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PF Central Committee crisis deepens


MEMBERS of the Patriotic Front (PF) central committee lay wreaths at the grave of President Michael Sata during the burial ceremony
MEMBERS of the Patriotic Front (PF) central committee lay wreaths at the grave of President Michael Sata during the burial ceremony

An emergence Central Committee comprising the 27 members has resolved that Acting President Guy Scott remains suspended and that they will consider names of presidential applicants tomorrow.

According to a statement by the Central Committee and obtained by ZANIS today, it has also been resolved that any meeting held and chaired by Scott will be considered illegal as he remains suspended.

The Committee also restated that the sixteen who were purported to be suspended remain bona-fide holders and members of the Central Committee.

This is because Dr Scott who suspended the 16 remains a suspended official and the Committee was waiting for his letter of exculpation.

And a scheduled Central Committee Meeting that should have taken place at State House on Sunday failed to take place.

Earlier backroom discussions between Guy Scott and the Edgar Lungu Camp resolved that the meeting would take place that would include the suspended officials in the spirit of reconciliation.

However when the 27 arrived at State House, they found that 11 of their colleagues were barred entry and abandoned the meeting in solidarity, according to the statement .

But Scott later gathered Bridget Attanga, Kazunga, Daniel Mukombwe, kayula, Chishimba Kambwili, Syvia Masebo, Emmanuel Chenda, Anthony Kasolo, Nixon Chilangwa, Geoffrey Chumbwe, Miles Sampa, kosamu and Ngosa Symbyakula.

The meeting was expected to announce that they had opted for late President Michael Sata’s widow, Dr. Christine Kaseba-Sata as their preferred candidate ahead of the General Conference.


  1. What is killing PF is tribalism. And this is what tribalism can do!

    Tribalist are not selfless, they always put there interests first, and are always worried of losing personal benefits and social protection. This is what is obtaining in PF right now. If PF had a “one nation, one Zambia” mentality the succession challenges would be normal, and not to the levels we`re seeing now.

    The unfortunate thing is that they are still in denial. What they need is to recognize the underlying cause, and seek help to fix it. Sadly, that is almost impossible given the caliber and attitudes of the PF leadership.

    • The confusion in PF is something I could not shed a tear over. To the contrary, it’s something to be savored, relished and enjoyed. The PF has perfected the art of mendacity, tribalism and regionalism. The PF told us the president was fit, we heard cliches like, “there is no vacancy in PF presidency until 2021” GBM even canvassed for MCS’s second term in Kasama. A lot of financial resources were channeled to MCS’s relatives and to the province called Muchinga.
      It has to be said that the Bembas that I meet daily are generally kind people. That being said, it is also true that among them, there those who believe they are superior and have the divine right to be rulers of Zambia. They will thus never vote for any other than a Bemba! Mazoka’s election results testify to this

  2. On behalf of all well meaning Zambians… please allowed me to suspend PF as a party with immediate effect from all political activities… reason because they are a bunch of suspended individuals on tree tops

    • Suspense of disbelief for the suspension of the suspended by the suspended on behalf of the suspended to suspend the unsuspended by the suspended so that all are suspended in the suspension and suspending party!

    • PF are a waste of time and thieves. It’s high time all PF Ministers get suspended. Until next By election the new president then will call for Elections.

      We can not have such indiscipline Leadership in our country. HH clean these god has given you a chance to win this election clean. Sad that we have such stupidity calling themselves ministers. Zambia has never seen such madness.

    • So you think Mr. Sata (MHSRIP) was wrong to say PF leaders are useless? But Zambians don’t know why they vote, so PF can still win and cause more confusion in government.

    • The boat has sunk, luckily enough we have a better alternative to rescue us. Come join me in Flight HH2015. Viva UPND and viva HH

    • Suspend suspend suspend suspend supsend sudspend susdent subspend. I cant even spell it. What is PF doing to each other again?

    • Impatient? What are you expecting out of PF really, a stroke of orderliness? This a bunch of goats that has had no strategy from the get go.

    • Kekekek RDA Richie Rich (Nsanda) won’t go down that easily, his got nothing to lose since he will be facing corruption charges after the general conference, watch this space

  3. hahahaha

    I see buffoons like Soulosi and Moshota have disappeared…

    Hope not buried at Embassy park with the chief buffoon Ukwa

    When the wind of change is in town you are better being found on the right side of history..

    God knows how to get rid of evil

    Pathetic F…ooLs ati kuya bebele

    • Mushota is a ninja my friend, shes everywhere, On a serious not though Richie Rich is a fighter his been took out 3 times already, still he cant go down haha he has a strong jaw I will give him that, mind you his fighting the commanda in chief, The Old Man is corrupt as hell and deserves to go to prison but because his a fighter I will give him a gold star to put on his forehead for trying.

  4. We need a state of emergency and a care taker gov’t until the election in January.

    If parliament met on Monday and concerns were raised, in that order, maybe we can bring some order.

    Our democracy is under threat. Our country is under threat from these Sata family antics. I am not sure whether Guy Scott should not be jailed. Excluding democratically elected black Zambian MP’s from Sate House, our supreme commanders, headquarters is an insult to Zambia.

    • Please separate PF from government. What’s happening in the Pf does not affect government. Stop alarming the nation.Talk about things you understand.

    • @Ichishinka; if this confusion happened during the reigns of MMD I would agree with you but not during this period as most leaders in government are Pf cadres thus the separation of Government from the Party is an illusion.

  5. Typical animals..nothing but dis-organisation. This is why they need to be kicked out of office for good. And those of you supporting this party and their dopey schemes think about Zambia and where this country is going. Re-examine yourselves and your beliefs. This is no way to run a country or political party in the 21st century. And to think that some of these people are educated…what a waste of humans the PF have become. Kick them out now.

  6. Before God destroys someone, he first confuses them. Ala bane lesa tabepwa!!! You can lie to people sometimes but you can´t lie to the people all the time. Mama Mwanawasa Mourned her husband with respect and today after 6 years of self respect and diginity she has come out. Oh! we have another widow…hmm.. its been 6 years for Kasebanya i guess. Zambians have decided. No more selfish people in plot one. Fighting for their own bellies and the family forest´s bellies and not for the 13 million Zambians who they should work for as servants of the people. Look at this confusion in PF! HH saw this 3 years ago and was called all sorts of names amongst them was that he was bitter. Now look!!! This is how smart a leader should be, seeing trouble before they actually happen. Its called foresight

  7. Those that are still hoping for a better Zambia under pf need to consult their physicians at chainama college. Really it doesn’t make sense for a normal person to hope for anything good from these guys,I really pit pf,but anyway Zambia is bigger than pf. Let’s try hh,for a real change.

    • What beats me about Krisitina is, does she really believe she can do better than the man who was the head of her household, Judas knows, for how long? Their conduct perhaps accelerated the process of entropy on him. They are a bunch of id1ots. She expects them to become reasonable all of a sudden? Holy sh1t!

    • Sata was a grown mouthy man and Dr. Kaseba could not have stopped him from discussing his illness. He knew what was wrong with Levy, so you now tell me, Dr. Kaseba is too blame?. You are typical Kaponya blogger blaming Zambia’s mess on this poor woman.

      Don’t you know that while your wife, concubines, we’re busy practicing female circumcision and other rituals to satisfy your male HIV positive libido, na Kaseba was in medical school cracking chemistry and biology to later help your brain washed ritualized women in your life? Before she was Sata’s wife and first lady, this woman has had her dreams and priorities in order. She is a trail blazer that should inspire your mediocre wife or concubines to not only be your sex slave to appease your shallow male mentality.

      Leave this woman…

  8. Democracy is at stake. Is it right for a person, in this case Guy Scott, who has been rejected by:

    1. 27 out of 43 MCC
    2. 70 out of 82 MPs
    3. Suspended by the CC chaired by the Chairperson of the CC

    continue to purport as leader of that organisation and in turn impose his will through state machinery (police, znbc, Daily Mail)?

    This should not be allowed, countrymen.

    Democracy of essence requires one to step aside once the majority withdraw support. Guy Scott, behave like a reasonable person or should I say like your relatives do in UK and elsewhere once they are rejected.

    • @12 Siamanengo

      There is a very sad state of affairs in our country.

      Zambian citizens are paralysed by previous poverty and these new gov’ts have introduced Neo colonialist education into the mind if the people. The sort of politics that make citizens shed their cultural beliefs and introduce a dependency on the West. They give their resources away and get shopping malls.

      People want Western influence but they don’t understand the cost of it.

      HH will be the end of Zambia for Zambians. Sadly PF really needs to eject the Sata’s, because they are wrongful people.

    • Rubbish, you are just an Edgar Kaminamisa supporter. We will not allow you to feed our country to a drunkard backed by his unemployed desperate cadres that are paid k20 to make noise as a sign of support.

    • Don’t talk about democracy since you obviously don’t understand what it is. There is no vote mandated to approve or disapprove of Scott. There is however a vote mandated to approve or disapprove of LUNGU and the other 9 candidates. People who fear a vote are not democratic, so should not shout about democracy

  9. If there are 70 out of 80 MP’s on one side of Lungu, they should seriously consider if they want to remain in PF. If not they can all resign so that PF loses it’s majority and force a general election. Declare a new party and ride on their own ticket.

    That is a good option. Staying within PF holding up the majority seats that give PF power is wrong in the current state of affairs. The MP’s have been denied their democratic rights to represent their citizens properly.

    • God forbid! Your advice is genine but can you imagine what the the cost of holding 70 byelection will do the economy? The easiest way out is kick Galu Scott out Zimbabwe style! He is just being a nuisance now!!

  10. Galu Scott – what a Pig! Can Kaseba run manage the PF Party in opposition when they lose? Where is she going to get the money to run it with?
    The simple message from Galu Scott is that the PF is over and he is handing it back to the Owner’s widow!!

  11. PF will bounce back under mama Kaseba-Sata’s leadership. The noise from some suspended empty tins shall pass very soon.

    • @Ichalo Lifupa.

      Can you not see that would not be a democratic decision? Christine is not supported by the majority.

      She is a minority interest that is trying to impose itself because of their attachment to Sata.

      Why would you be content to be ruled by a leader chosen in those circumstances? If the majority have spoken, what unity is she bringing by denying the majority to rule?

  12. My advice to Guy Scott and team is to have a professional press team to issue daily briefing. There seem currently to be be a vacuum in this area.

  13. Ala mwatusebanya ba kabova ! It is times like this people should see your wisdom and leadership qualities but from what I see !!!!

  14. Due to a total crisis going on. I have decided to comeback to the scene. Firstly, its very cleat Scots desease has reached advaced stage and that he is bended at nothing back being like his forefathers-colonials. Be doesn’t mean well and he has failed as a leader but a dictator. Secondly, why are the pipo who were the opposite of what we call now HH busy endosing him? Is it for gain as usually the case is?coz next ill see them getting possitions should hh become presido. But again is this the type of leadership we need of the belly? Thinking thru things Chipimo is even way better….coz I don’t trust HH…ask me if u want n ill explain.

  15. LT should be providing weekend specials. We are enjoying the news from Zambia. All outsiders are brought on board. Aisha, we need some more. Mulesosikila nokusosikila.

  16. At times its GOOD TO SEEK THE LORD in Prayer.

    God is NOT SO DEAF, let others also rule.

    I know it pains to LOOSE your Own (PF) but be strong ba PF SUPPORTERS. I kno every FATHER supports his OWN CHILD even whn HE is mad, its natural, BUT LET IT GO guys. PF was BURRIED LONG AGO.

    May God keep you SAFE & ve a GREAT WEEK.

    God loves Zambia ni HH chabbe !!

  17. Mark my words, PF will win, guy scott is not foolish he knows what he is doing. Come 29th most of guys from EL will either form their parties or join the already existing one like what happened in 2001. However pf will be pick will go thru. Trust my words guys!

  18. I ‘m a hard core PF supporter and will vote for PF in 2015. If the ongoing confusion in PF staggers till the adoption day in December, we shall give support to any creature that will look confident to file in nomination on the PF ticket. PF can’t risk losing out just because of selfish interests. Let there be consensus immediately otherwise both sides will lose out and PF will be no more. If such an unlikely thing was to happen everyone responsible would be held accountable.

  19. There is no question that PF needs restructuring before it can hope to function effectively. A split or a fall-out is looming!

  20. After suspending and expelling each other, PF will simply refuse to leave office. State house has been reduced to a gangster meeting place. We are exposing ourselves to outside influence and Scott has shown weak leadership during this transition period. The PF family tree is too big to realise the damage their infighting is doing to Zambia. You carry on fighting each other at least you don’t need to promise anything this time round because we know you don’t mean well. Take the little you have amassed and give way, Zambia is bigger than all of us.

  21. PF please put your house in order ba mambala. Its really a shame , what wrong with you guys? Its so clear that there are two camps…the cartel and the Lungu’s. Guy scott belongs to the cartel and the cartel knows very well that Lungu will scoop the PF presidency and the cartel is trying by all means to frustrate the Lungu camp. Please Guy scott behave, why are you fearing to meet with your friends?

  22. Having a Rally way in advance doesn’t meant you won an elections ask the late BY what happened in 2001. He was way ahead of everyone but his party came out last.

    • Guy scott is the failed leader who can’t be trusted with the country powers he has been failing to go to the general conference now he knows Kaseba is not the best at all you can’t make decisions alone its a Joke .He is failing to follow the constitution by blaming others but surely any serious meaning people can see who is at fault.What a disappointment.Too much lack of Leadership the people he is fighting with are even batter.

  23. There’s only one dog and it’s Scott who has nothing to lose cos he cannot stand. This man is evil and doesn’t think of the outcome of his dids, maybe it’s age looming.

  24. This confusion is a real comedy. Some are running around like headless chickens whilst others are chasing their tails. What they need is a revolving doors coz it in and out with the pf. More popcorn pleeease !!

  25. Dr. Scott has failed to unite and reconcile the party. I wonder if he has the best interest of the party at hear. Kambwili, Simuusa and the team are short sighted. Lubinda is very objective. He means well for the party.

  26. PF hyenas fighting over a smelly carcass .It will be tragic betrayal of our nation if we vote in this confused,self serving and infighting cabal of venal PF politicians.

    Vote in another party for a change to save Zambia.

  27. Guy Scott is the cause of the confusion and cannot provide leadership to PF. It is now clear why Sata did not want him to act in his position. What a shame

  28. The goings-on in MMD and PF can easily be settled by the courts. Once declared illegal, Rupiah and Lungu can go and form their own parties. PF and MMD can then be rescued. Zambia needs strong democratic parties.

  29. Guy & The Cartel are Confusing things but soon & very soon he wil b embrassed.Imwe namwe awidow mwatilengeska chomene,u are the main causer of this confusion

  30. Lungu, is main problem, suspend him, he wants to rule at all cost, I will give HH, my vote, if they put Lungu as president, he is a big *****

  31. The confusion was caused by one Guy Scott. From day one he wanted to rule alone without consulting his colleagues, cancelled all Central Committee meetings and tried to impose his will over and above others. Obviously he has very low regard for his colleagues, actually he probably thinks that they stink and he cannot share a meeting room with too many of them. Either that or he is following instruction from the cartel. Whatever it is he has lost the trust of majority of senior members of the party. But let him be warned, those MCCs and MPs will not give up the freedom that our freedom fighters wrestled from the British colonialists. I am not PF but am surprised that GBM and Chishimba Kambwili have turned traitors, it is expected of Chenda, Simuusa etc but not GBM/kambwili.


    Fellow Zambians, the business community, diplomatic missions, visitors and residents of our beloved nation. The path towards PF unity is getting real. Edgar Lungu will soon get the top seat and lead the nation as President. The whole nation, constituencies, provinces, districts, wards branches and sections are waiting for the great day. It is a constitutional flaw to allow a meeting to proceed without regard to relevant articles such as those bordering on quorum. It is total drama for Guy Scott to suspend a number of members including the Central Committee Chairperson. Usurpation of power in such a fashion creates impressions of greed and dictatorship(GBM, SAMPA, KAMBWILI). Fellow citizens, come on board! LUNGU, LUNGU for President!

    • Brian well said. I am not Pf and I am not supporting any group in Pf but I have also observed that Guy is very autocratic. How does he chair a meeting without regard to the quoram and the like. You suspend the majority of Central Committee. If he is all about democracy who are in the majority between his group and the other group?
      Another question that is bothering me is whether there won’t be any Cabinet meeting from now until the by-elections? I ask because Guy has dismissed most of his friends who will sit with him in those Cabinet meetings? Looking at the Pf I don’t think they are capable of separating Party matters from National matters. We are in treble trouble!

  33. hahaha..Zambians, Guy Scott will be ur next president.STFB now he is there!!! Apartheid in southern africa again in this century..WOW

  34. Sata was a grown mouthy man and Dr. Kaseba could not have stopped him from discussing his illness. You are typical Kaponya blogger blaming Zambia’s mess on this poor woman.

    Don’t you know that while your wife, concubines, we’re busy practicing female circumcision and other rituals to satisfy your male HIV positive libido, na Kaseba was in medical school cracking chemistry and biology to later help your brain washed ritualized women in your life? Before she was Sata’s wife and first lady, this woman has had her dreams and priorities in order. She is a trail blazer that should inspire your mediocre wife or concubines to not only be your sex slave to appease your shallow male mentality.

    • Leave this woman alone and if you don’t like just don’t vote for her, but to hurl insults at her just because she is widowed and wants to be president among your mediocre men who are running, is not good at all. The problem with the Zambians is that you hide behind the culture and counterfeit Christianity, while deep down your are nothing but a bunch of psychologically and mentally twisted men always looking for a ways to blame women for your mediocre lives. You are typical biblical pharisee men who caught a woman committing adultery, but failed to catch the man she was committing adultery with. Dr. Kaseba please run PF was once an underdog party that defeated MMD. Right now you are an underdog among these morbid frustrated men, you can do it the same way you did in medical school. This…

    • Calm down Petronella.
      She clearly has no political experience. People have the intellect to discern that she is unsuitable for the job.

      Remember that whoever is chosen as leader of the party has the potential to be the next president – it would be folly to have an inexperienced person at the helm, given that there is so much that needs addressing.

      You sound emotional, and I understand. The people calling her names are also (like you) emotional.

      Try not to make it personal, think of the long-term needs of the country – that’s what people are concerned about.

  35. We voted P.F because of SATA. And many of these P.Fs never had any track record, but SATA’s popularity. Scot had. And another thing that led us to voting M.M.D out is because of the thugs that seemed like they were above the Law. This is repeating itself.
    I pity Guy Scot because people are not giving him support on account of his color; and their greediness for power. Guy stood out during those campaigns. What is happening is if he wants to instil discipline he is called all sorts of names, including racist names. When he does not act and condones; he is spineless.
    I am supporting Scot because he is not standing. Some, since they are standing, can organize thugs to give them support. I think I cannot waste my vote on this confusion, though I had reserved one for P.F. I ll look around.

  36. Here is how I look at it. This is an opinion and might not be true. The P.F M.Ps and part of the central committee endorses Lungu, assumably for Jobs; and since they feel Lungu would be easy to sell as they are riding on SATA’S name. They feel since people liked President SATA, they can easily sell Lungu by saying he is a preferred candidate as he was given three powerful posts.
    Meanwhile Scot is chosen, they accept as they are sure he is deserves it. Scot is privy to a lot of info by virtue of his position. He is even told by others that they would want to stand and they have to follow the constitution as P.F has a democratic constitution. Since Scot is under pressure he has to follow the Constitution. Lungu’s people hit back, and hell erupts. Scot is left alone to fight.

  37. Scot should fire these stupid MPs fighting him from their ministerial positions. They are not working and yet they are busy using government vehicles, fuel and drawing a salary. Those who got money from escort should be investigated. How do you get us$42million from government just like that. I urge HH to take note and remember to ensure that the law is implelemeted on these baboons.

  38. @Petronella Banda, no need to develop high blood pressure on behalf of someone else. Kwatu tikuti “walila mvula, walila matope,” because the two are inseparable. Politic is a dirty game and its not for the faint hearted. Get ready for more that is still coming. Ise tiyangana chabe…. more popcorn please!

  39. Umbwas za PF wana ugonjwa wa kunusa mkundu zao wenyewe ili kuona yupi kati yao yuko tayari kuwa raped into submission.

    Don’t re-elect these spotted PF hyenas.

  40. Fellow members of the PF, what has gone wrong imwe ba mumbwe in your brains ?Mwalya shafula apapene? Come on start thinking you are behaving like kids now we don’t all the time with us,we want to kick start our usual DONCHI….

  41. PF was founded by a dictator. PF cadres have been conditioned to respond to dictatorial methods. Now the dictator is gone and the party is in total disarray.

  42. Look it’s simple.

    Edgar Lungu has the majority of support. There is no need for the other 9 hopefuls, as it has already been decided by virtue of numbers.

    Democracy does not entail a minority rule. None of the other candidates can get a majority.

    If the convention of fixed false PF members pick any other candidate than Lungu, they will be going against party majority, MCC which is unusual.

    The Sata candidates must drop their challenge. It is not democratic right to cause havoc. The state deserve a better party in Gov’t.

  43. We don’t need an aggressive little idi ot like Lungu anywhere near State House! Has he and Wina been promised something by HH and RB so they can destroy PF like this? Or are they just trying to drive the party over a cliff because they are still drunk from the funeral?

  44. A solution for PF. Guy Scott, Atanga and Kasolo must be fired with immediately effect. PF constitution is crafted in a dictatorial way and trashed. The General Conference abolished by Wednesday, let PF MCC must parade the 10 presidential candidates at a panel of eminent academicians and economists and let them state what they intend to do for the party and country. Each Presidential candidate be given 10-15 minutes. Thereafter, run an opinion poll and see who the Zambian people feel knows whats best for the country. These Presidential Candidates must include all of them.
    The Alternative is by 10th December ABZ must back EL for Presidency so that he lodges in his nomination papers under their sponsorship.

  45. The problem is that EL would like to be the President at all cost……You can not be a ref and a player at the same time……PF is closing the the shop.

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