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The PF Madness and the widow


First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba
First Lady Dr Christine Kaseba

President Sata is gone (MHSRIP). But even before cement at his Grave site dries up, the lid in PF has blown off. The Zambian people have come face to face with PF madness in its overflow. Leading the whole madness in overdrive is the compromised widow Christine Kaseba wickedly defying every norm, culture, decency, and moral values synonymous with genuinely afflicted family members mourning.

Whatever the scheme behind this madness, it is wishful thinking to believe that our tradition of giving leaders a dignified send off means we can buy into this whole madness of inheriting the Sata Presidency.

Its sad that the widow has not even delivered the funeral of President Sata to his people in the village or indeed resolved some post funeral family discussions not mentioning receiving of mourners who missed the burial. She is dreaming of misruling Zambia too. When a loved husband dies, a responsible woman priorities to unite the family and provide leadership under a new situation.

Unfortunately, Kaseba has shown she is more interested in power. If condoned, this Jezebel spirit may eat our country where more Gold diggers may arise than moralists. Its now clear that President Sata died in the hands of predators who prevented people knowing about his health status and letting people pray for their leader. They quarantined him until he was done with then scrambled for his position.

It would not be surprising therefore to see through this whole death. Delusion at play is that Zambians can nevertheless tolerate such soulless minds with their Republican Presidency.

Someone tell them that Zambia is dear to our hearts and Zambia will be here beyond PF reign.

We are not willing to trade-off our values, culture, morals or the country for this madness. For God and our country we pledge never to resign from our consciousness against such amoral schemes. We are not for a country that will fall for PF madness not again. Instead we are alive to the fact that as a nation, we have a Golden opportunity to redeem ourselves this time around.

And since Dr. Christine Kaseba is now a politician out of mourning, we should not provide her any public funded accommodation, logistics or retirement benefits due to President Sata. Fellow Zambians lets beware of women who step in to ruin our marriages. They are never credible. While in Kenya they suffered a white widow, in Zambia we have suffered the shame of a black amoral widow.

Let’s redeem our country this time around.

By Bwembya Mutale


  1. I will support her only if she marries me. Then I will also ensure a quick send off to the cooler. Six feet down. Then I can stand whilst mourning. Hahahahaha

    • @ cat yo upnd mentality is making you think like an opportunist. Kaseba has a democratic right to stand. Other pipos lives have movd on. Evn Mulenga Sata is standing. Y nt condemn him too. After all she is more than capable of being a good presido. Shame on u man

    • You lot should feel sorry for Kaseba

      She is being used controlled and may not have a say of what is happening.

      I loved her to bits until she broke my heart yesterday.


    • Christine Kaseba’s candidature is the biggest joke of the year, albeit a sour one. Greed and nepotism in the Sata family has no limits

    • She has been carrying the presidents files here and there and giving orders for tenders at State House RDA for the past 2 years Sata was sick. From this experience, she thinks she can rule very well. Ruling a nation made simple or ruling a nation for dummies.

    • The best candidate ever! and please the mourning card against her is useless. Mourning is a lifetime process and with no time-frame. She broke no taboo, nominations where closing by yesterday. Did you expect Scott to wait for her until she stops mourning? I will vote for Dr. Kaseba.

    • Jesus said, ‘Let the dead bury the dead.’ This is the most ridiculous thing about cultures that imprison women and subject them to treatment as second class beings. If it was the wife who had died and the husband went on with business as usual, no one would be writing this rubbish. Dr Kaseba HAS been ruling this country for the last two years. ‘I have TWO vice presidents, one at home and the other one a white man,’ Sata said. HINT HINT!

    • @Cat power

      Your sarcasm is hilarious ! Then once you marry her you got to start immediately planning of how to beat her at her game. Otherwise she will send you to the cooler box first.

      Just a tiny dose of polonium does the magic then one of you goes on a long working /medical tourism in Isreal and comes back as a cabbage.

    • I knew there ought to been some Bwembya stupidity involved with this article! Bwembya?!!! Senior Citizen, Pungwa or whatever other acronym your wicked mind comes up with these day, what’s wrong with you man?

      I means, seriously Bwembya man! What’s wrong with you and why in the name of God do you think the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise can blindly follow your wicked ploys? What cultural norms in Zambia are you talking about man?

      Your MMD cronies destroyed my UNIP instilled cultural norms; there are none left. So, spare us this nonsense about tradition and culture because we don’t have those anymore all thanks to your MMD wickedness.

      Zambia is westernized as they come now, PF is leading the way in democracy which MMD has never done, I am still UNIP yet I like what I see!!

    • Some of these comments show why Zambia is still a third-world country. You people are always castigating people who don’t think like you- in this case Dr. Kaseba. Some of the cultural mourning traditions are archaic and done for the sake of putting on a show. True mourning can only be done in the heart. No one is rebuking Mulenga Sata for filing in his candidacy even the he has known Sata for a longer time than Dr. Kaseba. The lady is probably more qualified and educated than any of the others contesting. However, because she does not fit your uncivilized description of a widow, you have left her out to dry. For crying out loud, the man died almost a month ago. This article is so stupid, backward and outright ignorant. Who are you to judge how the widow feels? Nonsense creatures!

    • I don’t mean to be a jerk about it but some of the photos of ba Kaseba taken during the period on mourning including the day of burial, do not show a grief stricken woman. I don’t mean that she is not allowed to laugh or smile. But those wide grins from ear to ear showing her dental formula to the smallest intricate detail… it’s like she is just tickled to bits and pieces ka

  2. That is your own opinion. Show me where exactly in the anals of history it states the exact time frame she should wait? Whether the concrete is dry or not is the man going to wake up? whether the flowers are still fresh so what? Must her life stand still for the sake of the dead? When a man is widowed a wife is brought instantly. She can mourn him in whatever way works for her. Even the same bible says “Let the dead weep the dead”. When a king died and his heir is installed, is it not immediately?or do wait 4 the son to finish mourning too? why should a wife be differentiated because she is a woman. Is the brain not the same? She should be judged by her actual capability not ancient laws and customs that are defunct in this day and age. Get over yourselves with your traditional…

    • @Team Kaseba: Don’t embarrass yourselves and Mama Kaseba?????, Winning an election needs someone with norms and value of the community / people of the land? Leadership needs someone who respect people tradition. We are not in the west but Zambians? Our tradition tell us to respect the dead.

      You are a Widow, Your own husband castigated Maureen Mwanawasa just for a comment on the by election then?? What about YOU?? Standing for presidency when Your husband has not even blown up in his grave??

      It is a shame to the Sata Family? How desperate would it take them to wait until 2016?? She has the right to contest?? BUT the timing is wrong???

      Sata’s Family be told?? that you are not the only Zambians. Your time has gone, so new people in state house. Move out? a family with no…

    • even if it was a man, it was giong to be the same. u pretend as though u are not an african or zambian. not everything has to be written others are unmriutten rules. where is it written in the zambian culture, for example, that you need to kneel down b4 elders or u need greet elders first. batatamayo imwe naimwe namusebana

    • @Team Kaseba, LOL. Steady now, ‘Anals’ relates to the anus, whereas ‘Annals’ relates to a record of events in a particular period, normally a year.

      You my friend have been looking in a wrong place, and definitely at the wrong end of the body for answers, LOL, No wonder you’ve got a wrong perception about ascending to power to lead a Country.

    • Team Kaseba wa lasa mwana. Some people are just hypoctrics. Let Madam Kaseba morn her husband in her own way. Life shouldn’t come to a stand still just because she lost spouse. Tradition, tradition uko! Sata is dead period! She loved and cared for him throughout their marriage, and more importantly during his sickness. No matter what, she will continue morning for him throughout her life but life goes on. Moreover when Sata died, she immediately took over as “head of the family” yet no one, not even tradition condemned her. Now now that she is offering herself to head the PF (Sata’s party), some people want to talk ill about her, like she was caught sleeping with a man.

    • Not disputing the fact that she has the moral right. She has failed to harmonize her ambition with the culture and tradition of the environment she is in. Even in business these are very critical if you wish to excel. She will be met with equal resistance by women who will mistake her ambition for heartlessness, uncultured and power hungry. These are the people she wants to lead and as such should respect their tradition and culture. This is the point #TeamKaseba has missed. She is aspiring to be the mother of the Nation and her behaviour is being used to judge her. If she can fail to demonstrate that through mourning her husband, am afraid whatever you say or do will just push PF into oblivion.

    • Remotely controlled, she will only come back to her senses after the candidate shall be declared in PF i.e if she will not be the candidate selected. For now in PF anything can claim to be the best. Indeed @democracy if not demons.

    • At the rate we are going it won’t surprise me to learn that you people are asking the dead to bury themselves while are busy looting the deceased’s wealthy. We must as well do away with the period of national morning. Where is your conscious if you claim that you really loved your partner but then remarry a week or even a month after the demise of your loved one. You will not always do things because its your fundamental right. We do certain things out of respect for the dead. National mourning, memorial service, laying of wreaths even for people that died several years ago are all done out of respect. After burial, the bereaved family continues to mourn for a reasonable period of time and obviously a week is not reasonable for a widow or widower.

    • imwe,contesting is not bad,but timing. going by ethics.Kaseba`s timing is not ethical. moreover four people from the same family.mmmmmmm.

    • @Me

      Very well said. You said:
      “She has failed to harmonize her ambition with the culture and tradition of the environment she is in.”

    • You self-proclaimed intellectuals like @ThePrince busy trumpeting tradition, culture, and the importance of a leader being at one with the traditions of the nation are ignorant of history. You should know that over several years, traditions and cultures have changed with the injection of civilization. In many traditions, when a woman lost her spouse, she would have to marry her spouse’s brother, and he would possess her and the belongings left over by the deceased. In our modern society, such is not the norm, and we now have wills. Long ago, arranged marriages were the fabric of society, however, they are rare nowadays. Long ago, women stayed home and were uneducated, however, in our modern society, the girl child has a right to an education. Traditions continues to change.

  3. This is HATE speech, you fulunyemba bwembya mutale, don’t compare first lady with other ordinary women, she had both national and marital duties. Since SATA is gone Kaseba has to move on with the immediate next program of filing in her papers, this chance will never wait for her mourning. It also does not mean that she will not finish the african traditional way of mouning husbands, she will but first things first. After elections, the uncle to SATA who is chikwanda will do what tradition says to her, such as relieving her to remarry norms on SATA s clothes etc

    • Team Kaseba and Chinyoko -whaterver that is
      So to you immediately your spouce dies the his issues came later since your priorities come first now ??? What came earlier death or presidential ambitions ?? So maybe its true your plans to get him dead and take over came before he died?? You are even thinking of remarrying already?/ Shame . Cant the hole mourn too or it was too much waiting for him to pack up ??
      To you Chikwanda let her be. Don’t do anything traditional on this thing ‘later’ as all she has embarked on is not traditional. Mulekeni. Mwikamupyanika. Limbi aliufya kale.
      The Sata family in Mpika don’t have an opinion or control over there widow so soon.

    • Anyoko can you show us Kaseba’s marriage certificate???? She was simply the concubine that occupied the main house – She should vacate State House & join up with Nkandu Luo to further prop up Tasintha!!!

    • Is the author insinuating that the widow has no share of the bill of rights. Is toasting some to stand as your candidate because he has more money any where near democracy. its up the PF delegates to decide not Bwembya . Where was this shi bukombe when Mazoka ‘s widow was endorsing HH instead of mourning?

  4. What may be a social problem to you may not be a social problem to me.Let her there is nothing wrong.Problem u have not experienced war u Zambians that’s why you talk nonsense.In war pipo die like dogs and buried as such.A dead body is dead it has no life.Jesus said let the dead bury themselves.

  5. Stop calling her names. Its like a company if the owner of company dies as a wife you cant sit back mourning whilst resources at the company your husband left are being stripped off. Pf if being torn apart by vultures and you expect her to sit back and watch? She has to continue the dream her husband left. Sata started pf alone. He suffered for more than ten years to be where it is. There is nothing wrong with the wife taking over as president.

    • Exactly. That is what PF is. A personal family business. No wonder all the relatives feel duty bound to “save” the Party.

      It is a pity. So Zambia is now a Monarch?

      Are we so stranded that we can’t find other people?

    • A Company? And here I was thinking that companies had their own legal personality; very different from the owners or am I wrong? Perhaps in Zambia it means the owner of the company and the company are one and the same. Moreover, Zambia is not the Satas company whichever you look at it. Argue from an informed point of view not from without!

    • @Bwana Mkubwa, how is Zambia a monarchy when we have opposition parties? You’re acting as though PF = Zambia (logical fallacy). And you @Sharp Sharp, the OP is obviously comparing PF to a company, not Zambia to a company. So next time before you criticize, please try to analyze and comprehend.

  6. Sata must have been a cursed man.Everything he said or did came back to haunt him.He laughed at his sick friends and made fun of them.Just look at his demise he even ended being reported to have fainted at a high profile meeting.He called Maureen uncultured for making political statements during the mourning period of Levy.Look at his wife she has abandoned mourning for him and is now going into campaign mode.Not to be outdone is the son who started campaighning before his father’s body arrived in Zambia.

  7. Kaseba never loved her husband. Even when he was sick she was busy screwing young men. Now that she is a politician we shall call her what she is ..a prostitute.

    She is now in the same group of shameless people like RB who specialises in taking over power fro the dead

  8. Thank goodness, Zambia is NOt company or monarch were related people take over. Zambia has norms and customs which must be followed for moraliy’s sake.

    it’s on record ”In 2008, Sata castigated President Levy Mwanawasa’s widow, Maureen for commenting on political matters shortly after her husband’s death. Sata sarcastically told Maureen to visit alangizi (traditional marriage counselors) because her behavior showed that she was uncultured.”

    This was coming from someone whose wife was just waiting for him to kick the bucket and take over his legacy. MHSRP

  9. Its all shame to be used like that its’ best to face the cartel face to face than taking this way Zambians made RB cry Zambians do react badly to such issues i don’t think this is any special if not worse we are watching them and only time will tell

  10. Miles – PF is my uncles’ party and according to our custom i have the right to inherit the estate
    Mulenga- No ways Miles times have changed, i am the rightful owner
    Bob – need i remind you two men that when a man marries into your family, the marrying family has agreater stake?
    Mama Kaseba – shut up all of you. when two come together they are one. Me, Sata and PF are one so i own PF.

  11. Flight HH2015 is waiting to take off on 21January. Do you want to remain and perish? Wake up Zambians, we are too smart for PF. Let’s vote HH and set ourselves free

  12. (1) Bwembya Mutale, What is the minimum number of months for mourning?

    (2) Do you have to wait for cement to dry for you to go on with life at the grave yard of your partner?

    (3) I would agree with you if she was getting married to another man few weeks after her husband’s burial. But getting into work does not amount to anything as you are insinuating.

    (4) One can stay for so many called mourning years but may still not truly love their husbands.

    (5) We need a lady this time around.

    (5) For the first time can we have

    • Well, if you are the killer, certainly you have no scrupples to mourn, rather celebrate as we are witnessing with the “concubine Christine!!”

    • @Kavuyi what makes her the right woman to rule? Just because she was married to Sata and a medical doctor? Or because she is Bemba or is beautiful? What makes her the right woman? Because she is in PF? Because she was so good at helping her husband hibernate? Or because she already has her relatives and friends in positions of power within the government? What exactly? Please make a pitch for her so that we can understand.

  13. Kalata wanu a Christina Kaseba, walila mvula walila matope(he who cries for the rain to come should also be ready to deal with the mud that comes with the same rain one cries for)

  14. This confusion within PF MUST necessarily take place to signify its demise. The real sad end episode of this, is its raping of Zambian morals on funerals and widowhood. Is it ‘imipamba’ or sheer arrogance that death of Sata means nothing and life must go on. Of course Zambia and life must go on after all Sata is not nor will be the only Zambian to die. However, normal cultural funeral values need to be upheld for the departed. The entire secrecy, ‘bamba zonke’ rule of Sata has been a sham ever since PF came to power. Sata himself has been a divisive leader whose death was welcome by many in the nation. The confusion the nation and PF in particular have plunged themselves into is an epitome of Sata’s despicable dictatorial rule he lives behind. Widow president!, what a shame to…

    • Mahule imwe leave this noble woman (Dr Kaseba) alone. Its not like she has started sleeping with other men. She just offered herself to take over from were her husband left. Am sure she doesn’t want to see the fruits of her husband go to waste. Having more than 10 people offering themselves for PF presidency isn’t confusion, this is democracy. The one who wanted to bring confusion by not following right channels was Edgar. Thank God H. E. President Guy Scott put his foot down and Lungu succumed. Haven’t you observed that since Vodka got neutralised our streets are now.

  15. I wouldn’t be in such a hurry to “stone” her. Does filing for nomination mean that she has stopped mourning? Would you rather a Doctor or Music Teacher kept away from work for six months after the demise of his/her spouse? If so, how would you expect them to feed their family in that time? Why not extend the same argument to a politician – or do we think that politics is not work? What is important is what is in her heart and only Dr Kaseba and God knows that. As the bible in Jeremiah 17:10 says:

    “I the LORD search the heart and examine the mind, to reward each person according to their conduct, according to what their deeds deserve.”

    It seems to me that she would make a much better President that many of the guys that want it.

  16. It is totally unfair to judge the Dr. so harshly. The author of the article should as a student of Civic Education at UNZA so that he fully understands the fundamental rights of every individual including Dr Kaseba. She has not announced that she is remarrying, no. I wonder how many cultural values and norms the author observes.

    Exposed to scrutiny, the author may turn out to be more than the worst. I would go for Kaseba.

  17. Lolohahahahhakikikikikikiiklolololololololololoolkikikikikikikikikikikikikikikikilololololololololololololobuabuabuabuahahahahahahahahahahahkikikikikiklololololololololololol…………lol……..kikikiki….buabuabuabuah….kikikikiiiikikikkkkikiiiiiiiiiii..this is real entertainment…next item please….phew!!!

  18. Express the same venom on Mulenga Sata. Why have two standards of treatment behind the veil of “culture and values” even when some are clearly perpetuate injustice on the weaker sex. Some men even go on to commit fornication barely a few hours after burying their wives. Never pass judgement when you emotional or out of spite. From where I am, among-st all the Candidates in the Patriotic Front race for the party presidency Christine Kaseba is the right person with character, sobriety, knowledge and interest of the PF party which her late husband wished for. The rest are opportunists or being backed by such.
    My vote was not to be for the Patriotic Front on 20th January 2015 and probably will not be; BUT if Christine Kaseba ever was to be their candidate….its a given my vote is for her.

    • If Mulenga Sata was a widower we would have expected the same, but he is not. Usually children disperse a few days after the funeral of a parent but the widow or widower stay put for sometime. I am talking about the Zambian culture and not that of any other. If Sata wanted Maureen Mwanawasa to be taken to alanginzi for making political utterances what would he be saying about taking actual political action? Or is it a case of chiwamila ngalu…in all instances were the Satas are involved?

  19. Whats the difference between Kaseba and Mulenga for those who are condemning Kaseba,if I may ask.!! Don’t we say blood is thicker than water,mulenga should have been the first one then to behave the way you guys with upright traditional values ought to !!! She better than most of them.Just because she is a women you even fell to sleep just thinking about this rubbish,nowander we had 14 days national morning! lets stop unproductive practices and encourage windows to work extra hard once there chief bread winners are no more!!!

    • @guiseppe.. That’s the problem with your witchcraft mentality. To you death cannot be natural, it has to be caused by another person. Let’s blow your bubble: Sata was 77 years old, he was a smoker during his younger years. My friend, sometimes death can be natural. Going by the flag besides your name (U.S flag), you should be civilized and exposed enough to know that there are various ailments common to man, and that it is vital to go for medical check-ups just in case something is developing internally. Unless you’re one of those TB Joshua and miracles healing fans, you should know that death is inevitable.

  20. I personally feel qualities are there especially that the ground work in mobile hospitals appeal to grass routes was being done but was not complete by the aspirant She represented well her self and articulate on most thinky functions and conferences/audiences both locally and abroad

    But I think timing may be wrong in that morality on mourning may outweigh her and put her at odds with norm and more so to shift grass routes to her favour without any meaningful and sincere support within the party may cause her to spend a lot of time and money which may cost her dearly and in an event that she lost both the presidential and party ,she will loose her credentials in the eyes of people

  21. ….when she went on an ant-hill to announced that her husband was well and fit and working very hard barely weeks before he passed on, I relegated her from up there to under my foot….now with this…she doesn’t deserve to be under my foot any more….I have finally dug a deep hole and shoved her in there and buried her with cement.
    There are so may conmen surrounding her hoping to cash in some quick bucks out of her…hence duping her into this ‘savage’ arena.
    Most of those supporting her action are either below a certain age or out to milk her…
    …can some-one interview Maurine Mwanawasa, I want to hear her views on this…

  22. The author is a faithFOOL. Such an article has no room in modern society. Women should no longer be treated like small kids who cant reason. Had it been a man, he could have long been involved in a relationship with another woman even before the wife dies.
    Women and NGOs and men of substance, stand up and condem this nonsense.

    • How do you know that she is not already being bonked by countless men ?? Get a life : this is not an issu e of human rights in which even prostitutes hide.

    • Kamuchoko
      Pipo like you make me worried about our future.Which success?Sata was an embarrsment not only to his family but more so to the nation.Only Mugabe dared visit him during his rule and the rest appear like they just came to confirm that he is dead for his funeral.The only value of Sata is a lesson of what a leader ought not to be.

    • Please wise up folks.. @Kapoli, she was Sata’s last wife. So I don’t think she would be responsible for his actions prior to their marriage. Besides, you’re judging the man’s character, not his intelligence in the political scenery which the Original Poster is talking about. @Kapoli.. Please grow a brain or ask for a transplant, not every woman kills her husband. I feel sorry for your wife if at all you have one, that would be an awkward relationship void of trust. @Mailon, if you have not visited Zambia recently and seen the development taking place, I will forgive. Besides his random utterances, Sata and his government have overseen the development of infrastructure in the country. He was only in office for 3 years. You can hate the man personally, but at least acknowledge his work.

  23. Permalink – I agree with you. She has my vote and I will influence my family to vote for her. This person is not remarrying for her to be judged like that.

    You can mourn your beloved ones in different ways. By managing what they have left behind is also mourning full stop.

  24. Dr Christine Kaseba is the only neutral candidate to stop this PF madness and we will vote in numbers. Sata is gone and she is not going to mourn for him forever she has to move on with her life, which this time around is Politics. As for the rest of these PF baboons like Kambwili, Eddie Lungu, Bashi Nono(Bob Sichinga), Wilbur Simuusa etc they are just wasting their time and only scared to be fired. Now an advice to UPND’s HH i know the truth hates but mark my words HH will never ever rule Zambia and partly to blame is the Watchdog’s association with him that is causing him to everyday lose popularity. As for RB i have no words only to wonder what the hell is wrong with his brain. The victory will still go to the PF whether you like it or not. Viva Guy Scott Viva Christine Kaseba.

  25. leave the woman alone. These traditions you speak of are stone age issues there is nothing mystical about death you simply stop breathing and your conscience awakens to a different spiritual realm where you wouldn’t care less what your widow is doing back in the physical world.

    Its been almost a month since MCS died MHSRIP life must move on if the people want her they will vote for her but lets not try to put her down because she is not complying to our primitive view of a grieving widow.

    • Well, she has chosen to enter into the political realm. She must be prepared to be castigated, insulted and all. Unfortunately, that’s what Zambian politics is about. So if people attack her character, let them do so. I mean, that’s what we do in Zambian politics isn’t it? Calling each other names! Accusing others of being drunkards (as in Edgar Lungu). And we may as well accuse some of failing to mourn properly. Yesterday Edgar came out and said he’s not a drunkard. She can also come out and say she has mourned enough. It’s game on! We are going to call her names! Including some very nasty names! It’s Zambian politics… And for now, there’s nothing you can do to change it. It will take generations before we begin to vote of substantive issues!!!

  26. Okay campaign time is on.

    The only outstanding comment to make about Christine is how she is deemed to qualify. She is not a politician. She has watched from the side lines and has has been First Lady, but does that make her President material?

    I question her wisdom. We already have Mulenga Sata on the roll, why did she need to put herself forward? Does she not think him capable? Sadly, the truth is just the Sata family would like to put as many of their family members for office, I suspect to ensure their continued presence.

    There is no doubt that is why they would not take the decision of the Central Committee and insisted on Convention to muddle the water, to wrestle power to one of them. It is not Sata family taking part it is the use of Scott to create a family…

    • Personally, like @Mushota, I am disappointed though I do see what she is doing. I personally think she should have waited for 2016. Mulenga Sata, Miles Sampa and Bashi NoNo(clearly she gave in!) had it covered.

      I think she is trivialising the office of the president and is not in the calibre of seasoned politicians like Nawakwi, Nalumango, Luo, and my new favourite jean kapata(what a passionate protector of the constitution patriot).

      She can stand but I am disappointed in her for presenting herself like a Barbie Doll.

      EDGAR LUNGU. Only credible candidate,

  27. i hope she is not being used for shoddy deals by unknown cartels who have no courage to face PF Mcc. Mr Guy Scott must also be responsibe enough to read the mood of the people and see that EL has all the support looking at the number of masses that were at NASDEC yesterday, and all the contendors had no such followers. Winning is about numbers people and if they get a nother contender like GBM GBV eshi people will get his cash and vote for Hakainde period. open up eyes people. Guy scott dont kill Pf we urge you, why should ministers gang against you. and why should family members 5 of them compete? i smell a rat there,

  28. PF is going to the end. many members will defect to join the opposition or form to ma partyz especially
    the presidency candidates that will lose this race
    they should not lie to us that they ll support who
    ever wins no that’s a lie coming straight from
    some mashabe in these candidates. come on
    people we are not kids to be lied to. sata
    was they only person that these guys
    use to fear now that his gone its free
    for all even people that do not
    have what it takes to be a
    president. shaaame pf

  29. She is a member of the cartel just like her late husband this woman must not be allowed anywhere near power she can not be trusted

  30. Only a fool can support what Dr.Kaseba and Mulenga Sata are doing!this is total madness!its unafrican.they could’ve waited till 2016!these two are the same like RB in mmd!even Bob Sichinga and Miles Sampa are the same.it now proves why Guy Scott has been refusing to adopt people’s favourite Edgar Lungu.so Guy Scott was being confused by this family tree,to hell!

  31. There are two myths in Zambia. One that there is democracy and secondly that Zambia is a Christian nation. Our understanding of democracy has been warped by the way this country has been ruled after Independence. During the multiparty era the state of emergency was used to stifle the opposition by UNIP. This façade of democracy was finally done away with in 1973 with the introduction of one party rule. Even when multiparty democracy was reintroduced there was no semblance of democracy and in a Christian nation trumped up charges resulted in a political opponent be incarcerated on Xmas. In a true democracy Mrs Dr Sata should be allowed to be adopted by her party and if she is not adopted as was the case with Mrs Clinton so be it. This nonsense was not said about Mrs Clinton in the USA.

  32. Dr Kaseba ! Why the rush ? You should have waited for 2016 , people were going to understand you ,1 yr in between 2016 and now is not too far for you to rush . Some of us we have read about the new companies and contracts you have through being state house tenant and i now believe your rush into this is to protect your interests . Time will tell . The company you opened with bapongoshi- Chimwemwe ? We have copies .

  33. There is real confusion their so God is right Babel and Jezbeel is on us. No wonder the late President was buried on 11.11. In the bible 11 means confusion

  34. Am not going to vote for any of these greed, cruel,
    shameless PF guys. all they care about is power
    and the monies not they interest of people of
    Zambia. we can tell from the number of those
    standing even the mum and son are on the
    same race what a disgrace to the nation
    where are the few good men?

  35. Ok , great news, just wait for me Dr Guy Scott I have to launch in my papers today. Please don’t close the door. Who is coming with me?? This position is free for all .

  36. this one of mumembe’s ideas!!

    Comrades!!!Kaseba knows PF was buried with her husband and she is in a state of shock.

    Forgive President Kaseba as she may not have been formally married as per tradition and has no obligation to take the funeral anyway.

  37. Wapya munzi! this articles smell unfounded fear and hatred for Dr. Kaseba Sata. I don’t see any contradiction between mourning and filling in a presidential nomination. I’ve no doubt that Christine is mourning her late husband and doing other things simutaneously. What’s wrong with stepping out of State house to file in a nomination? In my judgment, she is the best candidate in this presidential race provided that she does no surround herself with a bunch of crooks. We’ve had enough male presidents; it’s high time we support Christine’s aspiration to plot 1 and give her all the necessary ingredients she needs to bake lovely national cake for all Zambians, especially the poor and marginaized. This is best news of the week and only seconded by Zambia’s qualification to AfCON 2015.

  38. According to I was told by one man who happened to be a felowship leader at UNZA when Kaseba was a student, this immoral behavior was exhibited a long time ago .It has been told of how this immoral being went against the fellowiship decision not to date a married man because it was un-christian and morally wrong.She even stopped going to church because they were against her relationship with a married man …..THAT IS PART OF WHAT USED TO BE CALLED FIRST LADY

  39. The best way to honour a beloved one is to ensure their dreams and what they worked hard to build is not destroyed by selfish individuals. The stance taken by our mother Madam Kaseba may not be excellent especially that she is a woman. Its surprising that no one is speaking about RB ‘s stance when the wife is ill out of the country. Madam Kaseba, women of Zambia aree behind you. Its high time men accepted that worem can take the lead, afterall honest men will admit that a lot of women are already in the lead’ though in the background’. Looking at the ‘confusion in PF, madam Kaseba is THE BEST CANDIDATE until maybe 2016 if they will mange to put their house in order. The truth is, adopting any of the 9 male presidential aspirants in PF will be disastrous to the party. Kaseba IS THE…

  40. Its wrong traditionally and morally for Dr. Kaseba to enter the political arena just 8 days after her husband was buried at embassy park. Regardless of which tribe one comes from, as Zambians we respect tradition and Kaseba has not done that!!!She could not wait for 2016???Anyway Zambian politics….

  41. I hope we have clever and intelligent politician who shall be able to tear this woman to threads during campaign. Who are going to discredit her to the very core. So that others must learn from her now that she is in the ring its punch for punch.

  42. Team Kaseba.At least Zambia will have a better face to show on international forums.The widow thing is immaterial.There are different levels of mourning.You can morn and do nothing or you can turn the pain of mourning into energy to finish the cause of the dead.There are also different levels of thinking.There is a lower lever,which is to stay the status core,follow culture and traditions,but if you look at Dr Kaseba,there is no reason she married Sata apart from her desire for power and prestige.She has a higher level of thinking,she has a plan,she is a power player.I believe that she overcame a lot to marry the old man.she will overcome a lot to get the PF presidency.After she has all the qualities.ViVa Keseba,go girl.waliswangana,ulimwana wamukali.

  43. Thankfully, PF is bringing sanity to Zambia’s political landscape. For the first time, we are seeing true democracy being practiced within the confines of a political party. It is unlike the bull’s fight we witnessed in UPND many years ago and the recent chicken fight in MMD, the dust from which is still choking us.

  44. I am very happy to see that bloggers on this site have matured. It is good to debate like this with points without defaming others through insults. Keep it up guys.

    But I also feel that much as Dr. Kaseba has all the democratic right to stand for presidency, I also agree with those who say the timing itself is really wrong. She should have reflected on this one seriously other than succumb to pressure from people who just to use her to their selfish advantage. I am sure its never too late; she can still withdraw her candidature to reserve some little respect remaining in her!

    Thank you guys!

  45. I am very happy to see that bloggers on this site have matured. It is good to debate like this with points without defaming others through insults. Keep it up guys.

    But I also feel that much as Dr. Kaseba has all the democratic right to stand for presidency, I also agree with those who say the timing itself is really wrong. She should have reflected on this one seriously other than succumb to pressure from people who just want to use her to their selfish advantage. I am sure its never too late; she can still withdraw her candidature to reserve some little respect remaining in her!

    Thank you guys!

  46. Dont hide in culture and shame. A widow is still suppossed to work and work harder for hard times ahead. You want widows to be always begging from you.
    What did you do to Maureen Mwanawasa? You were the ones who quickly advised Maureen that she could not contest as she was mourning but what did that place her to-date. Did you even remember her in 2011 nominations?

    Dr. Kaseba is just a threat to your prefered candidate. You are so confused.

    When you lose your loved ones, you are given just 7days compassionate leave days in most working places. So how many days should you want Dr Kaseba to mourn for. Dont you know that mourning never ends till you die also but you need to continue working to survive!

    • I agree with you my brother on this one but timing is totally wrong. She should have waited for 2016 at least. Its not good to use sympathy to win votes. Votes must be won meritoriously considering all the experiences, attributes and pressurrs that go with the presidency!

  47. Now Cartel is thoroughly confused. First they tried to peddle Nkabimba and failed. Even Nkabimba must now be shocked that his name is no longer making headlines in the Past newspaper, let alone the boring and stupid daily mourning that Mmembe unleashed on us in his Past. Then they tried to suspend Edgar Lungu and got a spontaneous backlash. Now they want to peddle Kaseba and it’s not working. The cartel and Mmembe don’t know what has hit them, but I will tell them for free that people saw their own contradictory reporting. They saw through what the Past thought was clever. And now they are facing the RB bombshell, the very last thing Mmembe ever imagined to would happen to him! Now he is mauless, well he is trying but he no longer has confidence in himself.

  48. Actually I expected Dr Kaseba to get a job with UNICEF or such organisation, not this political rubbish. So then does it mean that she did not have a strong CV after all, apart from being the president’s wife?

    She must be dreading the idea of going back to the maternity wards of UTH after participating in the firing of 300 nurses as part of her husband’s “vision”………kikikikikikiki

  49. I knew there ought to have been some Bwembya stupidity involved with this article! Bwembya?!!! Senior Citizen, Pungwa or whatever other acronym your wicked mind comes up with these day, what’s wrong with you man?

    I means, seriously Bwembya man! What’s wrong with you and why in the name of God do you think the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise can blindly follow your wicked ploys? What cultural norms in Zambia are you talking about man?

    Your MMD cronies destroyed my UNIP instilled cultural norms; there are none left. So, spare us this nonsense about tradition and culture because we don’t have those anymore all thanks to your MMD wickedness.

    Zambia is westernized as they come now, PF is leading the way in democracy which MMD has never done, I am still UNIP yet I like what I…

  50. The painful reality though is that, it is at this juncture that PF is supposed to redefine, rebrand and reinvent itself that it is, in fact, not a “Sata party.” Such transcendence from being a “Sata Party” to being an ideal PF party, will be tricky to achieve. For instance, any appointment of a visibly Sata family member, will automatically compromise and entrench PF as being a Sata Party. This will be so, even if that may not be the indented objective. Perception is all that matters.

    • Do not be blinded by mere appearances. Strive for essence for appearances can be deceptive. Can’t you for once see through the eyes of reason and objectively appraise the qualities of a candidate rather than their filial or tribal accidents.
      Madam Kaseba’s decision to stand as president is a rational decision. Little wonder that simple souls, those whose level of thinking does not go beyond mere lenses of culture (which they even hardly understand) and emotion are terrified.
      Time has come for Zambia to be ruled by an intelligent and dignified woman. Only 3 years as 1st lady was enough for her to catch the attention of both the national and international community with her charitable work. A very innovative and hardworking woman. Any well meaning and reasonable Zambian should support…

  51. From King Cobra to Black Widow Spider! this one has more venom. This woman has really exposed herself. Crocodile tears for sure. God will punish these plunderers.

  52. Amama Kaseba Balengeska chomene ine nkhaba Lumba naumu bakalililanga alume Afumu babo Asata.Mama plz just withdraw the race otherwise u wil b badly embrased.Wait 4 2016 we wil suport u let the dust settle first.Its unculture

  53. The writer of this article is a male chauvinistic pig who should leave Dr. Kaseba alone. Who is he/she to dictate what Dr. Kaseba should do? Mourning is a very private affair and no one should dictate to another how they should mourn or how they should run their lives. Stop oppressing dynamic women through traditions which you yourselves do not respect.

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