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My parents were Zambians – Edgar Lungu


Edgar Lungu on his way to file his nomination at Cabinet Office escorted by MPs, Cabinet and Deputy Ministers and Central Committee members.
Edgar Lungu on his way to file his nomination at Cabinet Office escorted by MPs, Cabinet and Deputy Ministers and Central Committee members.

Patriotic Front (PF) Presidential hopeful Edgar Lungu has dismissed circulating media reports suggesting that he is of foreign heritage.

The Defense Minister has clarified that both his mother and father were bonafide Zambian citizens.

He has stated that his mother was born in Chitupula village in Chief Kalindawalo’s area in 1936 and not Malawi as suggested by what he called political adversaries bent on denting his image with the Zambian people.

He has furthermore states that his mother name was Eliza Jere whose National Registration card number was 135619/67/1 which was captured on 16th December 1965.

Mr. Lungu hopes that his decision to avail the nation of these details will put the matter to rest and advised his competitors to engage in constructive political competition.

Meanwhile, Former Open Society Foundation Executive Director Sunday Chanda has told QFM News in an interview that the scheme to frame Mr. Lungu and exclude him from the PF Presidential race on imaginary grounds that he was born of a mother of Malawian origin should not be condoned.

Mr. Chanda says politicians should not practice politics of character assassination.


    • Anyone tell me why Edgar Lunga should be president ? Zambia is one of the poorest country on earth and kwacha is weakest . How will he change the economy ? All those apply been president got any ideas about economy ? Kaunda square , chawama .without water or electricity since 1994 , that’s in lusaka what about in npika or mungo ? President it’s not only 200 people family and friends . So will the change economy ? Not telling people that a got a plan ? We are not dull you foolish bandits

    • I think people should vote basing on candidate’s spouses. Now we have a First Lady running for president.
      What about your Bana Dalitso, she doesn’t look Zambian. If Zambians are beautiful like that, then there must be a crisis.

    • This clause is stupid. It will be hard, with poor record keeping, to prove anyone was born in Zambia. The only reason Guy Scott is being singled out is because his skin colors betrays him. Such stupid and selfishly motivated clauses should be ignored and everyone should be allowed to run.

    • Eddie, I have a soft spot for you I have no idea why, am guessing thats how the big man chose you. You are special, the only reason you are being sidelined is that people want to man their interests and they dont trust you will do that. I believe you, sad that life is about survival and survival is cruel. Hope you will be ok.

  1. Ok,this matter is put to rest.when I wanted to become headman kasonde in petauke ,my conspirators thought I was bemba because my grandmother was chufwa kasonde.but today we have kasonde village in petauke and its no longer an unity us EL,because he is a consultative leader unlike Guy and the cartel.GBM sukulu because it’s 21 century.

  2. Fellow Zedians, it depends who you talk to in diaspora but the fact is the future of Zed is on a complete path to LIMBO. The Country has this one chance to make it right for every generation earlier visioned by the Late Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe. Something stands in the way, POLITICS OF POVERTY leading to great selfless and power starvation. It’s a shame when those grey haired Zambian Politicains never does checks and balances if they are Presidential materials. Being one means a lot, don’t make the same mistake that America did thinking George Bush was a Presidential material. The world is watching, campaigning is completing different from leading.

  3. …and what is with the stupid stick. Africans never cease to amuse me. Add amaze to the mix and you see why we are still behind the curve in enlightenment.

  4. This parentage clause is what will hinder development because people will always refer to this clause in order to undermine fellow politicians whose parents are not Zambian. We’ll keep electing old farts with health issues because of this parentage clause. Winston Churchill’s mom was American, Obama’s father was Kenyan Ian Khama’s mother was English. What does that got to do with being president as long as you were born in that country and have shown great leadership qualities. This parentage clause is rubbish. Remember that this clause was Chiluba’s way of forcing KK into retirement and also to prevent people like Guy Scott and Simon Zukas from ever running for the presidency. It has done more harm than good to our country.

    • You are right. If PF hae honored their promise (to give us a new constitution in 90 days) that clause and Presidential by election would ve been a thing of the past. But PF told civil society and the opposition to show them an animal driven constitution. Further told us that there was nothing wrong with our current one. It will be interesting to hear PF campaign on the constitution. Remember PF has no road map for the draft constitution.

    • Off course you are completely wrong on this one! With Zambians’ love for money, we would already have been sold for money to a reckless mwenye or even this muzungu opusa!

      Foreigners can take advantage and after getting to presidency sell your copper cheaply and retire to the country of origin later.

      Even Galu Scott, for the few days he is acting as president has suspended all Cabinet meetings and is the only onr making all impotant decisions including selling our copper and Zawa animals! No one can trsut a foreigner to rule them – even the English can never ever allow that.

      For your little brains, many countres have parentage clauses including China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, Egypt, Israel, etc. Do you think South Africans can ever allow a white pig like our to rule…

    • Bupuba bweka bweka, there was no Zambia before 25th October 1964, that means no one qualifies or everyone qualifies.

  5. Very embarrassing politics in Zambia.

    PF and MMD are practicing unscrupulous politico per excellence.

    Was Michael Chilufya Sata the last educated, principled, political democrat?

    Why are you guys all over the place, and sinning against knowledge and intelligence?

    Why can’t you just follow the rules and move the country forward?

    • “Was Michael Chilufya Sata the last educated, principled, political democrat?”
      No he was uneducated, unprincipled and divisive autocrat who had problem with spelling word democracy.
      His legacy is reflected in current upheaval in PF.

  6. Its really sad and unfortunate that a person of Lungu`s caliber and character can be supported for the Zambian presidency. Has the Zambian Presidency become so cheap? Other than being clueless and lacking in leadership credentials, this guy Lungu is a thief. He stole money from his client and had his law license revoked. He also got fired from Barclays Bank and ZCCM for theft. He is also alcoholic, meaning that he cant function without alcohol.
    Unfortunately, these things don`t seem to bother many Zambians, which is very, very sad and one wonders where the country is headed.

    • Come on. You are unfair.

      1. Zambians like most South Africans are noted drunks. That’s how we socialise. Mosi and now more European drinks are taken.

      2. A lot of Western politicians enjoy the bottle. UK parliament has a famous bar, where all kinds of drinking goes on. As most citizens in UK abuse alcohol.

      What matters is that he is a good politician and is not drunk on the job.

      Theft charges are gone and done. We must rehabilitate everyone. Most of these charges are false and unfair.

  7. Lungu is righteous in every way. It is good PR that he rectified this issue right away.

    PF needs to unite behind him joining the majority MP and Central Committe members.

    This is your man. The Sata family must bow out if they want to keep their reputations.

    I would urge the Zambian gov’t to keep the parentage clause, as we have had this nightmare period where a foreign white colonialist assumed power in the Presidents Office. Also urge the gov’t to recognise a lot of people in the diaspora have dual nationality already by their own applications to the Bristish Gov’t.

    A lot of diaspora people do not side with Zambia and have lost their identities, keeping an eye on Zambia for their possible benefit. With this in mind, I urge the Zambian gov’t to ensure the 10 year…

    • Shame that Lungu is silent about bedazzlement and subsequent suspension from LAZ.
      His suspension from LAZ was also organised by cartel or his fingers need trimming?

    • Keep the 10 year residency requirement intact to stop unsuitable Candidates from the Office of the President.

      To be President of Zambia, your duty is to Zambians not foreign interests. You must be a patriot and Zambian by Heart as well. Your allegiance to Zambia must be pure.

      Lungu, Lungu, Lungu is the only president for Zambia. What’s more he is a Jere on his mothers side, that’s Eastern Province for you.

    • @11.1 aleshaday

      Maybe you can give us the details on that, you sound like a prosecution counsellor with all the evidence required.

      If those allegations are spent, they are spent. He has already done ‘time.’

      He has been holding political office at a senior level, do you suppose that would be possible if the matters still stand?

      He has actually already answered. He represented a client and won a landmark case for them. The aggro came from that. Again character assassination.

    • @ 11.3 patriot abroad

      His practice licence was returned to him after his appointment as acting minister of justice.
      Emblazonment of client money is different that the points for speeding.
      Once embezzler, always embezzler.
      I will believe that he is changed man if he address mater openly and in public. Otherwise, he may become President but it will be still embezzler.

    • @11.1 aleshaday

      Again you are wrong. Embezzlement is a crime and prose table by the judiciary not you or ordinary citizens.

      You have no right to call him that and it does not follow that a man cannot overcome his failures after being punished. It is a tarnish on his reputation but we cannot prosecute someone out of court and especially not by allegation on ‘future’ actions.

      He has been trusted in gov’t in senior roles therefore we are past that.

    • The fact is, he is a thief. It is stupidity to defend a thief just because if is from your tribe. You are the people who have let this country down. You can go to a length defending a thief just because he is from your tribe. I still repeat, Lungu is a damn thief.

  8. For those of that have been blogging since early 2000, you probably know these names Mano Mano, Bbalo and Gundix…these are the bloggers that I know not the silly and attention seeking Mushota and his crew MMD boot fimo fimo…before LT we had the

  9. @ patriot abroad

    You keep your unsubstantiated childish beliefs, I prefer to base my opinion on factual evidence.
    As to wining one cause on behalf of “cartel member”, I agree, it is great improvement against his predecessor (his good friend Kabimba) in PF Ministry of Justice who never won single cause and was rewarded by ex president with title of SC (that is equivalent to QC where you live).
    To be “Patriot” either at home or abroad its respectful, to be blind and miss-informed, well I leave to you to decide.

    • @11.1 aleshaday

      You are ignorant.

      You have no power to prosecute him out of court for embezzlement. Judiciary has.

      You are beyond ignorant actually, because you can’t differentiate between an allegation and fact. You also do not understand that you cannot accuse someone of what they may do in the future. There is no evidence he will embezzle. I mean has he done so in his current roles?

      Have some basic legal education to understand Lungu’s personal standing before the law right now.

      There is no embezzlement case outstanding, so what on earth are you going on about?

    • @14 aleshaday

      I forgot to defend myself on your questioning my beliefs or my Patriotism.

      I am a true patriot, raised by one who served Zambia in gov’t and missions abroad. From the 60’s we were on the ground.

      My beliefs are centred around My Zambian heritage. Unlike most, I keep one nationality although I am British by colonial design.

  10. Is that EDGARS MOTHER? Why he cant marry a young beautifull girl, this will be the worst first lady ever and she cant even speak or write english

    • @15 ANYOKO

      She will be the perfect First Lady because she represents the real Zambian.

      She is actually quite beautiful in a handsome way. She reminds me of the most perfect First Lady, Betty Kaunda. They walk supportively beside their husbands, never overshadowing them.

      Better than Kaseba and Sata. Kaseba overshadowed her husband in education and height. You wonder what was at play there. Even at UN she had more presence than her husband.

      The role of the First Lady, is a support one with her own office which cannot overshadow her husband.

      She is very traditional and I am sure she will keep our cultural practises. She is Edgar’s only wife, which we should celebrate in a nation of multiple wives.

      The couple are acceptable in Christ’s eyes in the Christian sense…

  11. Lungu is reported to ve received K250,000 ‘stollen’ money from ZESCO MD and from RDA for his campaign. If he is now deeping his fingers in Govt coffers what will stop him getting our treasury? Let LAZ tell us why Lungu’s licence was revoked.

    • Iwe vyakale ifyo. Lungu has repented, he is a born again. Talk about the present and not the past. Even you you had some weaknesses before, may be you were a prostitute but you have changed. God will judge you by your present status if you repented God will forget all your past sins.


  13. I wish to confirm that chitupula village is one of the villages in chief kalindawalo of petauke. I come from there and went to school at kasonde primary school in chief mumbi . Your Excellence Edgar Lungu we are behind you here in mandevu were i reside

  14. Well that’s not enough proof anyway, besides many foreigners obtain the NRC if you just have miney to buy. Many people do qualify but should we really concentrate on that clause and forget about quantities and visikns the candidates possess and tye other lies they have told us. The people have denied us the constitution so no need to even consider pf regardless of the adopted candidate.

  15. Lungu is the only one that can win the Presidency for the PF unanimously. Reason some devils fear him. Let us pray and fast for our brother from the land.

  16. Lungu baller panshi , truely you are another sicklier . you are also a patient, True or False ? Don’t have a kidney problem and are you not a drunkard ? we have another funeral if you happen to win this coming election

  17. Edgar Lungu is a full Zambian born of full Zambian parents. Accusing him of being a foreigner is an act of dementia. Even Dr. Guy Scott is a full Zambia born of full Zambian parents. Before 1964, there was no Zambia and there was no citizen registration by means of national registration card. Everyone was registered as a citizen in Zambia starting from 1964. The discriminatory clause on account of parental birth place is null and void. All are free in Zambia who witnessed the birth of Zambia and those who were born there after. Hurray Hurray Hurray, jubilee to the masses who were persecuted.

    • @Umubemba Inkonko

      No his parents left Zambia and kept their Scottish nationality. No dual nationality then. So Scott can not be President (thankfully)!

    • @Patriot Abroad you are full of rubbish. Scott’s father died 1960 in Lusaka, Zambia and is buried in Northmead. Scott’s mother lived in Lilanda at independence and later left to the UK. There is no such thing as “Scottish nationality”

  18. Interesting. This parentage clause is proving to be a good piece of legislation in our Zambian constitution. We want people who will push the agenda of developing the whole Zambia and not Southern, Muchinga and Eastern only.

  19. No. 9 Blago, thank you for your excellent piece. In a serious country not run by ngwangwazi, Lungu isn’t anything near republican presidency. Just as Kabimba, he is very, very far from any consideration but this is Zambia. Things fell apart from the time we voted for Sata, a complete street thug. Look at how he shamed the country? Unfortunately, we will continue with these imbeciles for generations because that is a reflection of who we are. Blago, tighten your belt!

  20. It is interesting to note that EL’s mother who was born in 1936 only got her NRC in 1965, at the age of 29. Are we missing something here? Smell the coffee and pass the popcorn!!!!!! DRAMA

    • Don’t know what you’re on about. I left Zambia when I was 17 going on 18. I am now way past 40, I don’t have one yet!

      Nothing suspicious. Am coming home specially to get one and take part in my gov’t because we need every Zambian to return to help.

    • But ignorancy is here in strength. NRC was introduced in 1964 when Zambia gained independence from the British Empire and became a nation. So even if born in 1900 or 1800 or 1700, she would still have the earliest opportunity to get a Zambian NRC in 1964

  21. A thief never admits he is a thief…in the same light my mother and father are both zambians doesnt qualify…. let the people judge and investigate……..
    why the panic?
    zambians are aware as you have now shown that you are guilty but trying to defend yourself and want to rush to put the record straight!!!

    politics wa mu Zambia kasekesa!!!!

  22. We should learn to assess honestly . When people were asking for the new Constitution to be pushed through, there was resistance based on the ignorant view point that it was not a priority. I remember contributing, painfully to the fact that the type of Constitution you have is not merely a political document. It does affect your economic policies, accountability, corruption and many other facets of human endeavour. Now, the same parental clause nonsense we wanted to get rid of quickly, has come to haunt them. That’s what happens when you don’t read, don’t study and have no inkling about what running a govt. is all about. PF, lets not mince words, are a party of hooligans bent on individual interests of assuming power for self-aggrandizement!

  23. It is like we have more time wasters than before on LT. Lungu is the right person for PF. Anybody else will just witness the total collapsing of the PF. Kalinokuba akashimi fye nga unip. Once upon a time there was a party called… Which … Question to all, are there some young educated Zambians who can form a formidable inclusive political party like what mmd did in the 90s that can show the brains of Zambia and inspire hope among all Zambians? This is a dream Aisha ka! But I have a dream.

  24. Anyone out there who believes in God? The Lord God of the heavens and the earth shall raise Zambia it does not matter how long you may have wallowed in poverty, this doesn’t stop the sun from raising over Zambia allover again even after it went down yesterday and the day before yesterday…what Kaunda didn’t finish i believe Chiluba did, what Chiluba did not finish Sata did and what Sata left unfinished i believe whoever God has choosen is capable.Here in Kenya God has taken us through three different faces of development; (1) He used the first President to take us through the process freedom(2) He used the second President to lay the foundation for peace and patriotism(3)He used the third President to put layers of development and now with the forth one God is taking us there so are…

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