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LAZ urges presidential aspirants to make the constitution an election issue


Law Association of Zambia LAZ has urged the candidates aspiring for the presidency to put the issue of the constitution on top agenda in their campaign.

LAZ President George Chisanga says those aspiring for the presidential seat should state what they will do to ensure that the constitution is enacted before 2016 general elections.

Speaking during a press briefing in Lusaka today, Mr. Chisanga said enacting the constitution would be an honorable thing to do for Zambians.

He said the current draft constitution addresses most governance issues being faced in the country.

“The Law Association of Zambia joins the calls by civil society and other stakeholders for candidates of the 2015 presidential election to make the need for the enactment of a people driven constitution an election issue.

“Our experiences as a nation, following the demise of the President Michael Sata is merely one example of the need for reform of the current constitution and how the needs and aspirations of Zambian people could be better met.

Not only is LAZ calling for the enactment of a people- driven constitution but specifically one enacted through a legally protected process that will ultimately lead to the adoption of the new constitution through a referendum and enactment by the National Assembly with revision before the 2016 general elections,” Mr. Chisanga said.

And Mr. Chisanga has reiterated that the acting President Guy Scott correctly assumed the presidency following the demise of the Republican President Michael Sata.

He also said those aspiring for presidency should ensure they qualify for the seat as per constitutional requirements.

Meanwhile LAZ Honorary Secretary Likando kalaluka said the directive from the permanent secretary of information that only one representative from each political party should be allowed to issue statements on public media is violation of freedom of expression.

Mr Kalaluka has since appealed to the Information PS Chanda Kasolo to reverse his decision with immediate effect.


  1. That’s great thinking LAZ we need you to be coming out in the open on such matters than waiting for the pan to hot..


  2. I’m just wondering how that proposal could be met in practice. Our politicians who assume power lack the ability to discern priority and issues of real importance to the majority of citizens. Public office should be a service and sacrifice for the betterment of the people and not self. Unfortunately, those that pursue this office have other plans mainly which target stuffing their pockets and bellies before they assemble any crumbs (if any) for the people they serve. A constitution would address this behavior anomaly

  3. Indeed, not only will the new constitution provide for the necessary checks on all, including the presidency, it will give us the space to exercise our freedoms without being threatened with all manner of punishments for merely wishing, as is happening now.

    More money in the treasury, not in the pockets of corrupt leadership, is only be possible under the watch of a people driven constitution.

    • LAZ has same rights as any other association to express opinion of its members. If anything, LAZ should be more qualified in legal matters than you.

  4. Then someone will say PF will deliver a people driven constitution. This is the reason why it should be a definite no for the PF to continue ruling.

  5. HH has already indicated the willingness to make the constitution a reality. all he is waiting for is being declared the winner of January 20, 2015 elections and he continues with the enactment of the constitution whose draft is already before the parliament. lets not waste time with the People’s fault (PF) party but lets try those we have never tried so that if they also fail then we remove them in 2016.

  6. The PS was correct, better one person, coz, it brings sanity in the parties, other people would be drink and go to the press, and talk nonsense, they should be order, sorry LAZ, we won’t buy that. Keep your interpretation, keep it up, Chanda Kasolo

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