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Zambia shot down high flying Cape Verde


Zambia beat Cape Verde 1-0 in their final 2015 Africa Cup Group F qualifier at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium in Ndola to get their sweet revenge over the Blue Sharks.

The win was payback for Zambia’s 2-1 away loss to Cape Verde on September 10 in what was their only defeat in the Group F qualifiers.

Zambia enjoyed some great chances on goal with Emmanuel Mayuka and Rainford kalaba denied fine chances in the 5th and 12th minutes respectively.

Captain Nathan Sinkala too had a glorious chance in the 72nd minute.

However, Sinkala’s shot from long-range hit the post with goalkeeper Kevin Sousa beaten.

The deadlock was broken in the 78th minute by Ronald “Sate Sate” Kampamba who sidestepped Sousa to fire in a deadly shot.

The win sees Zambia end the qualifiers firmly in second place on 11 points, one point behind Cape Verde who had already to qualified with two games in hand.

Meanwhile Zambia’s victory handed them their third successive win and fourth from eight games in charge for Honour Janza who has suffered just one defeat in charge since his appointment in August.


  1. Janza Well done. Lets believ in our own Indeginous Coaches.
    I am so Happy over ths man called Janza.

    God bless you and my Zambia.

  2. Zambia will be humiliated at this coming AFCON its best if we had foregone this tournament and solely focused on building a young properly managed team by an experienced manager overseen by proper football administrators not corrupt Galu empty suits.
    I stated that the PE tutor HR was taking us nowhere and Zombies didn’t listen..just look at how Ivory Coast is drawing a shadow of it mighty self.

    Zambia is going NOWHERE! !

    • We all start somewhere baba – accept the fact that FINALLY a zambian is again in charge of zambian players ! Janza should just keep consolidating and freshening-up his knowledge, zambian players KNOW what football is about( cf. Charlie Senior, Kalusha, Ucar were no accidents ! ); Janza, good job with the new blood and FOWARD !! Well done Chipolopolo and YOU’VE BEEN TO THE MOUNTAIN-TOP( 2012) – GO FOR IT and well done ALL 🙂

    • Jay Jay just give up. Kalu, or your Galu is enjoying success, just like HH. Sometimes, people should just back-off if you fail to take someone down.
      I succeded to over-throw Kabimba, now am after Edgar Lungu (am sorry he is poor, but you know what, he Zambian he will still make it in life).

    • Jay Jay you are the one going nowhere…You are so spineless I think you resemble a frog. What kind of cowardice is this. Jay Jay to succeed you must take on all odds against you. I f you win when all odd are in you favour it never a win its being favoured, therefore coward and never a hero like our Gallant Chipolopolo

    • Jay Jay i think your reasoning is that of a Chicken!!! How do you back out of the bigest tournament on the continent because you want to build a young team..participating in it is actually the best way to build a young team play them at that level then they get exposure and gain experience, this kind of reasoning is what brings people down,
      Dont fear challenges comfront them with all your might, i wonder what you have even achieved in your life Jay Jay,

      Kalusha bwalya has achieved greater things in life that you will only dream of with that kind of negativity, be positive in life Jay Jay free peace of advise.

    • The further the team progresses the more taxpayer’s funds you give to the Galu empty suits. ..
      FAZ is gravy train to them…you tell us where the winnings from AFCON 2012 disappeared to? Today this selfsame Association can not even buy flight tickets. ..Zombies wake up! !

  3. Congratulations to Chipolopolo and the technical bench.
    Zambia again was lucky not to concede goals due to school boy errors at the back.
    My concern is the back 4.In Equatorial guinea there will be no second chance for such errors.
    Preparations must start immediately.Arrange friendlies with Bafana Bafana and Botswana first.Then get DRC,Egypt,Tunisia or Algeria if they are not in the same group as of 03/12/14.

    Lastly the heading should have read
    You don’t shoot sharks!

    Well done boys

  4. I honestly think that ZAMBIA played good football yesterday. Ball possession was 62% against 38% for CV. The boys were quick and fast in grabbing the ball. Imagine playing Cameroon they can suffer at that pace. We just need more creative strikers. Mayuka was just a number and didnt do much perhaps we need more creative forwards, strikers who be reliable and score goals. Cant wait to watch boys!

    • We can try to start with Evans Kangwa in place of Mayuka and use Mayuka and a super substitute as he was used at 2012 AFCON. Look at how he came in and scored against Ghana Black Star in the AFCON 2012 Semis. We need quality friendly matches with strong opponents to try various permutations of strikers, mid fielders and defenders so that we do not run out of options at AFCON 2015. Mind you, we will be the most recent AFCON Champions at the 2015 tourney since 2013 Champions, Nigeria, failed to qualify and so did the 2006, 2008 and 2010 Champions, Egypt. With good preparation on the technical side, we can do very well at the tournament. The young Chipolopolo have the zeal, energy and passion for success which need to be nurtured and managed. Go Zambia Go!

  5. Congratulations gentlemen!

    You have give Zambia a reason to celebrate; more so, you accomplished the qualification task convincingly—in the end.
    Our flag is flying higher.

    The battle has just begun; there will be more giants ahead.
    Stay focused.

    Zambians, you’re the greatest!

    God bless you all.

    • Where’s William Njobvu or Justine Zulu?

      Pakati tapali bwino! pali ifi punda! Yesterday when Cape Verde wanted to play, they run through our midfield like a hot knife through butter.

      ndesakamana boys girls!

      Ba Janza bombelini po! olo Nga Stopilla abwela, take hime back to his original role as defensive midfielder!

      Otherwise.. Sate Sate mukali over! The future!

  6. This is the time to REPLACE HONOR JANZA, lets bring in a WHITE COACH to be with girls atleast 1 month before start of the tournament in EGUINEA. How does SA beat nigeria when they were just playing for formality is it revenge for loss of life at pofit joshua sinagoge?

  7. We didnt play well at all. we got lucky.

    Lets hope we dont meet Bafana Bafana, Cameroon or Ivory Coast! or else we will get beaten 10-0

    Coach must go!

    • To think Herve and Kalusha used to pick those fools Festus and Bornwell over Sate Sate and Kangwa! ati they are tall and strong! tsk tsk

  8. **** They thought they could easily jet into Zambia and win.
    They have only been to the island to play international football. All of them only have ancestors on the island and are all natives of Portugal. There is no football on the island. Their Government went to portugal and recruited footballers who had ancestors from the island and had no hope of playing for the portuguese national team. Their life on the island is just from the hotel to the pitch and maybe **** a few natives. Bastards.

  9. In fact the Chipolopolo only started winning after that new man who joined the technical bench came in.I dont know whether he is an assistant coach technica/physical trainer other wise with the Zambian coach on his own the team was losing and drawing with small teams.Congratulations toFAZ for employing that man(white)I dont know if hes french or dutch or german.Well done the the boys and tech team.

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