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Sata’s widow wants to succeed him, files in her nomination papers


Dr Guy Scott acting President of Zambia greets  first lady Dr Christine Kaseba Sata at Cheston Catholic Nun  during the Reqiuem Mass for the Late President Michael Sata on Saturday  08-11-2014- Picture  by Eddie Mwanaleza /Statehouse.
Dr Guy Scott acting President of Zambia greets first lady Dr Christine Kaseba Sata at Cheston Catholic Nun during the Reqiuem Mass for the Late President Michael Sata on Saturday 08-11-2014- Picture by Eddie Mwanaleza /Statehouse.

Late President Michael Sata’s widow Christine Kaseba has filed in her nomination to contest the PF presidency
The Former First Lady filed in her papers to Acting President Guy Scott at Government House in Lusaka to contest the party Presidency Wednesday afternoon.

She becomes the ninth candidate to officially file in their nomination papers for the PF presidency joining the like of Edgar Lungu, Miles Sampa, Mulenga Sata, Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba, Captain Seleman Phangula Banda, Bob Sichinga and Given Lubinda including Chishimba Kambwili.

In her letter to Dr Scott, Dr Kaseba said she is the best person to carry the vision of late President Michael Sata.

She wrote, “Am writing to offer myself for the candidature of the PF Presidency. Since the death of my husband His Excellency Michael Chilufya Sata, I have watched with pain the unfolding events and divisions in the party.

People are concerned with acrimony and at times shameful violence that has characterized our party’s attempt to find a successor to our late President. The divisions if not contained pose a real threat not only to the future of the party but to our achievements and realisations of President Sata’s dreams, as laid out in the party manifesto.”

Dr Kaseba added, “I have been approached by women and men from all walks of life from the Patriotic Front as well as citizens concerned for peace and development to offer myself to our party as President for the rest of the presidential five year term of office.”

“After deep introspection and consultation with my family, I have decided to heed the calls to offer myself as a neutral candidate who will be able to embrace all and attain the vision of my late husband. I worked closely with my late husband from inception of PF until his death, and there is no one who knows better than me the sacrifices and struggles he made to build his party and serve this country,” she wrote.

“I feel as much as am mourning my husband, I feel true mourning will be in the completion of the works he began. I have therefore accepted to offer myself as a neutral candidate for our party at this critical time in the life of our beloved nation. I believe that in the short time available, the PF and the nation at large, under my leadership will have continuity, professionalism and integrity to complete our five year programme for the benefit of our citizens especially the poor and vulnerable.”


    • This goes to show how divided the PF was even when the late president was alive. He is the chief architect of the confusion in PF. If a successor was appointed before he died, this confusion would not be there. I end here.

    • Awe ba mama ba Kaseba this is extremely disappointing. Yes mourning is different for everyone but this to me sounds like a woman that’s more worried about leaving State House and all its luxuries. It is even more disappointing that we have a step mother and son competing for the same position. And then there’s Bashi nono and Miles who were also relatives to the late president. Indeed power is sweet.

    • Are you finished mourning already? We attacked Guy Scott for disrespecting our tradition by violating the mourning period by firing Edgar Lungu now this widow her husband’s body has barely been put to rest and she is already out there trying to become president!!! No wonder she dragged the Sata to america when he was ill and told the nation her husband is fine and working!! NO we will not trust liars.Doctor or not!I’m sure big Pharma will be happy to fund her so they can continue selling toxic vaccines and drugs to Zambia.

    • Dr Christine Kaseba you are a disgrace to women folk. Is this the reason you killed your husband? Where you not the one who kept insisting your husband was ok when even a ten year old could tell your husband was dying! You lied to the Zambian people till his death and today you want your party to consider you as a presidential candidate? Besides didn’t your stepson just file for nomination also? What this tells us is that you never cared about your husband or his family because if you did you would have stood behind Mulenga Sata, your stepson and gave him all the support!
      Am all for women empowerment but not this unprincipled liar.

    • A mother and a son.

      A deputy Minister, a suspended cabinet minister, a self confessed drunkard, an uneducated political Minister, an unknown, a….(someone help me…)
      What is more shocking is that Mr Kabimba has not actually filed in.

      The opposition has an old man and a pastor justling for positioning?
      Maybe HH is not so bad after all.

      This proves one thing.The PF are not United.


    • 6 out of 9 who have filed to contest the presidency in PF are Bemba’s. Here again we are reminded that this confused party is a Bemba party.

    • If Sata ‘s relatives say Kaseba killed her husband deliberately in order to succeed her husband, I will believe them.

      This explains why she kept Sata ‘s illness a secret to make sure that Sata does not get well by all means.

      What will happen now? Step son and step mother competing for presidency? We shall hear all the family secrets spewed in the public soon. How nice!

      Shame on this woman!

    • “Apapene umulume afwile wasangwa na mu ma politics, we mwanakashi wamupamba iyo mayo” so goes the song by some legend Zambian music artist.

      This is the first in the world if not in Africa.

      Why not wait for 2016 after the dust has settled?

    • Now enters ‘mukamfwilwa’ in game politics before conclusion of isambo lyamfwa……… ki ki ki

      Drama…drama….drama……better than Nollyhood let alone Bollyhood!!



    • Christine has already shown leadership by not sitting there playing the sad widow and crying (ba Sata Imweeee) she is proactive and already thinking about what she can do for her country!!


    • She needs to fire her advisor. If I were Christine, I would dust off my self for 2016. In the mean time, I would get all the dirt I can on all my political enemies,( am sure she has a lot) organize a campaign team and go on the attack. Come 2016, she would have been Zambia’s first female president. She is well educated and obviously learned a lot by association.
      Her timing now is horrible. Zambians, especially women are very unforgiving and harsh to women who are considered unsympathetic and uncultured. Her bid would be successful in the USA or Europe, but Zambians are not going to tolerate a widow whose husband was buried barely a 2 weeks ago!

    • I hate to say it … but I told you so!!! Dr. Kaseba is a political enterprise, the only enterprise capable of a movement or series of moves requiring skill and care to attain the presidency.

      When I said it earlier everyone dismissed it but we are here now. What say you now? And she is right, she is the only candidate who can right the current wrongs both in their party and constitution, do you know why?

      It takes a highly skilled brain such as her’s to operate with optimal chemistry in terms of timing and circadian rhythm. She has more clout than many would envision and the support to be seen as a unifying factor.

      A look at other aspiring candidates show that 70% of them are related to her and capable of ceding to her when push comes to shave, she is ready to lead if chosen.


      I am puzzled by your “THIS IS WHY…THIS IS WHY..THIS IS WHY..” Did you want Lungu to hijack PF? But where would PF have ended without democracy?

    • Shocking! The Skeleton is feeling like bristling into pieces.

      Please, barely not even a month has passed since her late husband and president was put to rest.

      This is total greed, shocking and confusion in PF.

      60 days left and counting, of their 90 days in reverse.

      Its great to enjoy the confusion of PF because they never head advise as in its entirety self, was founded on lies, violence, so is confusion.

      Do people of the country need to still dance to un danceable babyish stories of PF?

    • PF finally has a candidate! Female, young, intelligent. This is a game changer confirmed by the insults from shaken people. The best way to mourn is to finish her husbands vision. Viva Kaseba. I will vote for you.

    • Where is Saulosi….. pips? what has he got to say about his beloved PamFwa party. Son and wife are now dancing on Sata’s grave!! There is no honour among thieves now I understand. I say let’s show them the door and BOOT them out! Waste of time and resources. God is great and has saved us from this plunder.

    • I will be coming to Zambia this January to vote for Dr. Kaseba if she get the PF Presidency. I will see to it that I do that … Zambia Is Greater Than Any Single One Of Us!!!

      I don’t know her well much but I know her enough to know she has her heart in the right place for the interest of the general populace even if she would only handle the national affairs until 2016 if she wants to. She has my vote.

    • This is very confusing. My proposal is that the 70 MPs supporting Lungu plus all the UPND MPs and all the MMD MPs should now propose for parliament to dissolve itself. Most of the MPs already got their gratuities so they have nothing to lose. Zambia needs to start on a clean slate. This is too much confusion! Let confusion end with the late Sata. The country deserves better. This is too much, now even mukamfwilwa Kaseba wants to stand. Puliz!

    • To be honest even Grace Mugabe would not do what Kaseba has just done. Grace is positioning herself now before Mugabe dies.

      Why is she in a rush to grab the presidency?

      She would have made a better candidate by postponing her political ambitions until 2016 long after people have slightly forgotten about her husband ‘s death.

      Its now clear what Kaseba ‘s true character is; a husband grabber and gold digger because only people with such mentality do not respect norms of society.

      Kaseba ‘s actions will be questioned even by the western world whose cultures are different from us.

      I would not be surprised if she has already started bonking a secret boy friend barely a week after burying her husband.

      Dr Kaseba Mwanakashi wamupamba ichachine sure

    • Trust me she is the best candidate.I can see becoming the next President.Due to the following:

      – She is a qualified Doctor the international community will give her support be it financially…
      – She has leant the palace administration
      – The acting President will give her 100 % support
      – The Post will support her 100%
      – The women at large will support her
      – She is humble

    • Truth be told, should Kaseba go to sleep now, under the pretext that she is still mourning her departed husband, she will wake-up one day and never be able to find a single trace of a party that was the signature of her husband’s long political career.

      Whoever wins the party presidency now, will have the opportunity to rebrand PF and create a new legacy of his own. Isn’t RB now the new king in MMD?

    • Without Guy Scott on the race, Dr. Kaseba is the second choice out of the lot. She is educated and stable, at least from what we saw in the past years. We the ordinary citizens only care for the stability of the nation.

    • Ba Kaseba must have listened too much to Glorious Band’s song Insambo Lyamfwa. At the end of that song the widow asks “bushe bakabwela?” Ba Sata tabakabwele balekeni baleya ba Kaseba. She is a speeding bullet. I wouldn’t vote for her at all.

    • awe pa zed pabe imbwa mdala. wonders shall never cease, and to top it all, abantu bakamuvotela. I dont trust the zambian electorate and the evidence is right infront of us. if we elect leaders who are liars then we the citizens ourselves are liars, thats why they can do such nonsense. kaili they know ati we the people are also nonsense!!!!
      ba nostradamus bena balumbafye america kwati yabo!!! Just like poor slaves would argue amongst themselves as to whose master owned the most, was the richest etc, while they themselves were worked to death in trying to make the master more wealthier!!! Fwebena zambia paliba incito mdala. we need a cure for real.
      Jay Jay muntu wandi, preach african spirituality to these here poor lost souls!!! Remind us who we are again!!!

    • PF is such a divided house such that no force can be applied to bring it or hold it together. PF is ending within it originated HE M C Sata

    • Why are you people attacking Kaseba alone? Most of the candidates who have filed are related,that is, the son Mulenga, the wife Kaseba, Sampa is a nephew, Bob sichinga is a relative in marriage, GBM is Chikwanda’s Uncle whos related to Sata. So where is the problem? To me there is a crisis in this family. All of them were supposed to sit and talk as a family not doing this few days after burial. Kaseba has the right to stand and compete if all these relatives dont care also.

    • Now I trust sources of Zambian watchdog?? I THOUGHT IT WAS JUST RUMOR / A JOKE. OMG Zambia will never move forward.

      Ba mama Kaseba we are disappointed with your move? You mean if you truly wanted?? Why didn’t you wait for 2016? Now we know that you forced your husband not to step down for your own career ambitions.

      Zambians never trust this woman?? She lied and have done more bad to her husband. In the same way she will finish the Zambian Economy?

      Lord bless our country and not let such nonsense prevail. Let her lose this election and be punished for not mourning her husband properly.

      NO SATA OR BANDA FAMILY MEMBER BE VOTED FOR. We are a democratic Country, they ate already and need other families to run the country. They are not the Only Zambians.

    • No wonder she was parading herself at the showgrounds during national morning. kaseba is lucky that am not in the central committee neither am I coming for the conference if need be.

    • If Sata was to wake up now, firstly, he would get upset and then start laughing un controllably till death and to be buried again.
      Enjoy wisely

  1. Na body taila talala….!! According to Google Earth, the body temperature at Embassy park is just below 12 Degrees Celsius. I dont know whether to feel pity, sympathise, shocked or get annoyed.

    • There is absolutely nothing wrong with what is happening in PF… in other countries e.g. these are called primaries , where all and sundry can freely exercise their democratic right to stand for president, including you chaps who have no spine, who are self censoring. It is a test of how democratic PF is. This is extremely good for any democracy, as long as there is no violence. If the party disintegrates after these primaries, so be it. Then it was not strong enough and therefore not fit to continue ruling Zambia. In fact more should put their hats in until the best and tough tested emerges to contest the presidency. I say BRAVO to PF and Guy Scott for allowing this without fear. Very few African counties and parties are brave enough to take this democratic route

  2. What????????????
    Loading comments…………………………………..
    it could have been good if you jst mourned your late husband in a dignified manner,,, yah disappointed

  3. OMG ! Carry on which vision exactly? Violence? Public Order act abuse,intimidation of opposition leaders,journalists ,chiefs or is it more money in your pockets in 90days? Which vision Dr Kaseba are you going to continue?

  4. When George Kunda died and the widow escorted her son in the bye election, Michael Sata she needed to mourn her husband. What has happened now? The Sata family does not mourn.

    • That would vindicate Wanzulu et al. Remember what Wanzelu emphasized in June at midnight? May be it he was lost in June and kept hiding to the masses until they couldn’t do it anymore, it had to come to an end. Lies have short legs.
      Its this reason that 5 months have so far past and are tired of mourning, hence this rush.
      All day and night, PF is about Donchi Kubeba and Sata (MHSRIP) , Dr Kaseba, Katema, Kabimba, Shamenda, Kambwili, Chikwanda, Mulenga Sata, Dr Scott and all PF cadres told the country that Mr Sata was “fit, wooing investors and working at state house”.
      Was the cause of death a “Medical Check Up”?

  5. These matters are no longer interesting to me. I am sure before the end of the day we shall hear the office of the former first lady’s office refuting such claims and, therefore, questioning the source of the information. Awe ine nanaka!!

    • It’s true! There are pictures on Mwebantu new media showing her nomination letter stamped by the secretariat and signed off by her.

    • Why cant you believe a full packed information like this one. With all the data uploaded to you but you still doubt the source of this information. Hard lucky!

  6. I have never witnessed such levels of desperation. So the whole family has filed to be Zambia’s president…while Sata is still fresh in his grave! Please Christine mourn your husband and spare yourself the embarrassment of insults on the political scene. Eish…whatever happened to Zambian culture.

    • She is just carrying on the legacy of donchi kubeba.He taught his family the trick. The guys managed to eat with him them dump him at Embassy park. Life goes on DONCHI KUBEBA.

    • @ Suntwe

      Sata deserved at least one full term in office. What better way would be to mourn him than for his family to make sure that his wish becomes a reality?

  7. wapapusha wendola iwe wemwanakashi shakulumbule shina nalakwebakofwe…singing… this is a jaw droping news of the 21st century

  8. I never thought that her greed for money was this bad, she has not even moaned fourty days she is already going to campaign. Now I believe that she married Sata for money not love. We thought Maureen was greedy but she refused the pressure to stand after her husband passed on but this one is trying to cover up for the corrup acquisitions and appointments she made through her husband. I am really disapponted Power and Money are really sweet, greedy people never want to let go.

    • I am not sure I understand nor appreciate your sentiments about Dr. Kaseba. Must she not live her own life and live it to the full?

  9. This is the end of PF. It is naïve to think that PF will be united after general conference. If they cannot rally against one or two people, how will they accept the results after convention. Many in PF are full of Egos and PF will break apart. Guy Scott will bear the blame for not giving direction. The cartel is smiling.

    • Or so you think. In my view, PF is actually being democratic. It is a strong departure from the Kaunda and Mazoka legacies.

  10. For political animals like me this is like heaven lol…too much drama in just one week. You blink and something new happens. What next Guy Scott himself? Maybe even KK? Anything is possible pa zed. I might put myself for the nomination of the presidency even though I am not PF haha. But in any case that is her democratic right. Dont know what she brings to the table nomba considering she doesnt have any political experience. I suppose for those of you tired of Kaponyas..U now have an educated lady at your service ready to take on the presidency.

    • i am sure satas widow is now looking for a new pipe to go through her bottom; i can surely volunteer to massage her bottom with mayonnaise then plunder it till kingdom come; Evans Mfula at Evaduco reporting live from Lusaka township

  11. What a widow! Mourning and contesting, was it only crocodile tears? She obviously did not love him. This is the problem with old men marrying girl-children. I can see Sata smiling!!!

  12. Kaseba wants good life and flying around. It is now clear that Sata could not resign on healthy reasons because Kaseba was enjoying good life. She wants to remain in state house. She will be bruised in politics.

    • I would have thought she has her own life to live while she is still alive. Did you want her buried together with her deceased husband?

  13. Hasn’t this just become comedy? The way things are going, I will not be surprised if Rupiah Bwezani Banda rises to the occassion!

  14. Iyeeeee mayo webulanda we. Sata somone ifyo washa Zambia……..Webupuba we ulakula…. From one family we have Kaseba, Mulenga and nephew Sampa. Indelolesha fye

  15. Where is Kabimba? , I am disappointed that he did not put forward his name as a candidate, I think I would go for GBM, sound crazy though not educated, he can hire educated people to guide him, I don’t think Zuma is highly educated, not sure. Otherwise the combination of HH and Nevers would also make a good pair. Zambia is unpredictable when it comes to voting, all the best to our country. We have vast candidates but fear of the tribe has been an obstruction, given a choice I would say Milupi and HH would do a better job. As for Mrs Sata, I feel she needs to rest, enjoy the husbands retirement or go back and practice her medicine. I admire Maureen for staying out of politics, the Sata clan took over all jobs everywhere, it is a disgrace, I wouldn’t love to see anything to do with them

    • I honestly agree with you. Whatever most people may think, the fact that the PF has allowed this many candidates to contest for the Presidency is democracy and freedom that does not exist in most African political parties. People should really view this as a test for democracy, especially if after all this process, all candidates can rally behind whoever will be selected through whatever process will be agreed to by all players. Jah bless mother Zambia

  16. Father in heaven please have mercy on our dear country Zambia. I ask for mercy Lord on behalf of all the innocent citizens young and old of this great country. You alone know the real motives of each one of these aspirants to get into the presidential office. You alone know the great harm or good they will do to our nation and our children. Forgive any blind following to any of these leaders. Let your perfect will for the best for our nation be done. Do not give us the leaders we deserve as a result of our stubbornness but give us a leader who will redeem this nation. Lord we have suffered enough with poor, selfish,tribal, discriminatory and corrupt leadership. Please help us in this year of jubilee to redeem the leadership and economic crisis we have faced.

  17. If our electoral system was like the one in the USA where the running mate takes over the office in the event that the President is incapacitated, all this scramble for Presidency would not have arisen.
    Thereby giving the President’s bereaved family and the nation sufficient time to mourn the deceased Head of State.

    Mrs Sata could have done with more time, however, our democracy does not allow her to do the decent thing. She would have run out of time to file in for nomination if she did not put forward her best political foot within the nominations window.

    We can only wish all the PF candidates well at their conference/convention.

  18. Elo lwanya nomba, power is so sweet that we forget our morals. As far as these people are concerned MCS died a long time ago and this is normally for them. Confusion at it’s worst!

  19. Among all the presidential contenders whether on opposition or ruling party, Dr. Kaseba is the most exciting entry, not only is she the most educated but she also brings a breath of fresh air to Zambian politics. I will definitely vote her. In addition she definitely understands the PF’s vision better than all the greedy men contestants.

    • Let us not forget that many of her relatives are in the diplomatic services and she was given that K1.5bn (old kwacha) to work with. Now she wants it all to herself; employ more of her relatives and friends in the civil service, get the salary that her ailing husband doubled for himself, she also knows that a President can earn without working and hibernate from his/her people, etc. She is clever!

    • @bernard, are you sure that Kaseba is the most educated among the candidates? Where do you place people like Edgar Lungu and HH? Voting for Kaseba as republican president will be the worst mistake that Zambians will make. It means tribalism, regionalism, nepotism and all the other vices that we have seen in the PF rule under the late Sata will continue.

  20. Very disappointing development. But we understand why. She obviously wants to keep the family jungle alive and well. She has people in all the embassies and high commissions abroad and she wants to keep them there. She will continue to enjoy first class Life and then she can sleep in comfort in state house without a sick geriatic, snoring and farting the whole night. Now the story of how she invaded Sata’s marital home will come out. we all know she is a ‘homewrecker’ and chancer. The old man’s money attracted her not his weird looks! Lol!

  21. Ehmmmmnnnn aaatishoooooo……(am sneezing), Christine, go home and mourn your husband. This woman is afraid of letting go of statehouse and thinks the masseswill vote for her.Standing against Mulenga, bushe is Zambia a Monarch mwe bantu? So before you enjoy Sata’s benefits you want to go into active politics and lose the benefits that you made him “hold on to the office until he died”, iyeeee mukamfwilwa uyu, mutamfyeni ku state house, she must go on the level playing field. ati imipamba………….

  22. Circus. No wonder Kabimba was hard on them, he knew exactly what kinda party colleagues he was dealing with. He musn’t have been fired.

  23. Wapapisha ndola iwe mwanakashi……
    Wemwankashi wamupamba nalusee tawakwata iwe mayo……
    Shibwelela kunganda bakayekupyanika…..

    • Wapapisha Zambia iwe we mwanakashi iwe nshakulumbule shina nalakwebakofye abantu boonse baliishiba kuti iwe walifwilwa ala ichindike twapapata. Apa pene mulume afwiile walasangwa nomufikulwaa nomumayanda ya ma hotela twakusanga na ku Pamodzi we mwanakashi wamupamba noluse tawakwata iye mayo nakupapata eee nebo newiimba shibwelela ku Mpika bakaye kupyanika uli nechiwa pamubili iwe we mwanakashi ukepaisha beengi.

  24. Let Kaseba participate as well imwe ba kapanya. What is wrong with that. Her husband is dead, you want her to mourn for ever? She is just responding to the way she feels is the best way to mourn her husband and pay him back for the life he gave her. It’s not like Sata died in his 30s, he was old enough to die, let’s face it. Death is sad, but mourning an elderly man for years is as silly as protecting a ramshackle just because that is where you were born.

    • Judge wateva you are a donkey.
      Sata died more like yesterday not the 30 years you are puking out. Further Sata would be alive if this chi woman had really cared.Its true the shameless appointing of the ‘Sata’ entire family into embassies etc were dictated to Michael by this evil woman. If I could vote a million times I would give her minus a million.
      These I. diots are not worth marrying at all. Shes a disgrace to the entire Bemba group. Chi. liule fye.
      Sata is surely turning in his fresh grave. She could have waited till 2016. When she losses even the accrued benefits should be removed. What an insensitive person??? No wonder she smiles like a f.ool

  25. Christine Kaseba is a huge disgrace, heartless, shameless and selfish girl who never loved her husband truly. How can she think of doing this just one week after burying the husband? No wonder late Sata’s relatives have not been in good books with. She may have played a role in his death in collaboration with the cartel to cover up for their misdeeds. God help us

  26. Wonders will never end! I thought she was still mourning her beloved. So what was all that crying about? I hope it is not Mmembe behind your decision Mama Kaseba. Anyway, you are still better than Chishimba Ka Leopard.

  27. What do we now make of that statement that ‘no one was anointed?’ Was it to pave way for the filing, not that it mattered but just thinking.

  28. This betraying concubine thinks its more easy just like cheating on his dead husband senseless *****. even immorality there morals.

  29. Its time to have a female qualified President to take this country forward (my opinion). The world can not stand still simply because of calamity in our lives.

  30. This explains why she said no one was anointed when she knows very well that Edgar was recalled from a trip to receive instruments of power and that at one point he wanted to make Edgar Veep before he passed on. Greedy people always want things their way, but no God will intervene.
    Otherwise, as President Sata wanted, Lungu will be the next president. We shall vote for him en’
    mass. Go Lungu, Keep your eyes on the ball do not bet disrupted.

  31. Wapapusha i Ndola iwe wemwanakashi iwe… Nshakulumbule ishina nalakweba kofye… Abantu bonse balishiba ukuti iwe walifwilwa… ala ichindike twapapata…

    Apopene umulume afwilwe, twakasanga namufikulwa, namumayanda yabene… Nakasangile mu savoy…. OOOOHHH MY GOD THIS STUPID WOMAN!!!!

  32. No wonder she chose to hide from him her professional opinion, as a qualified and experienced medical doctor, about his state of health. Shame on Dr. Kaseba (chipelelo!). How can a qualified Doctor of her status claim that when the president left for London he did not know he was going to die there? Didn’t you see the deterioration in his general health? What kind of medical doctor are you who could not tell when someone is about to die after long illness? You were probably cheating him that he was fine while your Guy Scott kept telling lies to the nation about the president’s health because you wanted him to die without naming a successor so that you could benefit from the confusion as you are trying to do now. Shameless first lady, what vision do you have?

  33. This is the worst news I have heard apart from the lunacy of this old bag Bwezani and the fools in the MMD. Zambians must demand for HH to come together with Nervous Mumba. These are the only sensible candidates at the moment!!! I wish Elias Chipimo can see beyond his own ambitions and be the third guy in the pact with the two most promising politicians!!! Who is going to save our country from this PF lunacy?

    • @48 Ba James Kamanga, HH and Nevers Mumba coming together? Come on don’t use HH’s name in vain. This Nevers cannot even command one vote anywhere! HH and RB yes yes yes. An alliance between RB and HH, MMD and UPDN with HH as vice president would be the best thing that ever happened in Zambia, win-win situation for all progressives who want to see the back of PF on 21 January 2015, cannot think of a better way to emancipate Zambia. In 2016 which is like a fortnight on a political time scale, HH would then stand on his own under a new constitution if he so wishes.

  34. Dear! Dear! So all these people were wishing secretly that Sata died sooner so they could inherent the presidency? Surely the presidency must be really cheap these days. Have they even tested themselves against their chances of winning the national presidential election?

    I hope Kaseba is prepared to be insulted and abused by paid ngw’angw’azis and hooligans. It’s a tough jungle out there. She shouldn’t turn around and cry victim because she is entering perhaps the dirtiest political landscape on earth. She has mistaken messages of sympathy and condolences for political popularity.

    The ‘cartel’ must be very confused right now who to support. I think in the end what the cartel wants will prevail for they are that powerful.

    • The only cartel with power in Zambia are the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise. They carry the vote not the mafia … power to the people!!!

      Don’t give any power to a bunch of crooks, you make them feel important and yet they are not … at the end of the day everyone is accountable for his action, the so called cartel included.

      I will be coming to Zambia this January to vote for Dr. Kaseba if she get the PF Presidency. I will see to it that I do that … Zambia Is Greater Than Any Single One Of Us, the cartel included.

      I don’t know her well much but I know her enough to know she has her heart in the right place for the interest of the general populace even if she would only handle the national affairs until 2016. She has my vote.

  35. This is not a matter one can take in, make sense of and appreciate with ease. The scale and enormity of events of the last few hours surpass my comprehension. Whether this is a blessing or a curse will unfold in due course, am sure time will tell. Good luck Zambia.

  36. Congratulations ba Kaseba. I will vote for you at the convention. All women in PF should vote for Dr Kaseba. She is a very intelligent woman. She was already running state house from behind. Has so much respect around the world. Go Kaseba. Go…..

  37. No wonder she was sitting wit grace mugabe…..bob just restrained himself from appointing our president. He wants grace in zim and our window here. Maybe they agreed wit satan to give to the madams…lol

  38. This woman deserves an Oscar for her performance at the funeral. Those tears were just for show. This is why she didn’t want to mourn in the government house and set up her own camp in state house. She doesnt want to leave, that’s the bottom line. So she will be competing against her son and in laws. Good job these guys don’t sit at the same table for Christmas. Then we have kambwili the thug who relies on cadres to beat up people on his behalf. What on earth is happening to Zambia. I blame Chiluba, he opened the doors of theft and now they all want to follow suite. RB didn’t finish his world tour and plundering so that’s next on his agenda. Please close down the country and start again. Bob should apologise to bana Nono for his Lottie Mwale punches.

  39. Looking at what she has written she wants to solve the problem in the PF with a genuine intention. I believe she knew of the attacks that where to come such as what people are saying now about her. If she is chosen she has my vote. It was not an easy choice for her to make i believe. She has leadership skills and yes she is still morning. It doesn’t mean that by doing what she has done then she is not morning. And yes she loved her husband.

    • We are celebrating the life of Our late president.He lived his life.It was a success story.The wife can continue his dream.Nothing wrong with that.
      Judge not.
      He is the only sane candidate we have with a heart.Others have not hearts at all.

  40. am dissapointed with this lady… what a shame!!! woman those people who have advised a wrong chaps… your husband’s spirit will hont you —- did you have a hand in his death… are you happy that is no more… learn from Maureen Mwanawansa… she is sober and for own information she was more popular than you doc… when she will decide to be active in politics she will e successful and his late husband will be happy….. PF you have failed zambians . as a nation we have decided to bring in HH…. as our Golden jubilee gift…go HH go UPND and Go Zambia vote for HH

  41. Atleast thez democracy in PF evrybdy is free to contest,frm all tribes,nw cn hh allow to b challenged in upnd?also RB has coup de tad mumba

  42. please advise NGOs,Church Mother Bodies any useful Persons , for how long is a widow soppose to mourn her husband? Im sure not even small company can allow its worker to mourn (husband) less than two weeks after burial.I blame myself for not shedding any tears for my beloved president,now look at the pipo who were shedding to much tears,love of money so says the Bible

  43. But the body language in this picture, awe mwe. What a brilliant camera man! Look at the acting first lady Charlotte Scott not knowing where to look, much like a shy school girl. And look at the smile on the former first lady Dr Kaseba’s face. Sorry guys I could not resist noticing!

  44. Neutral candidate. Phew!!

    Nonsense, this is the Bemba circle ‘mudding the waters.’ These people are fighting for their lives of privilege. What is clear, is the lack of respect for the PF party as a democratic vehicle in Zambian governance.

    They can’t let go. If Sata is the son of Sata why then does Christine not back his nomination as a way of supporting her husbands vision? It makes no sense. The only logical thing is that these people do not embrace true democracy. They see power as a way if maintaining themselves. Pompous, arrogant AND too Blind to see people recoiling from them. Too Deaf to hear the derision.

    This woman is an utter idi.ot. Can she win over Nawakwi, Luo, Nalumango?Seasoned politicians. This woman is an insult to women in Gov’t. Women…

    • Imelda Marcos of Zambia.

      She has been misled by her connection to power. I believe this family is a front for foreign interests.

      We need to wash them out if gov’t to restore our Zambian gov’ts gravitas. Really, this is like Dallas or a Dynasty the television series.

  45. This confused bunch soon start preparing for life as an opposition party. Kaseba, like the whole lot, lied to the nation on the well being of her husbands.

    Zambians much reject these liars and their greed for power.

  46. Changala should be sad. He now understands why they pressed Sata to death! He asked for the prolonging of the man’s life by releiving him duties BUT they pushed him to death so that they can jostle for power — of the contestanta are relatives, mother son, nephew, in-law and cousin! The gost of the snake is turning in the grave

  47. But Sata the male candidate may have issues qualifying to national by elections, and that is where Sata the female candidate comes in as a standby. I think they call it back-up in IT. But she has to lodge in today in order to ensure that happens. The family may have thought about this guys, in which case there is no tiff between the two Sata candidates. As cunning as Sata the late, this Sata couple is!

  48. People please understand that this will bring some sanity not only in PF but the country at large.By doing this Kaseba will
    will act as a unifying factor as she seems to be neutral person.Moreover she is well qualified and she is a sober minded person.Those commenting about cultural norms are living in the past,after death life has to continue.We have all lost our beloved ones,so do you expect her to continue mourning for ever?.Even you when you die you will be buried and forgotten such is life!.

    • What are you on about? What unifying when she failed to convince her husband to unify the tribes of Zambia? Look at how the family forest and friends is all over the place. We have had other presidents but they were not as bad as Sata and this woman. Sata got rid of most government directors or leaders who were from other tribes but left bembas (btw I am Ngoni so don’t group me in the perceived tribalist group which is not at all tribal). The people that Sata appointed, if from other tribes, were friends of Kaseba, his relatives and relatives of his close friends. They were not even qualified to hold those jobs and you are supporting this woman to carry on that vision which they set out in the bedroom. This family should not be given another platform in politics! No to them and to RB

  49. So even the widow has now decided that power is too sweet to care about making a total áss of herself. If I did not read this on LT, I’d never have believed it!

  50. I like the competitive situation for the PF presidency. That’s what democracy is all about and not cartels. All the best to the candidates.

  51. Ba Kaseba? I am now feeling dizzy and a migraine headache, can someone pass me some pain killers please. This is total madness, worse than what Nakachinda described about his pay master Nevers.

  52. Sata never divorced Mulenga’s mother nor did he marry Kaseba so she is not his widow – she was just his concubine which means she does not have to play the grieving widow and start smiling again. Also she is scared about that illegal slash fund she was given to gallivant around the world collecting ‘awards’.

  53. I hate to say it … but I told you so!!! Dr. Kaseba is a political enterprise, the only enterprise capable of a movement or series of moves requiring skill and care to attain the presidency.

    When I said it earlier everyone dismissed it but we are here now. What say you now? And she is right, she is the only candidate who can right the current wrongs both in their party and constitution, do you know why?

    It takes a highly skilled brain such as her’s to operate with optimal chemistry in terms of timing and circadian rhythm. She has more clout than many would envision and the support to be seen as a unifying factor.

    A look at other aspiring candidates show that 70% of them are related to her and capable of ceding to her when push comes to shave, she is ready to lead if chosen.

  54. Sena one day called PF as “Poor Finishing”. All people new that PF was Sata and Sata was PF and now he is gone so the confusion has eroded.
    The rodents are hamparing the PF when they even know that there is nothing for them all. Kaseba, bana Alick remember few days ago you said ” I am still mourning my husband”.
    Our tradition and by law, you were supposed to be given three months off from work. Bakalakusanga kwisa abakalabutukila icililo ilyo ukaba mukampeni?

  55. I wonder whether it is a degree or wisdom which makes a good president. We have seen presidents who are educated or not educated make a good leader or a bad leader. Also we have seen educated or not educated individuals become successful businessmen/businesswomen. Greediness, esp. of the educated (with a degree) have let down Zambians by plundering the wealth and accelerating poverty of this nation. Zambia needs a God Fearing
    Man who is not greedy to the position of president. If my people who are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray then God will heal our land that includes even good leaders. Believers pray that God give us a good leader. If we do not pray, then the greedy will prevail and continue to advance their interests

  56. Apapene mulume afilwe nakusanga naku Savoy namumayanda yafikansa we mwanakaski wa mupamba luse tabwakwata eyo mayo.

    Shiwelela kunganda uli ne chibwa pa mubili iyo mayo

    Sorry this song was sang in the eighties but still makes a lot of sense now. This woman has shocked the whole world and she will go in the Guinness book of world records.

  57. The strategy is to get more numbers for the warring sides mind you. There’s Edgar’s and the cartel’s side at the end of it all. So the more numbers you have in the ring for candidates the more chances for scooping the position since they want to avoid the convention by allowing contenders to vote for one candidate in the end.

  58. Sometimes people forget easily Sata said I have two Vice presidents!
    Those of you claiming she is the best qualified in what way? Just because she has the highest educational background doesn’t necessarily make her the best candidate. I think there is more drama and work in running a nation than in an operating theatre. Whilst I support a woman candidate the PF and sata’s time is gone lets move on. So because she was married to one of the most dis-organised and deceitful presidents makes her more suitable than the others hell no!
    warning to all those wishful thinkers remember project Maureen and how it failed politics may have changed but Zambians haven’t changed.

    • She is a medical doctor – so may not have a PhD. So, highest educational background may only be relative to the fact that Edgar Lungu, for example, only has a Bachelor’s – not much there.

  59. “……who will be able to embrace all and attain the vision of my late husband”

    Operative word: ‘vision’.

    Did Sata have a vision of a corrupt free, democratic society?

  60. Apapene mulume afwile nakusanga namusavoyi,
    nakusanga namufikulwa, namumayanda yabwalwa.
    Wemwakashi wamupamba noluse tawakwata ye mayo
    Nakupapata we mwanakashi shibwelela kung’anda bakaye kupyanika
    Ulinechiwa pamubili we mwanakashi ukepayisha bengi.

    • Kwena ni wa papusha ‘NDOLA’. marriage-grabber for presidency! my foot! bite your tongue kaseba. what’s worse is that she has inclined herself with the guy scot-mmembe cartel group. Tabala cipyana kale kale caimya ne nsuka already in public fan ware,
      ati woman of political enterprise…you mean woman of prostitution enterprise through which she married sata! will bruise and ride on you until you are extremely wet!!

  61. @ Tigress

    In different cultures, people respond to death differently. The death of one as highly accomplished as Sata was, is elsewhere treated as a life worth celebrating. His was a success story. He started small, struggled through life and ended-up being president of a country as big as Zambia. He lived to be 77 years old. What more would one have expected?

    I extol such cultures who would celebrate such a life by conducting a great feast in favor of the deceased. Mama Kaseba may be wanting to perpetuate her husband’s legacy. I can afford to give her the benefit of a doubt.

  62. Mushota, i am seeing democracy being practiced within PF. Even family members have a democratic right to file in for presidential nomination. The Bush have done it in the States. However , one may say the widow has come to the contest a bit early given our culture issues. I guess it is all about the timing.

    It is interesting to note that you are warming up to HH these days. For sure times are changing!

  63. the zambian culture is somewhat backward, even people’s thinking can tell.

    i do not see anything wrong for kaseba to stand under modern times even as a recent widow.

    my only disappointment would be to see a step son and step mom fight each other. it is my sencere hope that she has not done this to destroy mulenga,ironically

    • Elo lwanya pa Zed. What exactly is going on? Son started campaigning even before his father’s remains arrived in the country, his widow joins the circus after a week of his burial….still no details about the cause of his death. What a shame! God help us

    • Bamwine, you call for God to help us. Well, good luck. If I were a believer in God, I think by now I would have gotten the clue that even that God has given up. If a God or any benevolent super papa wanted to help Zambians, he would let us learn our lessons via past mistakes. But if we are not capable of learning from our mistakes, what is a deity to do?

  64. This is good material for Nollywood script writers
    at no cost During my secondary schooldays of the
    eighties James Hadley Chase and those cowboy
    movies provided some entertainment. I can now
    watch this live courtesy of our own actors.

  65. am so happy I HAVENT VOTED FOR SOMETIME BUT NOW AM GOING TO VOTE FOR DR KASEBA.shes the right first woman president after all MR sata admitted openly that he won because of her .PF please go for her and there will be hamony in the party.I thank God for her this is the best way to mourn her husbandINFACT SHES THE BEST CANDIDATE.

  66. This Kaseba does not want to leave state house that place is nice to live in power got to her head we will force out of there that place is not personal to holder. This wan is a disgrace who should he put in her place.

  67. Hay let her alone!! She is the best among men she has not committed anycrime she has the write to stand. If you don’t know was working with her late husband. There is no specified period of morning some of you has done nasty things but for her is to serve the nation. Go bamayo Go.

  68. What short memories some Zambians have. How can shameless Kaseba be an ideal candidate? She is as disgraceful as the rest of the other so-called aspirants from the PF. They knew Sata was very ill. They pushed him to the limit in order to enjoy the power, trappings and adulterated wealth – while all the time lying to the nation of ‘children’. There is no maturity, ability or any iota of respectability in this lot! In fact they exist on the verge of being the scum of politics. If Zambians vote any of this gang into the office of president, …….( I will leave you to complete the sentence)

  69. PF if FUKCED. No clear sane leaders to steer the sinking ARK, HH if you don’t win this time you are definitely not going to win an election.

    Take this opportunity to market yourself wisely. Edger was my choice at first, but I’m beginning to doubt if he’s really genuine and what he will do for our inflated country.

    It’s high time we started giving these politicians a term each, they are fukcing feasting on us!

    • What is wrong for her to stand imwe mwabantu?We report for work after seven days after burying our loved ones yet no one raise any finger in protest you are afraid that she will carry the day trust me.Who can match her qualities at the moment?

  70. The end of Zambia as we know it, is nigh! The ululations for Kaseba’s candidacy speak volumes about how unprincipled and easily mesmerised a lot of so-called voters and bloggers are. The height of lunacy will be to allow the PF to continue to exist. The opportunity to rid of Kaponya directionless backward politics for ever, is now. If it is missed because of the unprecedented myopia unfolding, Zambia is doomed.

    • As you know very well Muna,, and mind you I’m not making any new revelations here but simply stating a secret that has been hiding in plain sight. The average Zambian voter is notoriously gullible and very much impressionable. Even madam Kaseba can very easily confuse and dazzle the average Zambian voter with a few references to her dead thief of a husband. And maybe also by throwing a few bags of unga here and a liter or two of cooking oil there.

  71. Dr. Kaseba is the most cruel and dangerous former 1st Lady Zambia has ever witnessed. Her madness was exposed when she made a false statement that President Sata had not anointed anyone to succeed him.

    Now we know that Kaseba and Guy Scott were just shading CROCODILE TEARS.

    It is shocking that barely one month after the burial of her husband, kaseba goes to connives with some foreign and local cockroaches to disorganise the PF structure. We can only conclude that Guy Scott, Mmembe, Kabimba, Masebo, Dr. Kaseba etc have realised that they have no chance of ever leading the PF. Hence the only option left to them is to disrupt the PF party structure into oblivion.

    Social and political prostitutes are a danger to humanity. God Help Us.

  72. bana kaseba umusebanyo. bashi mulenga tabalati babole mumanda wabashikile, ulefwaya ukonkanyepo pacipuna cabo? ngangabakubukila ichiwa, ukalanda shani? nga filamba wabula, webo isa nkwafwe ukulosha chilufya sata_nic.

  73. Here is works it….like in the run up to the 2011 elections the Post will headline Kaseba-Sata in a bid to sell her candidature; In return for ??????

    The question is are we going to let the Cartel hoodwink us again?

    Times are hard, Sorry Mama. My vote aint yours. No sympathy vote, by the way I only got to know you when your Hubby became President. How come you never showed up by his side in the 10years he traversed the width and breadth of the country?

    My picture of you was that of a hag.Good luck.

  74. Here is How it works ..….like in the run up to the 2011 elections the Post will headline Kaseba-Sata in a bid to sell her candidature; In return for ??????

    The question is are we going to let the Cartel hoodwink us again?

    Times are hard, Sorry Mama. My vote aint yours. No sympathy vote, by the way I only got to know you when your Hubby became President. How come you never showed up by his side in the 10years he traversed the width and breadth of the country?

    My picture of you was that of a hag.Good luck.

    • Well said Now and Then! Moreover, just because she was Sata’s wife or is a doctor doesn’t make her suitable as president. The question I want to ask is why are restricting ourselves to pf only as if it is the only party contesting the by-elections. Ba mayo ba Kaseka awe twakana, come back in 2016 when you have gained some experience in the political arena. What are you actually offering the people and please don’t tell us that you want to continue the legacy of your husband. We are aggrieved with most of the decisions that your Michael made.

  75. Trust me she is the best candidate.I can see becoming the next President.Due to the following:

    – She is a qualified Doctor the international community will give her support be it financially…
    – She has leant the palace administration
    – The acting President will give her 100 % support
    – The Post will support her 100%
    – The women at large will support her
    – She is humble

    • @wisdom

      You are part of the cartel. My system can easily screen you from here. You are related to Musa Mwenye, and so on and the fact is your job is on cards. Be ready to pack because Edgar is on the way to Plot 1.

      This turn coat has just lost her lover barely a week, you ascribe to the nonsense of her going into politics? You guys want to rip off this country and loot it to pieces with your Guy.

      A medical doctor, so what? Those are the most dangerous people on earth! We don’t even clearly know how the President got so sick within a short period, and die. We are watching you with your cartel.

  76. What is wrong for her to stand imwe mwabantu?We report for work barely seven days after burying our loved ones.Yet no one raises any finger in protest.You are afraid that she will carry the day ,trust me.
    Who can match her qualities at the moment?

  77. I will begin to call all my relatives back home to vote for madam Kaseba.Time is now for Zambia to be ruled by a dear woman be it her self or Madam Edith Nawakwi, may the Lord bless our mothers.Bakalume awe

  78. It is only in Zambia where you can find husband grabbers, wife beaters, adulterers (Sampa and Bashi Nono), thieves etc aspiring to the highest office in the land. I will repeat what I have typically said in the past that when societies degenerate to the level we have in Zambia today, the pyramid turns on its head. i.e. The worst of the worst rise to the top and the best of the best sink to the bottom. This story has gone from heartbreaking to downright entertaining when you look at the jesters filing in nomination for PF. When is morality going to be the real litmus test to rise to this office? I cry for my country that the media has successfully brainwashed the entire citizenry not to ask the critical questions. Fortunately we have other alternatives in NAREP and UPND.

  79. Ba B R Mumba, Sr naimwe now you are letting me down because I like your mature contributions sometimes but to say when push comes to shave sure? Is it shave or shove? The latter means to push roughly or rudely; jostle. Shaving everyone knows what shaving is LOL. For sure spellcheck can’t catch stupid.

  80. I don’t understand why everyone is saying in pf theirs no democracy when we shoumd be saying te opposite,the fact that so many candidates have come forward is the best signe of democracy in the pf party.
    i hope even the convetion wont be filled with violence but the best candidate will carry the day,bravo pf

  81. I just cant stand not being first lady, I was entitled to 1.5 million rebased Kwacha per year for my make up so I have filed my nomination. Uyo alelanda ati I should be mourning, kuti na munyela.

  82. I can’t help it but imagine if all this was happening while MCS (MHSRIP) was leader of an opposition political party! He would have explained to us PROPERLY what was going on. He never minced his word to the daughter of Tentamashimba and widow of George Kunda.
    Makes me miss him more

  83. Kaseba is smart. Should she succumb to pressure right now and go to sleep, under the pretext that she is still mourning her husband, she will one day wake-up to discover not even a single trace of a party that was the signature of Sata’s long political career.

    Whoever wins the party presidency now, will have the opportunity to rebrand PF and create a new legacy of his own. Isn’t RB now the new MMD king?

    This is not about the 2015 presidential election. It is about PF and the future of PF. The dynamics of power are destined to change within PF, depending on who takes over as the new party president. From there on, it will be a matter of survival of the fittest.

    • she has no time to waste.she has to move quickly and save PF from collapsing.The behavior displayed by Pf members is worrying.Its obvious that the party will not survive.
      The Husband was a founder member of PF.She has to save it .

  84. “I have been approached by women and men from all walks of life from the Patriotic Front as well as citizens concerned for peace and development to offer myself to our party as President for the rest of the presidential five year term of office.”

    Us we thought you were mourning with us

    “After deep introspection and consultation with my family”

    Don’t lie! Sata family is fielding FIVE candidates. You, Your Son, Two of your nephews and Bashi nono.

  85. I absolutely have no doubt she and Sata stole millions she wants to hide hence contesting the presidency. In fact, I understand it is stashed in US, South Africa, etc. Strategy is we contest as a family so that at least one of us scoops it and we are secure and fine. It is all about money.

    I also feel Guy Scott is behind this. He insists on a party conference to choose the pf president so that they can bribe cadres to vote for her. It can’t happen in the Central Committee because most have already sided with Lungu.

    Personally, I don’t mind her joining the contest. I pray she wins the pf so that opposition can take her full time. She deserves every insult in the political book just like any other. This family is extremely selfish. They lack ay sensitivity. How do they all…

  86. I see no reason why this outstanding lady should not stand especially going by the kindergarten behaviour we have been subjected to by members of the ruling party.
    Zambian traditional or whatever culture you are promoting will not spearhead this nation ahead. I am shocked at the people singing degrading and outdated songs against women.
    Your Zambian culture is outdated and needs to revised by forward thinking people. What sort of culture treats women like property, second class citizen etc? What is so good about a man who sleeps around even if it hurts his wife, has girlfriends all over the town? Zambian culture? And all those people who flock to someone’s funeral to steal from the widow and children, trash the furniture in the name of it is the Zambian culture?

  87. Iyee mwaonaula itambi sha chi Judah . The song of John Mwansa wapampisha Ndola it’s true just 9 days ago twashindike bashi Mulenga ku embassy park manda. Awemwe !

  88. Pity really, does ex-festlady know she’s bait in a shark-cage? Poor thing, living in denial even of her own soul – Iwe is it really your husband who died or was he just means to a goal? When in hospital you all crowded around him, otherwise he was doing ABSOLUTELY fine u and Mulenga said…what a pity. MCS may not have been the brightest but he had a vision and YOU madam with the rest of the sharks failed to exploit the man’s enthusiasim towards a better Zambia ! Sorry, break-up that party and form 9 ( still counting )!!

  89. PF= party of many greedy and empty headed foxes who are motivated by personal ambition for high office minus any vision for zambia.

  90. There are many comments regarding why she is right to do as she has done.
    However, not for the Zambian palette. Men imagine that this is their wife after they’ve been dead barely a month.
    Women are the keepers of propriety and this goes against everything they know, believe and teach.

    The minority, the supposed “progressives” say it’s high time we had a woman, she’s best qualified etc. They are the minority.

    Like someone said she should fire her advisor for not being savvy enough to realize that at the end of the day, regardless of how ‘worldly’ you are, your innermost core remains Zambian. To a Zambian this is repulsive, whichever way you turn it.

  91. ….I thought she was too educated to sink so low, I thot she was cultured to behave this way….I was suspicious of what she was discussing with Grace Mugabe during the funeral now I know…..
    …in Africa, in particular Zambia, a widow won’t torch the fire place(cooking) or even going to the market before the dead husbands corpse ‘bursts’ in the grave….(ukupoleka)…..she is Zambian, she has every right to stand for any political office but this is not the right time….I wonder what relationship existed or exist between her and Mulenga…..its not too late to withdraw..

  92. YES!!! Brilliant woman, does not succumb to the prejudice of alangizi, how a woman should talk, dress mourning let alone that a woman takes a back seat. DR Kaseba has broken the chains of prejudice. what ever you think here, I am a woman and i have a candidate to support.

    • Alangizi are a respected part of our culture. If you are a right-thinking sensible person you would realize that you have to take what they teach and adjust it a little bit to fit the modern world. But in the main, they are absolutely right.

      In fact she has done a disservice to women by flagrantly disregarding what would be considered respectable and normal in the Zambian context.

      You don’t have to disregard the cultural norms to be free as a woman. Ati chains of prejudice.

  93. Madam President Dr Kaseba you have my vote. Too bad cave men a woman is going to be the next president of Zambia. In fact Dr Kaseba is over qualified for the position of president. Do not underestimate the doctor. She is well educated and respected by peers,colleagues, students and the international community. She has never lied about the health of the President Sata. I have seen no verified documented comment about President Sata’s heath from Dr Kaseba. She has integrity and is extremely intelligent. Look at the history of the rest of the candidates, womanizers, thieves, domestic abusers etc. Dr Kaseba cares about the people of Zambia. The other candidates (exception Lungu) only want to steal and increase their number of mistresses.

    • She is over qualified for the post of president?? Did I read you correctly?
      I suppose looking at the recent past, I can understand why you think that a grade 7 or standard 4 is adequate for president – or a kaponya.

      No one begrudges the fact that she’s a woman, however we should not elect someone simply because of the amount of oestrogen they have, or the shape of their genitals.

      People like you Mpenzi, are the biggest problem we have.

    • I stand by my statement ‘jessie whatever your alias is’. She is the best candidate for the presidency. She is overqualified. Don’t hate her because she is brilliant. She is respected by academics around the world. She passed her memberships at the royal college of obstetricians/gynaecology in UK. Do you know how difficult those exams are? She is inundated with invitations to be a guest speaker at WHO, UN and other well respected institutions around the world. Dr Kaseba can lead Zambia with integrity. Those male contenders cannot compete with her. Dangle a naked woman in front of the philanderers and they will loose focus. Welcome to the 21 st century. Mourning is over and it is time to go back to work. Well done Madam President.

    • Who do we have on the list of PF candidates
      1. 2 serial philanders (lack focus and easily corrupted)
      2. Domestic abusers ( men that behave like animals cannot lead)
      3 Entitled rich brat
      4 Cradle snatcher
      5. Thieves
      6. Liars

      None of the male candidates are more suitable than Dr Kaseba.

    • To make it easier for you I’ll keep it short and simple:
      Those qualifications you are listing – they are Great! – IN THE FIELD OF MEDICINE!!!

    • Dr Kaseba has been an excellent ambassador for Zambia. The international community make great efforts to contact her to share knowledge. It is a fact that if you take a person who has studied a science based subject, rather than soft subjects (commerce, law) and place he/she in profession(eg business) that does not require a high IQ ;they will succeed.

      Dr Kaseba is by far the best candidate for the Presidency. Look at the other nonsense that have put their names forward. What a joke!

    • @jesse cave man/woman -That is why Dr Kaseba’s new career as a politician will be a walk in the walk. Transferable skills are obvious and more importantly her values are far superior to the other candidates, who are just so called businessmen and lawyers.

      @Musa – Great minds think alike. Dr Kaseba could have study political science at university and excelled. She achieved straights A’s in all her grade 12 subjects. If she can save a life running a country will not be difficult at all.

  94. Kaseba is the right candidate for presidency.
    Her late husband was the founder member of the PF.and the party is on a verge of diminishing.
    She would act quickly to bring it back to life.
    By standing for presidency.
    Leave her alone and forget the traditional mukamfwilwa business.
    There is no time to waste.Pf needs revival.

  95. Funny indeed. Why didn’t we see the same kind of ire and remonstration against Mulenga Sata when he filed his own nomination papers? Is he not Sata’s child? Is Kaseba the only one who is supposed to be mourning her husband? If that is the case, then that culture is archaic and out-of-date. The Bible says the death of a spouse frees the living spouse. Your culture detains and imprisons the living spouse. Strange!

  96. Why is power so sweet. The husband tasted power and it was so sweet that he couldn’t let go. The wife tasted power and it was oh so good. The son so what power can do, first hand and wants to stand and be president. To me this family kind of summarizes what kind of people we are. If you come from the same household, can you not reason together and say, “I will not stand and let you stand”. We are a bunch of selfish people and not one of them is thinking about how they can change country. What a shame. An awesome country with wonderful people bango dyelewa masuku pamuto. we deserve betterko as my tumbuka friends would say.

  97. Instead of accepting her nomination,Zambians are supposed to lock her up for treason!!!
    She lied day and night her husband was well as she wanted to enjoy high life and world travels….

    The more nominations in PF,the substance becomes diluted….there will be no clear majority for one candidate and lo and behold HH will Take the cake.Dont say you were not WARNED!!!!!!
    I for One am Totally for the most level headed in this game…..HH.

  98. Today for some reason, I really want to know what killed that man. Certain substances such as antifreeze are taste-free but lethal. Also, some medical substances administered in small amounts over a period of time cause kidney and liver failure.
    On TV they consider motive and opportunity, which usually solves the crime.
    Today, I’m wondering what killed that man.

  99. Wow look at the ‘click’ and ‘comments’ count… her candidature is controversial and has divided Zambians.

    The ‘education’ argument though is really ridiculous because the lady has ‘zero’ political experience… it just just goes to show the caliber of Zambian voters, even the enlightened ones think this woman is qualified to be president of Zambia merely by being on Sata’s side when he died.

    For something else non-political, who loves the song ‘Gelo Wamawanu‘ by ‘Afunika‘?. I have got it on repeat at the moment and I reckon it’s the best song ever produced in zambia by these new singers… it takes me back to my childhood memories, hahaha :). There you have it.

  100. There is nothing plausible about alangizi ideology. Personally, Culture let alone a tradition does not define. If you are into retrogressive alangizi good on yah! Feminists think beyond the box, they conform to dignity.

  101. If Mrs. Sata truly believes in her husband’s vision for the country then she should rally behind someone in the party whom she feels will be able to continue with her husbands’s “programme.” Barely a month and the woman is throwing her hat in the political arena. Doesn’t this black widow have political advisers? I have nothing against Mrs. Sata but if she truly wants to help our country then she should start from the grassroots by going to Mpika(Her late husband’s constituency) and stand as a member of parliament so we can see her work ethics and vision for the country.

  102. 5 Revolution’s song comes to my mind: Wapapusha Indola Iwe Wemwanakshi iwe. Apapene umulume afwile, walasangwa namufikulwa, namu mayanda yabwalwa, nakusangile ku savoy……..

  103. This not surprising Lady Christine made several contradicting statements 1. No one was anointed, implying that even Micheal had anointed she couldn’t disclose because she was an interested party.
    2. There is information that one time, Micheal told her that he was elected and not her hence never shared his vision of the country with her
    3. She claimed having consulted the family, which side of the family did she consult, of not her children (including Mulenga). How she going to campaign against Mulenga; more dirty linen
    4. Support Guy Scott, because Guy Scott supports her candidature that why he wants conference because Central Committee cant endorse her! Traitor

    • Indeed a traitor. what love of money can do! mukamfwilwa waikala ikala beniza beniza we mwanakashi wamupamba…. In my village we are saying you have killed your husband sata. what a family; son, mother, in-law (shi nono), nephew … all fighting for presidency. Ba shinka manyela ba swaini! muletusebanya. Twala imishingo ku Mpika you husband-snatcher! marriage by grabbing.
      Emulate fine examples in the name of Madam Mazoka, the husband was so popular if she had wanted she could have taken over UPND her husband labored so much to establish but being a woman of substance she respected our customs! It is entirely your choice NOT to respect our traditions and it is entirely our choice NOT to accept you! the way you married sata speaks volumes. this woman all the time smilling tooth-out…

  104. I have gone thru most of the comments made and this is
    what i say…’You could have played your best premier league games and gone into national
    team level…’ that will not make you a better coach if you decide go that direction.

    So this step mother or step son thing …wanting to stand is out of greed.

  105. Dr Kasema’s action has reminded me of late Chibesa’s song Isambo lya Mfwa. Ati “we mupongoshi wandi, bushe kwena mayo teti walolelako, finshi ndelolela kwati bakabwela, nacipwa nabaya ee…..”. The song prophesied six years ago. Lawyer Morreen Mwanawasa couldn’t stand for bye election because she respected her traditional and customers. Lesa somune ku Zed!!!!!!!!!!!

  106. We have a lot illiterates on this blog. Some one says Kaseba is more qualified than all the men. Qualifications are relative. Certainly she is not more qualified to run the economy than an economist. She can operate in a ward, but she has no clue about how economies run nor how political science revolves. I would go trust an economist or engineer to run the economy. HH is the better qualified candidate. By the way I am Bemba.

    • Actually she saves lives. Joke like that when are dying in hospital. Your ridiculous business qualification will not save your life.

  107. Greetings.It seems now it is open for comments.Fellow Country Men,let us not forget that a leader does not just jump on the ship and then he is President.HH has been in this battle for a long time now so if situation like this happens this is the only Person to consider.The other one i s Nevers Mumba for MMD and Edgar Lungu for PF.FDD are just trying ,they came back after reading the situation so we cannot trust them.I ll be back

  108. How would you compare china and zambia, zambia’s population is a quarter of a ward in china. Think big and you will understand that zambia is politically well but the problem is economic crisis. Now who do you think can do better between a lawyer and an economist?

    Lets fight for economy stability and development of our nation NOT over which tribe will rule, we all zambians !!!!! It pain me alot how we suffer in zambia despite of being blessed naturally.

    • Badala you can not separate politics and economics. Learn to understand things conceptually, even an ***** knows that China is different from Zambia in many ways. Understand the context before you expose the size of your min brain.

  109. My word of advise to you former first lady is that it is too early for you an you rescind your decision. Never be put under pressure by job seekers who to see you embarrassed! I have respect for you very much that’s why I have taken courage and time to give you this piece of advise.

  110. I support Christine she is the right candidate. Lungu wants to bring cadres from Chawama to come and grab our land. We need order in the country not those cadres we saw on TV.

    • @chita.. cadres are voters like you so if can’t organise them to vote for you then you are lost. you are also a cadre to Kaseba The marriage-grabber! so you smart cadres align yourselves to her. arm-chair critics not knowing political landscape and where the huge vote sets.

  111. The mother-hen factor has began. As a christian nation it is time to consult God in prayer and discern His will about our next President. I am glad what I blogged recently has materialized to promote democracy. All the names I suggested and more have filed nominations, now it is my prayer for the God-anointed candidate to be elected through PF Convention/ Presidential Bye elections and all the way to State House. God give us the best President, and my vote goes for the Former First Lady. Please criticize her decision to contest elections, but do not insult her.

    • God hears the cries of widows and orphans more, therefor all of you insulting this humble VIP aspirant candidate are inviting Go’s wrath. As a christian nation our traditional norms have been inculturated by christian scripture, faith and practices. Once a person is dead, the best way to mourn is to daily remember that person and promote whatever that person stood for. The mourning period is for ever. Stop insulting Dr. Kaseba she means well to mourn her late husband by committing her life to the cause he stood for, before other vultures tarnish it. The late President often testified that without her support he could not had succeeded to become whatever he became….behind every successful man stands a supportive woman. Mother hen, put all the chicks under your tender loving care!

  112. All you uneducated sufferers, my manifesto is my boobs and infectious smiles. I will finish your husbands.Watch out you tuma women. Zambian men will be very happy with me. Ask Msiska, he’ll you.

  113. Go for it Christine! don’t let these people deprive you of your right in the name of mourning. we have put our president to rest so you can contest. I think you can make a good president. Don’t worry that you have to compete with other relatives because all of you are just exercising your rights. lets see who tops the table… man this is gonna be fun!!!

    wishing you well

  114. KASEBA PLEASE, APAPENE UMULUME AFWILE? waikala ikala peniza! (campaign song)

    The lesson is learnt by all of us men. You die and your wife within a week decides to go straight on the political platform? The body of Michael Sata is still fresh, ants have not even started eating the corpse you start talking about power and money, going straight into the arena for insults, muggings, lying and all. What sort of woman are you who is causing so much pain in the nation. People are morning again, because your behavior alone is another funeral. Truly John Mwansa sung “wapausha iNdola iwe wemwanakashi iwe, nshakulumbule ishina nalakweba pofye, na bantu bonse bailshiba ati iwe walifwilwa, ala ichindike twapapata!”

    Now we are musing over the old man’s death. Zambians are sharp. You have…

  115. Pafwa Bantu Pashala Bantu…Well done Doctor Christine Kaseba,you are indeed the most neutral candidate though am not sure if you will make the best president like your late husband,ifyakulosha for a year is nonsesical,we need to move on….

  116. People do not understand why Dr. Kaseba has taken this step. She wants to protect the party her husband suffered and scarified for over ten years. Ba late Sata did not even enjoy his presidency for a long time. If she seats back pf will be in the hands of people who will completely destroy it because they have nothing to lose. You only protect something you suffered for. Leave ba Christine she knows what she is doing. I give her the full support.

  117. Yes! Kaseba is Educated but not ‘very educated’!
    Medical doctors are just honored with the doctorate tittle after graduating with two bachelor’s degrees; one in medicine and the other one in Surgery.
    That’s not a lot of education to me. We have a lot of people with master’s degrees besides their bachelors and we don’t call them very educated.. I doubt if Kaseba has any master’s degree.
    Personally I consider those who gain their doctorate titles through further education and research to be more educated than merely honered medical doctors who are not different from any other person with two bachelor’s degrees..

    • Thanks irritated lawyer, you have said it like it is. A lot of ignorant people on this blog are claiming that Kaseba is very educated just because she is a medical doctor. Ignorance will continue to cripple Zambia even after 50 years of independence.

    • You are clearly not very well educated. She is a CONSULTANT SURGEON.LOOK IT UP ON GOOGLE.Do some research because you are cleary not a PHD!

  118. Kwena ba kaseba mwatupapusha ngaba namayo. ngamweka 2016 .elyo mwaaimina cause its too early apo tuashikile ba president.
    iwe mayo losha abalume.

  119. The question is who killed our president. The answer is very simple. His wife Dr. Christine Kaseba Sata with the help of Fred Mmembe and Guy Scott. How else can one explain this unfolding event. She really lacks morals and has no shame. No wonder she put up those smiles even when the husband was seriously sick because she new she had done it and it was just a matter of time. That time has come and now she wants the PF presidency at all cost and people believe you me, with the help of guy Scott and the Cartel she is our next republican president unless you and me work hard not to allow this to happen. We cant leave our beautiful country in the hands of a MURDERER

  120. Irritated lawyer, medical doctors are not honoured with doctorate. It is just a name given to physicians just like you are a “layer”. Like you rightly put memorising biology does not make them more educated than a first degree mathematician. I am 100% sure that Dr. Kaseba can not solve most of the grade 12 Mathematics. How do you expect her to cmprehend the working of financial markets?. Lest be real she can operate the cervics but she can not think through serious economic issues that require partial differential equations. The best she will be doing is to read grade 8 social studies to appreciate how the cabinet works. Stop talking about education. What you need in a president is a good manager to keep every one on their toes not a good surgeon.

  121. I may sound cynical or rude. This woman must have been a call girl, prostitute, savage or those komboni girls who make noise with boys at night in city townships. Someone said she grew up in Ndola and she was commonplace.

    We need more information on her private life e.g. list of boy friends at school, university (I am told Msiska is suspect), places on patronage i.e. famous clubs. It is not enough to adorn in church regalia, we may be fooled and yet dealing with a crook here. If is “a Maule first lady” a prostitute, let us know. Who ever has picked a prostitute knows, she just asks for her mulla (money) in the morning and off she goes. No love. For what?

  122. This could be a good idea. We are all mourning let us not exempt ourselves please.PF is trying to find a solution to a better leader. Should we wait for a problem to come to wast because she is mourning. Is mourning for 1 or 2 years going to solve a problem or bring back the late President. Let us be real people.As a matter of concern Dr. Kaseba has leadership qualities and also a hard worker. Can you imagine what Zambia will be a female President.

    God Bless Zambia

    • I totally agree. Its time we moved away from this culture where we want widows to be in a state of perpertual mourning. It is within her democratic and cultural rights to undertake any career path of her choice. She had to beat the deadline of filing in her papers. Continuous grieving would not solve any problem in this country. Who said you cannot mourn while you pursue certain life-enhancing activities?

  123. Madam Kaseba and your son Mulenga, may you please tell the nation why you REFUSED postmortem on our beloved granddad,uncle,cousin,president etc………….

    • I didn’t know this. I hate loose ends.We still haven’t had an official pronouncement on what ‘ate’ him.
      History demands that an accurate account of events is recorded.
      In 100 years they’ll say it was obvious what happened.

  124. Viva HH. Is this not the woman who left state house at one time. How can the president survive with this unsurportive woman. She ran away and made a shame of our beloved president. How can she now want to advance his legacy when she could have supported him while he was alive. Gold digger wa kantu! No true love.

  125. sata himself was pf and now that he is dead, pf is burried with him absolutely.
    Note: zambia is politically but with economic crisis, so neither a lawyer nor a doctor nor a drunkard can control economy crisis but a qualified economist, business administrator will make a real change.

  126. My question is not misplaced. If it was a man doing what Kaseba has done would you have called him all sorts of names.Are women the only ones who should follow tradition and customs. Some men have remarried immediately after burying their wives.

    • Your question is still misplaced. Which man has done the thing Kaseba has done? There is no precedence to your thesis. It is a question you can ask yourself and answer in your min brain. I am an engineer and I need supporting data to make conclusions. Ask a witch-doctor to guide you on what people would say if Kaseba was a man.

  127. Remember Guy Scott complaining why the late President never left him acting President of Zambia? He knew the nonsense that him and even Kaseba could sell the country to enemies.
    Does any one know what relationship really existed between this woman and Mr. Sata?
    If Kaseba is adopted as PF candidate, lest be assured that PF is dead. The woman must withdraw those nomination papers immediately because no one will vote for her. She is NOT a politician but was only a companion to a great politician.
    Remember Zambia is NOT a Monarchy.
    Why wasn’t she opposing her late “husband” to entrust so much power in Edgar Lungu if she didn’t believe in Edgar? PF Central Committee please stick to your position, there is more to this than meets the eye. Scott and the Post… Zambians, be forewarned.

  128. Central Committee members, please stop this Scott stupidity. You mean you cant see his interest in all this big scam? Be tough or the world will be laughing at you the way they did on Rupiah Banda.
    Wake up and stand for your man, Edgar Lungu in no uncertain terms. be firm otherwise you will find the country already sold to imperialists….
    Support Mr. Edgar Lungu for next Presidency and let the cartel work for their money genuinely.

    • @Ukufilila Munsega

  129. Did you see the sitting arrangement during Parliament opening in September 2014? You have eyes but don’t see ears but don’t hear. Even now, if not careful, you will not see until its too too late.

    Edgar is the rightful man between now and 2016. Don’t say you were not forewarned.

  130. Kaseba is the best and not all those leaf- ruffs you are talking about.
    These in the opposition are not condemning in good faith but want the Pf
    cannot even condemn the coming back of an oldman ,a leaf -ruff for that.
    I empty RB.

  131. @Mpenzi – Where were you when Madam Kaseba was issuing a statement that her husband was well and fit and working in state house? In the meantime he had not been seen in public for ages. The man then re-appeared, to open parliament in a very frail state. Kaseba had to lead him by the hand. Then they drag him to New York where he fails to address the UN assembly as he has to be treated in the hotel room. He comes back after a week looking very sickly and disappears into state house. The next thing, he has been flown out for a “medical checkup”. Even at this stage, when it is understood he was in a vegetative state, there was no admittance from the state or wife about his poor health prognosis. She now wants to be President and you tell us she is suitable? Disgraceful!

  132. There is no evidence that Dr Kaseba lied about President Sata’s health. For goodness sake she took and oath to SAVE LIVES. Don’t spout nonsense about her having something to do with her husband’s death. There is nothing Sata gave her financially that she could not achieve own her own. Sata did not teach her to be a surgeon. Sata did not get her into UNZA. Sata is not with her in theatre when she is saving lives. She is HERO. She has integrity and is the best candidate to lead Zambia. I do not want a leader who has sex with prostitutes even though he is married and has children. A man who can treat the mother of his children like garbage can easily be corrupted. Zambia has had enough of greedy fake MBA’s, lawyers,ex military etc who want to use the the presidency to steal public money.

  133. I wish Dr Kaseba well as she embarks on her political career. She will excel as she has done in medicine. Political science is a soft subject so she will not find it difficult. After all politics is not a science!

    She took Hippocratic Oath and that will serve her well in politics.

  134. While Dr. Kaseba or any other Sata family member may be the ideal candidate to lead PF; the painful reality though is that, it is at this juncture that PF is supposed to redefine, rebrand and reinvent itself that it is, in fact, not a “Sata party.” Such transcendence from being a “Sata Party” to being an ideal PF party, will be tricky to achieve. For instance, any appointment of a visibly Sata family member, will automatically compromise and entrench PF as being a Sata Party. This will be so, even if that may not be the indented objective. Perception is all that matters.


    • I like this comment Chisenga. Most politicians are cheated into politics by opportunists, and sometimes assume their popularity by the same. Only voting can put to rest some of these squabbles in the PF and MMD.

  136. I have no problems for Sata’s window to join politics. However, I cannot say she is or she is not the right candidate for the PF ticket. I believe that justice is beyond any culture and laws. Whether the two Satas join the race, or are still morning their beloved father and husband must not be considered an issue, but people must look at someone with the real heart for the welfare of Zambians.

    I always say that what made Mandela different from other African leaders is the fact that his moral standing was taken beyond ours: he fought for justice, we fight for laws (twisted laws and traditions). The struggles in MMD and PF must not be used as a yardstick for developing a country, but individuals’ moral standing in the affected parties.

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