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Reinstate Nevers, demand MMD youth


PF treats rural people like second class citizens-Nevers
Dr Nevers Mumba

MMD youths in Ndola have petitioned the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) to rescind its decision of adopting former republican president Rupiah Banda to contest the presidential elections next year.

The youths say party president Nevers Mumba should be reinstated and must contest the January presidential elections.

The youths say Mr Banda has come through the back door to be adopted for the January 20, 2015 election and the suspension of MMD president Dr Mumba should be reversed.

In a joint statement released at the party’s youth gathering at Kabushi market in Ndola yesterday, the youth have accused Mr Banda of hijacking the former ruling party, which he allegedly abandoned after losing to late President Sata in 2011.

“It has come to light that Mr Banda has come through the back door to hijack our party, which he abandoned at a critical time when the party needed him most,” the statement read and reminded NEC to recall that MMD was almost deregistered by the Registrar of Societies.

“All that MMD went through and lost was rekindled by our able legitimate president Nevers Sekwila Mumba who boldly challenged the leadership of PF and restored the party’s dignity.

“Therefore, we demand immediate reinstatement of Dr Mumba as our party president and only candidate for the forthcoming election as his suspension is unconstitutional and illegal,” they said.

They also charged that the party is founded on democratic tenets and has been the most democratic in the history of Zambia, and as such, this action erodes the public confidence.


    • You sponsored pockets cadres, Nevers has been saying its business as usual his suspension is null and void because he is indispensable and above NEC. Then reinstate what? Continue with a business as usual as long as you have party a Doctrine from the Secretary General to the Chief justice on nomination day. Otherwise, i would advise Never to realize that Unlike in his NCC party where every decision was being made in the leader’s bedroom or pocket, MMD is surely big structured institution which which subjects its members to the existing code of conduct. The Presidency is neither imperial nor insulated from the powers of NEC. Suspension is a normal disciplinary act to which all members have to appear in the given time to exculpate themselves. You have not been expelled but suspended.

    • There is no plotting. It is a well calculated move by experienced MMD veterans of 1991 change. They know it is now or never. Playing second fiddle to UPND was a recipe for disaster. MR. Mumba and his two-three supporters would have been appointed by HH to some insignificant positions and close the chapter of MMD. MMD MPs and NEC smelt the rat and made a good move. It is up to MR. Mumba to stay with MMD or join UPND and campaign openly for HH. In any case he has lost his leverage.

  1. President nevers is still in charge of the party, what the Banda and Lungu did is null, void and nonsense, nevers still running MMD Banda and Lungu group will be dealt with, not to worry.

    • Nevers still has time to sit down with RB. He shall have foresight and stop being a pawn in the chess game. With the mess at PF, RB’s chances of winning this election is 101%. All those making a hill out of a mole, thinking that HH can win this election are living in Alice Wonderland. Be a part of the winning team. RB is well known and very marketable across Zambia. MPs and NEC members are from all provinces, with 8 MPs to be nominated, many diplomatic positions to be vacant, DCs to be replaced, PSs to be appointed, doors are wide open.

  2. Guys listen. Politics was not originally intended for Godly people. The original plan was for Gods people be be led by upright judges who would rule direct from instructions coming the throne of God. “in those days there was no king in Israel and every man did what was right in his eyes” Judges 21 vs 25. The world inclination is to do evil and support shewed men. Banabers was more favored by the masses than Jesus. Nevers Mumba should have remained on the pulpit. Abandoning the pulpit was like demoting himself from the heiracy of rulership, because pastors are higher in hiracy than politicians.I urge Nervers Mumba to go back and concentrate on bringing the lost to Christ. Pray for people including RB(wife is sick) and other politicians. Choose again to be backed by the word of God.

    • @ Lengwe

      Your assumption is that Nevers Mumba is a godly person. He might be. He may not be. Tens of thousands of pulpits the world over today, are now occupied by un-godly pastors – the so called “wolves in sheep skin.” Remember the dark ages? If Mumba commands such respect as to be discerned as a godly person, then good for him.

    • Lengwe, never quote scripture if you have shallow understanding of it.
      Please keep your irregular and misunderstanding of scripture to yourself.
      You are sounding as if you understand the history of the bible but all you are doing is serious damage to it.

  3. Not the MMD constitution or its cadres. Life is short no one leaves beyond 120 years in our current generation worldwide. Pastor go back to the pulpit and save more people than mislead them in politics.

  4. Imwe ba party cadre in ndola and other places, you are misguided. Nevers cannot win this election, he cannot even command 200 votes. Just look at his performance in the last parliamentary by elections, he lost everything except that seat where the lady (Hon Kalima I think it was?) was individually popular. Nevers is not election material at all. NEC saw this, they are very smart and intelligent politicians. Abide by their decision if you want MMD back in power. Otherwise face extinction as a party. Mobilise now while PF is in turmoil.

  5. Nevers is a sell out. He lost his bearings a long time ago when he tried to hoodwink fellow church leaders into supporting his political ambitions. That single act lost him vital support, confidence and trust. The rest of his political career has been a struggle for the limelight. How he got the presidency of MMD beats me, but such is Nevers, an opportunist who can never get anywhere as a politician. God has simply denied him the Presidency of Zambia due to opportunism, just like the same God has punished the PF for lying their way to power by taking away their shepperd after three years of medical torture. God is taking back power to where it should have rightly stayed so that his people can re-start their democracy afresh in 2016. The vehicle for change is the victim of the cartel, RB.

  6. Nevers Mumba fought people like Dora siliya tooth and nail to employ ka Muhabi Lungu but look at how the chap has turned on him? We warned him that ka i.d.o.t is in there for a living he had no job. Dora said the ka Muhabi thing does even bath.

  7. ….I don’t think MMD shall field anyone come nomination day. Nevers shall take a stance of ..’if not me no one will..’
    Few days before nomination, he will file in an injunction to challenge and restrain MMD….if he will not, then the rumour that he has been paid off is true…he may just be pretending to be complaining and challenging his suspension…..just to dispel the rumours in the public eye…

  8. RB goofed big time when he was at the helm of power. I admire his courage to re-try his luck. However, chance comes but once. He had it and messed it big! Now, it is out of his reach, unfortunately.

  9. My advice to Never camp is to swithe and support mama Kaseba Sata once adopted. This will ensure some of your MMD supporters can get some parliamentary seats.

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