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NGOCC backs female Presidential candidate



The Non-Governmental Organisations’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC) has declared that it will rally behind a female candidate in the upcoming Presidential by-election.

Speaking at a Press briefing in Lusaka yesterday NGOCC Board Chairperson Beatrice Grillo appealed to all aspiring female presidential candidates to declare their candidature publicly.

Ms Grillo said women are the majority registered voters in the country who can usher in a female President by ensuring that they turn out and vote in numbers for a female candidate.

She explained that NGOCC has chosen to rally behind a woman candidate because women have a caring heart for the people.

Ms Grillo said just as women prudently manage their homes, they are aptly placed to manage better the affairs of the country for the benefit of all citizens.

She said it is unacceptable that 50 years after independence poverty levels have remained extremely high and that the status quo justifies calls for a female President.

Ms. Grillo appealed to women who are majority registered voters to turn out in numbers and vote for a female President.

Speaking at the same function Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) Edith Nawakwi said Women in Zambia have always been ready for a Female President.

Ms Nawakwi said it is high time the nation rallied behind a female presidential candidate in the up-coming elections.


    • No proper reasoning coming from an Organisation run by learned people. There has to be more to it than just gender. If it’s just based on that, then all the drunks will rally behind EL and you know what that means

    • This LT pure fabrication. A female candidate they are ready to support is Nawakwi, not Kaseba. Far from it.

      Kaseba failed to show leadership by failing to advise her husband to deal with many issues raised by NGOCC. She even hid her husband’s illness at the time when she would got sympathy from amongst the women folks. She blew it big time.

      Woman candidate yes, but Kaseba definitely not.

    • Germany has a strong chancellor, the only first world economy doing fine while rest, including USA, UK and France are in doldrums. Mama Kaseba and Edith Nawakwi shall join hands. Let there be President and Vice President be our mothers. And when they move to Plot 1, they shall nominate 8 ladies as MPs. We are torchbearers of democracy and change in Africa, let us set that trend again in Africa. Our mothers shall rule for next 20 years to take Zambia to first world countries club.

  1. They will rally behind ‘a’ female candidate. May I suggest Dora the Explorer?

    Shut up NGOCC. Come back when you’ve got your collective brain in gear

  2. All drunkards in Zambia let us support our colleague Edgar Lungu so that we push the country forward who told them that zambia needs a bitch to lead us? A widow knows where she belongs period.

  3. This woman is brainless!! Few weeks ago she said they will decamping PF. Now that Kaseba was to be President on the PF ticket she U-turns and say they will support a female candidate. be principled and stick to your guns lady

    • use your reading skills well,”speaking at the same function ,edith nawakwi……”meaning the ngocc are supporting her.not kaseba.

  4. Edith has experience. Let the ladies rally behind her. Edith shall promise that she will have a fellow lady as VP and all 8 nominations to parliament she will make will be ladies. Let our mothers be in command and take Zambia to exclusive club of developed nations. It will take 20 years but it is achievable. Edith, Kaseba, and all other aspiring shall sit down and agree on way forward.

  5. We have heard this crap before. Truth is women will have to wait a VERT LONG TIME at this rate. Poor judgement . Both Edith and Kaseba are husband snatchers eg, Not in a ‘ Christian nation’

    • Are you God? Solomon the wisest man who ever lived was born from Bethsheba whom David slew. Problem you guys in Zambia have is you condemn the woman for the sins of the man. In those days, David was held accountable. This adultery, men snatching etc in Zambia is not the problem of women – maybe a certain extent but it is because of the inequality traditional crap we have allowed to continue. Every other man in Zambia feels he is not man enough unless he has extra marital affairs. Why? Because the alangizi people teach young girls to shipikisha regardless.
      Did Jesus allow the woman caught in adultery to be stoned?

  6. Obviously this does not include Dr Kaseba does it now, Mrs Grillo?
    Don’t forget that this is the spouse of the one who did not deliver the promised constitution in 90 days, tried to deregister NGOs, fired 300 nurses leaving our pregnant women dying like flies on the floors of our hospitals, etc etc.
    This was the vision of her husband which she wants to carry forward…..that is what Dr Kaseba said when she lodged in her nomination to PF, I am not putting words in her mouth. So Mrs Grillo, mind your language unless you want to be deregistered in 2015? Be specific and say Nawakwi or other, NOT just women which would include Dr Kaseba.

  7. Wanzelu is so late! Why do dwell so much in the past? You must be a very controlling husband if at all your wife has not left you!

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