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Both my parents were born in Zambia-GBM


PF Secretary General Edgar Lungu with Kasama central member of Parliament Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and Kabwata member of parliament Given Lubinda during a rally to drum up support for  Solwezi PF parliamentary candidate Newton Malwa  on September 10 ,2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
PF Secretary General Edgar Lungu with Kasama central member of Parliament Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and Kabwata member of parliament Given Lubinda during a rally to drum up support for Solwezi PF parliamentary candidate Newton Malwa on September 10 ,2014 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

Kasama Central Member of Parliament Geoffrey Mwamba has also come to his defense after some people have accused him and other PF presidential hopefuls of having foreign parents.

Mr. Mwamba says both his parents were Zambians by then Northern Rhodesia by birth and descent.

Mr. Mwamba, commonly known as GBM, says it has come to his attention that there are certain sections of the media that have made, or are making certain allegations on his parentage.

Mr. Mwamba has stated that he is a Zambian by birth and decent.

He says his father was Muma Mwamba who later became Chief Munkonge in Kasama District in Northern Province.
He adds that his mother was Grace Chileshe who was born in 1929 in Lubansenshi, Munkonge area of Kasama District.

He reveals that her National Registration card number was 100004/71/1, issued in Livingstone in 1966, where his father was working as a civil servant.

Mr. Mwamba hopes that this clarification will put this issue of my parentage to bed.

The Kasama Central Law maker has since urged journalists to carry out investigative reporting and not to base their reporting on hearsay and innuendos.

He has welcomed those with any evidence to contradict this clarification to provide it.

He says the information he has provided is readily available at the National Registration office in Livingstone and Chief Munkonge’s area in Kasama.

Posting on his Facebook page, Mr. Mwamba says given the above information, he qualifies as per Republic of Zambia constitution of 1996 to be a candidate for president of the Republic of Zambia as stipulated in Article 34 (3) (b) of the constitution.


  1. I agree with him.

    Mwaamba doesn’t sound does it South African to me besides if you listen to him you will realize the man is more intelligent than he appears.

    I wont vote for you but I wholeheartedly respect you GBM

    Stick with MMembe though, with mmembe history proves you never lose


    • Mushota kudnt agree wit u mor,gbm has had his image tarnished bkoz of tha savagely character attributed to him,otherwise he is quite intelligent and a gud manager

  2. Stupid *****s, everyone is parading their parents in public, who told you we are interested in your trees? Were you there when your parents were born? Incredible fools!

  3. I like the competition. They are ten contenders. This is good for democracy. The beauty with so many contenders is that the slips once one emerges winner will be simple fractures within the PF party. They can quickly mend. If the split was between two or three contenders it was going to be a land Mark rift valley, splitting the party for good. But with so many supporter fractured alliances there is room to reconcile after the convention. Which other party do supporters run to, they all have their minority issue to be faced. Welcome PF democracy.

  4. His mother must have just crossed the Vic Falls boarder down south, and met his dad who he claims was working in Libingi. Kikiki tiye tiye papa!!

  5. Thanks GBM. Pull out and support Lungu and you will all be better for it.

    There is issue as to whether the country is safe under PF.

  6. Teaching them to count from one to ten is good. But teaching them what counts is better. The probability of winning is 1/10. The probability of loosing is 9/10. Only one will get it the rest will come out with nothing.Go, go, go. We await the winner. Meanwhile sangwapo.

    • GBM named his daughter Sibongile because he may be a fan of the South African Band Soul Brothers. They had a hit in the 1980s which was very popular on Radio Zambia. It is titled ‘Mama Ka Sibongile’.

      Are the Mandela clan going to be accused of being Zambians because Nelson Mandela’s son and one of his grand children are named after Lewanika? Zambians are very petty!

  7. Something fishy Ba GBM…
    your mother only got her reg card at 37 years old?

    why? what was she doing all this time?

    Edger has the same problem….trying to defend himself with all this innuendos…..

    • @dave zyambo, Tongas also came from somewhere. The fact that they don’t know their history does not make them more Zambian than the rest. GBM must explain more about the Sibongile name that his daughter carries.

  8. Easy news day for journalists. the heading is ready-made and reusable – “My mother is Zambian -{append name here}”.

  9. Thanks, for the clarification, you are truly Zambia, you rest, and be ready for campaign, I wish I was there to vote for you, don’t worry, I will send my friends, I have seen good leaders, without even having a degree, and proud of you. Go man

  10. There is define telly something to contribute to the development of the nation regardless of where you were born or otherwise. Am Zambian and not standing!

  11. Forget the “Parentage Clause”. GBM is a heart attack waiting to happen. He is obese! With the stress that comes with “Plot 1”, we would have another State funeral with GBM.

  12. Folks there is need to see beyond one’s nose. You ignored calls for a new and fairer constitution. Winter, Edgar and a few clever guys, knew this would work to their advantage.

  13. I stand to be corrected: Both Barack Obama’s parents aren’t native Americans and the American Constitution allowed him to stand. I hope this st**** parentage clause in our Constitution could be scrapped and allow for quality in terms of candidates vying for presidency, a number of whose either mother or father may not be native Zambians.

  14. The SH+T continues in Zambia. It should where you are born NOT where your parents where born. Change this sh+t law NOW! Just imagine an intelligent person who was abandoned by his single mother at the doorsteps of a convent. Will never be president!

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