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The letter written to Dr.Nevers Mumba by Muhabi Lungu


Below is the Charge letter written by MMD national secretary Muhabi Lungu to Dr. Nevers Mumba.

mmd doc
mmd doc2



    • Check the letter, its addressed to the party president and this happens to be Nevers Mumba.
      Muhabi Lungu has agreed that Mumba is still the MMD president as it can be seen in the same letter.
      Confusion never ceases in Zambia seriously shocking and what’s going on with these amazing backwards uncompromising politicians of MMD and PF!?
      RB is just another one following the footsteps of comrade Daniel Munkombwe, but the Munkombwe’s of this world are honest and only want to eat. Atleast Munkombwe doesn’t care about being president but the selfishness of RB is pathetic.
      How many opportunities does he want one man out of 14 million people? Common, Zambia is not short of leaders.
      Why not try a Hero of Humanity before its too late? Who takes it?

    • Unbelievable! I think Zambia is a democracy in which people should respect their party constitution. If MMD so called central committee leadership can show this shortsighted attitude, one wonders how they will handle the national constitution. Nevers Mumba regardless of what anybody thinks is the legitimate leader who was chosen by the people and not a bunch of hypocrites whose interest is to jump into power. Nevers has started rebuilding MMD under difficult circumstances. Rupiah Banda is an opportunist who thinks he has a vision for the country. The man is well over 77 years and what has he got to offer the nation that he FAILED to deliver when he had an opportunity? It is absolutely shameful to our young democracy. This is the same attitude that some members of PF wanted to display.

  1. This ka Lungu, clearly has betrayed Dr Mumba and this is all devilish and selfish games by RB trying hard to come back to power. Shame on MMD NEC. Question to RB, what’s it that he is going to do in one year in office if he comes back that he never did in 3 years he was in office? Zambian’s lets be real with this selfish politician’s like RB

    • Political parties are like Corporations with CEO serving to promote the interest of its shareholders and investors with the BoD serving as an oversight body. You do not retain a dangerously incompetent liability when it is deemed uneconomical and adversarial. Therefore, RB has moral, constitutional and patriotic duty to accept a distress call from concerned fellow patriots seeking national leadership to build an umbrella republic today lacking under the PF insanity. He has been called to restore sanity, unity, order, constitutionalism, diversity, pluralism, sovereignty, investor confidence, institutionalization and constitutional reforms Zambia needs like yesterday for Decision 2016.

    • Muhabi Lungu is a snake in the grass. He is a very good actor, no I forgot, that’s who he is. Nevers is no angel but he stuck by MMD through thick and thin. He was ridiculed, he was betrayed again and again by his own members(even ba chituwo,shameless) but he was steadfast. Muhabi, in the same way that you have done a dontchi kubeba on Nevers, your days are numbered. Karma is a b!*ch so they say.

  2. Its not reasonable for MMD to suspend a leader who has been leading the part during difficulty times of by election(parliamentary).

    • It is expensive to retain a dangerously clueless and incompetent party President proven a disservice to the party. MMD is a big national party. It cannot be managed like a sole-proprietorship of Nevers’s NCC party born and mortgaged from his bedroom. Truth be told that a functioning party as MMD cannot thrive on hyperbolical expressive leadership but substance and consensus. Dr. Mumba is at liberty to revive his NCC now as the best time. As a country we need a leader who can prepare the nation for a free and fair all inclusive election in 2016. This is attainable because RB has nothing to lose from offering a brave drive in delivering leadership on this nation agenda for the common good. Insults will neither distract him nor slow down the support he needs to deliver. It’s service…

    • As it is right nw its not fair, where by some one was leadin th part, coming close to elections u suspend him. If tht was th caes u hav chose someone else in th first place thn ths

    • Senior Citizen, you have not said anything of substance except baseless accusations. Are you on Rupiahs payroll as well? You must be another dull clueless corrupt Easterner.

  3. I had a lot of respect for Muhabi but his behavior to undermine the president is just plain stiopet. Sha ati tyala bati.

  4. You people, your hatred for RB will not take you anywhere and we know that you are the same people betraying MMD. But be assured that MMD gave PF only three yrs to fail. They have terribly failed as you can see how the economy is today. You used shot cuts to State house but God says no to that. How many bemba presidetos are we going to have and they have all failed us. Let them also open or start farming they may have something instead of stealing public money. Look at Kaseba only last week her husband was put to rest, today she is saying she is the best person to take over.
    Zambians should not allow this and she must be investigated after election in Jan. Lets vote wisely don’t allow these people to continue plunging down our economy. I miss Mwanawasa and the President for all Zambians.

    • Kokoliko you are big fool. you will keep living in poverty. MMD have a constitution which must be repected by all its members. For your information MMD never gave a chance to PF they lost to PF. In Zambia today nearly everyone is a thief. People have stolen in one way or the other.

  5. @Kokoliko, so right. Zambia needs sober heads and look for a leader for smooth transition and smooth handover in 2016. RB has that track record for all to see and appreciate.

  6. Congrats Muhabi. Mumba should learn to get advice from credible people and not the incompetent Nakachinda and Lusambo. He dug his own grave. We need sanity in the party.

  7. Kwena Ba Senior Citizen amano mumutwe tamwaba. You are the same chaps taking Zambia backwards. You are so selfish and indeed a nincompoop. Are you truly blind folded by RB? Did you hear about the scandals unearthed at ZRA and many more? Are you truly telling me that there isn’t a more sensible person to rule Zambia? Banda is a failure, a thief, a liar, a pretender, etc. Let the morally upright people rule for God’s sake.

  8. Pompous senior citizen. How dare you support the come-back of dinosaur RB, whose only functional responsibility while at state house for three years was to indulge in activities of wine, women and song?

  9. MMD think they can re-enact the KK-Musokotwane debacle with different results. It will be interesting to see. That said, Zambia is no longer short on choice so may the best one win!

  10. I’m one of the many politically neutral Zambians. I’m waiting to see one person who’ll come across as decent morally and politically. I know that Jehovah God will raise the right person to lead this great nation!

  11. There is only one candidate in this election that has shown to be of deserving character and attributes to lead Zambia. What more does a man have to show to convince people of what he is capable of. HH has been successful in his professional life has strong family and traditional values. Free of any scandal and has shown patience, resilience and restraint despite the many un warranted personal attacks and labels thrown at him. Upstanding citizen who has selflessly devoted his life, time and personal wealth to serve his country. If truly there ever was a candidate who by his exemplary life and success deserves an opportunity to serve his country at the highest office he is the one. There is no fault in this man. Zambia needs a leader with a proven track record and strong moral background.

    • Do you know how HH got the riches? Do not just praise people without understanding where they are coming from. Some of us we know him starting from the time he joined the government from university.

  12. Nevers Mumba should just join the UPND. Just wasting time with a dead party.

    And Senior Citizen is just a tribalist. When Lungu was acting President the guy was supporting PF, now with RB back in the MMD, and Lungu not seem to be doing well in PF, Senior Citizen is now backing RB. Very old fashioned mentality with no class. People should back candidates based on leadership credentials and not ethnicity.

  13. These are all Unipist opportunists masquarading as MMD. True MMD died a long time ago; hounded out by FTJ’s 3rd term & LPM’s selective anti- corruption. Nevers was a champion of one party state threatening bloodshed pre-1991. Rupiah never resigned from UNIP ‘thanks to desparate LPM acting on lame advice Aka. Muhabi was KK’s chola boy when he ousted Musokotwane from UNIP & made sure UNIP was permanently decimated. Now they are doing the same thing the did to UNIP to MMD. RB is a vulture specialising in inheritance of the dead whilst Nevers is a specialist in grabbing positions he never worked for. HH should be careful with alliance with now partyless Nevers, (as LPM regretted). It wont be long before Nevers will want to upstage him & be the leader of UPND!

  14. Some Key MMD members who mislead RB that he was popular and he was going to win 2011 election are the same individuals who are misleading RB that is the most popular in MMD to contest 2015 election. This same group is responsible for dividing MMD and will make RB infamous if he loose the election. Of course, RB will loose. who can forget the removal of certain Acts. Nevers should just form his own party and the majority of MMD members, 3/4 will join him. Nevers should be able to compete in 2016 election. Time for Nevers to say enough is enough if he is not contesting the 2015 election. Sorry RB, some of those Key members just want to milk you and make you infamous, resulting in not enjoying respect you currently enjoy.

  15. Chimbwi asenda echo ashaishiba bane.Ati akabwelelo ba ne….Munshebwa nao…..We vividly know one another and we dont want there money when we know they can not tick.Be in prayers and our Lo rd will let go the one He has been keeping for Zambians after the late.

  16. Dr. Mumba, what I have seen is that your stay in MMD has not been welcomed by many members. This situation is not health for you! Why can’t you just leave that party and concentrate on other things that will give you peace of mind? If you can recall what happened earlier when some of the top leadership in MMD rebelled against you, that was good sign for you to make a better decision whether to be in the party. Do not force matters to be in top leadership of MMD that will never come back in power! Consider my advise. “Ifyakuntinta filaputuka.” Never lock the door when the horse has been stolen!!!

  17. This is what MMD is known for when it was in power. They also treated the country as if it a mare MMD party. What development did they bring apart from making and amending some of the worst bills and laws for a country striving to achieve happiness to the citizens.

    RB is no more innocent than Chiluba.

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