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77 year old man in Kaoma shot dead on alleged witchcraft in practice


A 77 year old man of Sikutuma Village of Chief Kabila- Mwandi in Kaoma District was shot dead by the unknown gun men on alleged witchcraft in practice Western Province.

ZANIS reports that the Provincial Deputy Commissioner of Police Lackson Sakala confirmed the development in an interview today.

Mr. Sakala stated that Kapini Sikutuma 77 was shot dead , on the 28th September 2014 around 19:00hrs and buried without informing the Police.

He noted that on the 15th of November 2014 concerned residents of Mayukwayukwa reported about the mysterious death of the deceased to Mayukwayukwa Police.

He added that after Police investigations on the matter, they found that the 50 year biological son to the deceased man identified as Mundia Kapini was suspected to be behind the brutal killing of his father.

The Provincial Deputy Commissioner further noted that the suspect was apprehended who led to the discovery of the lethal Muzzle Loader the equipment suspected to have been used in the murder of the deceased.

And he added that upon being interrogated by the Police, the suspect disclosed that he used a plank to clear off his biological father.

However, the Deputy Commissioner of Police has bemoaned the high number of such incidents in the Province and has since warned to take severe Police action against relentless killers in the area.

The suspect has since been detained at Mayukwayukwa Police Station in Kaoma District to help the Police with information leading to the apprehension of the other suspects who are on the run.

On 10th November 2014 an eight three- year –old man was shot dead by gang gun men in Namatanda area of chiwito village in Chief Mwanamwalye of Senanga District on allegation of practicing witchcraft.


  1. We need to punish these type of crimes severely, even Hanging is best.

    Our cultural practices are leading to these type of crimes.

    Hang witches, and their murderers.

    • The fact that you are abroad has not changed your primitive mentality of witchcraft supersition. How many witches are on your street in UK?

  2. Supersititions and religon goes hand in hand, Most religious people also believe in witchcraft. Those who stand outside of religion, however, have no time for such nonsense.

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