republic? Why are we not talking about recalling people Muna Ndulo and others with integrity to lead us people.

    • Not those in diaspora. They are greedy cowards hibernating in foreign lands. We tried a certain famous professor of crashing and see how he crushed badly.

  20. Guy Scott don’t chaeted by the cartel that Miles Sampa would win at the convention. It is a mount to climb. Iwe musungu just let what the people of zambia through their representatives want to prevail. Ala!!.

  21. I do not care a bit if in the past PF did not follow procedure under Sata, when they imposed themselves and gave each other suitable positions in the party. Now that Sata is no more, it is time for the PF to follow democratic channels and set a different precedent from the late leader. For once Scott is ready for the general conference and everybody should follow suit and present themselves for scrutiny and elections. Once democratically elected, a leader is respected and supported by the majority because the tenets of democracy have been followed. I hope EL will also encourage others to go for the convention to elect the party president,

  22. Only fools are buying words from Scott if it was winter he could not be doing this this guy can bring war to the country he has nothing to lose careful with him the cartel is giving him instructions.

  23. For once we seem to be agreement on the need to rally behind the current leadership. How can someone who fails to respect other leaders be credible leaders? Whether it was wrong or not Guy Scott is seating in the presidential seat.

  24. The PF Central Committee is an elected organ of the party that is mandated to vary provisions of the constitution when necessary, just like Parliament, and Cabinet. The people who make up the Central Committee represent the larger constituency called PF. If all along they have been allowed to decide on various issues in line with their mandate, why can’t they now? If the constitution provides for this, let them elect the candidate! All the other parties have done so already! FDD UPND, MMD, NAREP, etc, have not held any general conference or convention! Whose interest is Guy Lindsay Scott serving? The cartel has failed to bribe enough members of the central committee to influence the choice of presidential candidate! They hope to do so at the convention! Expel Scott and his cohorts!

    • @Chipwete

      Concur with you. All the other parties have used that method.

      I agree with @mushota when she says it’s a lack of a good working relationship between the PF members.

  25. The catch in the next meeting is this!!: If Lungu files in his nomination as requested by Scott in his plans for the General Conference, then he has endorsed the GC, therefore it must go ahead. Additionally, he must vacate, the SG position immediately (Scott and the cartel will jump on this) and manipulate the rest of the situation. If Lungu does not file his nomination, Scott (and the cartel) will say he (EL) is not even interested, why are you forcing him? How can he be endorsed without filing nominations? The way forward for EL camp is to request that the Central Committee votes on all available and interested candidates or alternatively just go ahead with the GC. ONLY 68 days to go before Guy Scott’s mandate expires…!! This should be a nail biting experience…

  26. Yaa this is really sad. I prayed for this never to happen. I love this party pf and will I be hurt to see it being destroyed like this. I want pf to continue ruling because of the massive projects in line which have to be completed. Its rainy season I’m driving in a tarred road in libala south. Yaa too bad.

    • Wait for 2 to 3 years and see what becomes of those TARRED ROADS around Lusaka. I dont know if you were around Lusaka when the late President MCS (MHSRIP) was member of parliament for Kabwata. All the roads in chilenje, kamwala and kabwata were tarred. A few months later the same guy left UNIP, joined MMD and critized UNIP for the potholes on the same roads that he had tarred as area MP.

  27. Convension????I have my own reservations.Pass through Matero and check how many cadres from outside Lusaka are being camped there.Accommodation and food fully sponsored by a presidential candidate.They’ll be there for close to 3 weeks.Even if I was to emerge a victor from an election,I wouldn’t be proud because I would have bought my position.

  28. People of Zambia me I used to drink heavy and I know that a person who drinks heavy can not make a good leader. See here Ba Lungu he has failed a simple test. This man is popular and all he has to do is file in for general conference but see he is still fighting to get the acting president position and trying to impose himself on PF. He is useless man sure do we need a president who will be presured to make decisions by other players? Lungu should make choices himself and not to be run by cardres. See how cardres are wrecking havoc on the peaceful Zambians all because of the twart Lungu

  29. From the on-going confusions in both camps, its easy to see that both the decapitated PF and the defunct MMD are the two sides of one coin. The similarities in their manner of confusions says it all, i.e. they both lack a clear futuristic ideology first and foremost, there is infighting in both camps as to who should be their Presidential candidate and yet both camps are saying their respective party constitutions provide guidelines on how to go about it. This is a clear sign to any well meaning Zambian not to entrust our Country into their hands. The chaos we are seeing from these two camps is just a tip of an iceberg. Our Country deserves better.

  30. the general conference advocates are the id.iot meembe ls team who want to hijack the pf. The lungu team wants to cartel out of the pf and they know that the results of the conference will be rigged. its game on so don’t just condemn analyse and its a question of which is the lessee evil. Lungu or the cartel propped up by the most stupid white man

  31. All other parties are using their Central Committees to NOMINATE a presidential Candidate. This has been SATA’s approach ALL ALONG. WHY NOW SCOT?

  32. Guy Scott is right, the conference, not a few useless bandits deciding who to be president. Scott must put all his two feet down and really step on it. All misguided miscreants afraid of a conference must never be given a chance to have it their way. They are a greedy self-serving bunch interested in no else but themselves. Lungu is scared because with a dishonest past of kleptomaniac thieving and excessive drinking he doesn’t stand a prayer at the conference. Who wants such a person at the helm of a country?

  33. If Scot does not want to be part of anything, the Central Committee must proceed without him. Actually the Central Committtee shld have removed him by now. We can all see his interests lay elsewhere. EXPELL this SCot & the Central Committee shld mobilise the party. FIRE SCOT

  34. Why is Guy Scott insisting on the election of the PF President when the last convention just endorsed Mr. Michael Sata as President? Those who accurately follow political events in this country should surely remember that Guy Scott himself was not elected as Vice President of the PF at the General Conference; he was just appointed to the position by Mr. Sata. Why then is he saying he doesn’t want to be part of a non-democratic process when he benefited from a non-democratic process? Are bloggers supporting Scott’s gymnastics aware of how he became Vice President of the PF?

    • @ Maikalange

      Remind us, we quickly forget. MC was not subjected to a conference, not for dictatorship, but propriety and all these cartel chaps were there including the Acting neo-colonial imperialist (according to Mugabe, not me).

      There is absolutely no need to make noise on nomination of a presidential candidate now. It is procedurally correct, and with precedence.

      What the cartel want is to bring chaos in the country so that we start slashing each others throats like the Bokoharam!

      We are in deep trouble if this carte is not carefully monitored! Wynter is reported to have bought off so many people through his DCs whose contracts have all been renewed!

      Where are we going with Guy and the “cartel”? Just where to mother Zambia? (tears…………!)

    • @Maikalange
      I am also perplexed that he’s fighting the very same procedure that brought him to his current VP position.

  35. Dr. Scott fired Lungu for reasons best known to himself. He was reinstated after Kambwili and team intervened. The impasse might have started when Lungu was told to handover power following the demise of Mr. Sata. issues between the two have not been resolved and the result is what is happening now. The two should just swallow their pride sit and agree on the way forward.


  37. Scott! This man is just causing confusion.

    It is clear he does not want to be part of a democratic process. He has been exceptionally disruptive in his conduct in the office of the president.

    The purpose of this is to usher in his preferred candidate, that is why he sacked Edgar Lungu in the first place. He and his cartel realised he had massive support in the Central Committee.

    All other parties have used the same method. And what are we talking about here? 2 years in office before General Elections.

    The cost of the convention has been estimated to approx. K7 billion! This is a broke party and Zambia is heavily in debt. It is not an option to accept external funding for our democratic processes.

    The Central Committee should convene to pass a motion of no confidence in…

    • The Central Committee should convene to pass a motion of no confidence in Scott.

      We are going to end up with riots because of this deranged man.

    • @Patriot abroad

      Isn’t it sad to witness how easily Zambians are hoodwinked. Note the comments. Scott is suddenly a demi-god, because he says ‘convention’ and ‘democracy’.

      They are too lazy to analyse why he is insistent on a convention, too lazy to ask whether a party leader has been chosen without a convention before, too lazy to ask whether the central committee can indeed nominate a candidate.

      Someone actually said, “let us choose guy scott, he will return democracy to us”

  38. My dear fellow country men&women. how the hell did our beloved country find itself in such a mess?how are we going to get rid of thoughtless cadres? How did we find ourselves with ministers who are desperate for jobs & not serving the people who put them in power? I hope we are all learning a lesson & will not have to come back to this mess again by changing the constitution every time it suits us. please let:(1) Edgar tell us on TV the truth of what exactly is going through his mind &what he thinks of all the madness that has been circulating in the media& he plans to do for Zambia if elected(2)let the so called PF central committee shut up, as we never knew they actually existed during Sata”s dictatorial reign!&after all, were all of them elected or just…

  39. If you are not prepared then quit and let the PF move on. I hope it it not true that you walked out while the National Anthem was being sung.

  40. Dr Guy Scott is clearly following our instructions clearly – it is beautiful to have a big old man by the b***s!


    Because at the convention, we will put in tons of cash and the tuma delegates will vote for our man and we know EL has no financial muscle to match us: we will call that democ

    1. If NEC accepts Lungu as candidate, the ka hakolwa will win the elections with a landslide then remove all our stooges (Nchito, Mwenye, Libongani, Matibini plus a few judges)

    2. Then court cases for DBZ nkongole, ZRA nkongole, etc will follow us and that will be doom for us

    3. Mahtani will be made to return the goodies he got from their legitimate owners (Zambezi Portland, Radisson Blu) and corrupt transactions at Finance Bank including the bankrolling of this bemba puppet we have…


  42. People should not forget that there is a cartel meant to steal and grab from the Zambian people off Zambia there is no smoke without fire question BOTH sides to make good opinion

  43. Imwe, which opposition party has adopted its candidate through a process of convention? A party constitution is just a guide written by the same people who can change it to serve the interest of the masses when need arises. It’s not cast in concrete. So why do you want the PF to religiously go to the convention?

    The late President Mr MC Sata was wise when he left the power of Presidency to Edgar Lungu and this short space up to 2016 should and must be a continuation with Edgar Lungu. The convention will only be called in readiness to 2016 and if he doesn’t perform now, the answer is obvious but am sure the man has what it takes to prove his critics wrong and deliver to the satisfaction of not only PF member but all Zambians and win 2016 again. He is the right man for President…

    • Imwe na imwe, the other partys’ presidents have not died so their candidature is just a formality and besides their constitutions are clear on the process of electing a presidential candidate. Even the family of the late President has confirmed that no one was annointed.


  45. Guy Scott, you had ample opportunities to make a statement such as you have made today. It would have been a beautiful thing to hear, for example when Mulenga Sata would go unopposed in elections simply because of intimidation.
    “I am not prepared to be part of a non-democratic process” would have been music to my ears then. Now, not so much.

  46. What democracy is Guy talking about? PF has had late MCS and Scott as president and vice since inception and I don’t recall anyone voting for them. The irony here that Guy feels ownership and he wants his preferred candidate to be president but he is not winning because he doesn’t have the numbers in the CC. Why take a party matter to LAZ for interpretation? LAZ is as compromised just as any other rotten institution in the country. The primary objective of LAZ is not to interpret the law. That the role of the judiciary.

  47. Scott is right. His problem in people’s eyes is his attempt to fire Edgar. On the other hand Edgar’s problem is the advice he is getting from the people who surrounds him. He should slow down a bit. Overall PF stands a chance of winning this election if they adopted Edgar. He is not associated with the cartel and an easterner will be widely accepted by the majority of Zambians than another Bemba. His second strength is the action of the late president in appointing him Minister of Defense, Justice, SG of the party and acting president. For those that believe in inheritance (which the majority of Zambians do) the president’s intentions speaks very loudly. The second and most important one is his being vilified by the Post (cartel)

  48. @ 58 Chisenga

    You have said, and I quote:


    Your reasoning and analogy is apart from the reality.
    Cartel refers to the definition you have alluded to, but not the application you have made. It is not any group but one without mandate.
    The PF CC is a legal body authorized and mandated to make political decisions of the party.
    If I read you posting tomorrow, it is likely to say that a cabinet is a cartel because it has special interest.

  49. Its not about Scott, what does the PF constitution say?! And if Lungu is popular, why is he afraid of the PF general conference?

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