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Will Zambians Elect the Best Candidate this time?


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“HH is the best candidate we have but I cannot vote for him because he cannot win. I will just vote for Sata.”

This was the exact response of a young man we engaged in conversation at Livingstone Airport, in August 2011, as we waited for our flight to Lusaka. My American friend who was visiting for a few weeks clearly did not understand our politics and our thinking. He had engaged many Zambians in conversation about the upcoming elections in September 2011. From the cab driver who picked him up at the airport to the judges in courts—they all seemed to agree that HH was the best candidate but yet said they would not vote for him because they were afraid he was not going to win.

“If all these people actually vote for him then he will actually win. I fail to understand why people will not vote for a person they believe to be the best candidate,” he said. “When I actually look at the top three candidates, HH’s qualities and background are outstanding compared to the other candidates. He clearly would win by a landslide in the United States.”

What my friend did not understand is that leadership qualities are not a prerequisite to winning an election in Zambia.

Anyone can win an election in this country. It does not matter whether a candidate is illiterate, has a history of corruption or theft. It does not matter whether a candidate has a history of abusing other people, openly practised racism, tribalism or regionalism. All these are irrelevant in considering candidates for the highest office in the country.

It’s appalling that in 2014 we are still electing leaders who are just shy of turning a century in age. Leaders who are clearly clueless, tired and have nothing to offer to this country other than their self-inflated ego and selfishness. Leaders who continue to drag this country decades backwards. Leaders who steal in broad daylight and appoint unqualified relatives to take on government jobs. Currently, our embassies in Washington DC, London, Tokyo, Ottawa and all over the world are full of people who do not qualify to hold those jobs. The only qualification that they have is that they belong to the same tribe as the old leaders or have political connections. Little wonder why our country is still immersed in poverty, joblessness, high food prices, lack of descent housing, poor education and healthcare. Quite a laundry list these old people have achieved. We look like we are in 1420 and not 2014.

Question is, are we any wiser three years later? Have we learned our lesson and are we determined to make things right this time around? Surprisingly, we likely haven’t learned anything from the past. We are going to elect the same old, tired and sick people. The same people who lied in our face. The same people who denied us bursaries. The same people who unleashed the police to fire live bullets on us when we tried to speak out. The same people who grew richer overnight and moved away from our neighborhood to Kabulonga. Now these people are going to come and ask us to vote for them again and pretend nothing ever happened–like we have always lived happily ever after.

These are the people we shall be fighting for. They are the people we shall kill our neighbors for. They are the people we shall support because they come from the same province as us or same tribe as us. Yet once they are elected, we will not get a monthly cheque for sharing the same tribe or for maiming our neighbor. Unfortunately, life for us will continue the same old fashioned way. We shall go back to our misery—asking for bwafwilisho on the flyover bridge and in the evenings head to our little house without electricity where we shall eat the same food we have been eating last ten weeks if we are lucky. Meanwhile, our elected leader will enjoy the cozy Statehouse with prime-cut steak of his choice. We would be lucky to see his face again or even eat the crumbs and bones from his table.

I am curious what the young man we met at Livingstone Airport, three years ago, thinks about this election. I wonder if his aspirations were met by the person he voted for in 2011. I wonder if he is still cleaning at the airport or if there were any jobs that were created by the government in Livingstone and as a result has moved on to better jobs. Maybe worse, his employer closed shop and he lost his job because the government has failed to provide a thriving environment for businesses.

I wonder if this time around, he is going to search his inner soul and vote for a candidate he believes to be the best. A candidate he believes will uplift his standard of living regardless of tribe, sex, religion or race. A candidate who is going to bring hope to him and his children. May I suggest, to all my fellow Zambians, that before we go to the polling stations, we sit with our friends, cousins, sons, daughters, nieces, nephews, aunties, uncles and grandchildren. Can we have a heart-to-heart conversation about where we want this country to go? What kind of country do we want to leave for our children and their children?

If our country was given an opportunity to plan and present social and economic issues before world leaders and bring about real results that would transform our nation. Which candidate would we send? Or if we were a company that was registering losses and plummeting sales and we urgently needed to revive it, which candidate would we hire as its new CEO?

By Wesley Ngwenya


  1. I dont see anyone with good leadership at the moment. Am not buying into HH, because he hasnt explained his approach to developing Zambia.

    • The fact that you have been to school does not make you a good leader. As Albert Einstein said, “education is what remains when one has forgotten what they learnt in school” … Infact little knowledge is more deadly than no knowledge at all. Take for instance a guy who goes to copperbelt university and studies forest management, what is that got to do with economics and finance? Talk to him about wood sap and growth rings that he can even be an authorized expert…

    • I don’t drink with people who like asking idyiotic questions like Wesley Ngwenya. How many questions in that article? I hang-out with people who have opinions.

    • I see Zambians voting for another riffraff especially if PF is voted into power again. Imagine if GBM takes over the PF presidency, Zambians can vote for him even if he is a known short-tempered wife batterer and savage.
      An opportunity has presented itself for Zambians to vote for a better candidate in HH. All they look at is his tribe. Shame.

    • I find it very sad that people can say “HH is the best candidate we have but I cannot vote for him because he cannot win”. Well, how does he win if you do not vote for him?

      We have all these problems in our country because our personal agendas tend to blind us from putting quality leaders in office. Honestly, who is better placed to take over the leadership of this country looking at the calibre of the candidates from all parties? Hate him or not, only HH can restore sanity to the running of the affairs of the country. The squabbles in PF and MMD only tell one thing, that people’s personal agendas come first.

    • I understand and sympathize with most Zambians why they seem not to accept HH.Iam going to outline the major reasons.
      1.Membe painted HH black through his constant lies that HH is triabal,when infact his not.He won in an election with voters from nine provinces of Zambia to become second president of UPND.
      2.Live TV debates have been done away with because they made mazoka popular as best candidate.They know that HH is brilliant and would perform better.They don’t want un educated Zambians to compare the candidates,since all human beings have a conscience to to listen to his corrupt nature and do the right thing.
      3.Most Zambians are not Educated and hence brainwashed by educated politicians who use tribe to fight against political opponents.The poor Zambians don’t know that its the…

    • Why beat up about the bush? The answer to your question is the very honourable and learned dear friend HH. He is the one we’ll vote for and see our world begin to change. Zambia has lagged behind many countries in the world when she has the potential to make the top 20 rich list. We are not Bemba, Lozi, Tong, Kaonde, Lunda, Luvale, Ila, Tumbuka……. we are Zambians and we speak Zambianese.

    • ZAMBIANS has resolved to always vote for dull and uneducated people becasue they feel these are more close to the ordinary zambian who makes up 98% of zambia.

      it is true therefore to conclude that 98% of zambians are DULL therefore LUNGU is thier prefered candidate because when they look at his dull face they see a reflection of themselves.

    • This Mwenya guy, the author of this article, is one of the people bribed to paint HH black, by the PF and Mmembe cartel. All these are political schemes meant to de-campaign HH. Unfortunately they going no where. People on the ground only see HH as the only alternative because he leads a well organised party.

      Only HH can sort out this mess created by both MMD and PF because he can not be bribed by any one in Zambia.

      HH is the only leader going into politics NOT to make money because he has the acumen to make even more money outside politics.

      Most MMD and PF members see this opportunity as a gate way to enrich themselves to HH ‘s level. This is one of the main reasons why they should NOT be trusted with instruments of power in Zambia again.

      HH for new and progressive ideas.

    • HH is Young and better candidate, the challenge is the way he has made himself be perceived as Inclined candidate. We are One Zambia one Nation One people. This is not full seen in UPND?? HH has to do alot to help the Zambian people accept him.

      PF have the chance to win again because people want continuity of the basic Road network developments PF brought to the table with no Strategy. But People appeal to that because good roads especially in rural areas bring development and easy access.

      What will kill PF is their unruly behaviors and in-fights. For now as a Nation. our best choice would be to keep Guy Scott until 2016.

      So let us try and support the man, because if the president comes from Opposition, he might have challenges in parliament and will just move Zambia…

    • PF minions are sh1tting themselves in their pants because their party is fast disintegrating . Whats happening to PF and MMD is what happens to parties founded on the premise of lies and deception.

      In parties where lies and deception thrives, confusion and backstabbing rule the day, as there is no honour amongst thieves.

      Most top MMD and PF members are thieves. They are busy backstabbing each other to ensure their preferred candidate is adopted so that they win financial favours from him.

      Only HH is a clean candidate. Already rich with the know how of wealth creation outside politics. This makes him a genuine candidate NOT interested in self enrichment.

    • You are the people who do not mean well for this country let alone to the less informed who will think and take things worse than you are doing. What more would you want HH to tell you. You want him to start lying like PF did to get the presidency. I look at him to be way above that kind of politics. HH’s message is very clear on education, heath, job creation, lowering the cost of living, infrastructure development, enacting the new constitution, and many others. Look at Zambia during Mwanawasa’s time, then you would even understand what HH and the UPND stand for as the late Levy adopted most of UPND manifesto and used it objectively and I did not mind because that is how a good leader should be – to exploit good options, not ba C.N.P.

    • @Reality

      It’s a paradox, no? Unfortunately this moronic, warped and deranged way of looking at issues is what has earned Zambians the tag docile and gullible people. How we got to this stage, may be KK could shed light on that, it seems this is the Zambia he manufactured in his 27 years at the top, a country with a crackpot philosophy.

    • HH is on record playing the tribal card during election campaigns. So it is not Mmembe’s fault but HH’s as well. In fact he used to ram it into our ears that he was a Tonga bull!

    • Zambia has no ability to elect a sensible President because most voters in Zambia have no ability to identify a person with leadership credentials. All they see in HH (the best in Zambia so far) is umu-tonga!!! And this 2014, and yet you still have such minds. What a shame!

    • Good leadership is being able to explain complex economics to the masses. If HH has to explain his vision for Zambia a thousand times let him do so. As long as HH doesnt connect to the people on the ground. He will be president on the internet. We don’t want to hear the manifesto from HH fanboys.

    • Good policies that will change there life not hand outs from statehouse in the name of chibululu.
      Those who doubt what we are saying go and listen for yourself when HH is campaigning during his rallies.He is simply the best.

  2. Wesley, a few terminologies here need definining within contest. What criteria determines a leader at a time of elections and an era are not necessarily education and wealth. It is the direction of of the led and their immediate needs.

    Zambia has been longing for a leadership to rescue them out of textbook economics and interpretations of a better Zambia. This was necessary at the time of economic and ideology change in 1991 when the. MMD ushered in multiparty politics.

    Zambians have realised that potential and are now seeing the wealth the nation’s potential and wanted a share of that wealth. Sata promised that wealth. HH poses as an investor whose interest blurs the immediate needs of most Zambians. They have no trust in leadership whose allies are in the business of elite…

    • have u tried any learned person, who is well vested with economics.Give it a try n lets see the results.I think we can take a leaf of how magande performed as finance minister, conclude on that for now!!! Those who have hope that hh can transform our economy but are doubtful if he can win.lets combine those small votes in this elections and see if he can not win.lets try people!!!

    • @Chi chi you are contradicting yourself.You said that Zambians are looking for a leader with economic solutions and not text book Economics.HH has both he first acquired Text book economics and the applied it to practicle business plans which has produced Billions of Kwachas for him and his family.Because of his poor background as a village boy,he feels for the poor and wants to help them at a large scale buy first (a) give Zambians a constitution that addresses these economic and social issues.Secondly come up with anational policy that will help to creat a middle class which is good for business and latter generate tax which will in return creat jobs and reduce poverty.Having been born poor and being rich makes him understand the plight of the poor .

    • @Chi chi you are contradicting yourself.You said that Zambians don’t want a leader with Text book Economics.HH has both Textbook Economics and Practical Business solutions,which has produced Billions of Kwachas for him and his family.HH is the best from a poor boy in the villages to a Billionaire busness Guru.With his humbleness he has never braged about his richness but people themselves including Sata have attested that the man is a big fish.He is extending these practicle solutions to help the poor.He vision is to create a middle class population this is good for business and helps to increase Tax revenue,resulting in more income to be used in infrastructure and social security for the very poor people.In order to achieve this he will first give the Zambians a good constitution .

  3. fellow zambians and fellow voters ,let us know that having a lot of money is wisdom. but wisdom is how you got that money.there are some individuals who wrongly think they are the best cause they have money. yet some of them how they got all that money they cant even explain. there are many pipo suffering today cause of them.plz becarefull how you determin a good leader.

    • @fact man

      You are right, more money alone is not wisdom because even robbers can amass a lot of money.

      How ever what makes people with a lot of money like HH wise is how he has risen from a village boy to a billionaire guru, to borrow Sido mark ‘s words. He has amassed a lot of wealth by investing his money wisely in Zambia amid a hostile political climate to the amazement of people like the late Sata.

      So get it in your head that , its NOT what you own alone that makes you wise but a combination of how you owned it and what you own is what shows the wisdom in you.

  4. Stop this nonsense of campaigning fo HH,why cant he campaign 4 himself? Let him tell us wat he’ll do 4 us,hw he is goin to improve our economy.he is jus quite and u r busy sayin he is the best,no swag or charisma watsoeva.

    • @Chile1

      You are so angry that its becoming ever more clearer that the man, HH, you despise might take the presidency.

      Chill, its not up to you alone my boy. Democracy is about numbers. Therefore most us have seen hope in HH this true son of the soil with a lot of acumen to change things for the better for Zambia.

      Calm down young man otherwise you will die of heart attack.

      Whether you like it or not HH is man to be president this time around. All these confusions in PF and MMD are God’s way of paving way for HH.

      Remember the tower of Babel story in the bible. God did something to confuse those building the tower because they were trying to challenge him. The tower collapsed. MMD and PF are will collapse very soon and let HH rule.

      Viva HH.

    • Swag and charisma will not put food on the table of many poor Zambians. If a person of your caliber has not heard the message from HH, it just means you were not interested in listening to him. I have a feeling this time around he will pick it. Mark my words.

  5. Indeed being wealthy and educated does not make a good leader. We need development which we can see with our eyes instead of development on paper, the economic doing very well on paper but the same is not felt by the masses. We need a leader who will be bold enough to see that Zambians benefit from the copper, mukula tree etc. Zambians are tired of being told the copper is doing very well on the LME yet we do not see the benefits. Everything that needs to be done for the country, we go into debt or we ask for outsiders (investors) to do it for us. When are we going to run our own affairs? There are very few companies which are owned by the government, most were sold to investors, how much were the mines sold for and where is the money? RB just nurse Thandi.

    • Spot on Tambwali. I don’t care who delivers the wealth to the Zambian people. I am not a fan of PF, but Sata understood this although his Kaponya approach I cant buy.

  6. We are who we are, Zambians. There is no one known with megal brains than many other. On average we are poor in what we have seen done to ourselves. Even the educated and the rich, they have not done very exceptional achievements apart from stealing from our own resources. Even the next leader will aim at more pilfering from our own resources and then keep asking donor help. With all the resources in abundance to benefit the 14 million people, we can help ourselves. Those of us who still from ourselves what is milked from our own govt by ourselves is taken and deposited in developed world! We have a cracker way of thinking, lol. Let’s wait and see, the next leader will not use UTH but go take money to foreign hospital even for minor ailment. Who are we but who we are Zambians.

  7. HH will not be different from every one else. He will appoint Tongas and friends. We have seen the composition of his Senor Party members. Secondly he is too much of a capitalist, has shown selfishness, arrogance and a holier than thou attitude. He has not told us he will move the country forward. Pushing the Business agenda is good but he has not articulated the aspiration of the ordinary Zambian.

    • I feel you. you are right on most of the sense but on appointing tongas, i feel that you are been tribal. first it is obvious that every candidate has a strength, Sata’s lay in the bemba people and when he became president he appointed the bembas that does not mean he was tribal but that was his strength. Zambia is too mingled to play a favourable one sided tribal game. Sata the most tribal leader we have ever seen as a country failed to play that game so shall HH, God forbid, should he he try if he becomes president

    • Don’t be petty to say because Sata received Bemba support that’s why he appointed many Bembas.Listen to your self is that Good.If its Bad let all Zambians reject it.HH is a bove that try him.he can never do that.

    • …….but he has not articulated the aspiration of the ordinary Zambian.

      To UPND cadres: Listen to what Champion Chilifye has to say!

      Until HH and UPND can craft a message that meets the aspirations of ordinary Zambians, he is going nowhere.

      What is he going to do for that fisherman in Chiengi, jerabo in Kitwe, bus driver and conductor at KMB, street vendor in Lusaka and copperbelt, marketeers, farmers…..?

      No one is interested in HH going to State House for his personal ego. People are interested in the betterment of their lives if HH goes to State House.

      Those in UPND with ears to hear, let them hear!

    • You do not know what is on his mind, but I still think he means well. All this talking would have not been there if we had a good constitution.

  8. Zambia and the the state arr different. We are an illiterate country , voters don’t understand how their choices can affect their lives.

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  10. HH has the privatisation issues, RB has the corruption, globe trotting, his children are corrupt and thieves, Nevers has the Canada issue, E. Lungu is alleged to have drinking issues, GBM has his violent nature, he will embarrass Zambia by beating up his fellow presidents, Kabimba is arrogant, not liked by many people. We need someone who will not be bullied by investors, someone who will deport any investor who ill treats Zambians, someone who will put a stop to the Chinese stealing of our mukula tree, someone who will have his/her ministers investigated while in office if they are found wanting and if proved guilt will be sent to prison. We do not want a thief in whatever form. Our late president (MHSRIP) did that to Makumba, told KCM not to fire any Zambian at the mine.

    • Tambwali why didn’t Chiluba,Mwanawasa,Banda and let alone Sata not prosecute HH over privatization if indeed he stole.Not all rich people are thieves,just work hard you can also be rich.

  11. ladies and gentlemen.let us take our time and analyze all the persons that are standing for presidency in this forth coming by-election and see who has what it takes making a good president of this country.

  12. I think the article is biased. Sata may not be perceived as HH is being portrayed, but he has demonstrated real development in 3 years. I doubt I f HH will ever do what Sata has done in three years. We need people who deliver. HH will also fill the positions with his sympathizers otherwise they will not vote him next time.

  13. I know Zambians don’t vote wisely. We have wasted 3 solid years under PF. MMD became arrogant as well during their time. I would rather try UPND and one of the reasons I am doing this is to advance a message to all parties that you mess around once we remove you. We want people who can work for the people.


    • @PETER

      I agree with you whole heartedly that PF and MMD have people with massive experience in stealing and cutting corrupt deals.

      The experience of leaders in PF and MMD you praise is the NOT the kind of experience Zambians are looking for at the moment.

      PF has experience at creating more Austerity coupled with more UNCERTAINTY.

      Farmers and students lied to and still unpaid upto today.

      Civil servants unsure when next they will get their correct salary.

  15. ….Mr Ngwenya please do not engage us blogger as a dull lot….your opening phrase indicates just that. The so called ‘response’ from the made up feller you supposedly interviewed at the airport sounds weird and not factual. It portrays as if we Zambians are very dull when it comes to serious issues like decision making during elections.
    Your so called interviewee must have told you that….’as much as he considers the other candidate(HH) to be a better choice, he is PF and believes in PF so he will vote for Sata…’ and not that crap of a response you have made up….

    • Unfortunately the author is right. That to a large extent describes the mentality of a large part of the Zambian electorate. Sad but true.

  16. we are ready to forgive and vote for HH only if he admitts that upnd is a trbal party. Upnd is made of one tribe .That explains why the party appears organised. The moment other tribe joing in majority you will see confussion

  17. This article was heart warming until it got stuck in the ‘tribal mud’.

    The young man in Livingstone has a new airport ‘Harry Mwanga Nkumbula Airport’ to clean and for sure knows who to vote for.

    One should remember that Sata and HH had a golden opportunity to work together and had they, Zambians would not so soon be going to the polls again. Today HH would unobtrusively have slid into power…. Can you remember?

    Whoever wins these elections is a ‘seat warmer’. Real choices will be 2016.

    I salute our electorates and I pray that you make the right choice. Remember not every one will rejoice at the results, but Zambia will have a president chosen by those who care to vote.

  18. In this election, I think a person who will not have interest to be elected again in 2016 will be the best. this is because Zambia badly needs a good constitution that will guarantee democracy, civil liberties and level playing field in elections. that person can only be RB. once he is elected he will not qualify to stand in 2016 by constitution. he will therefore pass the new draft constitution with ease as he will have no vested interest in 2016. also he has seen that a constitution like we currently have is bad as it hurts you when you are on the other side, since he has now been on both sides of this bad constitution which seems to be sweet when you are in power and bitter when you are on the other side. he will also likely change the Public Order Act to make more democratic!!!

  19. Which ideas does HH have that will advance the country forward? We are all speculating here. Can somebody outline what type of success HH has shown the Zambians apart from raring animals which almost all farmers are doing?

  20. 1. The article is too long.
    2. The author is a dreamer. HH in my opinion can never be better than som1 who won an election as a ward councilor.
    3. Zambians are better placed to understand that HH is lwindi ceremony material_a tribalist. An american can understand that.
    4. You seem to have a low self esteem. You think that all things spoken by an American are impeccable.

  21. Did someone refer to sata as one of the best présidents? Kak! Just becoz he filled cabinet, embassies, perm secs etc… with his tribesmen then he becomes one of the best? He only cared about the bembas to the exclusion of other tribes. KK, chiluba, RB were better. Mwanawasa was even a lot better.

  22. Ask yourselfs this question why is rb back? Because hh has seen that he can’t win on his own that’s why he needed rb to push for the pact with mmd, rb will sell mmd 2 upnd….It’s a calculated scheme…thats how egotistical you hh is he wants plot 1 at what ever cost….

  23. I do’nt know what people see in HH. This guy has never articulated how he is going to tackle the key economic sectors such mining, agriculture,infrastructure,education and employment to mention just a few. On all his campaign messages,all he says are jargons such,PF has failed,UPND is the only solutions,Zambia needs a younger leader without explaining why him and UPND are the solution. He has never convinced me of his best candidature.

    • @Zeck
      Either you have been sleeping or are located outside Zambia. The atmosphere in Zambia, over the last 3 years under Jere and Libongani has been stifling and suffocating. ZNBC and the Post literally blacked HH out. He was hounded from some provinces including the Eastern and Copperbelt by hired police, PF hounds and mongrels. He was followed by police and denied permits to address and engage Zambians. Such is the PF legacy and I shudder to think that people still believe in the PF. Folks the PF is discredited and needs to be repudiated….if you know what I means..that is!

  24. you people understand this , hh is a not a politician,neither is he leader. he is a boss. zambia needs a leader cause a leader has a vision. but hh visions only when one dies, when mazoka was around ,were was he??? hh took over upnd and yet there were other good leaders within upnd who could have taken over.and this time he wants to behave the same to go to plot one as a result of death of another. please get to know were upnd has come from,only then you will understand hh.he is a chancer who has nothing to offer to this country . ask him were he could have been today if mozoka was around???

  25. As human beings,we are all different in how we articulate whats on in our mind.Even in our own families, some siblings have a way of getting whatever they want from the parent, whereas others can’t simply express themselves better. Chiluba was a sweet talker, KK was a bully, Sata a vicious dog. HH simply can’t articulate as it seems its not in him.This is the job of his inner circle&image builders. Him&his party needs to be rebranded. They need to come up with a catching slogan. HH needs to be groomed on our to deal with the media, supporters&ordinary people. He has to be taught on what to say to the Zambians that will make them give him a listening ear. He has what it takes to lead us, but his publicity people are failing him !

  26. How do you elect the best when you only have the worst running against each other. The title should have been, which criminal are the Zambian going to send to state house now? When you critically look and analyze the presidential candidates, you feel pity for Zambia because non of them is inspiring at all. How can you have a politician preaching to continue a legacy of failure? EL has no plan for the country except tell you his not a drunkard. Cry my beloved country!

  27. Haleisa Halelanda, Education is important in leadership. Cant you see how Chiluba and Sata messed up the economy due to lack of education. You cannot compare these two to the way Mwanawasa ran the country because he was educated. The other showed mediocre leadership. Viva HH

    • Sata never messed up the economy. Zambia, annual GDP growth has remained one of the fastest and robust in Africa for the past 6-8 years. The problem lies in poverty as grade 7 and 9 drop outs are finding it difficult to fit into the economy due to lack of skills. Sata has introduced technical and professional training schools and universities to address this problem.

  28. Mr Ngwenya
    Thank you. We as a nation have refused even to look back 20 years ago. Kaunda for so long feigned elections, where Kaunda himself was represented by a human symbol and the opposition was represented by an amphibian, a frog. The same folks who upheld the injustices of UNIP moved to MMD and people ululated without asking the hard questions about the complicity of those individuals in the UNIP era injustices. The MMD was rigged by UNIPISTS and PF was no exception. Today there are Zambians who in their hearts know that Hakainde is the best candidate we have. They, however, will not vote for him because he does not belong to their tribal, educational, regional or some such ism. Such is typical Zambian thinking or lack thereof.

  29. If we managed to give Sata an opportunity to lead Zambia on the basis of lies, why can’t we allow HH on the basis of the Truth??? For the PF, it was do not tell them( Don’t Kubeba) we shall manage to fix(cheat) them with more money in the pocket and the 90 days story. Is this not the same Don’t tell them group……….Zambia, enough is enough. Surel can’t you see they are still fighting for leadership?????? Everyone want to rule……..Fwamoneka tubabepa again…….Zambians are sleepy and we shall have another punchline story….Don’t something something……………..But I know God has a plan for Zambia and everything will be ok!

  30. Very rubbish article indeed. How can the best candidate lose? If he loses it means he is the worst. So HH is not the best that’s why he loses elections. Even this time HH is losing because he is not the best in that Zambians have not seen what he has done as a leader. He has not been even a ward chairman, now how can we know that he is good when there is no reference? Man, your best HH is the worst for Zambians.

    It pains but that is the Truth baba.

    Peace and Prosperity to Mother Zambia.

  31. Mr Siamanengo, If you had been following Zambian politics you would not have written what you have put above. I am in Australia and yet every time I open any publication from HH on Zambian issues it is always about how he wishes to govern the country so as to benefit the majority Zambians. My conclusion therefore is that you don’t follow(maybe by design or default) what he has been saying since 2011 as a politician. From Australia I can tell who means well among Zambian politicians.
    On the other hand I’ve just noticed an article about HH on Lusaka Times which when compared with the original source has a different interpretation to what they have published. You then start to wonder what the motive is.

  32. Ngwenya, nice piece but don’t despair Zambians will get to chose the leader they deserve in the near future. After all most even the most established democracies like the mighty US of A they have elected clowns like George W. and Ronald Reagan President!

  33. This is to Mr Scrutnizerer. You may term the article imaginary but what you have said about most of us bloggers is very true because I was in Zambia in 2011 and I witnessed a lot of that. There are a lot of contributions just here that indicate what you are saying as being true. Zambia can never develop with such a lot.

  34. @truth hates the response to your comment is ironically in your name. Will not waste any more space replying to such a shallow anylsis. Moving on! Education is very important quality in a leader. HH has proven himself both academically and practically. He has also shown endurance and patience. This man has nothing to gain from politics except a desire to serve. He knows how wealth is generated, he knows how development is managed. As far as I know he is a good family man and despite his wealth and power he has been clear of scandal. So as the saying goes ” what more can a man do to prove his worthiness? “

  35. Zambia has no ability to elect a sensible President because most voters in Zambia have no ability to identify a person with leadership credentials. All they see in HH (the best in Zambia so far) is umu-tonga!!! And this 2014, and yet you still have such minds. What a shame.

  36. Will Zambians Elect the Best Candidate this time?

    If history means anything at all the answer is a resounding NO!

    Sorry to say.

  37. zambians will elect the BEST they can, just as the ammies took Reagan and the brits took Maggie…the only thing that matters to voters is their personal or family preference! So what’s on offer? HH and farming – BRILLIANT point. There is no better independence for a country today than being able to feed ITSELF…Zambia has all sorts of talents but this is an END-GAME ! Can HH deliver? I say “his vision is sound and he has the mental capacity, the broad-based intelligence within his party..” AND HE WILL DONATE HIS PRESIDENTIAL SALARY – yes he said that! Osafaka akawalala again – NEVER AGAIN !

  38. HH and Miles Sampa are almost on the same page , I would expect them to handle macro economics almost with ease . However, when it comes to uniting the people I will be very concerned how HH is likely to unite the people when I look at some dangerous statements he had made previously. Statements like ” Sata is dividing the districts in order to chanel more resources to Northern and Luapula Provinces ” . I doubt if a quality leader will look at things in this way when the division of districts was a country exercise . I doubt if he can even continue is political career if he was in the US ,thus qualities of a leader should be looked at from all dimensions.
    On a lighter note , HH has conducted himself of late and we are assessing the situation which is likely to be affected by PF…

  39. HH lacks language to influence non tongas. Even among tongas hh is not liked by non SDA church members. All tonga sda church members are behind hh. Tribe and church denomination poses a big threat under hh. He should address these issues as well. All tonga mmd supporters can either support mmd or pf not arrogant and segregating upnd. HH must address people’s needs not making an intellectual show. But Zambia has cridible and tested leaders like Magande and many others. HH and upnd not different from pf. I challenge the upnd to give us their shadow cabinet to see if it may take in all tribes. Upnd is a pot calling a kettle(pf) black. Most tonga bloggers here are very dull and think Zambia is Southern province and are villagers who are not exposed. Umwana ashenda atasha nyina ukunaya…

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