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Guy Scott Suspends Inonge Wina and 15 other Central Committee members


Dr Guy Scott Acting President of Zambia 12-11-2014
Dr Guy Scott Acting President of Zambia 12-11-2014

Acting President Guy Scott has with immediate effect suspended sixteen members of the PF Central Committee for defying his orders not to hold the meeting today in Lusaka.

Announcing the development at his office this afternoon, Dr. Scott says this has been done in accordance with powers vested in him under Article 61 of the party constitution.

Dr. Scott has wondered why the Central Committee had to go ahead to hold a meeting at Blue Nile Lodge this morning without his permission.

Dr. Scott has since maintained that the Central Committee meeting expected to be held tomorrow at State House at 14hrs will go ahead as planned.

The members of the Central Committee that Dr. Scott has suspended include; Inonge Wina, Benson Chali, Rasford Mwale, Fabian Chiposo, John Chipanga, Malozo Shichone, Willy Nsanda, James Kapyanga, Obvious Chisala, Steven Kampyongo, Jean Kapata, Mwenya Musenga, Dr. Joseph Katema and Lazarous Chisanga.

Earlier today, the Patriotic Front (PF) Central Committee has urged all PF members of the party to start preparing for the General Conference to be held in Kabwe next week.

Addressing journalists after the Central Committee meeting that was held at Blue Nile Lodge in Lusaka today, Member of the Central Committee Benson Chali says all members should remain calm during this period.
Mr. Chali says the Central Committee has never been against going for the general conference but that they have been against the way it is prepared.

Mr. Chali states that the Central Committee is mandated according to the party constitution to organize the party in readiness for the general conference and not the way the Acting President Guy Scott has been doing it.
He says it is the prayer of the party leadership that there is peace and unity in the ruling party.

He adds that, all members should now start preparing for the general conference and should exercise maximum patience during this period.


    • The mess just got messy!… The so called ‘central committee’ either has illiterates or a bunch of buffoons who have never taken time to read their own constitution later on entrust them to pass a national constitution.. what a bunch!

    • When a human being is over the age of 50, the brain is already on a path to shrinkage clouding the vision for things like prosperity. So without proper stimulation and the deception of grey hair, human reasoning is bound for rapid decline making it possible diverging thinking.
      And guess what, this what is exactly happening in almost all the grey haired Zambian Politicians. Just know that the all World is watching including China.

    • It seems we the Zambians dearly loves the Western African way of Political wars. Wait until it get to Zed, you will miss the dead Politicians.

    • I think Guy Scott didn’t know that Bo Ma Wina was at meeting to keep peace. She was there because thugs where meeting. She is the peace-keeper in PF.
      Firing Willie Nsanda and Mwenya Musenge is simply calling for more physical trouble.

    • Discipline is key in any organization, but the allegations that Guy Scott is advancing personal agendas may, as well, be true.

    • it looks like they have all suspended each other from the party , i feel there is no one left anymore. the party is empty

    • Zam Cab, you are not zambian. If you are you are a disgrace to the people of Africa. A blessed people that saved baby Jesus. I am ashamed that you are even African i..diot.

    • @Nostradamus
      boi!, i have landed, i havent even put my bags down, i went to Zambia on a fact finding mission… ala boi things are not okay too much annoited people in Zed with alot of annoiting oil,,,,, RB, Eddie lungu, Cosmo Mumba are all annoited among many others,,, am just wondering how many president Zambia will have next year

    • @Ndobo, WELCOME back bro! Remember to take malaria test in next 2 days. I know there is out-break of males for presidential elections, but the most dangerous are female mosquitoes, I understand Muka Yama Kaseba is out too.

    • Xenophobia and racism at work! puzzling to see this Mentality growing with the consent of the new Zambian generation! this Muli ba kwisa? Culture will destroy Zambia!

    • I have said it so many times that God has a way of installing his own genuine leaders in power. These confusions are similar to the ones in a tower of babel story in the bible. God confused the people so they could not continue to challenge his authority.

      PF and MMD are modern day towers of babel in Zambia, crumbling as a result of the confusion engulfing the parties.

      The only party organised , stable and led by exceptional men and women is UPND and the able leadership of HH.

      Viva HH.

      Vote HH and UPND to restore our Zambia.

    • By the end of the week some of these *****s will have to be arrested, especially ka lungu and friends, bunch of crooks.
      Well done President Scott, they are a liability to the country, disturbing the peace. Please arrest them and deny them bail.

    • this white madala with leprosy; who else is he going to suspend; why not just over throw the whole party and rebuild it from scratch; i am sure guy scott will volunteer to suspend himself after i am done with plundering his loose and moist shaggy hole located in his white bottom; i am going to stuff some honey garlic cream into it and place my black rod in action till kingdom come and the bottom starts bleeding; PF can suck on my chacala all day long and swallow my cum; Evans Mfula at Evaduco Ltd reporting live from lusaka meat market toilets

  1. Long overdue. It is sad to see loss of direction in PF Central Committee due to egocentricism as can be seen from cartel formation. We have seen the Acting President being unnecessarily fought by people scared of their own shadows, from the time he assumed responsibility. These guys are power hungry and that is harmful to both the party and the Nation.

    • @Chitala Monshonta
      I have you given thought to what is going on the PF? and why have you concluded that Lungu and his supporters are scared of their own shadows? Have you considered the fact that Lungu and his PF supporters are perhaps “fighting” to keep PF under the control of the PF as opposed to the control of those who pretend to be businessmen but want to control the Presidential office? Yes, I am talking about Lungu trying to keep M’membe and Mahtani away from controlling Govt? UPND and MMD havent had a convention but used the powers of the NEC to decide their candidate. When has PF been so democratic that they have to “fight” for a convention if it is not only to serve the interests of those know selfish characters such as M’membe, GBM and Kambwili and now Kaseba.

  2. Well done Scott! This is the way to deal with these thugs.

    I hope Scott does not make a mistake of rescinding the suspension as he did with Lungu.

    • Scott is a man. This is the kind of president we need. Those lungu thugs need discipline. Please arrest them and give them shambock in public, 20 lashes each then send them back to chipata to do their nonsense there.

  3. Scott wants one of Sata’s relatives to win the party presidency. He feels indebted to Sata for making him Zambia’s first white vice president. Why did he suspend them right away without a first time warning? My Zambian brothers and sisters, check back in 48 hours Scott will reverse his decision amid pressure and he’ll reinstate them back to their respective positions. This man cannot function under pressure. It’ll be like what happened few weeks ago when he suspended Edgar Lungu. No wonder Sata always appointed an acting president before leaving the country because he could not trust this man to act as president.

    • Hh will hav to tell us hw he is goin to better hw lives,na jus ridin on the fact that thez confusion in pf,am sorry it doesnt work lyk dat

    • Right from the frey start, Scott is working to ensure that only one of his cronies gets the PF presidency using the outdated model of divide and rule – BUT this is not working either!

      At the end of the day, he wants to remain alone bringing prospects of real war to our country!

      What kind of Democracy is that where only Scott, a White man, would be making decisions alone – Even the Cabinet cannot meet any more! And the ever docile Zambians are doing nothing!!

      I work in England and I know that it would never ever happen that a Black man or a Jew for that matter would suspend collective decision making in Cabinet or at Party Level and would be the only one left to make important decisions – SURELY THAT IS NOT DEMOCRACY and SCOTT MUST GO for GOOD!!

    • @spotless Zebra and Chile…..the fact that we have freedom of expression in the country entitles me to my opinion. You are entitled to your own opinions but so am I. I don’t have to know what’s in his heart. The man has no leadership qualities period. You are both ashamed because this is the party you supported and its going to the sewer.

    • @ son of Africa. Scot and Sata formed the PF. none was any greater than the other. Scot cannot allow people he and sata invited to the central committeee to misbehave. so far..the opposition to scot is simply because he is neither bemba or eastener. but he has held his guns with integrity. we hoped this man would have been eligible to stand for elections so that he can give us a balanced constitution.

  4. The only white man you can trust is the one who is dead and or/buried……Comrade Mugabe. HH was right about this buffoon of a white man.

    • Am just saying bro. The man does’t want to consult,he want things to be done his way only.If you ask me that’s typical of slave and master kind of arrangement.The CC resolved to go and see him for the sake of peace,and what does he do.4 yo own info i an’t a follower of HH I just supported what he observed about this colonial fnck. He is bound to set this nation on fire if left unchecked and trust me he does’t give a woo about you weak poor black ballz.

    • @ Mansa, you are piece of pig sh*t. If you have guts, print your name and you will see inside of cell of German prison.
      Shame on you racist sh*t. You are NOT Zambian. You are SH*T

    • Can someone arrest these foolish thugs who are disturbing the peace in the country ? President Scott please arrest these thugs, especially ka lungu

    • L P Mansa you are fo0lish *****!
      Guy Scott is the best Zambian president ever. He needs to disairline you and the rest of the thugs. Give you 20 shambock each kumatako without underwear

  5. Inonge Wina can’t betray her nephew Mmembe. Nkandu who is related to Lombe and Emma Chibesakunda can’t betray Kaseba. The only sleepy member of the PF central committee is Lungu whose thinking capacity is over shadowed with his desire to rule Zambia. People surrounding Lungu wine & dine with Mmembe and Scott to plan how best to finish the power hungry easterner.


    • Dont blame it on the dead for they cant defend themselves! That’s just how you people are, character manifestation is just as narrow as a split second! All these people xwanted to stand the day they joined politics, it’s only a matter of time and now it is.

  7. Who is suspending who…!! Awe mawe…these thugs will be caged…!!! This is PF for you..!! vote HH in the comming elections..!!!

    • It is not good enough to ask people to vote for one person on the basis that the other person is bad, how do we know HH is not even worse? They all act the same before they get into government. What is HH agenda for Zambia? That is what people want to know – not just trying to pick up the pieces. How do you have a leader of a country who says only people from his tribe can assume leadership in his party? What sort of leader is he going to be?

    • There will be no Elections – what kind of an ***** are you? You think others will give you the luxury of having Elections on a biased stage created by Scott who is making all the decisions at the moment?
      If democratic conditions cannot be created and maintained, then no one should ever think of having elections! We will go to war first and have elections after the War. That will be kind of Democracy which Galu Scott understands!

  8. I am trying to so hard to trust Scott but am getting this suspicious feeling below my gut, about him… My prayer is that he gets enough wisdom from above to lead the nation to the correct destiny regardless of the party that wins..

    • Right then go to HH’s website and u will c his HH’s Agenda. Don’t just talk without a basis. How cheap. Viva HH y r unstoppable

    • I entirely agree with you! You have lived outside Zambia like myself and you can understand how evil white people are towards blacks.
      This is not about being racist but you know that Scott is deliberately creating a messy chaotic situation through these suspensions, etc!

  9. i have always maintained PF is still in its delinquent stage of youth and must grow up and mature. Sata held these ruffians in a tight grip because of sheer force of his brutal personality. They can’t function in a democracy, they need a cruel dictator to push them and sadly for them he is gone and gentle Scott is scarcely filling in the vacuum. How did we end up with scum like these punks?


  10. What drama is this, can’t u see that u are pulling down yourselves for the betterment of HH. Time is up for Gods person to rule this great nation in His fear.

  11. HH if you are reading this post right now hear me, Please start washing your suits and take your wife for pedicure and manicure because state house becons for you. this is the the year that the Lord prepared for you.

  12. Do we have a playwright who can bring this comedy to a theatre? I would sure love to go and watch and laugh my heart out. The material is here. Come on guys!

    • Why going to theater? We are watching and listening live! And its free.
      Big one episode will be on next Friday, followed by “rumble in PF’ on Saturday.
      PF leadership looks more and more like cast of “Carry on”.
      Great entertainment provided by PF free of charge.

  13. A tit for a tat. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. They attempted to suspend Guy Scott. Just as well, he has suspended them. The race is on.

  14. Suspensions, right, left and centre! Great scott, just what are you are you up to Scott, if not to damage PF irreparably, with your eccentric behaviour? Please, somebody, save our party , from this monster, before Scott devours PF!

  15. This unquenchable frenzy for Edgar Lungu is un-natural and should be checked. Why is the LUNGU CARTEL not willing to follow laid-out policies and procedures within their party?

    • If you seek beyond you will discover that Lungu is innocent of all taking place at the moment.The only crime he has done is being popular among the masses of PF and not the Cartel.But I know that you already know that.

  16. The hallmark of a great leader is that he leaves a living institution with an orderly process of succession. This is the case throughout history. Michael Sata took the PF to the grave with him, like a jealous husband who says, ‘If I cannot have you, no one else will,’ and then kills his wife.
    The man was clearly wasting away but held on to power with his skeleton hands at the time when he should have bidding farewell. Levy Mwanawasa is the only one who died unexpectedly, but ba Sata awe shuwa, we all knew that the grim reeper was rasping at his door, unless of course we were in denial like Mushota, who still believes that they buried a look alike and Sata is somewhere in State House tunnels on a long fast.

  17. One thing I know about you Zambians is mwaliba umungulu. Come March or is it April next year PF will still be in power despite failing you miserably since they came into power.

    Please be wise this time around, you have the chance to make things right. Forget about the confusion going on in PF and just focus on the way forward.

    I understand all the options available are also useless but you can still try to find a lesser useless party.

    That’s my wish – I love you Zambia.

    • If you love Zambia, forget about PF.
      PF has not reached cross-road when they can go ahead, right or left. Instead they have reached roundabout. Where to go? 10 drivers (candidates) without drivers licence and one old traffic cop (Scott) trying to preserve non existing legacy of departed colonial constable.

  18. RDA Richie Rich has been took out just as planned (there is no financial Muscle backing lungu now). Lungu is still the ministry of defence and still has one more card to play. But knowing how weak Lungu is he won’t play the card, because it will be treason to use it. Still Scott has probably found a way to counter that card as well. If that’s the case then by Friday next week the boat would have sunk and turned into a submarine (that is if the current situation continues to revolve around to constant areas).

  19. Its not Scott, who’s is panicking but rather – False Prophet Mmembe

    This we preached time after time – that ( Mmembe) was going to be trapped in the end. He really does not know who can save him, judging by the desperation of trying to impose Kaseba – whom he will be able to control.

    Now the real music is playing and time is ticking so fast. Sata has gone – without writing off the loans ( This is what is hurting Mmembe)

  20. The cartel of Mmembe via Guy scott are on top of the game. The suspension of the MCC and Inonge wina (Chair) is meant to technically isolate and reduce E.Lungu’s support in view of tomorrow’s state house meeting. Cartel strategy is working, first they aimed at weakening E.Lungu once removed as S.G of the party.

    Now, cartel has aimed at crippling E.Lung’s support. Come tomorrow, wina a zalila-The Presidential candidate will be imposed; General conference cancelled. Guy scott will hide through “UNDER THE POWERS VESTED IN ME UNDER ARTICLE 61 PF constitution, I have bla….bla……bla…Game over!! Whoever says Mmmmh-fired!

    Opinion; Scot should have been suspended or even expelled decisively, than allow one man holding everyone at ransom like this-Merry go rounds-so sad!!!

  21. The pantomine continues….

    NEC says…Scott you are expelled!
    Scott says… Oh no I’m not!
    Scott….NEC you are suspended
    NEC…oh no we’re not, you can’t suspend us, we expelled you.
    Scott…ok let’s all go to convention.
    Edgar…Oh no we not!
    Scott…Edgar I’m suspending you.
    PF members say…oh no you can’t, you have no power.
    Scott reluctantly says…Ok mwaiche Edgar you can have your job back
    Mulenga…I want to take over dad as president.
    Kaseba…Oh no, he was my husband, what is his is also mine.
    Sampa…but Zambians love me more.
    Sichinga…Mwaiche shut up!
    Kambwili…Scott, ahh no Lungu, oh wait am the junior Cobra.
    Scott…let’s just cancel this election, we are all in power
    GBM…Edgar use my range for your campaign but vote for me
    …the panto…

    • Your posting has left me in stitches! Please write more of this as it is a breath of fresh air. Not the kind we have been subjected to showing how narrow-minded, bigoted and tribal minded people on this LT blog can be. They can’t spell even with the latest technology.


  23. Since when did Zambia use democracy ba Guy Scott? We’ve just been adopting our presidents and its clear that Edgar Lungu is Zambia’s chosen one!!!

  24. Guy Scott is a very dull white man!i have proved why late Sata never made him acting president!instead of uniting the ruling party,Guy Scott is busy killing the party which feeds him,shocking!RB handled transition period very well unlike this Scotish man.Robert Mugabe cant allow him near the presidency!congrats to Guy Scott,Chenda,Kambwili,Sata family,and u around Scott for killing PF!your love for power has made it possible for PF to die with Michael Sata because many PF lovers cried loudly for u to adopt Edgar Lungu,but u never heard them!RIP PF!

  25. Bloggers, has it escaped your attention that HEMCS was the head of the so called Cartel? We are crying that we don’t want the Cartel in power, but the truth is that they have been in control for the last 3 years.

    Why did Scott say that he along with HEMCS and Wynter were the ‘A’ Team? What do you think that meant?

    Why is DBZ still waiting to be paid their money if HEMCS was not a Cartel member?

    Why did ZRA only start going after taxes owed when HEMCS was in critical condition?

    You are scared of something that a lot of you have been unknowingly supporting.

    • Let them think for themselves, actions speak louder than words, Scott is proving that. Almost every Zambian will soon come to the same conclusion as you (Some people need more time than others).

  26. Forget about Elections and start preparing for real war which Scott is leading this country to!

    At the moment the retrogressive decisions that Scott is taking are affecting the government and everyone in the country! Why do you Zambians feel so inferior to whites??? Scott has stopped ALL cabinet meetings and ONLY him is making all the important decisions in the country – and no one is doing anything about this!!

    Large chunks of Money is leaving the country faster through multinational companies during the 90 days when Scott is acting president – no one is controlling or checking Scott!!

    Rest assured that there will be no elections BUT War IF there will be no Democratic conditions to hold elections in January. At the moment, Scott creating war conditions and you all knows that!!

    • Chilyata why dont you go back to Zambia and better things instead of sitting safe and just talk from outside,are you a coward?

  27. Edgar Lungu and his team are dull.In the first place if there was a cartel they would have explicitly it exposed by now.They are quite a gang but with nothing but noise.Only kids will believe them.Guy Scott does not need to hold cabinet meetings.The ruling party is divided at the moment. For your own information government is run by permanent secretaries:not these cronies.

    • What a naive idi.ot you are!! Permanent secretaries as civil servants can only execute policies made by politicians! Cant you see that ZRA awalys for Chikanda to issue statutory instruments for monetory policy decisions!!

      The level of NOT only ignorance but dullness amongst Zambians is frightening! Do they really know anything? That is why the Galu Scott is messing up with them and cant even do anything!!!

  28. These people want Guy Scott to step aside so that they can loot government coffers for their campaigns. People like Willie Nsanda also want to hang onto their dirty road contracts. No one is above the law. Scott is acting as republican president. He must be accorded the respect befitting the position.

  29. 50 years of independence and some one is trampling on our fore fathers that gained us independence, and you myopic Zambians are supporting this.

    We should learn from this, & Never Again should allow this to happen, hence GIVE US THE NEW CONSTITUTION NOW!!!
    Confusion will be the Legacy Sata is remembered for. Uncomfortable BUT True.

  31. I predict a punch for punch conference! PF died with Sata, the glue is gone. It’s like what the Bible scripture says “Nkoma kacema nempanga shikasalangana”. This was foreseen, it was evident and I think the late understood this. The leadership has failed. Guy is no leader at all because the central committee has no respect for him. This is a sign of failure. We shall see the full disintegration of the party after the so called conference. Its a prophesy. Change and save your party!

  32. @ Mushota

    Where is your basis for having supported Sata and PF so
    tenaciously if you can despair so easily at the first pains prelude to consolidation of the party. Learn from the suffering of Jesus Christ. He was persecuted until his faithful followers abandoned him. Simon Peter vowed never to desert him but when the critical hour came, he denied him three times. In contrast, you have disowned PF so easily without sweating to defend it before it is dragged to the political hill of great suffering and persecution. As for me I will live to sustain PF and will never deny it. I will live to flush out opportunists and bad eggs from PF and restore it to the state in which Sata formed it and left it.

  33. The constitution should be amended soonest so that this Scott Guy can stand and bring back sanity to the party and country PLEASE TWAPAPATA!!!!! otherwise my heart bleeds for mother Zambia.

    • fU.CK YOU! Cant you see that it’s Galu Scott bringing this confusion by suspending Cabinet meetings so that he makes all important decisions alone? Ars.sewhore!!

  34. What is it they were discussing that it could not wait for Sunday, and decide to hold a meeting this morning, should suspended for good, people like jean kapata very dull,

  35. Well done guy Scott too much thugs in PF all this influence is coming from Edgar lungu he wants to be president by force it will not happen if his popular let him go to the general conference . Thank

  36. Stay firm scott, these PF, needs to be put where they belong. We need displine in the party, no one is above the constitution


  38. Better just stop reporting them on news. seems they are just enjoying coverage and being talked about. what we want to see unity, last month u were celebrating Jubilee even now people are still talking about it, and this foolishness is part of Jubilee celebrations or what? Jubilee doesn’t even make sense any more!!

  39. Tomorrow the PF Central Committee meeting at State House! I fnd that to be an abuse of state resources by PF Central Committee which they had condemned while in opposition. State House is not a party property but government property which should not be used for party meetings or any party activity. Dr. Guy Scott should find another place for their political activities and operations. State House should not be turned into a PF Headquaters.
    Ssomeone should file an injunction against this abuse.

  40. So ONLY Guy Scott is right on everything he thinks and the CC are wrong, and so they should listen ONLY to him not him to them? When they met they consulted with him on some matters and he walked out, yet he cannot consult them on anything, he makes decisions by himself and LAZ, no CC. seems he is his own CC and consults LAZ. I wonder who really is following the PF constitution fully? I thought that it was more like The Board and the Company Director kinda relationship. Now the company director fires the Board members? And everyone says “aye”?

    • Yes it may seem that way to you but who needs a party full of people who think they can have a sole candidate with out consulting the 5000 other members. This is against Sata’s policies and those of the constitution. EL and his cronies are not interested in democracy or development, they want to secure their positions using violent cadres and insubordination.Well Scott knows this is not what PF stands for, he was in PF with Sata from the beginning and has seen his party go to the dogs because Sata was too kind to say no to tribal friends and nepotists. EL and co think a few cadres means they are popular but this is just a tiny handful of hired EL fans. There are millions of voters who want more than this stupid charade, they want skilled ministers to boost economic sectors and…

  41. I predict a punch for punch conference! PF died with Sata, the glue is gone. It’s like what the Bible scripture says “Nkoma kacema nempanga shikasalangana”. This was foreseen, it was evident and I think the late understood this. The leadership has failed. Guy is no leader at all because the central committee has no respect for him. This is a sign of failure. We shall see the full disintegration of the party after the so called conference. Its a prophesy. Change and save your party!

  42. There is a genuine worry that PF primitive in-fighting poses further destabilisation of the republic. Otherwise, if it didn’t, the prudent thing to do, would be to let them further decimate their own existence.
    Lets be serious. Anyone still flirting with the PF should end such association. Saving Zambia now requires burying the PF under the very stone from which they crawled from.
    The only sanity and stabilizing ship in all this nonsense from PF and MMD, is UNDP. Lets not go backwards. Whatever you think of UNDP, it is the only credible option. In fact, even without this confusion, read the UNDP policies and manifesto. We are doomed if we allow this PF or MMD hooliganism to continue into forming a govt.

    • Iwe you crack my ribs. UNDP? United Nations Development Program? If only they were standing for Zambian presidency Kikikiki

    • UNDP policies and manifesto,are you sure you know what you are talking about?how can we follow you when you don’t even know the initials of your southern grouping.

  43. I have no problem with these selfish politicians.
    I have a problem with voters.This reflected by people we vote in.
    Cleary this party needs voting out if you do not want shambolic politics.

  44. I think this is a good move. But PF needs upgrade to wipe out all this illiteracy levels when they win these elections. Look at the Caliber of people surrounding Edgar Lungu. I am now wondering how the late President had left Mr. Edgar with such big portfolios. Honestly if you are not happy, why not form your own party like what the late did. We should not to cling to inheritance please prove yourself from grass roots.Regards

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