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Rupiah Banda’s injudiciousness may fuel voter apathy for 2015 Presidential by-elections


Former President Rupiah Banda
Former President Rupiah Banda

The immoral and disgraceful interference of former Republican president Rupiah Banda in the Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD)’s National Executive Committee may cause unprecedented voter apathy in the coming 2015 presidential by election. The former head of state’s injudicious actions may even have more negatively impact on the voter’s attitude than the current turbulences being reported in the ruling Patriotic Front.

Rupiah Banda is a like a coward captain of a ship who jumped off the ship to save his pockets without considering the affairs of his sailors. He left MMD at the time the party needed him most. One even wonders why he should be tolerated by any well meaning party cadre. Tolerating him should not even be mentioned among the MPs and NEC members.MMD has been going through the storms and Rupiah Banda has just been watching from the terraces. Now that there seems to be a shore in view he wants to claim responsibility and leadership. What a way to insult your friends! That cannot be accepted among the sane people.

Besides, electorates don’t want any more political dinosaurs from political archives of the last generation. He must read his politics well. For some time now voters have been yearning and looking for a relatively younger leader than the pre- independent stone throwers.

One would even wonder what unfinished business Mr. Rupiah Banda has in the office that is making him lose his head and paralyse his faculties. We the youths and indeed all the relatively young generation don’t deserve this act of foolishness. You may end up losing the sympathy and respect you currently enjoy.

The youths are calling for Mr. Banda to ditch this unachievable come back mission and return to the terraces and watch. Bembas say

akabwelelo kalalya. You may end up in more serious situation than the ones that you experienced in the past few years that followed your defeat.
Mr. Banda must not be cheated or cheat himself that he is sellable. He is no longer sellable. Opinions and moods have greatly shifted against him and against his age.

We would also wish the NEC of MMD to show mature leadership by demonstrating decisiveness, discretion, transparency, integrity, honesty and respect for the party constitution. Apart from showing signs of corruption NEC has demonstrated lack of decisiveness, discernment and discretion.

We will decampaign MMD and Rupiah Banda if Dr. Nevers Mumba is not given his rightful chance to represent the party in the coming 2015 presidential by elections.It is irresponsible for any leader to rape or watch the constitution of an entity you are entrusted to watch over being raped in broad day light.

How can we respect leaders who prioritize their pockets above the party? Where is morality? Where are the fruits of your education that we see in your credentials?

Allow Dr. Nevers Mumba to be the party presidential candidate for the coming elections as the constitution suggests. Bring back sanity to our beloved party. Let Mr. Rupiah go and attend to his other personal issues.

Nicholas Kaponda
Former MMD District Youth Chairperson for Ndola


  1. Embarrassing that RB would want to engage himself in such unselfish acts. He is former President?? why can’t he rest and enjoy his retirement?? These are people that have agenda to take Zambia backward. He wants to come and finish our economy by selling all companies with Dora and his sons.

    Zambians let us say no to this man. He is evil with no respect for the poor. What is it, that he can do for us when he already failed us?

    Sorry RB just go back to your Farm. Not this time around.

    • Flight HH2015 is waiting to take off on 21 January, I’ve just bought my ticket. Let’s wake up Zambians let’s vote UPND and set ourselves free

    • He should be looking after his wife who is fighting cancer or is he of the same mould as Christine kaseba – people who don’t care about the imminent demise of the partners they calm “Till death do us part!” I guess their interpretation of that vow is “Good Riddance! Life goes on!!!”

  2. Banda should just forget about the presidency. He should also recall that he did not even earn it in the first place.

    Banda, old man stay home and leave the young ones run the affairs of this country. We are tired and really tired of you old people, you generation has done enough damage to this country. You keep appointing your fellow old men into key positions at the expense of the young people. Enough is enough Mr Banda and your kind.

  3. Ba Kaponda mwalasa ama points.
    RB is a Disaster to MMD at large,and ma hoping he will sit down and think well coz Zambians wont again vote for Dinasuars

  4. Voter apathy should be highly expected with the happenings in PF than in MMD people are likely not vote it will be a poor by election worse off if the PF make a mistake and go for the cartel and not Lungu people will have no reasons to vote with RB i don’t think he will have any influence .People had set there minds on Lungu and this is very true if one takes a survey

  5. When people have talked and one cant listen there is only one thing left and that is posterity. Some people lack the spirit of shame and will always be like a little child no matter their posture may be. One could easily conclude that the result of certain actions are only meant to split results or just damage the process for the preferred candidate to take the day. RB may be in league with HH as weapon to destroy Nevers and pave way for his interests or indeed may be aiming at destroying HH so that PF may carry the day or indeed may aim at destroying would be candidate in PF . Big question is WHY NOW AGAIN RESURRECTING instead of being godfather for wisdom and counseling. Right now RB should have been giving guidance to all these political parties from a neutral position. Painful step.

    • The MMD knows that neither Mumba nor RB will win them election. Whats going on is mere witch hunting and RB like before is being used as whip to chase Mumba.

      Mumba pushed kachingwe, Namugala , Kaingu, chituwo , simbawo out of the Party . Now they want him out, RB is ready to be the rabid dog. Andrew Banda is the most pathetic one for allowing his father to be used as Guinea pig.

      Bye election are known to be marred with voter apathy. We don’t need to politicize it but just simply expect it.

  6. Without prejudice, Nevers, what is your position on the elections soon to come? Are people starting to campaign in MMD with two Presidential candidates on the mind of people? Simply put record straight and settle the dust otherwise your sympathizers may begin to split and consider supporting other candidates under protest.

    Hopefully you have put all to prayer for God’s guidance. Look up for your salvation is nigh, so says the bible. Greater is HE in His children than one in not .

    Have you had chance to talk this over with RB , your parent to hear now what resonates his mind after people’s reaction to his come back?

  7. Let the old man nurse THANDIWE please and even look for his son HENRY. Infact during the so called NEC meeting why didn’t the group that beat kachingwe who was reduced to nothing from a General, beat up NYAMA SOYA UNTIL KUZITUNDILA

  8. its not possible for my uncle RB to win, mark these words. do unto others what u wud want them do to you, the scriptures say. zambians shall dissappoint u becoz u have dissappointed NEVERS

  9. I an not surprised RB has joined presidential race because he specialises in taking over power from dead people. He is always looking for sympathy vote.

    Also Zambians should ask RB what he will achieve as president in 1 year because he will not qualify in 2016.

    • John. You have raised very good points, but i think you missed it on the 2016 elections. This 2016 election, i feel is the main reason for Rupia Banda’s come back. The current constitution will surely prevent RB from standing but the draft constitution if enacted will allow him to contest the 2016 election. RB sees this as an opportunity to rule for 10 years ie (the 3 years already gone, the 2 years 2015 and 2016, plus 5 years from 2016 to 2021). If he wins RB will enact the draft constitution to allow him to contest the 2016 elections.
      *Is he doing it for the love of the country? i doubt it.
      *Can he win? i do not know.
      *Should Zambians be voting for a candidate like him? I don’t think so.
      *I sure think Zambians should look elsewhere for leadership. I could be wrong though.

  10. This man is very foolish and selfish. He wants to do the following?
    (1) Form lap Green cartel and sons and give back Zamtel to Lap green
    (2) Subject us to Chimba Chimbwi Zambia shall be free advertisements.
    (3) Recall Henry to Zambia and have all cases for Chimba Chimbwi, Ronny Shikapwasha and others in his league dropped.

    My family of 8 eligible voters can never vote for you.We had enough of you in 2011 and you subjected us to untold misery. ZNBC was so detested to the extent that people stopped listening to news. Your tenure of office was the waste we experienced in the history of Zambia.
    I hope and pray that H H has no plans of working with you given the amount support he gave you during and after elections in 2011. HH keep away from MMD if you have to gain credibility.

  11. rupiah is a non issue ,unless you lost your voters card.lets just go and vote.Which voter apathy,not all of us are MMD sympathizer.Those are there own issues. If you feel like not voting then you should be mad and not worthy to be someone in pain due to this govt!

  12. Is this man normal? I wonder or may be I thinks that Zambians are very dull who can vote for him so that he can give back finance bank, Zamtel, Zambia railways and Zambezi Portland to fellow thieves who never cared for common man. NEEEEEVEEEEER!

  13. I totally disagree with former opinions, this old man made an economic landmark during his rule so what is the concern about? Le him try his chance, if he is not popular he will lose and then and get back to his wife’s bedside to nurse her. RB has my vote

  14. RB was simply kicked out of power and rejected by the Zambians for being stubborn and not listening to the cries of the people. RB is on record of pursuing his own agendas and not of the nation and general public. If RB took Zambians for granted when he lead the country for three years and never listened to the cries of the people when his family was busy getting rich, what about this time what is it going to be. I’m afraid we are headed for more problems and the reversal of the previously repossessed companies. RB should not be entertained at all. This man is immoral and has no respect for the Zambian people.

  15. As much as it is agreeable that RB is past his time. The calibre of names that are putting themselves forward is an insult to the institution of presidency. Might as well vote for grasshoppers & frogs. PF candidates are useless, opposition candidates are useless. The standards have truly been lowered and now, Na Chi Opener!

    • Chipimo, Magande & Milupi are sensible and ok but their parties are useless. Miles & Mulenga are not ripe and living in a fantasy, Kaseba is shameless, kambwili & GBM are jokers, Simuusa & the other guy, we don’t know them enough, Lungu is humble but is he competent, he does not seem to be in charge of his campaign. HH doesn’t seem to know how to take advantage of the chaos, Nevers has never been truly accepted as a political leader. Where to next? Forget Sondashi, Mpombo, Mulongoti & Pule, they are mad!

    • Y cant u offer yourself if u have what it takes.some u are just good pulling those trying down when ve never made an attempt not even at local govt.level which only demands a grade seven certificate

  16. This old man is something else, what is he thinking of us we as young people we are not fools. He had his own time and he failed completely. Actually nothing good can come from him.let him go to his farm and rest.

  17. Ok this is LEGENDARY STUPIDITY,we young people shud neva allow thiz madalaz to rule us again,wat is he goin to b doin in office at 78,Besides sleepin and fartin the whole day?

  18. MMD ” more mediocre discord” the mediocrity being displayed in this party is disheartening. Is this not the same Banda that lost to a headmaster in the 80s? What happened to all the MMD heroes of the 1990s?

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