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Mumbi Phiri advises Dr Kaseba to withdraw her candidature


First Lady Dr Christine Sata with chats with Former Zambia's High Commissioner to Kenya Mumbi Phiri during the Golden Jubilee Anniversary of Zambia's Independence and the 50th Anniversary of India -Zambia Diplomatic relations in Lusaka on October 18,2014 -Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA
First Lady Dr Christine Sata with chats with Former Zambia’s High Commissioner to Kenya Mumbi Phiri during the Golden Jubilee Anniversary of Zambia’s Independence and the 50th Anniversary of India -Zambia Diplomatic relations in Lusaka on October 18,2014 -Pictures by THOMAS NSAMA

Former Munali MP Mumbi Phiri has appealed to former first lady Christine Kaseba to withdrawal her candidature from the PF presidential race, because her decision is against cultural norms.

Ms Phiri who is also Zambia’s High Commissioner to Kenya says Dr Kaseba is not setting a good example because culturally, someone is expected to mourn their loved one for a reasonable period.

She has also expressed disappointed that five members from the same family are all vying for the presidency, and describing such action as an indication of lack of unity in the Sata family.

Ms Phiri was speaking in an interview with journalists in Lusaka today.

Dr Kaseba has filed in her nomination papers to contest the PF Presidency, becoming the only female applicant, in a race that has drawn the interest of nine male contenders.

Dr Kaseba says she has been compelled to join the race to save the PF from destruction or abandonment of the vision and ideals of the late President Michael Sata.

she is saddened and pained that the PF has been characterized by violence, divisions and acrimony in its efforts to find a new leader.

Dr Kaseba says the divisions pose a serious threat to the party and the realisation of the dreams of the late president Sata as contained in the party manifesto.

She is calling for unity of purpose to consolidate the gains the PF made under the leadership of her late husband.

Dr Kaseba says her grief of mourning the loss of her husband cannot be compared to the pain that would result if the party is allowed to die because of divisions.

For her, she says the true mourning of the late president would be to complete the work that he began.

She is also encouraged by the so many people within and outside the PF who have encouraged her to take the leadership of the party.

Dr Kaseba says she has consulted with her family and has listened to the calls urging her to contest the Presidency of the PF.


  1. These are repercussions of bringing into power riffraffs and useless people. Knowing Zambians, they will still vote for PF again, and whoever will stand on PF. Please vote HH people.

    • Dr Kaseba, it is your constitutional right to stand as president. No one can stop you, so Mumbi Phiri understand that!!

      We know Mumbi is in Edgar’s Kaminamisa’s camp and wants to avoid any competition whatsoever to preserve her job

      . Insala Ba Mumbi, what a disgrace you are!!!!

      Go Team Kaseba!!

    • I visited Zambia earlier this year with my hubby. A day b4 coming back to the UK, my hubby and I went to Soweto market to buy some zed delicacies. It never happened because we were chased out of the market cuz of the way I was dressed. The instigators where women. My hubby and most of the younger women didn’t see any thing wrong with the way I was dressed. In any case my hubby bought me the particular dress I was wearing. If I could post what I was wearing most of you will agree I cud wear that dress to church.
      Morale of the story is we may think Zambia is developed but most of the people are still backwards.
      Those women at Soweto market are the ones who vote. Trust they will not vote for Kaseba because of the timing of her bid. To them she is a woman with no values!

    • “Dr Kaseba says her grief of mourning the loss of her husband cannot be compared to the pain that would result if the party is allowed to die because of divisions.”


    • No who is HH? he has the southern vote but that all. he can never get enough national vote to take him to state house. Uluse ne ba UPND

    • That is why your HH will never win. For you like to insult and disparage others with different views. Zambians are not stupid!!!

  2. She has clearly indicated that she consulted her family. This is the problem with Zambian women. So how long is the mourning time a Phiri? Even ambassadors are useless? God help us.

    • Let them speakii. Why are you quick to condemn everything Zambian, huh? When it comes to culture, ifya kukopa stand head above shoulders. Why do you even bother being called Zambian. What makes you Zambian if not those things? Shaa!

    • the problem is that Christn Kaseba doesn’t trust Mulenga Sata,she doesn’t trust Mile sampa her late husband’s nephew,neither does she trust bashi nono abakulu banabo.

      Mulenga sata doesn’t trust his step mother ,he doesn’t trust ba shi nono abpongoshi bakwe,if its the cousin Miles sampa sata,not even a bit of tust !

      i can go on and on ,but what makes you ordinary Zambian to to trust any of these ?

      wakeup Zambia,ababantu ni ba koni men cabe!


  3. ‘Dr Kaseba says her grief of mourning the loss of her husband cannot be compared to the pain that would result if the party is allowed to die because of divisions’ And that is because she is not grieving at all.

    • Grief and mourning, grief and mourning, grief and mourning, how long are we going to keep singing this song. People have to live their lives and if there is an opportunity for Kaseba to assume office and contribute to the development and sanity of the country, let her do it.

      Every Zambian has the constitutional right to stand as president whether in mourning, sick, drunk or whatever!!

    • Iwe Chils, before the constitution, there was the Zambian culture. The constitution was crafted in the cultural context and so should be the exercising of all the rights it bestows upon the Zambians. The two cannot be diametrically opposed.

    • Come on ba 1+1. Our Zambian culture tells us that women are to be clothed in fitenges and not wear trousers. Do we still follow that? Why should Kaseba’s case be an exception?

  4. Kaseba is annoying / provoking . The party in which she has never ever held an office is now more important than her late husband– to her. What cheek. If my spouse be like Kaseba, I would rather be single and alone. ”Better alone than with serpent partners”


    • Mumbi phiri you have no moral right to tell Kaseba to stop.First of all you Mumbi and your sister Nkandu luo are you not the ones who went to collect k250milliom from Zesco director for Lungu campains.This our money you thieves.You went to your anty the chief justice Chibesa Kunda to remove Scott as acting president using fake court rulings.Just shat up Mumbi before we expose your bedroom issues.

  6. Mumbi didn’t say it is not Mamma Christine’s constitutional right, She said its against cultural norms. Please don’t confuse the two.

    • those condemning mumbi phiri are not sincere with themselves. Lets not destroy our culture by giving wrong advice inorder to satisfy our bellies. our let President was a well cultured man.He respected traditions norms. thus why he could not recognise the current paramount chief of Bemba because he believed that he was not installed n a proper manner as senior paramount chief. Lets follow our culture when doing things

  7. GO kasebanya go .They Lungu camp are feeling yo wait.Zambians ask yo selves as to why are PF leaders fighting each other like that if its just about serving Zambians.Because leadership is about serving pipo.The PF are very scared of there sins .They want to cover up what they have stolen and perhaps continue to still more will zambians die of hunger,No ARVs in hospital and continues riots at UNZA and CBU.wage freeze will continue putting many families in poverty.Zambians its your choice,HH has offered himself to serve zambia.Vote for HH to help yourselves.Sata was saying crie for yourseves not me.Meaning him was comfortable but you poor zambians should help themselves by putting right people.You don’t eat a president but policies.

  8. Though its true that Dr Kaseba should mourn her husband, she has a democratic right to stand. She may continue mourning even in Politics. Mourning is not associated to staying at home, that way its even dangerous because the mourning can turn into pathological.We advice people to begin a new career during the morning to help them overcome the loss. Do not misunderstand her, she is still mourning but…

  9. ‘Dr Kaseba says her grief of mourning the loss of her husband cannot be compared to the pain that would result if the party is allowed to die because of divisions.’
    What a statement. The party is more important than the life of Mr. Sata. Little wonder the man was neglected and not advised to retire and attend to his health. He might have lived a little longer but alas, PF is more important than his life. Money , money, is indeed the root of all evil.

    • If I was Satas’ relative , I would surely have beaten this thing , regardless. Her utterances are too annoying. You mean the spitting cobra was a lone wolf in his family??? Imwe fi Kasolo wake up and protect your dead uncle. Muli fipuba???

  10. We thanks you Mrs Mumbi Phiri for your innocent words, true you are a flag for the culture, advise her their is a still time for her to stand for election. We miss you in Kenya Mama Mumbi

  11. There is no logic to Kaseba’s stand.

    70 out of 80 MPs in PF have decided on Lungu. The CC have ruled in favour of Edgar Lungu. That’s the majority of the party. They are united around Edgar. So what unity is she talking about?

    This is senseless. The woman is confused. The PF has already rallied around Lungu, he has brought unity. There is no role for you in that respect.

    It is Kaseba and her family who threaten the PF unity, because they expect the majority to bow to them.

  12. We have had two presidents die in power. Mwanawasa and Sata. RB was VP when Mwanawasa dies and Scott was VP when Sata died. RB managed the transition better than Scott has done. It is a shame. What did HH say about Scott?

  13. The so-called Family that Kaseba consulted actually includes Guy Scott, Fred Mmembe, Mutembo Nchito, Wynter Kabimba, Dr. Mahtani, Musa Mwenye, Dr. Matibini, new PS of Information Kasolo. Otherwise NO other Zambians would be comfortable to witness such a great “UMWIKO” or “MALOZA” barely less than a month after the burial of Kaseba’s “dear” husband. WHAT A SHAME!

  14. Lie to them, rob them, treat them like animals, piss on them, sh*t on them and do whatever to them, Zambians will still vote for you.

  15. why should Kaseba be the only one that should withdraw her candidature and not her son, her nephew and other relations?! Kaseba preserve your husband’s legacy.

  16. Dongo you are damn right that piss (urinate) on them and tell them it is the beginning of the rain season and they will believe you. What a bunch of dunderheads who are influenced by marketeers – a democracy led by the mob. I told you that when there is nothing left to eat, these wolves will turn on each other and I ‘m surely enjoying this charade in the PF. Waiting for the next explusion/susepension tomorrow.

  17. Ba Mumbi naimwe mwalilandisha sana. Who are you to tell us about culture when you insulted scribes that they are dogs and changed that l said watchdog.
    If you are that close why not go talk to her in person that showing wisdom eyo tamwakwata mu public. Shame one you.
    Dr Kaseba is not a politician so she knows better why she wants it than any of us. Period.

    • @ mwine mushi naimwe just shut up.if you dont understand issues better be mute,what mumbi is saying is very correct for any normal human being to listen.You chi Hule mukamfwilwa she is just a greed ghost.
      you are saying that she is not a politician,then how does she win the votes.
      i think you must be serious with your chi mukmwiflwa kasebanya.

  18. Women pls support each other, and don’t be jelouse of one another. Dr. kaseba has said she had settled the matter with her inlaws, so Mumbi who are you to talk on their behalf? Are you Kaseba’s inlaw’s spokes woman? Zambia should have the First woman president. Women go behind her, l know that you can!

  19. You are saying Kaseba is the only woman candidate? What about mama Edith Nawakwi? Isn’t she woman enough for you? I have to give my vote to a woman candidate, then Edith Nawakwi would deservedly get my vote, note bachipelelo ba 7-days immediate action Kasebanya!!

  20. Edith Nawakwi is an educated woman who has been in politics for a long time. I would rather entrust power with her if I am to vote for a woman than a novice like former 1st Lady, Dr Kaseba, who wants to continue with her husband’s style of leadership: no Press Conferences but Facebook, colonial style application of the Public Order Act, tolerance of thuggery by party cadres, no etiquette, being avoided by other Presidents, 70 Ministers in a poor country, tribal favouritism etc.

    I think UPND gives comfort and hope for the future. I shall not vote on tribal or racial lines and never will in my life. If Dr Guy Scott was not barred by the Chiluba Constitution, and had better judgement than he has shown so far, was not PF, race would not be a factor in my vote.

  21. Mumbi Phiri, you sound like a very bitter person. In your culture is this the right way of behaving when you think an older person has made a mistake? Do you go to TV stations instead of communicating through an emissary? Secondly, instead of concentrating so much on Dr. Kaseba, can you tell the nation why you were not readopted as MP for Munali Constituency? Can you also tell the nation why you were recalled from your position as Zambia’s High Commissioner to Nairobi. Remember even as you prepare your responses that those who live in glass houses should not throw stones! Dr. Kaseba don’t be deterred by people like Mumbi Phiri.

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