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MMD Youth provincial leaders across Zambia back Nevers Mumba


File:Dr. Nevers Mumba lifted shoulder high by his supporters
File:Dr. Nevers Mumba lifted shoulder high by his supporters

Nevers Mumba is still our Presidential candidate

We, the youth leaders across the country have rejected maneuvers by some National Executive Committee members to impose Rupiah Banda on the party as we go towards the presidential by election.
We believe the decision to bring back Mr Banda is illegal, undemocratic and devoid of necessary consultations.
We join other provincial leaders from in rejecting this selfish plan which will send our beloved MMD to the grave.
Our firm belief is that Dr Nevers Mumba has a five year mandate and he is the natural candidate for any presidential election that occurs during his term of office.
This is basic logic which does not even need legal interpretations.
We wish to make it clear to the disgruntled members of the NEC that youths across the nation will not be party to such desperate attempts to destroy the democracy on which our party is anchored.
We now declare that MMD youths will not work in whichever way with Mr Banda if he insists on standing on the MMD ticket. We reserve our right to withdraw our members from any political activities initiated by the Banda camp.
We will work to paralyse Mr Banda’s machinery if he insists on going ahead with adoption and subsequent participation in the presidential by election.
We believe that it is not too late for Mr. Banda to return to his senses and withdraw his interest to stand. We advise him to utilize the few years he has remaining on earth to care for his sick wife and young children at the farm. He will be most useful there than in the political circles.
As we prepare for the election, we wish to place it on record that we only recognise Dr Nevers Mumba as the bonafide leader of our party and our presidential candidate.
No matter what kind of machinations the NEC will employ, we will never support Mr Banda’s move because it falls short on moral and legal argument.
As youths of MMD, it is our duty to ensure constitutional order is restored in the party. We have both a moral and legal duty to protect the party from mutilation by the old guards. We the youths are the future leaders of MMD. The old guards have little care for what happens to the MMD because they are old and about to retire to the next life. We believe their selfish moves are motivated by the fact that they will soon leave the earth and have no care about what becomes of the MMD.
We reiterate our resolve for fresh and clean leadership to steer the party forward. We will not allow old people that were rejected a few years ago to return and send our party to the grave.
We call upon the women and other right thinking members of our party and the general population to join us in our crusade to block old and recycled leadership from coming anywhere close to power.

Jointly issued by: MMD Youth Provincial Leaders (21/11/14)

Copper belt-Chiko Chibale
Northwestern- Jones Mulusa
Northern-Webster Nkole
Muchinga-Lovewell Nsofwa
Luapula-Jackson Mwewa
Central-Mando Chileshe
Western- Sililo Kusika
Southern-Jordan Malawo
Lusaka- Scorpion Kadobi


  1. My fellow citizens let us all wake up and rise, Guy Scott is shifting gears every day to favour him over other people he doesn’t like Lungu, GBM, Given, Mulenga Sata. If he continues am afraid things will really get ugly. Scott, Fred,Wynter,Mwenye cant be bigger than Zambia. PF CC why not expel Guy Scott.? How much damage do you want him to cause.? Rememeber we only have one Zambia. I plead with you lets show Scott that we can only stretch as far.

    • Zambians you have now seen for yourself that only HH is a credible candidate to restore order and sanity to Zambia.

      The rest of the leaders are busy positioning themselves for one thing only, and that is to amass wealth and become rich to the level of HH.

      2015 Vote HH and UPND.

    • thats a pf problem ,join UPND if you are tired of confusion.Why should you be bothered when we have credible leaders else where.Welcome to UPND.

    • Praying for Dr Mumba. Why isn’t Dr Mumba filing an injunction, this including Press Releases may not be very effective taking into consideration the time constraints for the elections.

    • MMD youths should be sober in their analysis of the situation.What are the benefits which accrue to the party when RB stands for 2015 by election?
      a) in my opinion,since there are huge problems among
      NEC members as regards President Mumba’s
      leadership,RB will be a stabilizing force that should
      result in smooth campaign.

      b) Whoever wins the 2015 by-election will be at State
      House for 17 to 20 months which is below the
      required 36 months for one to be recognized as a
      former Head of State to enjoy former Presidents
      retirement benefits.In other words,if during the
      2016 General elections,this person loses,he will
      not be eligible for this retirement package.RB has
      not got this disadvantage.

      c) RB can raise easily raise…

  2. Which mmd youth chairmen. This is just bored man Lusambo a digranted not useful boy. You are going together with the pastor. We know that PF has been using you but be assured you are finished. You have been a liability to mmd during the time the pastor was using you.

    • Nevers Mumb is a filthy animal who has dual personalities and changes right after money is misplaced just like what happened when he was the high commissionar in can-ada; iditots like these who pretend to preach the word of god and on the other hand stal money should clearly go to hell and suck my chicala all day long; i will get his bottom plundered by ebola patients till kingdom come; Evan Mfula at Evaduco reporting live from Lusaka

  3. Nobody, apart from the Tonga people, is interested in HH. Stop wasting our time with somebody intending to sell Zambia to international capital, chaperoned by dictator Obasanjo.

  4. God is in control. Fear not but go forward in believing what is right . Do not lose hope nor faith. God knows what is good for the nation. Before embarrassment comes excitement comes first. God speaks, sometimes the hard way yet may be HIS way and WILL. over his own child. God can answer in the negative or positive. God raises whirlwind and dust with purpose. God calms storms with purpose. Same God can allow man to harden heart towards God’s child and stand in as stumbling block, yet in all God is shaping a good future for his child. God may have seen what we may not see in our political landscape for now and may be saving his child. However, this should not let Nevers to retreat but to give heed to GOD’ SMALL STILL VOICE to his ear. God speaks. Nevers would have made good candidate.

  5. Those advocating for RB to be MMD candidate, do they realize that RB’s parents were born in Malawi. The fact that this was not investigated in 2011 does not mean that the same mistake should be made this time around.

  6. Good move by the youth.

    I recommend this action to PF youth.

    You don’t have to accept personal agendas in political parties.

    Youth are the future. All this delivered with the youthful gusto!! ‘We are young, you are old. You gonna die soon!’

  7. Light is brighter when it gets darker!
    Viva Dr. Mumba, the next president of Zed.

    When RB was caretaker President he never saw the opportunity to groom someone younger because of such selfish interests.

    Now what does he want to offer? Die on the throne?????

  8. Ati Scorpion Kadobi youth leader? You mean faithful customers of National Breweries via other peoples’ pockets? What do these characters understand about politics? If these are the people that will continue to define who rules us, as it is in PF, God help us!

  9. Out of ten provinces only Easten Province Youths did not sign that Youth rejection against the old selfish log. Ethnity here shows its ugly head! Bwezani no doubt plays divisive distructive politics. Any reasonable voter will not waste his/her vote for the selfish old log.

  10. Nevers Mumba your time is finished. You and that chap Nzowa stole so much money while you were in Canada. It is time for others to take over and point this country in a new direction. How can a person send 4 abana to college and universities on your salaries. It costs at least $24, 000 in tuition to complete a diploma in Canada and that’s if you are a Canadian so what more an international student? Mwalishita nama nganda ku Canada. This is wrong and this money could have gone towards improving Zambia’s hospitals, roads, sewage systems, etc. This way of thinking simply has to end. Yet you sit there and pretend to be a child of GOD. Please be very fearful when you use his name because he will come back for you. And stop using the tile of Dr. please!! People vote HH if you want to see…

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